most importnat thing

Okay, so I doubt that anyone in this fandom who’s been active these past days haven’t at least once heard the name “Danhowelldefensesquad”. Danhowelldefensesquad (which I’m from now on is going to shorten to dhds) is a squad created by two girls who wanted to make a phandom network where people could share their content and make friends. The girls got 400 applications in total and they chose 37 of those to get accepted, and I happened to be one of those who got accepted. Keep in mind that they didn’t choose from the amount of followers or popularity, they chose the people who they thought would fit in and that they liked.

These past couple of days dhds have gotten a lot of hate and negative critique from various people that either didn’t get accepted or isn’t in the squad, which we would like to respond to now.

Dhds is in no way bullying or leaving people out. Doing tumblr networks and/or squads is a thing that has been around for ages and we were not first to do it. I think the reason it has become such a recent topic though is because usually these squads run out in the sand because no one bothers to put any energy in to it which doesn’t apply to dhds. The squad immediately became very close and clicked very well which is unusual in application created squads. We aren’t leaving anybody out by not accepting any more people since you are free to create your own squad or network  if you feel like doing that. 

We can’t take in any more people since there might be someone who doesn’t click and ruins the whole safe environment in dhds and makes people uncomfortable or afraid. We aren’t leaving people out or bullying anybody by doing this. Sometimes you don’t get everything you want and that is unfortunate, but it’s also life. We apologise to everybody who’s felt upset because of us and we hope that this text explains it all! Thank you :)

We would also like to kindly remind everybody of #NicerInternet which we in the squad are working towards.