most heartbreaking moment ever

one of the saddest, most heartbreaking moments in anime that i’ve ever witnessed is the scene in servamp when licht ends up in lawless’ mind and lawless is constantly changing shapes because he really doesn’t have any identity because he can’t come to terms with his past, and licht starts playing the song on the piano and lawless becomes this blob, and he’s upset and he asks licht why he’s playing such a sad song, and licht simply replies that it’s not the song that’s sad, and lawless just gets more and more vulnerable and he says “then what is it that’s sad? is it me?” and he’s a crying puddle, and honestly i have never been in a more heartwrenching position

Major coincidence in Crestwood, soul crushed...

So last night, I had a major wtf moment in Crestwood, post-breakup. It was a series of soul-crushing coincidences, and I needed to share…

It hasn’t been that long since Solas removed my Lavellan’s vallaslin and then made everything terrible. I’ve been killing a lot of time as Lavellan licks her wounds, and somehow, last night as I’m playing, everybody (Quiz, Sera, Cole, and, yes, Solas) just ends up back in Crestwood, on a mission to kill a wyvern for a nice lady named Judith. The quest itself is easy. But the moment the wyvern is dead, Lavellan looks up and sees this:

Cue first moment of major surprise. I must have missed this on my last Lavellan, as I really had no idea you could return to the exact place where Solas plays out his cowardice. It then felt somehow extra shitty and ironic that the title of the quest that brings her here is “Wyrm Hole.” Could that title possibly be a coincidence? Is this just Weekes again, fucking with us? Wyrm Hole? Because that’s exactly what it felt like to me: time travel, diving through a worm hole and waking up in the past.

Anyway. That’s only the beginning.

At this point, Lavellan is feeling stung, surprised, hurt all over again, awkward (because Solas is there), and frankly, a little sweaty. She is brash and hates to wallow, and so she’s ready to go. But one of those creepy murals catches her eye, over behind the waterfall–and like, I personally can’t resist that. So she goes to check it out, and as she’s walking over to the waterfall, Cole just…starts talking. This happens (I apologize for the quality–I’ve never actually used any of my game footage before on youtube and kind of suck):

Notice how she just stops like, dead in her tracks. That’s me, dying a little inside. I was never able to trigger this banter with my first Lavellan at all, but here it is, now, as Cole recounts their break-up in the exact same spot the break-up occurred. This was just one of those scary perfect storytelling moments for me. Of course Cole would feel it here, the pain, all that’s happened. And of course Solas would be replaying the scene in his mind, in this very moment, this exact place, and Cole would feel his hurt, attempt to deconstruct it and to heal. I mean, I lost my breath a little bit I lost all my breath. The banter triggering was completely random (right?), but it didn’t feel that way. This was one of the coolest, most heartbreaking moments I’ve ever experienced playing any game, ever. That it was a coincidence–how we ended up here, the title of the quest, and the banter itself…that’s something else.

Also, I have heard this banter before on youtube, but the version I’ve heard has always had a different Solas line, which is–

Solas: You cannot heal this, Cole. Please, let it go.

But my Lavellan was hurt and angry in Crestwood (I’ve written more about this here). She shoved him around, dared him to tell her he doesn’t care. And so–

Solas: You cannot heal this, Cole. Let her carry her anger in peace.

Ugh. This line just felt really…strong. It was careful, attentive. It’s totally keyed into her emotional state, post-breakup, and the fact that Solas is weirdly mindful (and respectful) of her anger makes it just all the more hurtful, especially given the setting, and everything else. “Let her be angry, Cole. It is her anger to bear. And I deserve it all.”

I just…

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…I needed to share that. <3

But then…,” Lupin muttered, staring at Black so intently it seemed he was trying to read his mind, “… why hasn’t he shown himself before now? Unless” – Lupin’s eyes suddenly widened, as though he was seeing something beyond Black, something none of the rest of them could see, “–unless he was the one… unless you switched… without telling me?
—  Possibly the most heartbreaking line ever uttered in Harry Potter. The moment two best friends were on the same page in twelve years. The first time Sirius Black had ever admitted to anyone that he wasn’t the one who killed Lilly and James. When Lupin realized he’s been blaming the wrong person the entire time. The guilt flooding both of them; thinking that all of it was their fault, that they could how protected Lilly and James and Harry better than they managed to. Thinking that when Sirius switched to Peter it would be less obvious. Sirius blaming himself completely. Remus’s stomach thing itself in a knot not being able to comprehend how he allowed himself to think that his best friend killed both their best friend, more than both their best friend their family. All the emotions rushing back from twelve years before, unbelieving all over again that the only family either of them had known was gone forever.
F(x) Reaction to missing their girlfriend while on tour

Note: Sulli is not in this reaction as she no longer goes on tour as an artist. But if someone wants to request a reaction similar to this one with only Sulli, I will gladly do it. 

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Victoria felt tired from missing you, all she wanted was to spend time with you but nothing not even the facetimes or phone calls was enough. She knew that this longing was killing you like it was her, but Victoria was so incredibly exasperated. In the beginning she tried to be cheerful for your sake and for the people around her, but as time progressed it slowly became harder and harder to maintain that joyfulness. Confiding her feelings with you gave her relief and it helped her refocus on how much she loves and appreciates you.

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Amber will not be affected or discouraged by the time spent apart or the long distance as the tour went on. To make both of yours days brighter she’ll send videos and funny messages whenever she can. These videos become a huge source of happiness for the both of you and it makes you feel like Amber is right next to you doing her usual funny antics. For the duration of the tour Amber kept you constantly updated with her everyday adventures with the girls, and you also made short videos for her too!

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Luna began to feel extremely emotional and gloomy from the long distance of being on tour. You both couldn’t talk to each other as often as you wanted to because you’re both preoccupied with other activities in your lives. One of the most heartbreaking moments you ever had together was when Sunyoung called you late at night crying as she said, “I miss you. I just love you a lot.” her voice cracking with each syllable. As you comforted her with only words you realized how much your absence had taken a toil on Sunyoung.

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Krystal was sulky and mopey from the beginning of the tour but as it progressed it became more difficult to bear. She tried not to complain or let her negativity get to you when you two talked or skyped since it would just make you both even more upset about the situation than you needed to be. Sooner or later it was hard for her to not get overwhelmed, so for Krystal this called for some sisterly advice before she laid her feelings out bare for you. “What should I do unnie? I miss her too much.” With lots of reassurance from both you and Jessica, Soojung will start to feel better about everything.

I ended up watching scenes from Electroma again.

This very scene is my favorite scene from any movie ever. It’s the most emotional and heartbreaking moment I’ve ever seen in a movie; the amount of emotion these two sad robots are able to show without faces nor saying a word is astonishing. If you want to make me cry, for some reason, all you have to do is show me this damn scene.

If you are curious, here’s the scene

i’m working on the flux buddies animation but i’m a bit stuck at the moment so yeah as i said it’s going to take a while

Luke Hemmings + Roses = Love

“I had been dating this guy for about 2 ½ years; I had no doubt that I loved him. My whole life revolved around him. Every time he touched me, I got butterflies in my stomach, identical to the ones I got when we first started dating. There was something in the way he looked, the gaze he gave to me when we eat dinner together, they way his hand fit perfectly on every inch of my body; everything connected in the most beautiful way. However, it wasn’t always the perfect love story. 7 months ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. It was the most heartbreaking moment that I’ve ever encountered, time had seems to slow down for what seemed like an eternity as the words flowed like Niagra Falls from the doctors mouth. Every word was like the waves on the beach as they crashed hard along the sand, and the breath between every word was like the wind mixed with the sand under my feet hitting hard like bricks at my body. All the air was gone from my chest as the salty tears flowed down my cheeks.

The ride home was torture because I knew you had to come home and deliever the news to Luke, but I were scared he would look at me differently, touch me differently, talk to me differently.

The drive was extremely short, I blinked and I was pulling into the driveway. I blinked again and I was in the living room enjoying the warm embrace of the man I loved. “Luke? We have to talk. Please sit down…”


“…no Luke, just please. I have something to say, and your really not going to like it. No, I’m not breaking up with you, nor and I’m moving out so please be a little more realxed,” his shoulders dropped and he leaned back more into the couch cushion. As I was trying to think of how I wanted to word my following sentences, I began to tear up, and Luke became tense once again, “Luke… I don’t even know what to say, or how to say this,” he was staring attentively and I could feel his eyes trying to understand without me telling but he couldn’t; too many outcomes to rule out just one, “Baby…. Luke….,” here goes nothing, “I have lung cancer.”

Silence flowed through the room. No one dare say a word, and I could tell by the look on his face, he was trying to figure out what to say. He opened his mouth but then closed it right away. The anticipation was giving you a panic attack so I went to my bedroom and watched TV.

That night the silence remained, Luke slept on the couch that night, and left for work early in the morning. The doorbell rung about noon and I opened the door to reveal a middle-aged man holding a single rose. “Are you Y/N,” he asks as he holds out the rose, “Yes sir,” I responded as I took the rose delicately from his hand. He walked away and I shut the door and walked to the kitchen to put the rose in the vase.

This happened, exactly the same time, day, after day, after day, non-stop. No one ever questioned them”

Baby, this is our love story. When you read this, I will be far gone. I want to thank you for being there for me in my time of need, for putting up with me, even if it was something petty, for believing in me when no one else did. I love you so much. Please don’t waste too many tears on me, there was nothing you could have done to save me. Please don’t waste too many hours dwelling on the past. I will forever and always love you. I know one day you’ll make some other girl as happy as I was, please don’t let me hold you back. I want to look down at you and see you with all your grandchildren. I want you to have a bright future and bring lots and joy and happiness to people all around the world. Promise?

P.S. I know you’re the one that sent all those flowers. Please bury me with them so I can hold them forever.

A/N: Hey babes! Did you like? I hope you did, I have been thinking of this idea for a really long time. Hopefully, there will be a new story soon so keep an eye out for it, I love you <3


damon s5 appreciation week | day 4: most heartbreaking moment

I don’t think anyone has ever straight up called Damon a monster up until now. That’s how he’s always perceived himself, of course, and how he thinks people perceive him, but hearing someone - his best friend, nonetheless - say it, is entirely different. Enzo is a walking reminder of everything that went wrong in Damon’s life, a reminder of all he’s lost and of how badly he’s screwed up. Hearing Enzo, of all people, call him a monster is probably the realization of his worst fear. It’s what prompts him to break up with Elena, the only source of his happiness, for fear of ruining her like he ruined Enzo. It’s what sets him off on a killing spree to convince himself that no matter how hard he tries, a monster is all he’ll ever be and there’s no use in trying to change, because that is how little he trusts himself. This is where all of Damon’s insecurities start coming out again, and his face in the last gif - it’s just heartwrenching. Because he doesn’t doubt for one second the words that are coming out of Enzo’s mouth. 


First, we need an inside man.

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Killian Jones is the type of man that reassures his girlfriend that it's okay as she is about to kill him.

Even when he’s terrified about what’s about to happen. He still makes sure that Emma’s well being comes before his. When you hear him tell her ‘it’s okay’, it’s one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking little moments that’s ever happened with Captain Swan. In what he assumes are his final moments, he is completely focused on her, his own fears be damned.