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Warnings: Contains themes of adultery and cheating (obviously these things are UNACCEPTABLE; this fic is not meant to promote them)

Summary: Two strangers. Two different marriages on the verge of disrepair. A sudden, elicit romance that never meant to break any hearts; but did.

Word Count: 7.6k

A/N: Inspired by the Bollywood film ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna’.

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Proposing Again

“Instead of breaking up last episode, Alex and Maggie took a step back from their relationship so Alex can think about what she wants.  Alex goes home to Midvale with Kara to do that and when she returns to National City, gets back together with Maggie. Maybe Alex took their engagements rings and proposes again to reaffirm her love for Maggie too.” prompt from @starblaze-knight

Maggie tells her to take the rings with her.

“I’m all in, Alex. I want to spend my life with you. You know that. But if you decide,” she fights to keep her voice steady as she says it, “that we can’t be together, just… keep them, give them away, I don’t know. I just can’t…” 

She swallows thick tears that won’t stop but also won’t fall from her eyes. 

“But if you… want me…” Her voice finally breaks.

“I do,” Alex nearly sobs. “I do want you, Maggie.”

Maggie shakes her head and steps away from Alex’s attempt at comfort. “If you decide you want me more than anything else. Bring them home with you.”

She doesn’t specify what she means by home.

Because, technically, Alex is going home to Midvale.

But they both know she means home to National City. Home to her.

And it’s in Midvale that Alex thinks.

That Alex paces and surfs and drinks and paces and surfs and drinks some more.

She agonizes with Eliza and she rants to Kara and she calls J’onn and she facetimes Lucy and she grabs lunch with Kenny Lee to get her mind off things.

She’s in the ocean – out so deep Kara can only see her clearly with her super vision – when it hits her.

That all those experiences she talked about wanting?

She wants them with Maggie.

And if she can’t have them with Maggie… 

She catches the last set of waves that bring her to shore.

“We need to go back,” she tells Kara the moment she slings her board underneath her arm. “We need to go back.”

She texts Maggie to meet at their place, and for a moment, Maggie thinks the bar.

But she knows better. She knows Alex better.

She heads to the airport, and flashes her badge to gain access to the tarmac.

Their tarmac.

Her jurisdiction.

Definitely her jurisdiction.

“No, it’s not,” a voice makes her jump, but it’s softer than the first time she heard it, in this very spot. She turns, and Alex’s eyes, too, are softer.

“Not what?” Maggie whispers, her voice trembling, her voice nervous, terrified, and just this side of hopeful.

“Not your jurisdiction,” Alex smiles softly, and Maggie tilts her head, hope starting to win out over terrified.

“You go to Midvale and come back a mind reader, Danvers?” she quips, and Alex just steps into her space and takes her by the hands.

“I went to Midvale and came back knowing what I want my life to be,” she tells her, soft and clear and watery.

She sinks to one knee, and Maggie’s chest wracks with a single sob. 

“Maggie Sawyer. I never imagined what the perfect person for me would be like, because I didn’t imagine she existed. But now? Now, I know that she’s smart, and tough, and so, so beautiful. She raises gorgeous bonsai trees and she commits her life to keeping other people safe. She’s brave and she’s independent and she’s the best kisser on this or any planet. She’s the most brilliant woman I’ve ever met, and the kindest, the most patient.”

“So, you went to Midvale and met yourself a girl?”

“Maggie,” Alex breathes. “You. You’re smart, and you’re tough, and you’re so, so beautiful. You raise gorgeous bonsai trees and you commit your life to keeping other people safe. You’re brave and you’re independent and you’re the best kisser on this or any planet. You’re the most brilliant woman I’ve ever met. The kindest. The most patient. And I know I require a lot of patience. But Maggie, I… I went home to Midvale to realize I left my home in National City. You. You’re my home. You’re my home, and I want to have… I want to have that lifetime of firsts with you. I’m sure. I’m sure, and I’m not going to run. I might panic, but I won’t run. I love you, Mags. I’m in love with you. So please. If you’ll have me. If you want me. Maggie Sawyer, will you marry me?”

Her normally steady hands tremble when she takes Maggie’s ring out of her pocket, and Maggie’s smile, Alex decides, can light up the cosmos.

“Yes, Alex Danvers. Yes, yes, yes,” she murmurs, the last yes disappearing into Alex’s mouth as she stands, as they kiss, as they intertwine fingers and intertwine souls.

Again, and forever.

Wild Hope: Chapter 1

The Spotlight Diner is not exactly the most popular restaurant in town, but it is certainly good enough to fill the place of Breadstix when Santana Lopez short on time during her lunch break. Walking through the front doors of the establishment, the young woman glances over at the hostess desk to find her friend, Rachel Berry, working her normal Tuesday shift. It doesn’t take long for Rachel to catch sight of her, giving a small wave in greeting before going back ringing up the bill for her current customer, a rather familiar blonde.

It does not take long for Santana’s brain to register exactly who she is looking. In fact, the realization comes almost instantaneously as she feels her heart start thumping in her chest. The woman’s name is Brittany Pierce, a local mechanic Santana has had a crush on ever since the beginning of their freshman year of high school.

Taking a moment to observe the blonde, she notices the navy polo she has tucked neatly into her pants that adorns the logo for Pierce Automotive embroidered into the material. Though the brunette does her best not to blatantly ogle the beautiful woman paying for her lunch, she still manages to fall short of her goal as Rachel catches onto what is happening. Surprisingly enough, however, the other brunette manages to refrain from making a spectacle out what she has witnessed. The only action that gives away the fact that she even notices Santana’s staring is the small knowing smirk the hostess fails to suppress as she shifts her focus back to her customer.

It does not take long for the two women to finish their transaction. Once done, Rachel glances over at her friend and teases, “You might as well put up your wallet, Santana, because I still owe you for buying dinner last week.”

“It was only a couple of cheap tacos from a food truck, Berry. Stop making such a big deal about it,” Santana argues, attempting to make her words carry a tone of indifference as she proceeds to take out the proper amount of cash and hold it out for the other brunette to take.

“No, Santana! I refuse to let you pay. This one is on me,” Rachel continues to refuse, pushing her friend’s hand away while glancing back and forth between the two patrons. “Now, give me just one moment, and I will be right back with both of your orders.”

Brittany instantly looks over to Santana with a broad smile as soon as Rachel is gone, playfully chuckling out, “I guess somethings really do never change, huh?”

“Yeah, she is still just as hardheaded as ever,” the brunette grumbles under her breath as she shoves the money back into her purse. It is only then that she realizes the comment must have been spoken just loud enough for Brittany to hear as she watches the woman suddenly throw her head back in laughter before they each quiet back down once again.

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Good Enough

Originally posted by 1-hell-of-a-pilot

Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Request: Hey!! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a wanda maximoff x reader where reader doesnt think she is good enough for Wanda and Wanda tries to cheer her up? If you’re uncomfortable writing her, then can it be with Bucky? Please and thank youuu (anonymous)

Word count: 554

A/N: I really hope I wrote her in character. Hope this is what you wanted and that you’ll love it! :) Let me know what you guys think of this, I love getting feedback!

You woke up in the morning feeling Wanda cuddle closer to you. You opened your eyes and saw her sleeping with a beautiful small smile on her lips. You pushed her hair away from her face and admired her beauty. God, she was gorgeous. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be dating her. What did you do to deserve her? She was the most beautiful woman on this planet with her curly brown hair and eyes that were the most amazing color of blue. Not only was she beautiful, she was also so smart and funny and just the most thoughtful person you had ever met. Like all that wasn’t enough she was also a powerful superhero who has saved the world multiple times. Seriously, what the hell did you do to deserve her?

Wanda’s eyes slowly fluttered open and she tightened her grip around you. “Good morning babe” she looked directly into your eyes and gave you a small peck on the lips. “Good morning” you replied stroking her hair. You gazed into her eyes and saw her looking at you like you were the most beautiful thing in the world. 

“What is it?” Wanda sat up and gave you a concerned look. “What in the world do you see in me?” you gave her a nervous laugh. Her expression changed from concerned to confused. “What do you mean?” she replied. “I mean you are the most beautiful woman ever, you are smart and funny. You are a freaking superhero. What am I? Just a regular boring old me looking like any other regular person”. Wanda sat there silently staring deep into your eyes. “Is that really how you see yourself Y/N?” she asked with a worried tone “Because it’s definitely not how I see you” she continued and you looked down at your hands. “The first time I saw you I was speechless. I couldn’t move. All I could do was stare at you. You were laughing with your friends and I thought that laugh was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. Then you turned your gaze at me and I felt like I got lost into your E/C eyes. You were the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen Y/N.” She lifted your face forcing you to look at her. Then she took your hand and held it tightly. “And your personality? You are anything but boring. I have never felt bored with you Y/N. You are so funny in such an original way. The favorite part of my day is when I see you. When I’m sitting on the Quinjet on my way back home from a mission all I think about is you and how I can’t wait to be back in your arms. You are the most important person in my life Y/N.” She continued now holding your face. “Don’t you ever think that you are not good enough for me! I am the luckiest person to have found you.” She finished and kissed you passionately. 

“Now, my love, let’s go eat breakfast. I’m starving” she took your hand and pulled you out of bed. “I love you Wanda” you smiled and hugged her. “I love you too Y/N, so much!” she gave you a loving kiss on the cheek and led you to the kitchen. You really were the luckiest person in the world. 

Distraction (Part 1)

Prompt: Your a teacher at the school for gifted youngsters and your favorite students need help sneaking out to complete a mission but Charles said it was to dangerous so he put Peter (Quicksilver) in charge of them. You on the other hand know they are ready so you get talked into distracting Peter so they can sneak out. Jean encourages you to use any method because she plans to wipe his memory.
Little did you know she completely forgets to do so and you may have a small crush on Peter.

Request for the full two parts.

“Please! I know you believe in us I can read your mind!” Jean pleaded. “I do but I don’t want to risk my job,” You replied.

“If we succeed, you’ll probably get a promotion, were not asking you to go with us just distract him!” She said.

“Who?” You asked curiously.

“Peter,” She smiled mischievously “And don’t be afraid to use any means necessary, you need to have his full undivided attention. With his speed we can’t take any chances,“ She explained.

“What do you mean my ‘any means necessary’ exactly?” You asked. She rolled her eyes in amusement.

“You know what I mean, your in your twenties
and super hot plus I know you like him, and if
anything goes wrong or you wanna say or do-things I can always erase his memory,” She said.

You couldn’t deny that did sound appealing, this was your chance to tell him exactly how you felt and maybe some other things if you know what I mean. You couldn’t deny Peter was hot and you thought about him a lot, like one time you saw him vibrate his hands you thought about what else he could vibrate.

“Fine, but you promise to erase his memory?” You asked. “Yes, trust me now go distract him,” She encouraged.

You walked into the room and Peter was leaning against the wall watching the angry teens.
“Hey (Y/N),” Peter addressed as you walked into the room.

“Hey Pete,” You said. “Listen, I need to talk to you,” You said. “Ok? But make it quick cause I need to watch them,” He said moving aside with me.

You took a deep breath and signaled Jean so they could start moving.

“Peter, I like you a lot,” You blurted out.
“You do?-” He said almost turning around. You pulled him into a hug to prevent that. "Whoa, are you okay?” He asked. The kids started opening the window which made a loud sound so you decided to say the next thing on your mind with him still in your grasp.

“I want you inside me,” You whispered.
You felt his body tense up. "Y/N) I-” He tried before you cut him off. The kids were almost out and you only had to hold him off longer. So you decided to get all your dirty thoughts out.

"Peter, I-I need you,” You whispered leaning in closely. “Think about you and your hands, fingers, tongue,” You continued.

“Think about you and what you would do to body, Peter I want you to fuck me, fuck me so hard that I’m limping the next day,” You said looking at the teens as they finished climbing out the window.

Peter swallowed at my vulgar words and licked his lips.

“Touch me everywhere, p-please,” You finished.

You heard the click and saw that they had all successfully escaped. Stepping back you kissed his cheek and ran away in utter embarrassment leaving Peter in shock.

The rest of the night you stayed in the room hoping to avoid everyone.

Peter was dismantled.

That was an understatement.

Peter Maximoff was a twenty-seven year old virgin who lived in his mothers basement up until he moved into the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and became a teacher.

The day he met you he swore time had slowed down and not the usual way it does when he uses his power. No, it slowed down in way where he could analyze all your features individually and grow more attracted to you. He met you when Charles asked you to show him around, you were by far the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, once he found out about your mutation he couldn’t help to be more attracted if that were even possible.

You were this gorgeous, collage educated, fully developed women who taught at one of the most amazing school on the planet.

He honestly couldn’t get enough of you.

You both became fast friends and Peter had already accepted thats all that it could have been since he thought you were to good for him. But little did he know you liked him too, liked him so much your panties would drip just from watching him exist. Like when he ate his jaw would clench and you could see all the strength and power it possessed. Or when he smiled and his dimples would appear lighting up the whole room.

The worst part of it all was that Peter was unknowingly handsy. He grabbed your waist when passing by or when you sat on the couch there was never any room between you and his hand always somehow ended up on your thigh.

It was like this for months and the only person who knew how you felt was Jean. But Peter on the other hand, everyone knew how he felt about you except, well you. He would talk about what he would do to you if given the chance with the guys and all of them agreeing since they all shared a mutual attraction to you. He would spill his emotional side to the young girls to avoid reticule.

But today was a day like no other, Peter had just witnessed the girl of his dreams, the girl he had jerked off to a thousand times beg to be fucked my him.

He couldn’t even move because it felt like a dream.

He looked down to see a throbbing hard on and he groaned. He swore that was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

The next day was a new day. After a night of picturing you naked screaming underneath him he was going to take action. That was until you all got called in to the office for disobeying the rules, thats when Peter had noticed he had failed at his assigned task.

And now here is where you all were.

Getting scolded by Charles despite completing the mission effortlessly.

“Are you insane? Do you have any idea how this could have ended up?” He yelled.

You were getting yelled at for aiding the delinquents in escaping but you couldn’t focus because Peter had been eye fucking you from across the room.

You were one-hundred percent sure Jean did not erase his memory because the way he was looking at you now made your panties drip in curiosity.

“Peter! Get over here!,” Charles called him.

Peter stalked slowly and stood closely behind you, close enough so you could feel his hot breath on the back of your neck.

“What do you have to say for yourself? You were suppose to watch them! How did you manage to get distracted?” Charles asked.

Peter chuckled a little and looked up. His whole demeanor had changed and he seemed like he had gained a sudden new confidence.

“Why don’t you ask her?” He said referring to you.

“Fine then, explain,” Charles demanded.

“I told Peter a couple jokes and he got distracted,” You lied. “Bullshit, she came at me with some pretty nasty things Professor,” He said.

“Like what, Peter?” He asked. “Like how she wanted me in-"Don’t you think this is a little ridiculous?” You cut off.

“Im giving you a chance to tell me, you know I can use my power to check the whole situation,” Charles said. “Continue Peter,” He said.

“She told me she wanted me inside her, that she wanted me to fuck her so hard she couldn’t walk the next day. She said she wanted-"Thats enough,” Professor said turning red faced, he had always seen you more like a daughter he didn’t need those images.

Scott and Kurt both turned to look at you in amusement

“I rest my case then, nobody would be able to think straight after she said something like that to them,” He defended.

“Ok, I believe you based on the uncomfortable air in this room and you need to keep your thoughts to yourself this is a place of learning,” He said pointing at you.

“Jean, detention for a month everyone else three weeks plus no training for four months. As for (Y/N) and Peter I think you need to have a private adult talk in Peters room,” He said unable to look at you in the eye.

You were not about to face Peter, hell to the no.

You hurried out of there but you weren’t so lucky since Peter’s mutation was super speed.

Next thing you knew you were in his room and staring at the door to afraid to look back.

First post.

Hi there. I’m new on tumblr so thought I’d start out by sharing some of my stories.

Title : Up and down like a zipper.

Pairing : Jungkook /OC


“Let go of me you unfaithful bastard!!” I screamed, yanking my hand back from him, and he swore at me. Swore at me , like I was the one at fault.

Jung Kook , my husband of three years, the father of my child . The man I had loved and cherished and adored all my life. The same man who had ordered a prostitute…. A fucking prostitute to our home! I’d walked in on him and his scantily clad companion in our bedroom. On our marriage bed!! On the same bed he’d made love to me this morning.

I felt nausea rise in my throat and I stumbled back. Thankfully, my daughter Leah wasn’t there . She was at her grandparents’ for the weekend and I’d planned on surprising my husband with a romantic dinner. Instead wasn’t I the one who got a surprise!

Jung Kook was tall and built like a washboard. He grabbed me with ease, manhandling me till I was sprawled on top of him, on our couch. I punched him across his chest, and to my complete and utter disbelief he smiled , his face lighting with those irresistible dimples that had first drawn me to him. He was so unfairly handsome but the beauty that had once given me so much pleasure to watch , now felt like saw dust in my throat.

“You tried to sleep with another woman in our bed…” I hissed angrily and he rolled his eyes at me.

“Jagiya….I know it looked that way but I swear to God, I would never do that to us. Don’t you trust me, babe?” His hands slipped lower, to the waistband of my skirt and I couldn’t believe the sheer gall of this man! I had caught him cheating on me! cheating on me, just five minutes back and he was trying to get back into my pants. Just how shameless did he think I was.

“Let me go, before I kill you.” I said angrily and he shook his head, tightening his arm and making me tip over till our foreheads bumped. His grip was like vice and I turned my face away angrily. His lips latched on my neck and I shut my eyes as sensation shot through my center. But I had to put up a fight!

“I’m never letting you touch me again!! How could you do this to me? You’ve always come first in my life… ” I began, trying to crawl away but he grabbed the back of my thigh till I was straddling him, my skirt riding up and the crotch of my panty rubbing right against his hard-on.

“Alright…. You can come first , right now.” He whispered lasciviously and before I knew what was happening I was down on my back on the rug and he was straddling me, reaching for the hem of my blouse and yanking it off me. The fabric tore against his brute force and I watched in horror as he cooly ripped it apart and tossed it aside.

I gaped at him in disbelief.

“You savage monster…That was a new blouse…”

“I don’t give a flying fuck…. ” He whispered, raising both arms and taking his t shirt off, his rock hard thighs keeping me pinned as he straddled me. I gulped as my throat went dry. Sweet Lord , the man looked positively delicious with his decadent good looks and that body, specially designed for sin . And he smelt so painfully good. I wanted to sob.

“You’re a horrible person..” I said , trying to get up, but he flattened himself on me, kissing the corner of my mouth and catching my earlobe between his teeth.

“That was a prank. Jimin and Taehyung ordered that escort as a prank. I was pushing her off right when you came in babe. You are literally a quadrillion times sexier than her. Or anyone else for that matter. Why would I even think of another women when I have a sizzling hot wife of my own?” He whispered into my ear, tone as smooth as honey. I blinked in confusion.My anger dissipated but frustration lingered. What kind of asinine friends did he have?!!

“Are you lying to me? If you are I swear to God I’ll…”

“Do you have any idea how much it turns me on when you’re angry.” He whispered and I glared at him, grunting when he rocked his erection into my stomach.

“Well that makes one of us! Get off me.” I tried to crawl out but he gripped both my arms, diving for a kiss. I yelped as his tongue found its way in and I groaned in defeat, my head pressing into the velvet soft couch as he kissed me long and hard, smooth kisses that turned indecent as he grounded down on me, his fingers moving from my arm to the waist band of his jean. I heard him work his zipper and his buckle down and pulled away.

“I’m not having sex with you.. I’m still angry and I’m not in the mood…”

“Like hell you’re not….. You’re wetter than warm apple pie right now and I can practically smell it on you..” He grinned and I flushed angrily.

“You have a filthy mouth!” I hissed at him and he kissed me again, teeth nipping none to gently on the soft skin of my lower lip. Still fuming , I tried to wriggle my hips and he took the opportunity to slip both hands underneath me, hooking his fingers in the waistband of both my panties and my skirt, pulling them both down with practiced ease. Before I could think he’d lifted my hips off the ground , his fingers searching , finding and entering me in one swift movement that robbed me of breath.

“I was right… You’re ready for me…” He whispered, straightening, lifting me up with him. Stunned by the sudden change I clung to him hand and legs wrapped around him as he pushed me up against the nearest wall. I felt him yank his jean down, just enough to get his cock out and I managed one last glare before he pushed himself inside me. I moaned as sensation shot through me. His fingers went under my skirt, finding my clit and pressing down in a figure eight till my head fell back on his shoulder. His lips latched onto my nipple, through the thin fabric of my bra.

“You’re impossible.” I whispered in defeat , when he pulled out and pushed back in with a slow, torturous slide. He grinned, dimples lighting his face again.

“And You’re so tight I want to stay inside you forever.”

I grinned despite myself, threading my fingers through his inky black hair.

“You ready to come first, princess?” He whispered . And then he was moving with earnest, his strong hips easily holding me up as he went in and out with controlled force and speed . He caught my yelp with his lips, kissing me as I exploded against him.

“Ow!!” Tae yelped when I bonked him on the head with a radish. Taehyung and Jimin were sitting on the table, waiting for lunch to be served. Jung Kook had a radio schedule and was out for the day.

“That was for trying to corrupt my husband!! He’s got me , you retards! Why would you send him an escort.”

“Not, an escort. A stripper.” Jimin grinned and I glared at him.

“Anyway, said stripper tried to seduce my husband in front of me. How did you guys get the idea that that would be fun for Jung Kook?” I snapped.

“Well, I thought it would be perfect. It was just a lap dance and Jung Kook is a horny straight guy who loves dancing. Technically, scantily clad women and dancing together ought to turn him on enough to set fire to the world. ” Taehyung grinned.

I frowned and hit him again.

“He’s also a married guy… Don’t pull stunts like that again. ” I said absently , but my mind was working furiously. Did Jung Kook really enjoy strippers? Was he feeling bored with our sex life?

“Anyway, we were telling him to try role play and he told me he wouldn’t freak you out like that. ”

My heart racing I went to the kitchen and took the gravy off the stove.

Did Jung Kook actually want to try role playing?

Only one way to find out.

Jung Kook POV

Jung Kook stepped into the room, blinking against the dimmed lights. Where was she? She’d asked him to come early if he could and he had taken permission. He grinned as he remembered their little tumble on the couch. Jung Kook loved his wife even more than he loved performing and that was saying something. He always thought she was incredibly pretty and also had a body that could knock anyone down . Maybe not everyone would think she looked good. His own friends sometimes reminded him that he’d not married for her looks. there was no spite of course. They were just being honest. But to JungKook she was the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

 Smiling softly, he stepped into the bedroom and stopped short.

The room was lit in a pale amber glow and a woman sat on a chair in the middle of the room, her back to him. she was dressed in some skimpy outfit and he groaned miserably. Pulling out his phone, he speed dialled Taehyung.

“Okay you fucker, it isn’t funny if you do it twice in two days..” He began.

“What the hell are you on about?” Taehyung mumbled groggily. Jung Kook opened his mouth to yell some more and then stopped when the girl slowly turned and he was greeted by the sight of his pretty wife dressed in a sparkly gold bikini top and a sarong tied off to the side. She looked breathtaking and he dropped the phone without thinking.

“Good Evening , Mr. Jeon.” She whispered, ruby red lips curling around his name like liquid gold. He went hard at once.

“Good Evening miss…uh… Are you lost?” He said casually, loosening his black tie and shrugging out of his jacket. Her eyes followed the movement , drinking in the sight of him in his crisp white shirt fitted to perfection. She smiled seductively and beckoned him with her forefinger, the gesture going straight to his cock.

“You tell me..” She smiled and patted the chair. He went willingly, settling down on the chair and grinning as she leaned closer, resting both elbows on his shoulders, before sifting her fingers through his hair. He grinned and stared at her perky breasts outlined clearly through the stretched fabric of her bikini top. She kissed the edge of his ear making him shiver.

“I don’t know.. my wife can be a bit of a jealous bitch…” He winked, earning himself a bite on his earlobe. Grinning , he tugged on the ends of of her sarong, watching it fall around her, revealing nothing but a pale gold thong. His mouth went instantly dry. And his cock went harder if that was possible.

“Well in that case, we should hurry…” She whispered, grabbing the back of his hair and kissing him forcefully. He groaned and pulled her closer till her legs were wrapped around his his cock straining as he rubbed his erection against her hot, wet center. He moved his fingers up, molding her pretty breasts through his fingers, finding the pebbled tips of her nipples and pinching them softly, making her moan. Groaning she pulled away.

“I wanted to give you a lap dance…I have no idea how..”

“Oh, babe. I got this..” He whispered, capturing her lips with his before lifting her lightly and encouraging her to gyrate on top of him. She was a quick study, wrapping her arms around his neck before grinding down on top of his dick. He pulled the strings of her bikini top, groaning when her breasts spilled out of the fabric. He captured on pretty pink nipple with his tongue, licking sucking and nipping it till she was quivering in his arms.

“On your knees, babe.” He whispered, biting her lips and she went gladly, making his heart race. A second later she had his cock out of his pants and in her mouth. Her hot wet mouth. He groaned as he licked him all over, her tongue smooth and soft and grainy against the sensitive skin of his head. She licked the tip is soft kitten like licks and when the tip prodded his slit he nearly shot out of the chair, grabbing her hair with a little more force than he’d intended. She moaned and went down farther, taking him in deeper, pulling her cheeks in as he suckled him, her hand working on the part she couldn’t take inside her mouth. She traced circles on his length with her tongue, one hand massaging his heavy balls as she sucked him off.

When he dragged her back up, she looked wrecked. Her lipstick smudged and her hair all mushed from where he’d grabbed her.

“I can’t wait.” He whispered . “ Spread your legs and straddle my hips. ” He grunted.

She rushed to obey, slipping the rest of her clothes off as she climbed on top of him, making to sink down on his cock but he held her out, making him whine.

“First hold your breasts.” He said calmly and she blinked. Slowly, she brought her hands up to hold them up.

“ Bring them to my mouth.” He smiled and she winked , before leaning forward obligingly. He held her waists tightly, lifting her up and bringing her down on his cock , just as he he grabbed the tip of her breasts between his lips, sucking them hard and pulling on them with a tug.

The slide of his cock inside her wet slicked heat felt like heaven. She smile at him through a haze of desire, rising him in a slow and gentle rhythm as he captured her lips with his. They kissed slowly and languidly, with the sort of comfortable pleasure that comes from knowing everything about each other. From having been through all the highs and lows.


He lifted her gently and still nestled in her heat, he carried her to the bed, laying her there gently.

“My queen.” He whispered before kissing her again and grabbing the back of her thigh, lifting her legs and throwing them over his shoulder as he plunged into her again and again, enjoying the show as her breath hitched and sweat gathered on her forehead, her fingers clawing the sheets as he brought her to an orgasm. He didn’t slow down as the waves ebbed and she whimpered. He could imagine how sensitive her pussy must feel, all hot and wet and smooth with his cum inside her and he saw the pleading in her eyes. Let me rest, she was begging him with her eyes but he had no intention of giving her any respite.

Grabbing her wrists together, he pulled them over her head, holding her breasts up and open to his mouth as he rammed into her, his dancer legs helping him keep the insanely fast momentum as he pounded into her. She was crying in earnest now and he checked her face to make sure he wasn’t hurting her before continuing .

“Oh, God…why don’t you come soon like others…”

In response he pulled all the way out and rammed back in with triple the force, making her head fall back against the pillows.

“Have there been others…you naughty naughty girl.” He lifted her bottom, lightly spanking it. She glared at him, her fiery  temper peeking out. He loved that about her as well. He didn’t let up though and a second later she collapsed again, coming undone in his arms. He smiled, pulled out and flipped her over and lightly lifted her hips before ramming back in to her, the change in angle making her moan.

“Oh… God… I won’t we able to walk straight for a week.” She grunted and he laughed, kissing his way up her spine and nuzzling her nape. He slipped a hand underneath her waist, lifted her lightly, fingers fluttering down to the space between her lips, finding her clit and pressing down on it with his thumb. She let out a guttaral moan muffled by the pillows and he felt his cock swell , when she came around him again, her muscles contracting around him and making him see stars.

“That’s the plan princess.”

A few more desperate fast thrusts , each leaving her sobbing with exhaustion till he slumped forward, emptying himself inside her.

“No sex for a month. I’m not made with detachable bones like you. I can’t bend that far backwards without snapping. ” she mumbled, her voice muffled and he grinned , drawing her close and kissing her nose.

The doorbell rang and I glanced at the clock. Jung Kook was supposed to be working late and it was only seven in the evening.

As I opened the door , I felt my jaw hit the floor.

A handsome young man stood on the doorway, his hair a beautiful ebony his pouty lips gleaming pink and his lovely eyes accentuated with eyeliner. He had on a sleeveless jacket and jet black, skintight leather pants. I felt my mouth water when I glanced at the bulge he was currently sporting in his pants.

“I heard your husband was working late tonight…Miss.” He winked, grinning impishly and showing off cute little bunny teeth.

“Yes he is sir.” I bowed demurely and held the door open. “ But he might be home earlier.” I grinned.

“In that case, we better hurry up.”

He bent low and caught me up in his arms , making me laugh . I kissed my husband’s forehead as he carried him into the bedroom.

Isn’t it fun when you cheat on each other, with each other? ;)

anonymous asked:

"Gal Gadot is maybe the most beautiful woman alive on the planet" REAL TALK. I hadn't really thought about it, but the moment Steve put glasses on Diana and Etta said, "Yea, like that's not going to make her the most beautiful woman you have ever seen?" and it just struck me how insanely gorgeous Gal is.

the beautiful sarcasm in etta’s voice when she said that was delicious. it was such a good drag at basically the entire modern history of popular culture and the pretty girls don’t wear glasses trope.

Ice Cream & Destroying Bullshit

Requested:  Are you still doing requests? If so I have requested this before but like a John Laurens x chubby reader? I’d really like to see what you can do, since you’re like the best writer ever! (Loved breaking btw!!)

Wordcount: 655 (just a lil drab)

Warnings: Language, fat shaming, cute

Tags: @abi-sans05 @tayahqr (You did say tag in everything)

You adjusted the bag strapped to your back and walked down the street. You decided to wear a cute yellow dress today that really showed off your body because you were feeling really confident. I hope I’m not to late, I was supposed to meet John ten minutes ago! As you approached the café you and John planned to go for a little date you passed by a man. He whistled at you.

“Hey there, you’re liking mighty fine, sweetheart!” He hollered, you rolled your eyes. Gross. You ignored him and continued on your way. “I see how it is-” You didn’t listen to him finish that statement and instead walked inside the coffee shop. You saw John turn his head in your direction. He waved you over as you strutted to the seat he saved for you. He shot you a sly smile.

“Well don’t you look as pretty as ever!” He praised, you fanned yourself in an exaggerated manner.

“Oh my! Mr. Laurens you flatter me so!” He chuckled at your performance and handed you the coffee he ordered you as you sat across from him. You took a sip. “Perfect as always, love! You always know what my order is!” You joked. You took another drink and you could see John staring at you from the rim of the mug. “Can I help you, sir?” You asked as you set the cup down.

“What the heck did I do to deserve you?” He questioned with dreamy eyes, a few stray curls sticking out from his ponytail. You pretended to think for a moment.

“Let’s see… You’re cute, you’re funny, you like turtles… actually it’s because you buy me coffee, I’m sorry I lied.” You teased.

“Fair enough, I’ll take it!” He shrugged.

“I’m just kidding! You know I love you thiiiiiis much!” You extended your arms out wide.

“Stop being so cute!” He clutched onto his chest like his heart was aching. “I can’t handle it!” The two of you talked about your day as you finished your drinks.

“You wanna go get ice cream?” You grinned mischievously.

“Hell yeah! Mint choco-chip for the win!”

“Oh God, you’re such a dork!” You snorted, he took your hand and laced your fingers between his, leading you out of the shop. As you both walked beside each other, you saw the guy from earlier. Ugh, this asshole. He noticed you with Laurens and laughed.

“Well, look who’s back! And you brought a little friend, I can’t believe someone actually can deal with all of that! Dude, do you just ignore how big she is or something?” What a fucking dick! You felt John’s grip on your hand tighten.

“You want to take care of this or should I?” He whispered.

“I got this babe, don’t worry.” You looked the douchebag in the eye. “Oh trust me sweetie, he has no reason to ignore my size! He loves every single inch of me and more importantly I do too. It’s too bad an ass-hat like you will never be able to handle this much woman, or any woman for that matter!” You clicked your tongue and he looked genuinely offended.

“Dude, control you fucking girlfriend!” He whined, John chuckled.

“Don’t ‘dude’ me, first of all. Second of all, I don’t control her. Lastly, my girl is the most gorgeous thing on this fucking planet, your ass wishes it even had a chance with her!” John high fived you and you placed your hand on your hip.

“Damn right! Come on babe, we’ve got something more important at hand, ice cream!” The two of you walked past the dude, leaving him speechless.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” John asked.

“Yes, but you can say it again if you want.”

“I really fucking love you!” He smiled.

“I love you more than ice cream and destroying bullshit, which means I love you more.”

Swiss Time - Chapter One

**Hey guys - here’s the next tale.  It’s going to be a long one … slow and steady.  I hope you like it. :-)  Another thank you to @ladygrange for getting me past a roadblock and providing the perfect title!!  What would I do without you? <3**

March 1, 1970

Montreux, Switzerland

She was nearly asleep, seduced by the steady hum of wheels on tracks racing to meet their schedule.  On time.  Always on time.  Trains never failed to make her feel that way.  Comfortable and drowsy.  Her aunt’s voice filled the compartment.

“So, what do you think?”  

Natalie’s eyes blinked open, taking in a blur of alpine white through the sheet of glass in front of her.


The word had garnered a bit of an edge.  She can tell I’ve been daydreaming. “I’m not sure, Aunt Sue.”

“What do you mean, you’re not sure.  This is costing us a lot of money.”

Nat’s gaze flickered back to the whirling landscape.  Us?  She means Christian.  There was no way she was going to say it out loud, though; that would only serve to pique Susan’s anger.  “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful.  I just need a little time to process everything.”  There was a skeptical hum in the back of her aunt’s throat as her mouth twisted, but she appeared to give up, at least for the moment, reclining into the leather bench seat.

Truth be told, Natalie didn’t need a little time to process everything.  It was all perfectly clear.  She’d been sent off.  Admittedly, there were worse places than a boarding school outside of Montreux, but the fact was, they’d given up on her.  At the ripe old age of fifteen.  Almost fifteen.  She couldn’t really blame them.  They weren’t prepared to be parents.  And she wasn’t prepared to be a kid.  It was an old joke in the family that she’d been born at the age of thirty, and she was beginning to believe they were right.  She made things difficult, and that wouldn’t do.  You’re lucky, and you know it.  Embrace the change.  Hell, you might even like it.  No longer content with the silence, her aunt began to shift in her seat, tapping a magazine against her leg as she reached for her cigarettes.  

“Christian’s got some guests coming tomorrow.”

Guests.  Natalie watched a ribbon of smoke trail through the air.  She’d been staying with Susan in a suite he’d procured for them in the hotel next to the casino.  It had only been a little over a week, but it was enough to catch on.  Guests almost always meant musicians.  Or people attached to them.  Christian had made quite a name for himself with the jazz festival he’d begun a few years before.  It had grown like wildfire, and he deserved the success.  He was a smart, kind man, endlessly fascinating to chat with and completely in love with her aunt.  For a brief moment, Natalie found herself wondering how many of the guests she’d slept with.  Maybe none.  Hopefully none.  Christian deserved better than that.

“Well, aren’t you going to ask who it is, Nat?”

Her tone was excited, expectant.  It’s a band. And she must know them.  Natalie stayed silent a beat longer and was rewarded with an impatient scowl.  I wasn’t born at thirty.  I was born at fifty.  Snickering to herself, she gave in.  “Who is it, Sue?  Wait, let me guess.  The Stones?”  Her aunt shook her head as the corner of her mouth curled up.  “Pink Floyd?”

“Keep going.”

She was grinning like the Cheshire Cat, and Natalie held up her hands in defeat.  “I really don’t know … just tell me.”

“Well, the singer’s about the most gorgeous man on the planet.”

She still has it, Nat mused, taking in Susan’s glowing smile.  The years had been kind to her.  She still looked twenty years old.  Her mother had glossed over the wild tales about her much younger sister’s dalliances with certain music men, but when Susan got a buzz, she’d always regale her with the full details.  Somehow, Natalie never felt shocked and was pretty sure that annoyed her aunt, as the stories inevitably grew more and more salacious.  The woman was a legend among the groupie circuit, although she hated the term “groupie,” much preferring the term “friend.”  Oh, she was a friend alright, a friend with benefits.  When she’d met Christian, sheer happenstance on one of his visits to New York, she’d given it all up, delighted to be whisked away to Lake Geneva to hobnob with entertainment stars and other high profile people.  At the clearing of her throat, Natalie realized she was daydreaming again.

“So, aren’t you excited?  They’re about to be the biggest band in the world!”

“I’m sorry, who did you say?”

“Good lord, Nat, get out of your head.  It’s Led Zeppelin, for heaven’s sake.”

Natalie knew of them, even listened to a few of their songs, courtesy of her best guy friend in the neighborhood.  Old neighborhood, she reminded herself.  “I’ve heard them.”

“They’re good, aren’t they?”

Nat nodded. They were pretty good.  But a little weird, too.  Kind of mysterious.  What had Will said that night?  They were into some heavy, dark stuff, dangerous, even.  He’d been pretty stoned, though.  She put it out of her mind as the train began to slow.  Our stop.

“Tres agreable!” Bonzo bellowed, supremely amused by his prowess with the French language.  

Or lack, thereof, Robert decided as he shook his head, exchanging a look with Jimmy.  It was the only phrase the drummer knew, and he seemed compelled and certainly content to repeat it over and over.  “Right, Bonz, we get it, tres agreable.”  The singer couldn’t suppress his chuckle as his friend roared with laughter, calling out for another drink.

Montreux.  It was their first visit to the Alpine city, and Robert had to admit he’d been looking forward to it.  A week’s vacation skiing, sledding and perhaps some other activities sounded like the perfect respite before it was back to the States.  After a quick stop in Germany, anyway.  Ahmet had set up a meeting with the band and Christian Rohner, the renowned European promoter and founder of the famous jazz festival the city hosted.  It was only in its fourth year, but it was already blowing up.  As a lovely blonde entered the dining car, he drained his glass.  Yeah, Montreux will do very nicely.   

“Let’s go, lads.  Grab your things.  This is it.”    

At Peter’s directive, Robert snatched up his bag, grimacing at the blanket of icy air that enveloped him as he stepped off the train.  Shivering, he tightened his coat around his shoulders.  At least they were on time.  You could always count on the Swiss for that.  “Bloody hell, it’s cold, man.  I thought it was supposed to be warmer here.”

“Yeah, Cole, where’s the bloody car, mate?” Bonzo grumbled, the heat from his breath forming puffy clouds of steam.  “I’m freezin’ me fuckin’ …”

“Quit your whining and start walkin’!” G boomed, following Richard’s lead as they filed across the platform.  “Hotel’s right next door.”

Robert dutifully squelched his complaint, stopping to light a cigarette.  While unseasonably cool, it was pretty, and after all, he’d certainly been in worse conditions.  With a backward glance at the train as it pulled away, he strode toward the station’s entrance.

“Watch where you’re going!“

Small hands pressed against his chest, pushing him back, and he spun around, an apology on his lips.  “Christ, I’m sorry, I …” He trailed off as he took in the young girl he’d nearly trampled.  She was a slight thing with long, dark hair, and big, dark eyes that were studying him intently.  And disapprovingly, he determined, doing his best to quell his grin.  Even with a frown, she was cute, nearly pretty, but in a quiet, understated way.  Like a child.  Bloody hell, she probably is.  Her eyes narrowed for a fraction of a second, and he was sure he’d met her before.  Or someone like her.  She speaks English … probably American.  He opened his mouth to begin where he’d left off, but she darted away, wrangling open the heavy glass doors and scurrying into the station.  He stood mute, watching her coast nimbly through the crowd.  She was calling out to someone, but it was lost in the throng.

“Robert, come on!”

Jimmy’s admonishment cut through the din, and the singer nodded, jogging to catch up with the rest of them.  He scanned the cavernous room for the girl one last time, but she was gone.

Grateful for the cozy warmth of the suite, Natalie slipped off her coat, hanging it neatly in the closet by the front door.  She shook her head, sending icy droplets across her shoulders.  Vowing to wear a hat next time, she padded to the window, mesmerized by the view.  The snow was thick and heavy, an unusual occurrence for the town, according to Christian.  She watched it take possession of the network of sidewalks around the hotel while she peeled off her boots.  The whole scene seemed enchanted, from the pristine swaths of white nestling into the ornate architecture of the buildings next door to the steely blue-green of now quiet Lake Geneva.  It was mystical, like nothing at home, and it dawned on her that she wasn’t sad anymore.  In fact, she felt kind of happy.  An alien emotion to be sure, but there it was.  Her smile was short-lived as she caught a glimpse of herself in the tall gilded mirror next to the fireplace.  God, I’m a mess.  Suddenly, she longed for nothing more than a cup of hot tea and a long bath.  She was about to announce her intentions when the phone began to ring.

“I’ll get it,” Susan called out from the bowels of her bedroom.

Natalie dropped onto the sofa, working the thin cotton socks from her frozen feet as she recalled the day.  Christian had offered to teach her how to ski, but duty had called in the form of a meeting with the headmaster of what would be her new school.  Maybe tomorrow.  She stretched her legs, wriggling her toes in hopes of feeling them again as her thoughts wandered back to the man at the train station.  Very tall, long hair … strange looking guy but kind of familiar in a weird way.  More soft spoken that I expected.  He’d sounded English, but who knew.  Everyone around her seemed to speak at least three languages.  She made a mental note to work on her French.

“Well, it looks like you’re my dinner date.”

There goes my long bath.  Natalie stifled her sigh.  “What happened to Christian?  Was that him on the phone?”

Susan nodded, perusing the array of wine in the fridge at the bar.  “Yes, says he has some last minute business to attend to.  That it can’t wait.”  She peeked her head over the top of the door.  “He told me to take you out for your birthday, and that he’ll try to meet us later.”  

“But it’s not for a few weeks.”  

She shrugged as she made her selection.  “Why not start celebrating early?  Have you ever had champagne?”  

Not waiting for an answer, Susan peeled the foil from the cork, twisting the wire cage that surrounded it.  Nat jumped at the mighty pop, much to her aunt’s delight.  She plucked two stemmed flutes from the overhead rack and laid them on the coffee table.  Natalie watched transfixed as the shimmering liquid filled the crystal, nearly trickling over.  She had an expert hand, though, pouring just enough, then a bit more, until the bubbles were gently popping into the air above the rim.  

“I take it that’s a no?” Susan asked, her lips coiling mischievously.

“Yes, I mean, no, I mean, yes, you’re right.  I’ve never had it.”  Natalie had never had anything to drink, save for a very hot, very disgusting beer, once again, courtesy of her old friend Will.  Susan held up her flute, motioning for Nat to do the same, and she followed suit, clinking hers against her aunt’s a bit too loudly.  

“Careful, darling, these are expensive.”

“Sorry,” Natalie muttered, bringing the glass to her lips.  The fizz of the bubbles against her mouth sort of tickled.

“Well, cheers!  Bottoms up, doll,” Susan chirped, downing her champagne in one fell swoop.

Again, Natalie followed suit, erupting into a coughing fit as the bubbles turned traitor, burning all the way down her throat.  She finally caught her breath as her aunt’s laugh waned.

“Let’s try it one more time, shall we?”  Susan poured another round, this time sipping genteelly.  Nat did the same, feeling her head begin to spin.  It was pleasant, though, warm and fuzzy.  “Do you like it?” Sue asked, giving her a knowing smile.

“Yeah, I do,” Natalie whispered with a snicker.  At what, she had no idea.

“You’ve got a little buzz.”  Susan’s smile morphed into a grin.  “Come on, let’s get ready.”  

Nat attempted to stand but wobbled instead.  “Where are we going again?”

“To dinner, silly,“ Sue chided, pulling her up with a flourish.  “Have you ever thought about wearing makeup?”  

Natalie struggled to keep up as they made their way down the hall.  “Not really.”

Susan turned, giving her a wink.  “You will tonight.  Let’s have some fun.”

This one will work out as a sequel to this one:

Jensen walked away from you and looked into the camera. He had his hands balled into fists as he punched them into the hair in victory.

“I can’t believe we’re having a boy,” he spoke into the camera excitedly. He grabbed the camera and looked into it, as if speaking to anyone who would listen. “I am having a baby boy with the most beautiful, gorgeous, talented woman that ever walked this planet. That kid is so damn lucky to get to have her as a mom,” he smiled, as you walked up behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist and resting your chin on his shoulder.

“I dunno. He is gonna be pretty damn lucky to have this goof as a dad,” you said, kissing Jensen on the cheek. He turned and kissed your lips passionately. “I love you so damn much,” he sighed, pulling away from you and staring into your eyes.

“I know, I’m pretty awesome,” you laughed, tossing your head back in earnest.

He laughed and kissed your exposed neck, causing a heat to settle deep within you. Your hands grabbed for his head, holding him close to you.

“And that folks is exactly how she ended up pregnant in the first place,” Jared yelled from behind the camera, bringing you and Jensen back to reality as he pecked your lips quickly, rolling his eyes at Jared.

“We’ll continue this later,” Jensen leaned over and whispered into your ear, squeezing your ass gently.

yes there are people who got invited to the reputation secret sessions that have already met taylor, but does that mean they didn’t deserve it? HELL NO.

Taylor handpicked everyone that was invited and specifically wanted to meet each individual. THIS WAS TAYLORS CHOICE!

I know for me personally, I already met Taylor 2 years ago in Loft’ 89 and I will forever cherish that moment, but if I ever got an invitation to the secret sessions, I know for sure that I would die and absolutely take the opportunity because……ITS TAYLOR! Its a once in a lifetime opportunity and I know if you guys have already met Taylor and got the chance to meet her again, you would take it, even if you have met her 5 or 10 times I mean who wouldn’t want to meet the most angelic, gorgeous and genuine woman on this planet?? My point is that everyone deserves the chance to meet taylor no matter how many times. And I would do anything to hug taylor again and to thank her for everything. Its so important to be happy for everyone!💛

I’d Die a Happy Man - Jordan Parrish Imagine/Drabble

Prompt by @arianamikhcan i also make a request about parrish? i’d like to see him and his wife in the morning, he wakes her up so nice, there’s a lot of kisses tenderness, he calls her princess or something like this. absolutely no smut, just pure love, something really sweet, showing him as a perfect husband

Pairing: Jordan Parrish x Reader

Word Count: 631

Warning: Nothing but pure love and adoration.

Author’s Note:  It’s VERY short, hardly any dialogue, and only Jordan’s POV, but I promise you it has everything you asked for. Also, listen to Thomas Rhett’s “I’d Die a Happy Man” while reading this. It totally fits with this imagine and really helped inspire writing this.


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Jordan’s POV 

I woke up with my wife in my arms, somewhat wrapped and tangled in our bed sheets with her bareback fully exposed and her chest pressed against my body. I looked down to see her still deep in slumber, her head resting against my bare chest. I wrap my arm around her tighter as my other hand began to admire her beautiful body. Slowly and gently my fingers follow up the curve of her back. I make sure my touch is feather like so not to wake her up. Her skin is absolutely flawless and silky smooth.

My fingers move to her arm that is slung over my exposed torso and all I want to do is press my lips to her wrist and cover every inch of her arm with butterfly kisses all the way to her shoulders. However, I know if I did that and moved out of her warm embrace, I would wake her up. Instead, I just continue admiring her beautiful smooth skin. 

As I reach her hair, I lightly, quietly, and gently tuck her hair behind her ear, which causes her to hum in response, but still deep in sleep as I still feel her even breathing on my chest. My eyes flicker to her back again and notice the steady rise and downfall after each even breath. I turn my head to her and nuzzle my nose into her hair, taking in her sweet scent of lilacs, a scent I would recognize anywhere.

I close my eyes and replay last night, as it was one of the many best nights we’ve ever had. We’ve had quite a few memorable nights; our first date, the talking-all-night night, the night I fell in love with her, first night we made love, the night I proposed, our wedding evening and night, but nights like last night are my favorite kind of nights with her. The kind of nights where we just lose ourselves in each other with every tender touch, compassionate kiss, and gentle embrace.

Y/N’s arms began to tighten around my torso as she buried her head at the crook of my neck. “Morning, baby,” she said in between small wet butterflies kisses against my neck, earning a hum from me. 

With my nose still in her hair, I pressed my lips against her head, moved my lips to her forehead, and gave her another soft and tender kiss. “Morning, princess. What do you want for breakfast?”

“Anything really, I just want five more minutes with you in bed,” she mumbled, her warm breath fanning against my neck.

“Only five minutes?” I teased. 

I felt her lips form a smile. “Okay, maybe ten… fifteen at the most.” 

“We can stay here as long as you want princess,” I kiss her forehead once more.

I can never explain how much I love her and I mean it when I say, “all I need is her”, her gentle touch, her kind heart, and her unconditional love. The way her eyes smile when she locks them with mine and her beautiful smile puts the stars at night to shame. I know there’s no such thing as the perfect person, but in my eyes she’s perfect for me. She’s without a doubt the cutest, the most gorgeous woman to ever walk the planet, and truly a gem. 

I know if I never get to go to a Super Bowl game, if I never win the lottery, if I never own my dream sports car, if I never get to travel around the world, or if I never become a sheriff someday, I’d be okay with that because I know at the end of the day, I’ll have Y/N by my side, in my arms. I could die a happy man.

Home Sweet Home (G-Dragon Scenario)

Archived | Posted December 10, 2015

Requested by anonymous

This was a cute request~ ^^ Hope you’ll like it, honey! Enjoy~

Summary: His enlistment period in the army is finally over, which means that he can finally see his wife again - and meet his daughter for the first time.

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Companions React #7

Sole reacts to finding a picture of Hancock before he changed.

Sole took a step inside the old, dusty house, her feet creaking against the floorboards.  It had definitely seen better days, though she couldn’t picture it.  It was so rundown even raiders didn’t see fit to use it for shelter.  But it wasn’t all bad.  The roof was still intact, at least enough to get them through the night.  She wasn’t sure why Hancock was so against resting there, but his objections only made her curiosity swell.  The moment he fell asleep, exhausted from days of travel, she couldn’t help but trek to the house and explore.

She pushed on, leaving small footprints in the dust and grime.  A radroach leaped out without warning, but she was prepared.  One look at the wood told her that time wasn’t the only thing chewing away at it.  She grabbed her knife, stabbing humanely between the neck and back.  The bug died instantly, and served as a warning to any more nearby.

That done, she made her way to the kitchen.  It was easily in the worst shape.  The hinges on the cupboards had become so rusted that some of the doors hung open. Others completely detached, lying on the counter, blanketed with dirt.  Sole frowned and reached for a box of Sugar Bombs– at least that’s what it looked like– but the moment she touched it, the dry cardboard crumbled at her touch.  Shaking her hand free of the filth, she turned and faced the old table.  Three chairs lined the edges, one of them lying sideways on the floor. It hurt to think that had she not woken, and had Codsworth not been there, that her house would have looked the same way; neglected and decomposed.  She shook her head, perishing the thoughts.  She could tell by the table setting that once, at least three people lived there.  A family, perhaps?

Sighing, she worked her way down the hall.  Paintings hung on the walls, but the actual images had deteriorated, exposed for too long to the heat and harsh, airy moisture.  What a shame.  What a waste.  Her head hung as she past the bathroom, the marble tub cracked and mirror broken and smeared.  Nothing to see in there.  Nothing she hadn’t seen a hundred times.

Next to it was the master bedroom, small but spacious.  Only the bed frame remained, and a few pieces of furniture.  Likely, the place had been pillaged years ago.  There wouldn’t be anything worth taking or salvaging, but it never hurt to look.  Sole dragged her feet on the floor, shimmying past the misplaced dresser. As she stepped around it she heard a crunch.  A small picture frame sat underfoot, surrounded by broken glass.  She didn’t do it; it was broken ages ago, but she still felt guilty. She picked up the paper, tearing the edge as it had corroded to the floor.  Her eyes narrowed as she tried to perceive the image, but it was impossible. The damage was just too extensive.

As she made her way to the next room, she kept wondering why Hancock was so hell-bent on camping out in the open.  Sure it was messy, but with a quick sweep and the drop of a bedroll, it was better than sleeping outside. She shrugged, stepping into the room. Two beds stood across from each other, each mattress torn and covered in stains.  Any hint of technology had been taken, but it was easy to visualize where everything once was.  A radio, a T.V., a computer; they were all there once, but the only thing left now was a pile of mouldy clothes by the door.  Sole stifled a laugh.  This was a boy’s room, or rather the room of two brothers.  Having had two brothers herself, she knew the signs.

“Oh, Jacob.  Oh, Aiden.”

The memory of her family hit hard, the reminder too much to surmount.  She felt her knees shake as she took a much needed breath.  With a sigh, she fell back on one of the beds, the springs squeaking as the mattress sank.  It had become so worn that the soft, fluffy padding had completely deflated, and the moment it reached its limit, Sole felt something bulge beneath her butt.

“What this?” she asked, reaching between the mattress and box spring.

A small, black book slipped into her hand.  It was leather, still in good shape with only minor scuffs and gashes.  She tilted her head, flipping it over and back. It looked like a journal.  She turned slightly, facing the window for sunlight.  It was getting dark, but it was bright enough to see.  She clicked the button-lock and carefully lifted the cover.  She was right, it was a journal, but the pages were yellowed and the writing, scribed in pencil, had smudged beyond recognition.  Some words were legible, but if there was a story there, it was lost in time.

“Well, so much for that…” she sighed, turning the pages with her thumb.  "Wait a minute.“

Her fingers brushed a small pouch at the back.  It was so tight it was barely noticeable, but it wasn’t empty.  With an inquisitive hum, she pulled three photographs out of the crease.  They were laminated, protected and completely undamaged.  The first showed a woman feeding her baby as a little boy, no more than three or four, watched with his chin on the armrest.  Sole smiled, remembering her feedings with Shaun.  She switched to the next picture, seeing two boys at a table. Likely the same boys, but older, one wilfully antagonizing the other with a tato.  She turned it around, but the back was blank.

The last photograph was her only hope for answers.  Two young men smiled at the camera, arms joined and beers clinked together.  They looked happy, like a proper family.  The younger of the two was a bit more rugged, but definitely better looking.  His blond hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, and his blue eyes easily stole the shot.  Sole blushed, turning the picture sideways.  Her eyes widened at the words: McDonough brothers.  Seventeen and twenty-one.  That’s when it hit her.  The reason Hancock was so querulous.  She could hardly believe it, but she couldn’t keep it down.  Her voice pushed past her lips, her eyes locked on the suave man in the right corner.


“Been a while,” a raspy voice chimed.  Sole turned, seeing Hancock leaned against the doorway.

“Hancock!  I’m sorry, I–!”

“Don’t worry about it,” he waved.  "I’d be lyin’ if I said I wouldn’t do the same thing.“

"I should have respected your wishes,” she echoed, her eyes heavy with guilt.  "I should have listen when you said you didn’t want to come here.“

"Nah.  I should’ve explained myself.  Doesn’t make much sense, sleepin’ outside, on the ground, when there’s a semi-decent shelter here.”

Sole bit her lip, embarrassed.  "I’m really sorry.“

"Is it whatchya expected?” he grinned, ignoring the needless apology.

Sole gulped, finding her composure.  "What? What do you mean?“

"I mean, is it how ya expected me to look?”

Sole flinched, then looked back down at the photo.  "Honestly, I never really thought about it.“

Hancock snickered sarcastically.  "C'mon, love.  Ya don’t need to make me feel better.  It never crossed your mind, even once?”

Sole shook her head. “Honestly.  I’ve literally never thought about it.  I can’t imagine you looking any other way.  The man I met– the way you look now– I’ve always been content with that.  There was never another face I envisioned.”

Hancock stiffened, her words squeezing his chest.  "So … are ya disappointed?“


"Well, uh … I mean, I wasn’t too hard on the eyes back then.  And I know ya didn’t approve when I told ya how I became a ghoul.”

“Well, sure, I thought it was a rash decision, but this doesn’t change anything.”  Sole dropped the photo, letting it glide onto the bed.  "I don’t know that man. I don’t know John McDonough.  All I know is Hancock.“  She smiled, making her way across the room. "And you know, it’s not as if you’re hard on the eyes now.”

Hancock blushed, his dark cheeks turning a shade brighter.  "Thanks, Sunshine.”  He kissed her neck and Sole giggled, pushing him away playfully. “I forgot those even existed,” he wisped.

He walked to the bed and grabbed the photo with the woman.  He stared silently, a melancholic smile stretching across his face.

“Is that your mom?” Sole asked, looking over his shoulder.  "She’s beautiful.“

"Most gorgeous creature on the planet,” he winked.  "Next to you, of course.  But that’s different.“

Sole’s face lit up at the compliment.  "Where was your father in all this?” she stuttered, flustered, but intrigued to learn more.

“Oh, that waste of space?” he grumbled.  Sole instantly regretting asking.  "I think this picture was the only thing he ever stuck around for.  Mom practically had to pull his teeth out to get him to take it, or so I was told.  And it’s a miracle his drunk hands stayed steady long enough to focus.  He spent the next couple a years in and out. Sometimes he’d bring food. Sometimes he’d bring his anger. We were more like a convenient rest stop than his family, really.“  He growled deeply.  "One night he came back just a bit too wasted, and he nearly beat my mom within an inch of her life.  If Guy and me hadn’t … hadn’t done what we did, he probably woulda killed her.”

Sole’s eyes darkened. “Did you kill him?”

“No,” he said quickly.  "But Guy sliced him up good.  I was only four at the time, but I grabbed our baseball bat and whacked him with all the strength I could muster.  By the time we finished, he was so out of it he hobbled outta here and never came back.  Don’t know if he died or found someone else to harass, but we never saw him again.  We searched for his body, but nothin’ turned up.  Not that we really cared.  He beat my mom so bad she never walked again.“

"My God.  I’m … I’m so sorry, Hancock.”

“Hey, it wasn’t all bad,” he chirped, throwing his arm over her shoulder.  "Despite everything, she was still the best damn mom a kid could ask for.  She took care of us; worked past her limitations, and we took care a her, too. When she got sick–“  He lowered his head, his smile fading. "Well, the years took their toll. You know how it is out here. That picture … was the last picture she ever took.”

Sole swallowed a lump in her throat.  "I’m sorry, Hancock….“

"S'all right,” he buzzed.  "After that, we just couldn’t stay here anymore.  Guy and me had a fallin’ out, so we took to the road for a change a pace. He’d become so brutal, to the point that he almost resembled my old man.  We spent years watchin’ each other backs, but somethin’ inside him changed when our mother died.  He became more dishonest, more ruthless, and obsessed with power.  Eventually, we made our way to Diamond City.  The rest ya know.“

Sole stared in silence, her eyes filled with pain.  Hancock noticed the expression.  That was why he didn’t want her to know.  He didn’t want the pity.  Not from her.  Not after everything she’d been through.  She went to speak, shining with sympathy, but he flicked her nose light-heartedly.

"Ow!” she cried, rubbing the nub.  "What was that for?“

"Now we’re even,” he grinned.  "Consider it payback for comin’ here when we agreed against it.“

Sole scratched her neck shamefully.  "I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizin’. No harm done.”  He gathered the photographs and slipped them back into the journal.  "Can’t believe I used to jot my days down,“ he mumbled.  "Guy always gave me a hard time about it.  Said it wasn’t somethin’ boys were supposed to do.”

Sole frowned, crossing her arms.  "I think it shows ambition and intelligence,“ she grit.

Hancock chuckled. "Yeah?  That does sound like me,” he praised.  Sole giggled as he helped her off the bed. “Hey.  Are you happy?  With me?”


“I mean, with this face and how I used to look–”

Sole cupped his chin, meeting his gaze.  "I don’t care about the past,“ she soothed.  "I care about you.  I care about Hancock.  He’s the man I fell in love with.”

Hancock smiled, then gently pressed his lips into hers.  Sole took a sharp breath, lost in his embrace.  Eyes closed, he tossed the book onto the bed and bent her back, kissing her passionately.  Sole moaned, hugging his neck as her mouth curved into a smile.  When he pulled away, she looked up at him with a captivated expression.

“C'mon, love. Let’s get this freak show on the road.”

Sole laughed as he walked her out the door.  Before entering the hall, however, she ran back and grabbed the journal.  Hancock watched helplessly as she removed the pictures, picking one out of the pile, then returning to his side.  With a smile, she handed him the photo of his mother, and he accepted it graciously.

“Thanks, Sunshine. I guess there’s nothin’ wrong with rememberin’ the good times.”

“Not at all,” she beamed, reaching for his hand.  "Come on, then.  Let’s head home.“

"Gladly.” He wrapped his fingers around hers, holding tight.  "And when we get there, maybe we can take some new pictures with that pro-snap camera a yours.“

Sole smiled. "Make some new memories?”

“Build a future,” he added, swinging her arm.  "I think it’s time.“

"Sounds like a plan,” she laughed.  "Sounds like a plan.“

You know, I'm REALLY getting fed up...

with this “ewww Anakin was so stalkery in AOTC” bullshit.

Did he lay it on a little heavy at times?  Well, of course he did - he’s been crushing on Padmé for years, and was raised by a MONASTIC order - it’s certainly not like he was trained to be a smooth Lando Calrissian with the ladies.  He has absolutely no clue how to handle his intense feelings.

But do you notice what even the romantically inept Anakin does that, unless I’VE somehow completely misunderstood the concept, REALLY DOESN’T fall under the header of “stalking”?

When she tells him to back off…  he BACKS OFF.  When was the last time you heard about a stalker doing that?

And watch closely in the first kiss scene: every move of his is tentative, hesitant, giving her every chance to move away or refuse him.  The slight shaking of his hand as he moves to very lightly graze her back (certainly not groping/fondling); the nervous swallowing as he, very slowly - watching, waiting for any sign from her - leans forward to kiss her.  Good grief, she’s the one who says SHE shouldn’t have kissed HIM, and he apologizes to her.  Contrast that to Han and Leia’s first kiss in TESB: frankly, I see Han as much more forward in his pursuit of Leia, and I don’t see a single person labeling his behavior as “stalkery”.  I have little doubt that if it were Anakin constantly dropping innuendo around Padmé, or who had essentially backed her into a tight corner, boldly caressing her and steadily closing what little personal space is between them while she (however feebly or not you perceive it) continuously protests said advances until he silences her with a kiss - we’d be seeing it held up everywhere as “further” proof of how “creepy” Anakin is.  (I suspect a strong part of it is that we know Anakin turns to the dark side while Han does not, and therefore every little action of his is scrutinized as “evidence” of his innate/impending evilness.  For the record, I don’t think Han is a creep, any more than I think Anakin is - at least until he becomes Vader.)

When Padmé holds firm on telling Anakin they can’t have a relationship… he abides by it.  He doesn’t “wear her down,” as I’ve seen some claim.  He completely drops any attempts at wooing her after that scene, and doesn’t make a single move on her until she finally declares her feelings in the arena.  He hardly even looks at her, especially once they’re on Tatooine.  He’s completely floored when she does tell him she loves him.

In fact, after the fireplace scene, she is the one who repeatedly seeks HIM out: when he’s meditating on the balcony, when she volunteers to accompany him to Tatooine (he doesn’t ask/tell her, SHE makes the offer), when she follows him outside at the homestead with the clear intent of going with him on his search, when she seeks him out in the garage.  After her rejection of a romantic relationship with him she’s the one eyeing HIM like, to paraphrase a friend’s assessment of these scenes, “the chocolate cake she so badly wanted to order for dessert but declined."  (Watch her in the balcony meditation scene - her eyes do the full-body scan over him at least twice.  Granted, I’d probably be doing the same.  ;))

Also: does anyone have any doubts that if a fiercely independent woman like Padmé - who only even acquiesced to going to Naboo at all after the Chancellor himself pulled rank on her - was THAT bothered by Anakin’s blatant attentions… she wouldn’t have, oh, ASKED FOR SOMEONE ELSE to accompany her alone to the most romantic planet in the galaxy?  No?  And while of course Padmé is free to wear whatever she chooses - honestly, if I wanted to make it clear to a guy that I absolutely did not reciprocate and did not want to encourage his affections, I certainly wouldn’t wear backless and leather corset numbers when I was finally alone with him on aforementioned most romantic planet in the galaxy.  It’s not like she didn’t have other attire to choose from.  This isn’t Jabba forcing Leia into the revealing bikini: AOTC makes it abundantly clear (IMO) that Padmé donning sexy/romantic clothing around Anakin is her choice.

Taking it a step further: if you take as canon the final cut of AOTC, where you do not see them stop at her parents’ house on the way to the retreat - wouldn’t that mean she had to have packed those gorgeous, Padawan-brain-killing gowns all the way back on Coruscant?  Hardly the actions of a woman dreading being alone with someone!

But then… what the hell do I know?  :P