most horrible yet!

Like OMYGOD this is so crazy to me..ya’ll don’t understand ..cassette tapes are the WORST LOL…and the fact that i actually spent money on a cassette in 2016 BAWHHAHAHAH..but i had to have it T_T i hate myself

voltron fandom discourse is probably the most horrible one yet, honestly, we as a fandom have even brought the creators into this shitfest and i hope you’re ashamed of yourself bc you are disgusting kids and i really do hope you grow up from this bullshit. really.

if you are 18 +, i have no words for you /rolls eyes.

anyways, i have had so much anxiety over this and honestly am at the point where i give no fucks, i am going to continue shipping sheith (hc-ing appropriate ages) bc it helps me cope with depression and it makes me happy and at the end of the day, i think people should realize that they should value themselves more than an anonymous stranger online.

so, block antis, ignore their celebration for ruining our week, and continue shipping what you love. just don’t engage with them bc it only makes their blog stand for a reason, the more people stop caring about them, the more they lose purpose.