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Homestuck: Seven Years in Four Minutes


Hey there!  Maybe you’ve heard about this cool new game coming out called Hiveswap?  Maybe you want to play it but worry that without reading Homestuck you’ll be lost?  Good news, you won’t be!  But just in case, I’ve prepared a quick and extremely paraphrased summary to tell you everything you need to know about Homestuck.


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Davepetasprite^2 Most Important Character in Homestuck

So, there’s been a lot of seemingly random stuff happening. This one isn’t so random.

So we have this magnificent creature


But wait, let’s do some research on these people

Ah yes, Dave, was prophesied to deal the final blow to Lord English. Interestingly, Dave doesn’t believe the prophesy; it is not him who will deal the final blow.

Look at this cool cat. It’s great that Nepeta is now back; who wouldn’t want this kick-ass cool-cat on their side, right? Maybe she’ll get to meet Arquiusprite since it is half Equius and have a little reunion

Wait a sec

Lord English has part of Arquiusprite’s soul in him. That means part of Equius’s soul is also in Lord English.

Equius would never hurt Nepeta

Lord English’s soul contain’s Equius’s soul

Lord English would never hurt Nepeta


Nepeta is now part of Davepetasprite^2

Dave was prophesied to deal the final blow to Lord English

Dave is also a part of Davepetasprite^2


Since it cannot be harmed by Lord English because of Equius’s soul fragment, Davepetasprite^2 will be English’s bane, and deliver the final blow.

Davepetasprite^2 is the most important character in Homestuck

Gamzee Split Timeline Theory

(For reference: I will be using my own endgame timeline model for this theory. Please read it if you haven’t!)

One major question that Homestuck never outright resolved is how and why Gamzee is the most important character. It is heavily implied that it’s because he brings Lord English into existence through raising Caliborn to predominate and then becoming part of him. The only problem with that is that Gamzee only has the opportunity to provide Caliborn with the rings/jujus and raise him in the original meteor timeline where he’s free to do as he pleases.

In the Vriska lives timeline, Gamzee spends the entire time locked in the fridge to prevent any fuckery and remains there throughout the session, until the end. There is specific emphasis placed on Arquius (who has the combination of Equius’s super strength and sprite powers) throwing the fridge across the incipisphere as a weapon against the various enemies in [S] Collide, presumably weakening it heavily, possibly to the point where even Vriska’s luck-powered locks aren’t immune. Gamzee eventually ends up on LoTaK at the end when Lord Jack’s head becomes a black hole and he gets sucked in, assumed never to be seen again.

But what if the black hole takes him to the cherubs’ version of Earth at the exact same moment that meteor? What if it splits the timeline?

What if this Gamzee, in direct contrast to meteor Gamzee, raises the cherubs so that Calliope predominates? What if this Gamzee leads to the creation of alt-Calliope?

There are two main endgame timelines we follow in Act 6. The first immediately follows [S] Cascade and Vriska’s death. This timeline sees Gamzee free to abuse Terezi, gather jujus, and time travel as he pleases with nobody really able to stop him. During the three-year trip he travels to the furthest ring, gathers Lord English’s ensemble, raises the cherubs, and fucks with the alpha session as a means of facilitating the Masterpiece confrontation. The most important part of this theory is that he serves as Caliborn’s guide throughout the session, assisting him in his rise to power and eventually becoming a part of Lord English himself. This Gamzee dies so that Lord English can have the limitless power (juggalo/chucklevoodoo/clown/Rage powers) needed to destroy Paradox Space and establish himself as a fear-instilling all-powerful demon. Of the two Mirthful Messiahs, this Gamzee is facilitating the Do: side of things.

The second major timeline is the one where John, Roxy, and Terezi retcon Vriska back into existence following Aranea’s botched (but ultimately ironically effective) attempt at creating a healed and fortuitous timeline. Here, Vriska wastes no time in shutting down Gamzee’s abuse attempts and traps him in the fridge before he can fuck around with either time travel or the furthest ring, all while meteor Gamzee does it instead (minus the alpha session, which Vriska takes care of). Inadvertently (or intentionally; Vriska’s motives and knowledge are a little unclear) this means that fridge Gamzee has no role in the creation of Lord English, instead being trapped in a fridge with no means of escape throughout the three years. Here is where the theory comes into play: after the fridge is weakened and sucked into the black hole, Gamzee breaks out and finds himself on the cherubs’ version of Earth at the moment the egg hatches. Without time travel or any sort of time influence, Gamzee raises them in a way that leads to alt-Calliope’s creation and predomination. He would then act as her guide in the solo session, helping her to ascend to the god tiers and providing her with a power boost. However, in a contrast to the Lord English timeline, alt-Calliope dies and gains her powers through eternal death and does not need to fuse with other components. This is the Gamzee that facilitates :o).

(The fate of this Gamzee is vague, but there is the possibility that he survives and could be brought to the new universe somehow.)

As a result, this makes Gamzee the most important character in Homestuck through his simultaneous responsibility for both Paradox Space’s destruction and its salvation.

It’s him. Both of them have always been him. He is the saviour and the destroyer.


“The most important character in Homestuck fondly regards the miracle of a new beginning.”

It took a while for that line to deliver. Even when we got into Horrorstuck, Gamzee wasn’t doing anything especially important, just killing off characters and being creepy. But now we see him admiring the Green Sun, which was a direct result of the universal destruction that he caused.

I changed my mind actually.

My new favorite thing about the update is just how pissed off it’s making everyone who ever hated Vriska.  Especially the ones who feel the need to post their hate in her tags.  She didn’t get a comeuppance because SHE’S A HERO.  SHE ENDED THE COMIC A HERO.

I can’t imagine there ever being a character as wonderful as Vriska ever again she’s got such a hold on my heart

there he is. it him. the greatest being to ever exist in the entire paradox space in the history of everything ever

the mayor

i bring you the main character of homestuck in all of his mayoral glory. not to mention completely irrelevent side characters that serve him as his loyal assistants. criminals shiver in fear from his sheer bravery and awesomeness. he is here to save us all with the intense raw power of democracy. he is the mayor this city needs.

i just really love the mayor okay. yall debatin on whos the main character of homestuck just shut up. cause its THE MAYOR. he is the main character. he is the MOST IMPORTANT character. mayor squad 4 lyfe. ot3.