most important gifset of my life


Victor’s Journey – Part 1

When I approached every program like a new beginning, I could always surprise everyone. But that was like fetters strangling me by the throat “I can only find new strength on my own.” That’s what I always thought.

In celebration of Victor’s birthday, I’d like to present a 2-part gifset that encompasses his personal journey throughout the series.

So much can be said for him; he came from a place where he felt helpless and, well, not lost for direction but that there was only one direction… and it was one that was chosen for him. He was a solitary figure standing atop a pile of accomplishments yet missing two of the most important parts of himself: Life & Love.



CS + Hugs and Kisses.

I am not watching 6x21/22 until tomorrow, but before tonight I wanted to have a few words for all my shipmates and give this little gift to all of you. In this 5 years I have formed part of the fandom I have read great metas, seen wonderful gifsets (I learned to make gifs only because of CS!), and most important: I met wonderful people.

Some of you will not be back for season 7. These are many reasons, but I believe Jen leaving hit us all very hard. For you I wish the best, but I hope you continue part of the fandom at least a little, and you are always free to come to my blog, say “hi” and ask me for a gifset ;)

For the shipmates, like me, that will watch season 7 (in my case because I love Colin): I am so happy we will still be together in this new journey! 

To all: Captain Swan, Emma and Killian, and all the characters of this show formed an important part of my life, and helped me in very difficult times. Captain Swan was really the most beautiful and magical ship ever and I believe this shared love will unite us for a long time.




hcmesicks presents: an end-of-the-year appreciation gifset

in no particular order, these are the people who made my 2017 one very memorable year. no matter how we met and came to know each other, i can’t thank you guys enough for being an important part of my life this year. i wouldn’t know how i’d live without any you amazing lovelies, and i’m sososos happy most of us keep in contact !! to those who i haven’t spoke to in a while, whether due to life kicking our asses or me just being a butt and just not replying, i hope we can still keep talking for a long time!! i love you guys so much and here’s to 2018 ❤❤

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instead of a big gifset i just want to post my favorite picture of Gaga. This picture left me completely breathless when I first saw it. Happy birthday to one of the most important people in my life. You have given me strength I didnt believe I had and inspiration to achieve goals I never would have dreamed.