most heartbreaking moment ever

“You called me later and said ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t make it’ and I said 'I’m sorry, too’ and that was the moment I knew” is the most heartbreaking line that has ever been written, don’t argue with me on that

you could tell me the most heartbreaking shit ever and in that moment i’ll just be like “i’m okay, mama ain’t raise no bitch” but as soon as i really start thinking about it i realize how much it actually broke me.


First, we need an inside man.

I ended up watching scenes from Electroma again.

This very scene is my favorite scene from any movie ever. It’s the most emotional and heartbreaking moment I’ve ever seen in a movie; the amount of emotion these two sad robots are able to show without faces nor saying a word is astonishing. If you want to make me cry, for some reason, all you have to do is show me this damn scene.

If you are curious, here’s the scene

i’m working on the flux buddies animation but i’m a bit stuck at the moment so yeah as i said it’s going to take a while


There are moments in Charlie’s acting career that make me really question why he is not the household name he so deserves to be. This part of Richard II is one of them.