most historic reunification since germany


  1. You Don’t Have to Say Yes by danica-joshifer for michaelschurs
  2. Denial Isn’t Just a River In Egypt by crazykrystle for weasleyspotter
  3. 10 times Jake or Amy Babysitted Terry’s Twins and Ended Up Together or Not by weasleyspotter for elenlith
  4. It’s Better to Feel Pain Than Nothing At All by kateleesi for catstratfords
  5. Amy’s Test of Patience by elenlith for deepblueql
  6. Bad Timing Must Be a Peralta Specialty by deepblueql for kateleesi
  7. I Think I Maybe Think Too Much by bavalon18 for floor-gasm 
  8. The Most Historic Reunification Since Germany by laurythelatrator for impertinency 
  9. 6 Rounds by queenmcnally for guillotineheart
  10. So You Were Never a Saint by floor-gasm for laurythelatrator

(Notes: This is the official compilation of fics written for this exchange. I’m honestly really happy without it turned out and want to thank everyone who participated! We got so many great stories out of it and bunch of amazing prompts. For those who never sent their fic in, please let me know if you are unable to. I want to make sure that those who’ve participated get something in return. For anyone who wants to reblog, you can feel free to delete the notes section.)