most important scene of the arc

supergirl season 2b we deserve:

  • cat grant and lucy lane coming back
  • lena luthor promoted to be a regular
  • james olsen being recognized again and getting his own arc back
  • kara being happy on her own and realising she has a lot of stuff to work out (or realising she still has feelings for james and karolsen rises again)
  • maggie and alex being all touchy with each other and telling everyone they are in a relationship, NO CONFLICTS JUST HAPPY LESBIANS
  • maggie getting her own backstory and own arc so she can grow as a character without alex
  • mon-el disappears and no one asks where he is (and no one cares)
  • m’gann being promoted as a regular and getting her own story and maybe becomes a member at the DEO and starts a happy friendship with everyone, specially with the ladies
  • ladies interacting with each others more
  • j’onn has some serious bonding with m’gann and more ‘father’ scenes with alex and kara
  • thank you for your attention

you know, i get the disappointment that some people felt over the conclusion of claw arc on mob psycho 100′s anime. how they were expecting a big action scene, a big fight showcasing mob’s powers, but were instead met with reigen taking over the situation, and solving it mostly through talk alone. to something that was built up as the conclusion of a big, fight-heavy arc, it might feel like a let down. 

but while i get that, i also feel that the people who were expecting this don’t really get an important aspect of this series. it has action and it is an action series, yes, but in many ways, mob psycho doesn’t glorify fighting. and most of all, mob psycho doesn’t glorify making kids fight.

mob, ritsu, teru, all of the other psychic kids. they are kids. and the show doesn’t brush it off as something natural, the fact that a bunch of adults are placing these kids on this situation.

mob hates using his powers, and he hates hurting other people. and while the show is always very aware of his shortcomings, this isn’t presented as one of them, as an evidence of his weaknesses. and i have to say that after so many animes having these 12-15 kids as these merciless badass mini-adults who are always unfazed by the shit they have done and must do, it felt extremely refreshing that on the defining moment of the arc, the moment where i felt sure that mob would have to reach his breaking point in order to win, we instead got an important adult figure in his life reaching out to him, calming him down instead of urging him on, and saying ‘no, hold on, you don’t have to go through this. i’ll solve this out for you, kiddo’.

Hope and the Return of Clarke in 406

It’s a little trickier to write meta about Clarke’s POV during 406 since it was clearly weighted more towards Bellamy’s POV, especially during the rover scenes.  We see him go off on the mission with Roan, find out Clarke is missing, find the body, and then take off in pursuit of Clarke, and we don’t see her until we’re well into the action sequence.  Bellamy and Clarke’s storyline this episode was basically structured around “Bellamy is scared of losing Clarke,” so it makes sense that they spent more time on his mental state rather than hers.  But I do think 406 showed us some important elements of Clarke’s character arc this season, especially when compared to where she was in 403.

In 403, most notably in the beginning food-sorting scene and then at the end during the list scene, Clarke is, to put it mildly, not in a great place.  She’s hacked off with everyone at the top of the episode, pushing back against Raven’s (harsh but reasonable) request that she write the damn list already, and snapping at Bellamy when he announces he’s planning to die.  She breaks down while writing the list, and asks Bellamy if he has hope.  It’s only when he tells her he does (which I suspect was a lie for her benefit, because when your partner is hitting rock bottom sometimes you gotta pretend like everything is Totally Fine because otherwise you’re both gonna be at rock bottom and then nothing will get done) that she manages to pull herself together.  She goes for a walk, discovers nightblood, and…bam, she’s back.

It’s not exactly smooth sailing for her in 404 and 405, though, mostly because of the List.  The list is Clarke’s least favorite solution for the problem facing them, but until her mom and Raven can figure out to make nightblood, it’s their only hope– but it’s a shitty, half-hope for her, because it doesn’t save nearly enough people.  I think Clarke was sort of relieved when Arkadia blew up, because at least that gave her the excuse to scrap the list.

So in 406 with the hope of nightblood being available for everyone, we’re suddenly back to Original Recipe Clarke.  You know, the girl who made plans to forge a truce with the people who were picking them off one-by-one in s1, the girl who refused to accept Mount Weather’s promise of safety in exchange for giving up on her people, the girl who wouldn’t let ALIE win.  Because Clarke with hope is a force of fucking nature.  And Clarke doesn’t just turn her formidable skills towards saving her people– she also turns them towards being emotional support for Bellamy.

Bellamy’s role as Clarke’s emotional safety net is very well established in canon, but Clarke’s role as Bellamy’s emotional safety net is similarly ever-present; it’s just a little more subtle because Bellamy does his emotional supporting with words whereas Clarke tends to do more silent-listening-and-then-hugging.  In 406, Clarke immediately picks up that something is wrong with Bellamy just because of the way he says time to go, and then when they’re in the rover and he has no way of escaping the conversation (just like how my mom used to make me talk about serious emotional shit during car rides in high school) Clarke gently nudges Bellamy towards hope.  They haven’t talked about Octavia in a while, but she’s firmly on team She’ll Come Around, Just Give Her Time.  Bellamy doesn’t think they have much time, but Clarke straight up isn’t hearing that.

Just like when she had no hope while writing the list and Bellamy was there for her, when Bellamy has no hope of fixing things with his sister Clarke is there to say “No, you can fix this.  And in fact, I will face down the end of the world itself to give you that time.”  Bellamy kind of lets it drop there, but then when he announces he’s not going to Science Island with Clarke, she immediately guesses the reason why.  But she doesn’t just say “she’ll come around,” she says “she’ll come around because you are special.”  

There’s a few things to unpack there, starting with the insinuation that Octavia needs time, and they’ll have that time.  They’ll have that time because of the nightblood solution, so Clarke is basically Stacker Pentecost here, announcing that they’re cancelling the apocalypse.  At her lowest in 403, she wouldn’t have had that confidence, but she does now and it’s amazing to watch how different her body language is– she’s standing straight, arms crossed, radiating We’ve Got This, as opposed to slumped over a desk with tears tracking down her cheeks.

But the other element at work here is Clarke’s faith in Bellamy Blake’s natural goodness.  She’s never lost that, not even after the massacre, and here it just comes bubbling out.  She’ll see how special you are, Clarke says, like it’s a self-evident fact and she shouldn’t even have to say it.  Clarke’s faith in Bellamy was there at her lowest, as evidenced by putting his name on the list even though he’d already rejected that option, but here it’s more openly directed at him.  I know your sister will forgive you because I believe in you she tells him, and Bellamy lets that land before considering a confession that will shift things between them.

And then she stops him.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but Clarke totally fucking knew what he was about to say, and she didn’t stop him because she didn’t want to hear it– she stopped him because she has hope.  They’re going to survive this, and she’s not going to even consider the alternative.  And Clarke didn’t do this lightly, because she knows exactly what it feels like to think you’ll never see the person you love again.  She knows how it feels to desperately confess your love for someone knowing that’s your last fucking chance, and she knows how much it hurts to lose someone without saying it.  

She knows all of that and she cares so fucking much about Bellamy and yet she still stops him because she believes, with every fiber of her being, that they will see each other again.  It’s also in stark contrast to the way she snaps at him at the start of 403, all goddammit you will live and that’s final.  Here she’s calm and peaceful, confident and supportive.  As @verbam pointed out, she’s denying him death.  This is not going to be their last goodbye because Clarke Griffin has something to say about the apocalypse, and that’s: not today, motherfucker.



I’m a bit disappointed she failed to notice he was lying and suffering, since SHE HERSELF made up the same act back in arlong park but I’m sure Oda will eventually come up with a believable explanation. 
But.. guys. She dropped the suffix, and that means that suffix had some kind of meaning. I’ve always asked myself why Oda would make Nami use a suffix just for Sanji, so maybe it was in order to emphasize Nami taking her distance now…? 

…and I hope we’ll get some other little cute scene like Sanji apologizing for making her cry or… I don’t know, just having Nami play a major role in SANJI’S ARC together with Luffy is enough for my poor shipping soul

((but shipping aside, pls don’t forget nakamaship. NAKAMASHIP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. I loved Luffy so much in this chap, please captain protect my little son Sanji))

Bullet Points: The Moment of Truth

Murder Most Foul-part 6 (parts 1-5 can be found here, here, herehere and here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. When Act 4 runs a grand total of 5 minutes and consists of only two scenes that says something very important in terms of structure. These two scenes are the climax of the story arcs they represent. They are meant to be viewed with a period at the end. They contain completed thoughts.

That’s not to say the storylines don’t continue on, because clearly they do. But within each of these scenes is contained a final determination. Everything that comes after is a new dynamic.

2. Scene one is about Robert finally believing who he is. He can’t be bought, he can’t be shamed. He’s a father protecting his son. He was given an out when King George pretended to think he’d found James and was bringing him in for the reward and he refused to take it. Whatever he was in the past is unimportant. And not only does George know it, more importantly Robert knows it.

To thine own self be true and all that.


3. “The right price fixed it last time.” Ooooof I mean that line was necessary to give Robert a chance to turn it down and prove he wasn’t the man he used to be still … ooof.

4. James got a chance to see his father redeemed although he was too young to understand and David got a chance to understand his father was redeemed even though he never saw it. 

Very nice.

In the end both of his sons, on some level, were able to see the truth.

5. Just as the first scene in this very strong pair of scenes was about Robert realizing who he really is, the second scene is about David doing the same.

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I’ll be honest, The Cat scene in the Mogami arc is memorable because of its brutality, but The Milk scene was so….personal, it’s a whole different flavor of horrible.

Like….to take a character’s stated interest in their profile, one the fandom takes and blows out of proportion for fun, and then use it to shame said character…

That was such a slap in the face as a reader.

Because, let’s be really honest here, when you’re asked to summarize yourself in just a few sentences, almost never do you list favorite foods. Your favorite food isn’t an occupation, hobby, or attribute, it’s just something you like.

The Milk Scene wasn’t just an attack on Mob’s personal interests. It was an attack on his fundamental misunderstanding of what’s most important as a human being in society, using his personal interest as the weapon to drive it home.

Like….that’s so many kinds of messed up. This entire arc is so messed up.

You know…pretty much every interview so far mentioned the Beast Titan as a season 2 highlight and important character, Araki even made sure he got his own theme and it ended up being used in the PV, and said PV even has him as the thumbnail. Of course the Beast Titan is without a doubt one of the most important players in the entire franchise, but his true significance only comes to light in season 3; whereas, after the battle for Utgard, he basically loses any significance to the plot and only cameos (probably) in the final episode. And he only has two real scenes in the clash arc sourcematerial. Makes me wonder if Isa and Araki possibly cooked up some additional footage for him, maybe an additional scene or whatever, just to further emphasize his importance. Idk, its just a thought, but we already know Isa approved and requested filler is on the way and just maybe we’ll get something about everyone’s favorite monkey. 

Because I haven’t asked you for enough marvel aus yet (your aus are amazing! I love them!)-
Iron Man au. Jyn Erso is the billionaire genius philanthropist playgirl daughter of Galen Erso, industrialist and designer of the Death Star Missile. Proceeds mostly as the first Iron Man movie does, with some notable changes: Baze Malbus is an imprisoned scientist who helps Jyn wire her mother’s kyber crystal into the arc reactor that powers her heart, Cassian is her beleaguered personal assistant who she ropes in remaking Erso Industries, K2-SO is the AI she wires into helping her guide and fly in her armor, and Bodhi Rook is the well-meaning SHIELD agent Cassian contacts. All important scenes- most notably, Cassian replacing the arc reactors in her heart, and the whole “Proof Jyn Erso has a heart”- are left in.

beamthechao replied to your post “I just finished the Chimera Ant arc of HxH and what the fuck. ;~;”

also what would you say is your favorite favorite meta post of all times?

@beamthechao​ it’s gotta be hunterxhell’s shinjuu post, I think that’s the most important and impactful one, followed by their “Since it means nothing to you” translation post (and it’s follow up). Those deal with translation fuck-ups that change the meaning of those important scenes and the intentions of the characters.

As for ones I think are interesting or just indulging to read (who doesn’t love reading reason 7,543 why Killua is so likable and Gon is such an interesting character), I love @akihika‘s thoughts on HxH. My fav posts of theirs being:

Killua Appreciation Post : Beyond Light And Shadow
• Gon, the Blind Guardian
• Seeds Of Humanity, Seeds Of Love (Meruem & Komugi)
• Names, Light, and Villains (I never noticed that about the names!)

My fellow Rogan shippers - DO NOT DESPAIR!

There is much being made about the fact that Jess is the only of Rory’s boyfriends to actually have dialogue in the trailer. 

This isn’t some secret clue that he is the most important character in Rory’s life. They included that scene because it briefly and succinctly outlines what I am sure is Rory’s arc throughout the entire four episodes. She is struggling professionally and is unsure what her future holds. I don’t think it was meant to portray any favoritism toward Jess. 

And if we’re going to over-analyze trailer minutiae to try to figure out where our favorite guys stand, think about this: 

Yes, Jess is the only one who speaks in the trailer. But Logan is the only one that we see sitting in his home and not a public place - which suggests to me that Rory is close enough with him to be making private visits to him. 

Oh yeah. Look at that face…. 

About the hairpin and Hak’s expression in 124:

Tbh I don’t feel like it’s a pained expression??? Like if you look closely, he isn’t really frowning, or as downcast as he was when it appeared during the Kai Empire arc. At that time, Hak was deeply frustrated over the fact that Yona still has it. “Why can’t she just forget him?” That’s probably what he thought.

One of the most important scenes during the latest arc is that Hak, Soo-won and Yona all realise that the bond between Hak and Soo-won is not as easily broken as they might think. To be able to understand each other from just one glance demonstrates an incredible connection between them.

Back to the hairpin, somehow I feel as if Hak came to terms with it because he FINALLY understood why Yona keeps it: it’s the same reason why he and Soo-won were able to save Lili together through a glance; that is, because he understood that the bonds between them might run deeper than he might have thought and even though there might be resentment, the bond still exists and cannot be easily cut off, which makes him empathise with Yona. Hak and Yona just express it in different ways.

Something just clicked for me. I was reading up on the film Angel Heart a few weeks ago for some Lucifer/End Verse meta that completely escapes me now and that I didn’t follow up on, but I remember thinking about the main character’s relationship with mirrors because Dean has been shown with mirrors both visually and textually throughout the Carver arc. Mirrors are important.

Harry Angel could not bear to see his own face in the mirror. We have been shown Dean look at his own reflection in the mirror many times, and since Meta Fiction it has been his own face he has seen in the mirror, and his own face alone.

But before this scene, most of the times we had seen Dean look into a mirror, Castiel had been there. And I remember thinking about it when Meta Fiction aired. That this was an intentional negative space. We had seen this shot before, and Castiel had always been there. So the thought of Castiel was also here. His absence was here. Castiel’s absence was all over the scene, and in a cut scene you see Dean emerge from the shower to explicitly check whether he had received a message from Castiel. When Dean looks into a mirror, he expects to see Castiel looking back at him, over his shoulder.

The scene in Meta Fiction was a broken pattern. The shots of Dean looking at a mirror and not seeing Castiel this season are an inversion of the pattern. He looks in the mirror, and does not see Castiel.

Sonny said: “And for what? Being loyal? To who? I should have been loyal to myself. Because you get one shot at this game, Dean. And when you look in the mirror, you want the guy looking back at you to be his own man.”

Sonny was talking about being able to look at yourself in the mirror. And that’s a part of it, to be sure. But for Dean, a part of it is also the wish that the guy looking back at him in the mirror was his own man. That is, for Castiel to have agency and choose him anyway. For the man looking back at him in the mirror to be his own man. To be his. And of his own free will.

I was always puzzled by antis’ insistence on the theory that Rey is Luke’s daughter but now I realized something.

Rey Skywalker theory is their last line of defense against the possibility of Reylo.

Kylo and Rey share the most important and memorable scenes together, they have a lot of parallels in their character arcs, their musical themes are connected, and they are very heavily advertised together.

It’s a fact nobody can deny.

And if they are cousins it’s okay. Antis can accept this.

But if Rey isn’t Skywalker or Solo suddenly millions of questions appear! Why do they have all this screen time? Why did Disney decide to waste a lot of money to redone a scene, so Kylo’s face could be seen first in the scene with Rey? What is this connection between them if they are not related by blood?

Suddenly the trajectory of a plot line changes. Instead of “good cousin vs evil cousin” we have woman and man as adversaries who are deeply affected by each other. And Reylo is no longer an impossible crack ship. It’s a legit and serious threat for other ships.

So don’t be surprised by the amount of hate and accusations we face. Anti-Reylo people are so loud not because they want to “protect Rey”.

They are so active because they are desperate. Every day we have more and more evidence that Kylo and Rey’s relationship will be central to this trilogy. And every central relationship of Star Wars trilogies has one thing in common.

Luke and Vader, Han and Leia, Anakin and Obi Wan, Anakin and Padme - all of these relationships were about love.

And I doubt that the New Trilogy will change anything about this.

TL;DR - Reylo is real and antis are afraid of it. Amen.

True or not regardless of this interview SS was obvious and foreshadowed from the beginning. Not only was SS given a lot of attention in part one but the type of attention it received made it seem like an important part of the plot, which it was. In part one alone we saw how it was linked to Sasuke and Sakura’s characters and the team 7 dynamic. Apart from that the love confession, FOD scenes and their relationship itself did indeed come across as a mature one of the romantic persuasion. As kishi said, they did sound like lovers. Again, this was in part one. I don’t even need to go into part two and how Sasuke’s darkness & redemption, Sakura’s goals and team 7′s bond was still being linked to SS especially in the last and most important arcs.

Okay all jokes aside, I’m so proud of the animation team for this season. I know on the stream Matt joked about the Chronicles animation and how simple it was, but go back and look at Vic. Just look at Vic’s face compared to the faces of the soldiers in the season premiere– and I’m not just talking about the faces of the Counselor and Sharkface (they’re important characters, one of which was on screen for a long time and they would have the most effort put into them) but the faces of the extras too. There’s such a stark contrast between the two, and there’s even a difference between the animation in the freelancer arc and now.

Everything about the episode was so beautifully well done, from the fight scenes down to like minor little details about the way characters moved and acted. I’m blown away honestly, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us animation wise, because if it’s anything at all like this first episode I’m sure I’ll absolutely love it.