most hated family in america

so @gaymilesedgeworth did a list of her favorite documentaries, so I thought I’d do the same for just a few of mine/some recent things I watched and enjoyed, for anyone who likes documentaries!

  • Louis Theroux’s Entire Filmography- I stumbled on Louis’s documentaries by pure accident, but I quickly watched every documentary I could get my hands on. Louis explores everything from demolition derbies, to the Westboro Baptist Church, and the alcoholism epidemic in Britain. His early Weird Weekends are fun, but his more recent things manage to keep his original tone while approaching hard-hitting subjects. Personal favorites of mine include: The Most Hated Family In America, Louis and the Naizs, and Savile. (On YouTube and various other places if you’re willing to do some searching!)
  • Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father- In 2001, Dr. Andrew Bagby was murdered by his ex-girlfriend, Shirley Turner. One of Andrew’s best friends, filmmaker Kurt Kuenne, sets out to make a film in Andrew’s memory, gathering testimonials from places like England all the way to California, but his and Andrew’s family’s world is turned upside down when it’s revealed Turner is pregnant with Andrew’s child. Dear Zachary is a journey, that will never leave you quite the same. (On Youtube!)
  • Senna- Ayrton Senna was a Brazilian Formula 1 driver, who died tragically on May 1st, 1994. Ayrton was, and is, considered to be the greatest driver ever to grace the sport. This documentary follows his racing career, starting with the small-time team Toleman, to McLaren, and eventually Williams, as well as looking into his intense rivalry with Alain Prost. It gives us an insight into Ayrton beyond the legend, showing us a man who loved his family, who loved to race, and lived to be better than any standard he set for himself. (Not on Youtube!)
  • Dying To Be Apart- This follows the story of Ladan and Lahleh Bijani, a set of twins conjoined at the head. The documentary follows Ladan and Lahleh as they prepare for an unprecedented and risky surgery in an effort to separate themselves. Ladan and Lahleh are a joy to watch, their humor is wry and sharp, and you feel their struggle as you realize how being conjoined for two decades has impacted the both of them. (On Youtube on the “Real Stories” channel! Real Stories also just puts out very good documentaries, I recommend them.)
  • The Real Tom Thumb: History’s Smallest Superstar- Gimmicky title aside, The Real Tom Thumb is an interesting look into the life of Charles Sherwood Stratton, AKA General Tom Thumb, the first world-wide superstar of the 19th century, standing at just 31 inches tall. The documentary entails Stratton’s life, his relationship with the showman PT Barnum, and how he was more than just a one-trick pony for people’s amusement. (Real Stories Channel again!)

How quickly do you become enraged? It took me 6 seconds.


The Most Hated Family in America

I could go on for 100 pages about how much I would like to fight these people, how wrong they are, the level of ignorance they represent… But I’ll spare my fingers the pain. Watch if you can bare it, I can’t believe these people exist

Most Hated Family in America. Really?

I’ve just watched the Louis Theroux documentary on Westboro Babtist Church, facebook was alive with rage when it was first aired on Sunday, yet I didn’t find myself getting that angry at any of it. I wasn’t really surprised by any of what I saw. I’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that mental people exist on this Earth, and there are certainly more mental people than those in the documentary… I’m not saying I agree with anything they have to say, but I’m more angry at extremists who are willing to harm others physically through acts of terrorism… this family are mainly harming themselves and in the end they will be the ones who are unfulfilled in life through lack of human contact/emotion. 

Sure it must be briefly disturbing for those who fall victim to their picketing, but you just have to rise above it, by emotionally engaging their words you are admitting on some level that you fear what they are saying. I know I’m not going to hell so fuck what they say. By responding to these people you are in some way validating what they have to say, ignore them and let them sit in their emotional caverns judging the outside world…

I found it ironic that despite all their anti-human beliefs, they still bought into popular culture and in particular, brands which are quite the opposite of their beliefs. One girl wore an Obey tshirt… another a Metro Station band shirt. The kid had a Star Wars toy too. And the fact that they knew music like Lady Gaga (overtly sexual) and Queen (openly homosexual) well enough to play with their lyrics is quite funny. On top of that the girls’ dance routine seemed to objectify them more than their beliefs would allow.

I suppose the only part that made me mildly frustrated is how the parents all accused other parents of hating their children for bringing them up without God, yet they are bringing their own up without friends and are forcing them to shrink away until they are unable to interact as people. They are destroying their children’s lives… and not only the younger ones, but the elder daughters who left too. I am just glad that despite the daughters’ own inner turmoil over the broken family bonds, they managed to get out of such a twisted cult and make what appears to be a decent life for themselves.

As for the church itself, yeah it’s offensive, but only if you listen to it… As long as they aren’t physically harming any of the people they claim to hate, they can keep screaming for attention. The girl at the end proved that there is no reasoning with such stupid people, and any attempt to do so will just cause you more frustration and the preachers will win. It’s like shouting at a brick wall….

Be happy in the knowledge that you aren’t going to hell. Pity the fools who try and make you believe otherwise. Life goes on…


This video makes me so angry


The Most Hated Family in America: Westboro Baptist Church

There’s no such thing called family in this group of people. They wouldn’t be concerned or anything as a parent to their children when one leaves. Where’s humanity? When according to this cult that you should not feel anything but what their god is saying. There’s no freedom of expression. Feelings don’t matter to them. That’s why they don’t care about the words they spill if it’s offensive or not. Where’s respect? When the only thing they do is to picket on others’ beliefs. Burning the Koran/Quran? How about you stay out of their own business and just focus on your bible. You don’t start putting rage on against other religion(s). Is your god asking you to put up a war between you and the people you call fags? There’s no openness, when the only thing that matters to them is that they are right and you’re wrong so “shut the f up.” As to having feelings towards something doesn’t mean you quit on your god and start focusing on yourself alone. Well, it may come to a point when it’s uncontrollable to the extent of being selfish but still having a small amount of feelings wouldn’t hurt your god. True God cares for and listens to his followers. 

And if you put aside religion, again, where’s ethics and humanity in this group?

Got around to watching Louis Theroux’s recent follow up documentary to ‘Most Hated Family In America’.
These people fucking scare the living shit out of me and make me so angry.

Being atheist, as well as liberal I believe in people’s rights to have their own views.
But the hateful bile and circular logic on display by these people is terrifying.

Noah, the boy who was like 11? Talking about 'Antichrist Obama’ and 'filthy fags’… I mean, aside from the repulsive views drilled into him, he was a pretty sweet nice kid. The way that such a potentially nice, intelligent young kid has been denied his own mind and been indoctrinated in such a way is just… 

These guys just need to fucking…y'know, EVOLVE.
Anyway, self righteous atheist rant over.