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complex mental problems the signs have (sorry not sorry)

 Aries: A real conformist. They like to look normal, act normal, be normal. While deep down they have this thing that makes them unique and special, I really don’t get it why most of them try to “go with the flow” all the time. For fuck’s sake, you are original, embrace yourself! They are SO afraid of what the other people have to say, that’s why they cannot succeed in life.

Taurus: They always like to be “the good guy” in every situation, they ALWAYS want to present themselves as the most humble person you’ll ever meet. When in reality, deep down, they’re just a weak-ass attention whore who has a boring life and they always try to be at their best because they always follow stereotypes, doesn’t matter how much open-minded they are.

Gemini: Another attention whore. They constantly need approval and assurance by everybody, they’re the MOST FAKE people. Their low self-esteem makes them this person that pops up in your life, suddenly, out of nowhere, assures you things about you (which might not be true), sugarcoats every single one of your problems and when you pay them back with your real goodness for their FAKE goodness, they become mentally stable and they start to believe in themselves. Then they get bored of you and forget that they even had you as a friend. 

Cancer: Cancers are so bitchy. I mean, they always like presenting themselves as that good innocent blonde angel in pink fluffy clothes when in reality they always cheat, they care only about themselves and their family, nobody else.

Leo: Jfc, these people need to chill. (most of them). They talk SO much, they always try to be the center of attention all the time and they always try to have the best things in life. If someone is less successful (on their imaginary scale of success), they see that person as a weakling and nothing more. If a person is more successful on the same scale, they start talking shit about their person behind the person’s back, neglecting every success the person has ever reached, trying to ruin the social image of that person. While behind the mask, they are actually cowards and are terrified and afraid by that person’s success. If they cannot destroy the person’s image, they try to befriend them and stay friends, presenting an image of “the best squad”.

Virgo: Maybe the most judgmental people you’ll ever meet in your entire life.Their ego is so big, they even get depressed, thinking that they’re better than everybody around them, thinking that something is not wrong with themselves. Here we have a reversed big ego when the individual has an immense ego, constantly reassuring themselves that they are not egotistic, but only practical and really successful. But you know what? Stop living inside your forlorn mind and go use your potential because you suck if you drown yourself in self-pity for the rest of your life. And you will never be able to evolve.

Libra: These people are crazy. I mean, CRAZY. Constantly bothering everybody around them with gossips and that kind of things while acting innocent and good, when in reality they don’t fucking realize that THEY are the one who’s spreading gossips. They love acting like social justice warriors, they just cannot live without attention and popularity. It’s disgusting, stop it. Spread your false positivity somewhere else.

Scorpio: Another example of people who want to look like the baddest guy OR the best guy, there’s no in-between. And it’s all because of attention, because they need compliments. In fact, their real goal is to look, act, behave and BE hard-to-get, they love living in the clouds. The scary thing is that they can achieve this very easily because they have natural charm, especially for the ignorant masses. But one day, they will tire themselves trying and close themselves inside them, that’s the price. They will really become unreachable and will end up living alone, isolated somewhere until they overdose and die.

Sagittarius: They have a serious PHOBIA of showing their feelings and revealing how they feel to another person, especially their partner or someone they love very much, while deep down, they feel really hard and true. They are very constructive and productive but sadly, they are so nervous and this makes it almost impossible for someone to love them because they hurt, accidentally or intentionally.

Capricorn: Freaks for success and being the best. Stop trying so hard, for fuck’s sake, be original and spontaneous for once. They always try to be original AND the best at the same time, they only think about working and success and when they achieve it (because they actually HAVE the potential to get what they want) they will get bored and depressed and the only thing that will be able to pull them out of their depression will be… a new task/goal. Stop doing that to yourself, just relax and pay attention to the beautiful things in life.

Aquarius: You can’t win an argument with these people. Not because you can’t but because they won’t let you. Because talk too much and probably aren’t paying attention to your opinion and what you’re saying in the conversations. The thing is, they act like they do pay attention about what you have to say. They have this need of being the most intelligent person (and they are very intelligent but they’re definitely NOT the most intelligent, they’re only just a show-off). Know-it-alls beyond borders. Jfc, y’all need to think before you speak. And stop acting so intelligent, you’re not stupid if you don’t understand maths or chemistry, gosh. Just relax and admit your mistakes, you’ll learn more that way and you’ll put your intelligence and potential in good use.

Pisces: Ugh, where do I even start with these. The thing is, they can morph into every one of the signs mentioned above. When in reality, they are only manipulators who are good at acting and making y’all feel wonderful and all that stuff but it’s sad because they’re probably using you for their own goals. They can be so cold-hearted and materialistic on purpose. Too bad because they have immense potential, they could be very successful in a good way. But it’s not them to blame, but the cruel society they live in, because Pisces are actually never born evil, they become this vengeful monstrosity that society has created. Don’t underestimate them and stay away from them if you mean to harm them.

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Thoughts on the new episode fem-senpai?

The one from last night? I thought it was a work of art, no cartoon has conveyed such deep and complex emotions in such an elegant matter. I can see why the Crewniverse was so proud of it, there was so much detail and effort put into it. It was only 10 minuets but it felt like a movie. There were a few things I picked up, I made a post about one of Pearl’s line. It’s here if you are interested in reading.

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Aw what if pearl doesn't want to dance with greg bc she still has feelings on how rose stopped dancing (fusions) with her because she had Greg now? And so when Greg tried to dance it's her it reminded her of it.

hmmmm that’s a possibility. But there is no strong evidence that says they stopped fusing after she met Greg. I think she was upset because of the physical contact of the dance, when gems fuse they dance touching eachother, and the way Greg held Pearl was very fusion like. Example: Pearl and Amethyst dancing 

not touching eachother, not fusing. They are dancing together but there is no physical contact as opposed to when they formed opal 

Originally posted by faithiiii

What I’m trying to say is that the way Greg tried to dance with Pearl was pretty much a fusion dance and Pearl obviously still has some resentment toward Greg and the thought of carrying out a fusion dance with him upsets her.

I know that there are already so many posts about Calum and how amazing he is and all but seriously, it didn’t take that one Instagram post for me to realise how amazing he is.

We might not know much about him, and definitely not much about what’s going on in his head and how he thinks about certain things and all, but I can tell you one thing: Calum is one of the most talented, humble, wise, thoughtful and sweet people I’ve ever came across. Of course, everyone has bad habits and all but at the end of the day, Calum is willing to learn and to try and get better, he’ll try harder and he’ll keep on learning and that’s what makes him so so wonderful. Can’t put into words how much I love him and I don’t know where I wanna go with this post, but y’all know that I love Calum anyway so hello, thanks for taking time to read this. And, please, let’s appreciate Calum EVERY day and not only when he’s speaking his mind a bit and letting us in a lil’ further, he’s always there and always present so let’s show him some love constantly, - because he deserves all the love in this world. 💫🌟✨

my kingdom for anyone who can write me a solid friends au in which [pick my ship] are monica and chandler

The most humbling lesson I’ve ever experienced was learning to love myself.
And the most important part of that lesson?
The part that makes it incredibly humbling?
Realizing that it is a lesson that is never truly over.
It’s ongoing, it’s continuous, it is a lifetime of learning and loving.
Because as long as you are growing and changing, there will always be more to learn and more to love.


—  Amanda Vegas @acmv-writes

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is there any confirmation that the leaks are real?

  • I’m pretty sure they are real. The leaker has leaked actual full episodes in the past, the background matches the boat in the promo (you can see the rails in the official promo and the same rails in the leak) 
  • The art style matches the su style exactly. 
  • A picture with 54 JASPER FACES all in the su style was leaked
  • If an artist did draw these, they would usually put them on deviantart or tumblr, where most fake leaks originate (artists tend to advertise their art on those sites). And it would have taken a long time to carefully draw those in the su styly
  • These leaks originated on 4Chan.