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today i thought of the actual Worst miraculous ladybug fake dating au ever

so ladybug and chat noir exchange phone numbers (let’s say adrien and marinette don’t already have each other’s) and o/c ladybug says only to call her in an emergency but then chat is like “you didn’t say anything about texting so check out this meme”

anyway so it goes on and they actually end up texting constantly and grinning at their phones the entire time. 

and alya notices. she notices them both doing this at the exact same time. so of course now she thinks they’re secretly dating.

she confronts marinette and of course marinette has no better explanation, and neither does adrien when alya gets nino to ask him about it

so now adrien and marinette are pretending to be secretly dating to cover up their secret identities but they also haven’t told each other that they’re pretending to be secretly dating so they’re secretly pretending to be secretly dating to cover up their secret identities.

plagg: “you morons. you absolute morons.”

  • Me during the day: I am going to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight and get some decent sleep for once!
  • Me at 2AM: *finds a multi-chapter fic with close to a 150K words*
  • Me: Yus

@myetie AND I DID A COLLAB AND IM SCREAMING I STILL CANT BELIEVE THE BEAUTY OF HER ART. I did Mari’s lineart and colored Adrien, she did Adrien’s lineart and colored Mari. LOOK AT THE BEAUTY. 

We decided to do a fantasy and Zelda inspired drawing/AU SO HERE IT IS AND IM STILL SCREaming

Some sketches of my favourite characters from Miraculous Ladybug :)


three stages of fangirling over ginny baker (insp)

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In 1947, one of my personal heroes - Jackie Robinson - stood up in front of thousands of people who were rooting against him and did what he did best – played ball! Do you have what it takes to stand up and do what YOU do best, even when others are rooting against you? Share what you admire most about #jackierobinson with #JRDDay #mlb #inspire #change

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Post-reveal Adrienette falling asleep together after every akuma attack no matter where they are.

Like there’s an attack during school and they fall asleep on the school steps while waiting for Adrien to get picked up

or they always make sure to make it to one of their houses before de-transforming so that they can just flop onto one of their beds

you are always used to the stereotypical superhero cartoon, where the main protagonists are 4, 3 boys and 1 girl. The girl is always wearing pink/really girly outfit and is into fashion, and she is in love with someone who ignores/does not deserve her, and having said boy to be her boyfriend is her main goal. She is also romantic and clever and generally really adorable,

and then you get miraculous ladybug, with a superhero team of 3 girls and 1 boy. They all kick ass. The only boy who is in the team WORKS in the fashion industry and been seen putting make-up on and walking on high-heels for an ENTIRE episode in the series. He also wears black, TIGHT LEATHER PANTS AND A CAT-SUIT and he loves everything about his outfit. He is the one who’s fallen the hardest for someone between the four and he likes someone who is genuinely nice to him and who is his friend. His main goals are to make his own father happy, to live a normal life and to make friends. He is romantic and is of great help to her partner. 

just… bless this show.


This just in: the Astros are the cutest team in the league 


Marinette Week Day 5: Expressions

Hands up: Are you a Marinette or are you an Alya? 


It’s finally done! It took me so long since I only had like 20 minutes a day to work on it bc of hw and such. I hope you guys like!!!💜

✨Also little note for the artists✨

This is a drawing I made in dedication to some of the most amazing mlb artists. They make absolutely amazing MLB art(their art in general is amazing hehe)There are SOOOOO many more artists out there, who do an absolutely fantastic job at drawing. I wish I could draw them all, but sadly, My arm would probably ache so much ;o; I am very thankful to have all these amazing artists, they make up an incredible amount of the MlB fandom. They make so much amazing art, from comics, to animations! They have made us Happy, they’ve made us laugh, and yes, they have made us cry cx💜😭 They have given so much time and dedication to make beautiful art for everyone to enjoy. They have inspired so many people( like me! >o>) Keep doing what you guys do, because you have made a great impact on many people, and have motivated so many people to draw. I hope I can one day inspire people to draw as you guys have done on me 💜💜 Thank you. To all you artists out there💜🎨

💜🎨The beautifully Amazing and talented artists: @creativecreepie @baraschino @toriitorii @piku-chan @reakagamine @ferisae @/juditmalloart @/itslopez @/angiensca On Instagram And Nino1x4 on Twitter c:

Took a break from commission and decided to check out this Miraculous Ladybut that is currently raving on my dashboard for months.
Well guess who spend the whole 3 hours to watch the entire available episode? YEAH ME–
Well I’m not THAT into ML trash yet lol but I gotta say the show was pretty cute and charming!

Wanted to try drawing a badass Ladybug so—yeah!

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The difference between cats and Adrien: Adrien doesn't always say no when it comes to photoshoots, even though he doesn't really have a choice

Adrien may not be a huge fan of photoshoots, Anon, but you’ll never make me believe Chat would pass up on a bookshelf photoshoot with a bunch of cats. 
(Do check it out in full size because Tumblr loves to destroy picture quality) 

Inspired by this post

More of my art here