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so I kinda got this idea from that one IwaOi ask you got from another anon recently, but top 5 dysfunctional but great relationships between two characters?

top 5 dysfunctional relationships anon) I meant Haikyuu!!, but if it’s easier for you to find examples for anime in general, I don’t mind if you do that either :3

Hello bean! I’m actually so dead because here you say recently but this ask is from 16 days ago (this is just an example of how much it takes to get to a specific top 5, rip), but it’s finally time! (For context, this petal is talking about this post, where I was asked if Oikawa and Iwaizumi have a healthy relationship with each other). Ok so, this is gonna be a multi-anime answer, since Haikyuu has not so many examples of that. 

General disclaimer: more than dysfunctional, these relationships are not so healthy but the bottom line here is that, no matter what, they all love, trust and understand each other more than anyone else.  

1. Shinji and Kaworu (Neon Genesis Evangelion). Well, this is not the most painful ship ever for nothing. It doesn’t matter that they met and parted ways in the span of one (1) episode, that time was enough to change Shinji, forever. Kaworu came to Shinji in his darkest hour and was the first person to understand and treat him with love. He was the first person to ever tell Shinji “I love you”, and he’s the first person Shinji said “I love you” in return. This is all nice till you discover that Kaworu is not an actual person, he’s an angel, an angel sent to erase humanity, an angel Shinji is forced to kill, or better, an angel who decided that his only free will act was letting Shinji kill him. And he does, in what is to this day the most heartbreaking scene I’ve ever seen. And if killing the person you love the most or making the person you love the most kill you is not dysfunctional, I don’t know what else is…

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(in the reboot he dies in front of Shinji and not by his hand and I don’t know what’s worst honestly) 

2. Oikawa and Iwaizumi. I already said everything that needs to be said in the post I mentioned above. They are dependent, violent, aggressive, unable to communicate in the proper way, the reaction to everything the other does is incredibly exaggerated, they fight, they yell…but still they made each other the beautiful people they are today. They are always in perfect sync, they are each other’s number one supporter and would kill and die for the other on the spot. They are connected, both physically and mentally so, maybe way more than they even realize. They are not a perfect couple, but still they are unbreakable. 

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3. Rin and Haruka (Free!) Speaking of overreacting people, here you have a perfect example. These two are literally obsessed with each other, neither of them could sneeze without affecting dramatically the other’s life. Despite everything, they understand each other without having to say a single word, they would give up everything for the other, they could have had it all…but still they are the classic couple that can’t be together but yet can’t be apart. You can’t escape relationships like that. 

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4. Hinata and Kageyama. As I already said here, I firmly believe that Kags is unconsciously replicating the iwaoi dynamic with Hinata. They are just as violent, intense and obsessed with each other, but they have the potential to create even a deeper and greater bond. They already live in such a perfect sync they can’t function properly without the other (especially Hinata has still to find his place without Kageyama), so much that they are afraid of being torn apart. If you read the manga, you know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, just think of the last shot of Kageyama and Hinata at the end of season 3…while the rest of the team was happy for the news Kageyama just got…were they really?

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5.  Yahaba and Kyoutani. The iwaoi curse strikes again, and how couldn’t it. The setter/ace relationship is pretty strong on its own and I think Yahaba’s new leadership is gonna deliver us some good character development. I really hope they’ll find a healthier way to communicate and Yahaba will keep his slamming-his-boyfriend-against-the-wall thing just for the bedroom. 

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p.s. as crazy as it sounds, Bokuto and Akaashi are not in this chart and here I explained why. 

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one of the saddest, most heartbreaking moments in anime that i’ve ever witnessed is the scene in servamp when licht ends up in lawless’ mind and lawless is constantly changing shapes because he really doesn’t have any identity because he can’t come to terms with his past, and licht starts playing the song on the piano and lawless becomes this blob, and he’s upset and he asks licht why he’s playing such a sad song, and licht simply replies that it’s not the song that’s sad, and lawless just gets more and more vulnerable and he says “then what is it that’s sad? is it me?” and he’s a crying puddle, and honestly i have never been in a more heartwrenching position

Thoughts on Kalagang (because why not)

So it’s nearly midnight and of course I’m thinking about our favourite couple (or at least mine). Again. And I was thinking : I just LOVE how from all the canon ships on Sense8, they’re the one that have the most angsty AND funniest scenes ever !

Like…. I was rewatching their scene on 1x06 “Demons” and how Kala was freaking out while Wolfgang kept teasing her about the fact that she looked at his “trunk”. Then, I remembered their iconic scene in the Christmas Special episode before Kala broke Rajan’s dick (still the funniest scene I have ever seen) and I thought…. 

OMG!!! They’re totally that couple that has the funniest scenes !!!! Like I’m already imagining them having more of those next season but my point is …. how is it possible that they can be so silly together AND have the most heartbreaking scenes ever ???

I don’t know, I’m just ranting by now, I know. But, I just love that they can be both around each other. It is just surprising because you wouldn’t think they’d be THAT couple since Wolfgang is all badass and doesn’t talk/smile much and Kala is that sweet girl that smiles politely at compliments/jokes, etc. It just shows how open they are with each other and how they let their true self show because duh they’re part of the same cluster so they must know but also because since the first moment they saw each other, they have always been confortable around each other. Remember when they sang “What’s Up” together ? Yeah, me too. Anyway, I just love them, that’s all.


There are moments in Charlie’s acting career that make me really question why he is not the household name he so deserves to be. This part of Richard II is one of them.

I have read many, many books where Person A is hurt and Person B’s emotional reaction is heartbreaking, but nothing, NOTHING, could touch what I felt when I read this. 

He has had this horrible and dark and rough life up until this point and he thought it was going to be that way for forever until he sees this girl this fucking human girl who makes his heart stutter and makes him forget about how horrible his situation is because this girl loves painting and she laughs and smiles and is the light in this dark place he’s in and how bad can a world be where something like that exists where someone like her exists but she hates him and he’s ok with that he’s ok with keeping his distance because he doesn’t want her to get hurt and he’s really really good at masking his emotions but then then he hears and sees her die and it’s the worst thing he could have possibly imagined and yea he’s lost people before but none of it was like this and he’s shattered because he realizes that this little human girl this fucking little human girl is so much more than that and means everything to him and he’s lost her and he can’t do anything about it. That. THAT is something that I will never get over and why it’s one of the most heartbreaking scenes I’ve ever read