most inspirational quote

Don’t do that. Don’t stop appreciating her. You thought that it was the thought that counted? You thought that it was enough that deep down you know you love her? Well, it’s not. Words are meaningless without execution. She is not some prize you fight hard to win then leave on the top shelf, always expecting her to be there. Her love is not conditional, her love is not your right, it is not yours to keep with greedy hands and selfish eyes. Wake up and start fighting for her, or she’ll find someone who ultimately will.
—  To The Men Who Take Their Girlfriends For Granted // Excerpt #62
She’s searching.
She reminds me of myself;
before I awakened, before I had
any idea or clue who my spirit
was or what my path and truth
were. That’s why I don’t judge her.
I only send her love and I pray
she finds and connect to the
light- which organically dwells
deep within her. This light is what
(finally) allows the journey to make
sense and what births a new beauty,
grace, strength and purpose, from
all she’s ever had to endure,
overcome and journey through.
May she find her light.
—  Lalah Delia
“It’s okay to fall down, to get hurt. All you have to do is get back up and keep running.” ~Kim Namjoon