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Reverse Fairy Tales
  • A prince with a love of the sea undergoes a terrible shipwreck and wakes, briefly, while being rescued by a mermaid. Obsessed now, he requests the help of a land witch and gives up his “charm” - looks and speech - for a tail. Silent, disfigured, and lost beneath the waves, he discovers that though he can breathe, every breath he takes feels like fire in his chest. Still, he hopes to find the mermaid who saved him and someday earn her heart… 
  • A young, beautiful wolf with a coat as red as blood is off to visit her grandmother - now living in another pack. She’s warned by her mother not to approach the path, for humans lurk there. However, the pup ignores her mother’s advice, lured away by a girl’s tempting treats, and later at dusk, when she finally arrives at grandmother’s, a whole group of hunters sets upon the pack… 
  • A young man is selected to keep a fearful ‘beast’ company, living in a castle far out in the woods. Yet when he arrives, he finds not a beast, but the most gorgeous woman the land has ever seen… one who claims to be under a spell. She is not human and utterly despises this form, but the spell will not be broken until someone loves her for reasons beyond her appearance. This man, gentle and well-read, may one day look past her beauty and if he does, he may still love the ‘beast’ that then springs forth…
  • A princess is told by her father that she must marry and a ball is planned to find her a husband. Angry and panicking, she flees to the edge of her kingdom where she finds a young man, living with two brothers and an abusive stepfather. These fast friends hatch a scheme: the princess will take one of the man’s shoes, claim it belong to her one true love, and send her father on a fool’s errand to find the ‘prince’ to which it belongs. In return she will help the man escape his family, if he wishes, at least for one night - at the ball. But when they dance together, more than friendship might form… 

What He Sees

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: angst, self doubt and self loathing, fan hate, fluff, mild smut

Word Count: 2.3k

A/N: This is the SECOND fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “You should be able to see that I’m 90% crap..” It will be highlighted in the fic. This is written for Steph, @torn-and-frayed Hope you like it, dear. Thanks for celebrating with me.

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Repay You

2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “I miss the days when you were cute and innocent.“

Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Reader

Requested by: @kas-not-cas


All Dean sees before him is god damn pink. How did he get here? Why is he here? This isn’t good. And he doesn’t fucking like it one bit. He’s not ready for this shit. He’ll never be ready for this shit. It’s inevitable but Dean isn’t prepared enough for this right now. 

“Can we move this along, sweetheart? I’m hungry.” Dean whines out, heavily pacing in front of his daughter’s dressing room.

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Mr. J’s little lady 💖 [Joker x Reader]

a/n; no smut sorry

warnings; self doubt

words; 1309

prompt;  Ok. I would like for joker to take the reader out to the club to show her off but she’s too shy to dress sexy. So when she sees all of the skinny scantily clad women vying for joker’s attention she gets insecure. He of course will have none of it. As he exits the club to take her home he shouts about all of the sexy fun they’re going to have. He takes her home and lists off everything that he loves about her as he makes love to her. Please and thank you ( irenewolfland )


The colorful lights are playful, though harsh and radiant, blinding you for the briefest of moments as you enter the loud room of Jokers favorite club. You inhale a sharp breath, one that chokes you – the heavily perfumed place tinted with salty sweat and the humid aroma of alcohol leaves hardly any room for pure oxygen. You frown. In front of you though, you can practically see your boyfriend grinning from ear to ear, despite his back turned to you. You follow after him like a lost puppy, confined and uncomfortable as you can’t help but let your eyes wander around the club – bejeweled and glossy surfaces of polls are hugged by thick tights of scantily clad women, all gunning after one man that so happened to be yours. You felt their glares. You heard whispers of your name passing their sultry lips and it made your skin crawl. Behind you your boyfriends men guard both of your safeties, though for a moment, you entirely forgot they are there.

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Imagine Dean making you feel beautiful after you give birth to your second child.

Characters: Dean x Reader, mentions of OFC Daughter Emmary and OMC Son Charlie

Warnings: Post pregnancy angst, fluff, sweet smut

Word Count:  1.5k

A/N: This idea stemmed from a beautiful ask from @ahrya-stark. So excited to be able to included it in this series. The Life Unexpected Series is near and dear to my little heart. Hope you guys like it. You could read this part without having read the rest of the series though you’ll probably want to read it when you’re finished. ;)

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Choices - Part 1: Never Can Fill the Void

Characters: Y/N Singer (reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mick Davis, Bobby Singer, John Winchester,

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: self blame, self loathing, canon typical violence, mention of character deaths (only as in canon), implied smut

Word Count: 3400ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Polaroid

It is also gonna part one of a three part story - the two first fics are entries for the same challenge and the third is gonna be an entry for @plaidstiel-wormstache’s Push yourself challenge. The song I am writing for, for her challenge is also an Imagine Dragons song so their music is gonna be a theme throughout this series.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Thanks so much to my amazing friend and editor @blacktithe7 for betaing this series for me.


Dean stared at the road in front of him as he took himself and Sam closer and closer to their destination. He hadn’t said a word to Sam since they had received the phone call. He hadn’t believed Mick at first. It couldn’t be her. She couldn’t have done any of the things he accused her of. He had know that girl all of her life. She would never kill another human being in cold blood. The picture Mick had sent Sam, dispelled his doubts. They didn’t have the wrong person. It was her. He would know her anywhere, even after three years, a different hair color, and shorter hair. It was his Y/N the men of letters had captured. Dean still didn’t believe she had killed anyone though. He didn’t believe she had done anything to cause the power outage in the Bunker or the one in the British Men of Letter’s headquarter either. She wasn’t a witch like the Brits believed her to be. She was just Y/N.

“Do you ever wish things were different?” Y/N sat on one of her dad’s old cars when Dean walked up behind her. It was like she knew it was him. She always did, and Dean couldn’t help but smile.

“Different like Sam hadn’t left last month?” Dean answered her, hopping up on the car next to her, the smile gone from his face as he thought about his little brother and how much he missed him.

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Mutual (Grayson)


It was a hot day in Jersey to say the least, it felt a little over a hundred degrees. Even your glass of lemonade was starting to perspire and as soon as you stepped out of the house, in five minutes all of your ice had completely melted. Currently the Dolan boys had invited everyone over for a pool party, just a couple of friends, nothing too fancy. You were relaxing in a lounge chair next to Cameron, fresh out of the pool and deciding to take the opportunity to get some sun.

“I can’t get over how hot it is.” She said, taking a sip of her water and then throwing her hair up into a ponytail.

“I know. Who knew it could ever get as hot as this?” Just as you spoke, your attention was adverted over to where you heard a loud splash. Grayson had just thrown Ethan into the pool and was high fiving a couple of friends in the process. Ethan and Grayson had been your best friends for years, so you were a bit taken aback when you started to think of Grayson as more of a friend in certain aspects.

He was perfect. He was very protective over you when it came to people hurting you and whenever you mentioned there was someone new in the picture, you could always sense some jealousy behind his eyes. Strangely you felt he had the same feelings toward you but then again, you didn’t know nor did you want to push things in an awkward direction.

Taking a sip of your watered down lemonade, you admired him from afar. The sun practically glowed on his tanned skin. He had been working out more clearly, his muscles were bigger and his abs were more toned out. He was dressed in a pair of forest green swim trunks that was also flattering on his skin. He had his favorite pair of sunnies on and due to swimming earlier, his hair was pushed back and wet on top of his head.

He was literal sex on legs. Quickly looking away you didn’t want him or someone else catching you staring or that would be an awkward conversation in itself for sure. This heat was starting to get unbearable so you decided another dip in the pool would do. Tossing your sunnies onto your chair, you dove into the pool, loving the way the cool water cooled your body down almost instantly. Resurfacing at the other end of the pool, you wiped water out of your eyes, looking and meeting a pair of eyes. Grayson’s.

He had a cocky smirk on his face and then looked away quickly, getting lost in the conversation with his friends again. Were you seeing things or did Grayson really just smile at you? A slight blush crept upon your face and you got out of the pool, grabbing a towel and quickly drying your hair before tying it around your body. “I’m going in to get a snack. Want anything?” Cameron shook her head no.

You slipped into their house and shut the door, letting out a sigh of relief at the cool air blowing. No one was in here so it was nice to be able to get away from all the commotion and people for a few minutes. Ethan got a bunch of snacks from the store this morning and he stored them in the kitchen for people to have if they wanted. Quickly you found the cut up watermelon chunks, pulling out the bowl and taking off the lid.

“I see you found the watermelon?”

The voice startled you and you almost jumped out of your skin, turning and seeing Grayson leaning up against the doorframe. “Christ you scared the hell out of me. How’d you know I was in here?” Giggling you tried to calm your nerves and beating heart from just looking at him for those few short seconds. Even him standing in close proximity to you these days had you sweating and blushing like a complete fool.

“I didn’t. It was getting too hot and I was coming in for a snack, but you beat me to it.”

“Come join me then. This melon isn’t going to eat itself.”

With a chuckle he came over and took a piece, plopping it into his mouth with a smile. God him doing something just as simple as that turned you on. Taking a piece you bit into it, juice trickling down your chin in the process. “Shit.” You mumbled, wiping your finger through it and sucking the juice off the digit. Grayson watched with a partially open mouth, before clearing his throat and grabbing another piece.

“H-How are you enjoying the party?”

His voice was shaky and nervous. “It’s pretty cool. It was a nice touch making it a pool party instead of a house party.” He chuckled and watched you eat another piece of fruit. “Right? Figured why not put the pool to good use before the summer is over.” More juice fell onto your chin and you almost wanted to slap yourself for being such a messy god damn eater.

You used your fingers again to wipe your chin and before you had the chance to plop them into your mouth, Grayson grabbed your hand. “Let me.” He leaned in and let his mouth close over your fingers, sucking the juice from your digits. You were taken aback by his actions but you loved it nonetheless. Your head was spinning just watching him and feeling his tongue on your fingers. He released them and smirked down at you.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.”

Your words felt stuck in your throat, you didn’t know what to say. “I shouldn’t have done that. Fuck. I’m sorry.” He went to leave and you grabbed his wrist, stopping him. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion from this point on. You stood on your tip toes and your lips crashed against his. You were surprised when he kissed you back and even more surprised when he gripped your waist and pulled you closer.

The kiss continued until you were both pulling back for a breath. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” You said, biting your lip and giggling. “Me too.” He leaned in again, this time deepening the kiss. His tongue slipped into your mouth and you moaned at the feeling. His grip on your waist shifted down to your hips where he grasped and dug his fingers into the skin. “Why don’t we take this upstairs?” He mumbled between kisses and you were quick to nod.

He bent down and threw you over his shoulder, the both of you giggling as he started up the stairs. Getting to his bedroom he shut the door and placed you on the bed. You took this opportunity to finally remove your towel. He crawled over you and started kissing your neck, letting his hands roam all over your body. Biting your lip and moaning he reached under your body and untied your bathing suit top, peeling it away from your body and throwing it across the room.

He continued his assault on your neck and groped your breasts, squeezing them in his large hands as you let out a few whimpers of his name. He sucked a bruise onto your pulse pout and then proceeded down your chest, taking time to kiss and suck over your collarbones and then down to your breasts. He looked up at you as he flicked his tongue over both of your nipples, moaning mainly to himself. 

“You have perfect breasts.”

A blush found your cheeks and he continued kissing down your body until he reached the waistband of your bikini, untying it and throwing that flimsy piece of fabric across the room as well. Groaning he spread your legs wide, taking time to admire you from head to toe and then shaking his head. “You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.” You hid your face and giggled.

“Grayson stop. You’re making me blush.”


He sat up on his knees and took one of your legs, starting at your foot he kissed it and then kissed your ankle. He stuck out his tongue and moved it down your leg, kissing up your calve and up to your thigh. When he got dangerously close to your soaking wet center, he grabbed the other leg and gave it the same attention. “Such a tease.” You whispered, watching him with your bottom lip tucked between your teeth.

“Just wanting to take my time.”

He lowered down to his stomach, arms under your legs as he licked the skin of your thighs and then sucked on the skin. Your core was throbbing for him and he knew it. He could practically see the way you were dripping for him. Finally he flattened out his tongue and licked up and down your slick folds. You gasped out and grabbed his hair with one hand, “Grayson. Ah fuck.” He hummed and started to flick his tongue, making your eyes roll back. 

You had fantasized about this way too much and the fact it was actually happening was a dream within itself. He was too much to handle. His tongue felt better than anything your dreams could’ve produced for you. “You have the prettiest pussy baby. Who are you this wet for?” He asked, pulling back and spitting on your pussy, adding to the wetness and then sucking your clit into his mouth, sucking so hard it forced your spine off of the bed and loud moans to spill from your throat.

“You! Fuck Grayson, my pussy’s wet for you.”

Satisfied with your answer he smirked and let go of your clit with a pop. He sucked your plump lips into his mouth and started shaking his head back and forth, moaning and adding to the pleasure you were under. Before your orgasm could begin building he pulled back and struggled to catch his breath. “Fuck, come here baby.” He pulled you up and you were on shaky legs in front of him, if it wasn’t for his arm holding your waist you would’ve collapsed. 

“Show me what those sexy lips can do.”

He untied the string on his bottoms and kicked them off and you smirked at him, kissing him quickly and moaning when you tasted yourself on his tongue. “With pleasure.” You got on your knees in front of him, biting your lip at just how long and thick he was. You took him into your hand and he pushed your hair back, getting a better view. Your tongue flicked out and you collected the precum leaking and it caused Grayson to groan out. 

Keeping eye contact with him you took his tip into your mouth, flattening your tongue on the underside of it, his hips jerking forward. “Shit, that’s it.” You began to take more of him in gradually, soon bobbing your head back and forth. He was putty in your hands at this point and you never thought you’d ever be able to see Grayson like this. So vulnerable and completely under your control.

You removed your mouth from him and sucked one of his balls into your mouth, taking notice of how his shoulders jerked and his moans got louder. “Ah fuck! Stop baby stop, don’t want to come yet.” He pulled you off and up quickly, grabbing your face and kissing you forcefully. He backed you to the bed and pushed you down, his sudden rough side making a new wave of excitement rush over you.

“I want you face down, ass up first.”

Biting your lip you got into the position and smirked over your shoulder at him. “Like this?” He groaned and quickly came up behind you, tapping the head of his cock against your clit. “Perfect baby girl.” He slipped inside with ease, the both of you moaning once he was fully nestled inside of you. He paused for a second before he pulled himself all the way out, then slamming back inside of you. “Ah fuck!” Your fingers gripped the sheets so hard you were scared you tore right through them.

His groaning sounded even sexier in person and you swore you could’ve came right then and there. “How much have you thought about this? Me fucking you so hard you can’t even speak?” Your voice was caught in your throat and you found it almost hard to catch a breath with how hard he was fucking you into the bed right now. He let his left hand recoil and smack back against the skin of your ass, you lurched forward and whimpered from the force of the spank.

“So much! Fuck. It’s so good.”

“It’s so good baby? I’m the only one who fucks you this good, yeah?”

“Yes Grayson, you’re the only one.”

He let out a cocky chuckle and continued fucking you. Your first orgasm crashed over you and your moans were almost defeating as they echoed throughout his bedroom. Your wetness seeped down your thighs and he pulled out once again, flipping you over onto your back. Your lower half was tingling and he pushed himself back inside, his hand wrapping securely around your throat as he found his fast pace again, sitting up on his knees.

“Oooh my god, G-Gray!”

Grayson groaned out your name and he was fucking you so hard your breasts bounced and the bed creaked from the force. He watched your breasts bouncing with pleasure, his free hand coming down to your clit as he rubbed the nub. “Fuck I’m going to come.” Your back arched as he squeezed the hand around your neck, pulling out he jerked himself over you, letting his release fall over your sweaty body.

Once he emptied himself he sat up against the headboard, pulling you between his legs and he slid two fingers into your throbbing core. You cried out and clamped your legs around his hand, his free arm spreading your legs again and using his legs to keep yours pinned. “I wanna see you squirt baby.” He whispered huskily in your ear, his other hand coming up to pinch and roll your nipples as his fingers were still working you.

You couldn’t believe how much pleasure this guy was putting you through. It felt so wrong and dirty, but it felt right in the same sense. “Grayson, I’m so close.”

“Yeah? Then come for me, coat my fingers baby.”

He somehow found the strength to finger you harder and deeper, his fingers going so deep inside of you that you felt a different kind of build in the pit of your stomach. Soon your orgasm came squirting out of you, your body shaking and relaxing against Grayson as your moans boomed through the bedroom. Grayson chuckled and fingered you until you were too sensitive, his fingers sliding out. Looking down you noticed his hand and some of his bed were soaked with your release and you were also still covered in his release.

“Fuck that was hot.” He said, smiling and grabbing your chin, giving you a few kisses. “We made a mess, we should go shower.” 

Your body was still trembling as he spoke, “I don’t think I can get up.” You both shared a breathy laugh before he got up and scooped you into his arms, kissing you as he made his way to the bathroom. “We should keep this to ourselves.” You mumbled between kisses. He sat you down and held you up, leaning down to turn the water on. “It’ll be our dirty little secret. Deal?” Holding out his pinky you took it with yours, squeezing it and giggling.


.A Million Lifetimes.

 In honour of Remus Appreciation Day I have written this little (long) Young!Remus imagine. 

A/N: If you don’t like rough, Remus smut then I suggest you leave silently and sit in a corner where you have reevaluate yourself. (I’m kidding, you do you.)

Word Count: 3,121.

((This gif inspired the whole thing))

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anonymous asked:

A fic that's just Sanvers making out on the couch since the show obviously won't let them. (I'm Salty) lol

“Hey pretty lady,” Alex greets from the couch after Maggie’s key scrapes the lock and she steps inside, and she looks up from her reading and smiles, watching.

Because she told Maggie that she thinks she’s starting to get used to this whole happy thing, but god, she doesn’t think she’ll really ever get used to Maggie coming to her apartment like its her own home after a long day at work; doesn’t think she’ll really ever get used to the way Maggie’s smile lights up the entire night when Alex’s words wash over her ears; the way Maggie freezes slightly and licks her lips and her eyes flash when she sees Alex in nothing but a henley and pajama pants and glasses, god, those glasses.

And Maggie? Maggie doesn’t think she’ll really ever get used to coming home to Alex Danvers, feared and renowned for her ruthlessness, being soft and domestic and vulnerable and relaxed, in her glasses, laying on the couch, waiting for… her. For her to come… home.

So she shrugs off her jacket and she tosses down her gun. She kicks off her boots and she makes sure her eyes never leave Alex’s, because she doesn’t want to miss any nuance of the way Alex watches her, the way Alex’s eyes widen slightly when she takes off her jacket, when she strides over to the couch.

Alex’s couch.

Their couch.

The way Alex gulps slightly and immediately tosses her bioengineering journal to the floor when Maggie says, “May I?” and Alex nods so Maggie straddles her and Alex gulps again.

“I missed you today,” Maggie whispers, stroking Alex’s cheek, and Alex immediately reaches up and mirrors her activity.

“Yeah?” she flirts.

“Yes, Danvers, I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

“Show me.”

Maggie blinks.

“Show you.”

“Show me how much you missed me?” She says it like a question, because it is a question, because she still does need to be shown, not just told, because she still can’t wrap her mind around the fact that someone like Maggie would miss her, would like her, would love… her.

Would come home to her.

“Oh, Alex,” Maggie shakes her head, and she leans down and lifts her glasses, resting them on top of Alex’s head, so she can kiss her eyes, her nose, her temples, her forehead. She kisses her cheeks and her chin and, just when Alex’s contented sighs turn into small, needy whines, she kisses her lips.

They both sigh into the contact, into the kiss, because it’s only been ten or so hours, but god, that’s ten or so hours too long.

Alex parts her lips and runs her hands over Maggie’s hair and Maggie takes the invitation, slipping her tongue softly, gently, slowly, into Alex’s mouth, nearly moaning in relief at Alex’s response, the way her hips roll of their own accord, the way one of her hands wanders down Maggie’s back and grabs at the back of her shirt, making sure she doesn’t let go.

And she won’t.

God, she won’t.

“You good?” Maggie pulls back slightly to ask, because Alex had propped a pillow on the couch’s ledge while she was reading, but couches aren’t always the most comfortable places to be laid down and kissed senseless.

Alex answers by pulling her back down into a kiss, and Maggie does moan softly this time, Alex’s tongue teasing her lips before traveling down her jawline, down to her throat. Her teeth graze Maggie’s pulse point and Maggie’s entire body trembles.

Alex freezes but Maggie shakes her head. “You don’t have to stop.”

So she doesn’t. She marks Maggie’s neck like she knows Maggie likes, and she lets herself get lost in the sounds Maggie makes, the way she smells, the way her skin tastes, in the way Maggie’s hands travel haphazardly across her entire body, always reaching for more, groping at Alex’s breasts over her shirt, making Alex sigh and gasp and smile into her ministrations before shifting to return her lips to Maggie’s mouth, and Maggie kisses her back eagerly, desperately, hotly.

“You are so fucking beautiful, Danvers,” she murmurs in between kisses, in between Alex’s hands exploring her body like a randy teenager, in between her own hands doing exactly the same.

“Yeah?” Alex asks, pausing, and Maggie pulls back to look her in the eyes, in her perfect, perfect eyes.

She smiles softly and tilts her glasses back down from the top of her head onto her face, and she smiles deeper.

“You are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen, Alex,” she reiterates, and Alex melts up into her body.

“I love kissing you,” Alex whispers, because she doesn’t know what else to say, doesn’t know how else to respond, to the intensity, the thing that looks a lot like love, in Maggie’s eyes, in her voice, in her hands and in her lips.

“Well that’s good, Danvers. Cause I love kissing you, too,” Maggie chuckles sweetly, leaning back down to kiss Alex gentle, kiss her slow, kiss her always.

She makes a map of Alex’s mouth with her tongue, a guide to Alex’s lips with her own, a prayer to Alex’s breathless sighs with her thumb on her cheek, her hand on her waist.

She almost whispers that she loves her, but decides, for now, to show her instead.

And it works – the way her lips part for Alex’s, the way she pays attention to and fulfills her every need, the way she makes out with her like she’s never been made out with, and god, nothing’s ever felt this perfect – because, who knows how long later, Alex’s eyes are glistening and her lips are quirked into a shy smile when she asks, “So you’re saying you missed me. Cause that’s… that’s what I’m getting.”

Maggie chuckles and her heart thrills at the game that’s become their own.

That’s become their coming home.

“Of course, you’re not gonna go crazy on me, are you?”


Maggie licks her lips and shakes her head slightly and kisses Alex again, again, again.


Auston Matthews - Drunk and Jealous

anon request: okkk so could you do an auston matthews one where you’re drunk and dancing with guys and he gets jealous and takes u home & idk if u do smut but make it a lil nasty?

anon request: Auston Matthews fluff? :) x

i would do an auston matthews imagine any day! i love him sm️ and i don’t write smut but making out and kissing i can do so i hope this was okay and i hope it was at least a little fluffy cause i was kinda short:))

warnings: making out, kissing, cussing, mentions of alcohol

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

it was after an amazing goal scored by tyler bozak and a hard fought win we were out celebrating at a bar. i was having the time of my life dancing with all of the lady leafs. “y/n another shot?” one of the girls asked, i quickly nodded and took the shot from her hand and downed it receiving a few cheers as i threw my arms up in the air yelling along with them.

the shot was like fire down my throat but i loved it. i stumbled up the stairs to the vip where all of the guys were drinking beers and slightly dancing to music, “they look so awkward” i giggled with steph as she nodded helping me up the stairs, her being much more sober. “slow down there tiger your gonna hurt yourself” she laughed practically having to pull me up the stairs.

“aus!” i shouted trying to run over to him but almost falling over. “hey baby” he kissed my cheek and i pushed him away. “that is PDA auston!” i pointed my finger at his chest. morgan and mitch were beside me laughing at what was occurring in front of them. “and what are you laughing at you eleven year old and you over sized teddy bear” at that aus was laughing at the two boys, and so was william then matt joined in too.

“you know mitch i don’t even think your supposed to be in here” i shook my head at him disapprovingly. “sorry mitch” auston laughed and pulled me back to him. “she won’t remember this tomorrow” he smiled down at me.

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•All Eyes On Me•

He had no idea what he was doing here.

Jughead Jones stood nervously in front of the largest tent he had ever seen in his life, buses and cages and crates were everywhere and there was a familiar circus theme playing from somewhere in the distance.

Yeah, he had no idea what he was doing here.

It had all started last week, Jughead was tending to a sickly elephant at the Southside Zoo when the Dark, older man had approached him.

“You’ve a knack for these animals, I’ve been watching you this past week” a thickly accented voice spoke from behind him.

Jughead had whipped around, his eyes instantly widening when he caught the mans eyes, everyone knew who he was, everyone knew Pop Tate, owner and ring leader of Pop Tate’s Traveling Freak Show.

Jughead had stumbled backward, his arms instinctively coming out to cover Besa, the zoos oldest elephant.

“What’s it to you?” The dark haired boy growled defiantly.

Pop raised his hands in a show of surrender, a wide, bright smile on his face.

“I’ve come with a proposition, an ear to listen is all I require.” He sat down on the stool set up in the corner, his extravagant cane leaning carelessly against the wall. How much was a cane like that worth? If he had something like that he’d surely pawn it and make some coins.

Jughead crossed his arms and raised a brow, nodding his head and Indicating he was ready to listen to whatever wacky idea the older man had in his mind, get it over with, get back to the animals.

Pop Tate smiled again and began
“You don’t quite fit in here.” He started, putting his hand up as Jughead was about to interject “you care about these animals, your….friends? They do not. I would like you to come with me, come travel with my show! You would be in charge of our animals, you can be a featured act! A lion tamer! Oh it would be splendid to see, something fresh! something new.” Pops hands flung frantically as he mumbled to himself, his teeth shiny and white against his dark skin.

Jughead stared in shock at the mans offer, he hated it here, hated the Southside, it had always been his dream to leave this place, to travel! But with… the freaks? Could he do that? What would his father say?

“I’m not a freak.” Jughead finally stated, staring at the man before him, The ringleader looked at him with a curious kind of expression before pulling a card form his pocket and sliding it into his hand

“Why, we’re all crazy my friend. This is our address, give us a chance, we are setting up camp next week. You may like what you see.” With a dramatic wave of his hand Pops was heading away and leaving Jughead staring at the printed card in his hand.

That’s what brought him to where he was today, tugging nervously on his suspenders as he stared at the people passing, suddenly a hand grabbed his arm, Jughead moved quick lifting a fist to who.. or whatever had just grabbed him.

A red haired boy jumped back

“Woah there pal! Put those paws down!” The redhead grinned “I’m Archie Andrews and you’re Jughead Jones, Pops hasn’t stopped talking about you.” He explained “he wasn’t sure you were going to come but since you’re here, let me show you around.” He began leading the way as Jughead scrambled to catch up with the quick boy.

“How old are you?” Jughead asked

Once again Archie showed his pearly whites
“ I’m 18, figure you’re the same age. I’ve been in this here freak show since I was 14!”

Jughead examined Archie, there was nothing wrong with him, he was good looking, witty and overall very normal.

“You’re wondering what it is I do here.” Archie’s voice broke him from his thoughts and Jughead stuttered

“I.. uh..”

Archie nodded “that’s okay, I get it. I don’t quite look like Norma, the bearded lady, Who by the makes the best peanut butter cookies. Anyway, I play the music. During intermissions and on the sidelines I play music. I’m pretty handy with a guitar.” He high fived a little person and Jughead tried desperately not to stare, this was all so new.
“Heard you might be our new lion tamer, that’s a swell gig, sure wish animals liked me like that.”

Jughead couldn’t help the swell of pride he felt, no one had ever been impressed, his family at home thought his skill was pointless and a measly hobby, he should be putting his time into working for his fathers gang, the Serpents.

Archie turned into a room in the tent and turned to whisper in his ear
“This is Veronica Lodge, she’s a gyspy, she reads palms. She’s also my unofficial woman, so don’t get any ideas.” His tone held warning and Jughead nodded. “Also she won’t tell you your future but she knows. She knows everything.”

They entered the dramatically lit room, sheets and colors wrapped around the tiny space as a dark haired woman sat in the center bent over a crystal ball, a head band of dangling jewels hung around her face, her stomach was exposed as the long skirt jingled, her arms were littered in bracelets, when she glanced up he was taken aback by the intensity of her dark eyes.

“Jughead Jones, our newest lion tamer.” She grinned slyly at him.

Jughead cleared his throat
“Well.. I.. Umm.. haven’t figured that out yet..”

Veronica closed her eyes and touched the ball
“Hmmm, you will be fantastic.” She hummed.

“Told you.” Archie mumbled from beside him, his eyes trained on the beautiful gyspy

“Archiekins, leave me now. I will meet you all for dinner.” Her eyes fell back to the cards in front of her and Archie pushed Jughead through the door.

“She’s great.” The musician sighed dreamily.

“Quit talking to the new guy about your girlfriend.” A deep voice spoke from their right, Jughead nearly fell over when he saw the size of the man speaking.

“Reggie mantle.” The ginormous man reached a beefy hand out, squeezing Jugheads hand to the point of cut circulation.

Reggie was huge, muscles rippled from every place on his body, He had a good foot on Jughead.

“Strongest man on earth.” The bulky man bragged staring at his fingernails cockily. “Once I lifted All three of the pussycats over my head.” He shrugged as Archie whacked him atop the head.

“The pussycats are the orchestra, they’re our age and they play all of the music in the Big Top show.” Archie explained.

“You made up your mind yet? You gonna join the family?” Reggie dropped a heavy hand on his shoulder, nearly drilling him into the crowd.

Jughead stepped back. He liked it here, these people, they were weird just like him and they were accepting they didn’t judge him, they wanted him.

Archie smiled
“I haven’t even shown him Betty yet.”

Reggie grinned, his handsome face twisting in amusement

“Well if you haven’t made up your mind yet, I’m sure you will soon.”

The two boys led Jughead into the largest room, beautiful music flowing from an organ in the corner, his eyes were drawn instantly to the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in his life.

The most gorgeous blonde woman Jughead had ever seen was suspended in air, silky hair falling over her shoulders as she spun around a hoop hanging from the ceiling, her legs twisting in such a graceful way, her body was contorting and before he knew it she was falling, quickly and slowly all at the same time, his legs moved to reach for her, to catch her but Archie placed a hand on his arm

“Just watch.” His eyes were sparkling as he took in the scene before him.

Suddenly Betty was holding onto pastel pink silks her legs twisted in them and she held on tight, muscles taut as she spun quickly, her hair whipping along wildly with the long red skirt she wore. She slowly eased herself onto the floor and lifted a final leg onto the silk, a serene smile playing on her lips, her eyes caught his then
Springtime meadow green crashing into thunderstorm blue.

“I’m in.”

Measure of Beauty

Request: I saw you had requests open! Could you write either a Thor (if you don’t do him that’s ok) or a Bucky/seb x chubby or plus size reader? 

A/N: I’ll write any character, I just primarily get Buck/Seb or Tom Holland requests, SOOOOO let’s go with Thor.

Tags: @ladydork, @yourgayonlinemom, @broken-pieces, @bubblyanarocks3, @yessy2012

The silence and solitude engulfing (Y/N) as she sat curled up on her couch covered in a blanket was pure agony. She hated the fact that the man who made her feel the most significant lived so far away; long distance was always something she thought she could handle until she was faced with the issue of her the man she loved ruling a completely different realm. Sure she was able to stomach the looks of lunacy she received when asked why she doesn’t date and even the occasional disbelief–she knew the truth and she knew the reality of her relationship with Thor–but what really set her off were the inconsiderate, unnecessary, degrading rumors.

(Y/N) had always been on the chubbier side as a child and rather than having support from friends or family regarding her weight, any comment she received was given with some underlying shade. There were the subtle hints: “that top looks great, but isn’t it a little tight?” The suggestions: “I’m going to the gym if you want to come!” The blatantly rude comments: “are you really going to eat all of that?” “You’ll be as big as a house!” And then, the helpful, ‘healthy’ hints: “don’t you want to look healthy?”

It had taken years for (Y/N) to even begin to feel confident in her skin and each comment just continues to bring up doubts about herself. She’d struggled in the past with binging or excessive dieting and exercise to appeal to societal standards of beauty but had eventually given up. The pain wasn’t worth conforming to society’s expectations. She knew she was healthy whether or not she was in shape. She knew she took care of herself as best as she could, if not better than the people who continued to try to live off less than a thousand calories a day, and she had gained a sense of confidence about herself and her body that she didn’t expect possible.

When Thor came along, he was exposed to this radiant, self-assured, incredible human being and had fallen for her perfection. He didn’t know the self-conscious teenager who refused to look in a mirror or the college student who put on the freshman fifteen and then tried to starve herself for months; he saw (Y/N): beautiful, happy, healthy, kind, sassy, and all together wonderful person. She had never intended to show him the other side of her: the ugly, self-pitying, wallowing mess of a person she used to be, but she had no choice.

(Y/N) tried to ignore the thoughts rushing through her head, but they demanded attention. She tried to rationalize, to tell herself all of the same calming and realistic explanation she goes through when faced with his level of self-consciousness and humiliation, but it failed. Her mind was continually brought back to the rude, uncaring, horrid people who targeted her that afternoon, teasing her about how no one could ever love her, that even ‘chubby chasers’ aren’t interested in the real thing rather just losing themselves in another layer of skin during sex. She wanted nothing more than to correct them, to tell them that she was deeply committed to a man who loved her for every part of her and who was a thousand times the man any of them could ever hope to be, but trying to explain her relationship was difficult enough when discussing it with the understanding people in her life without sounding like an idiot or a nut job.

Her desperation to save a little face lead to a continual, overly analytical evaluation of her life and her thoughts and conceptions about herself began to spiral. Was she worth it? Was there anything she could offer Thor? Why was he with her in the first place? Was their relationship based on pity? Did he ever truly care about her? As her mind flooded with more and more incriminating questions, there was a knock on her door. Hesitantly, she rose and opened the door to reveal Thor, dressed as though he were a lumberjack, glancing down at her in concern.

“Heimdal said you weren’t well, are you ill?” he quickly interrogated her as he pushed his way into her home.

“I’m fine,” she stated and closed the door behind him.

“You’ve been crying,” he observed.

“But I’m not now,” she stated, trying to sound strong and in control of her emotions.

“(Y/N),” he said softly while taking her face in his hands and pressing his lips against the top of her head. “You are a terrible liar.” She let out a sighed and swallowed hard, trying not to choke up as she attempted to speak.

“Do…do you love me?” she questioned and ducked her head to avoid eye contact.

“Yes, of course!” Thor smiled, his voice booming with pride. “Is this about me being away?” he quickly asked.

“No, it’s not that; I understand you have to be in Asgard right now, but–”

“Then what’s gotten you so upset, dove?” he asked as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“How can you love me?” she asked in an exasperated tone. “Who’s to say that I’m not replaceable with some skinnier, prettier girl?”

“(Y/N),” Thor sighed as he pulled her closer to his chest. “I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Of course not,” she sighed, “because you’re too good to me and too good for me. You didn’t grow up hearing the stupid chants kids made to tease me about my weight, you don’t know about the torment other kids put on me because I was bigger because I never told you about my lifelong insecurities because you were too perfect to see them, but now I am. Why do you love me? No one else does nor can they fathom how any human could. My whole life I’ve been told I’m not worth the shit under my shoes so what makes me expect that I’m worth something to you?” Her voice was cracking through her anger at herself as Thor stood in front of her, his arms still tightly woven around (Y/N)’s body. making her feel small and helpless against his muscles.

“I’ve been examining the Earth and it’s inhabitants for ages, (Y/N) and I can tell you this about humanity: the concept of beauty changes and it’s not universal. Your dress size and measurements don’t matter to me. The contents of your heart, the values of your soul, and your genuinely good-willed nature are what really matters–not whether or not your thighs tough, if your hipbones or collarbones are visible, and certainly not if you have the flattest stomach. For me, (Y/N), you are perfect. You are the most amazing and most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on both physically and because of your character. Don’t fret any longer about any reservations regarding us. No one, large or small, could ever compare to the way you make me feel, and that is the true measure of your beauty.”

statuepuppie  asked:

O Captain, My Captain! (Janeway would approve!) Would you please feed my soul with some Kara and Maggie bonding? Thanks!

Alex hasn’t been dating her long.

And Kara is still adjusting, is still stiff about it.

Not around Alex – around Alex, she’s all heart eyes and thrilled that she’s with Maggie, that she’s happy.

Because she is happy that she’s happy.

But around Maggie?

Kara’s still stiff, still distant.

And Alex knows her sister. And Alex knows her girlfriend.

So one night, she does one of the things she does best: covert operations.

And they both show up at Alex’s door at the same moment.

Kara, through one of the hallway windows; Maggie, up the staircase.

Kara, bearing ice cream and potstickers; Maggie, with pizza and root beer.

“What are you – “

“Why are you – “

“She had a rough day – “

“She texted me – “

“I just thought she’d want some – “

“I wanted to bring her – “

“Sorry, you go ahead – “

“Sorry, I keep interrupting – “



“Hi Kara.”

“Hi Maggie.”

“So your sister had a rough day.”

“She did.”

Kara’s voice is just a little more tense than it usually is.

Just a little more prim than it usually is. A little more reserved, a little more… maybe… angry?

Maggie’s heart tears.

She doesn’t exactly have a good history with the families of girls she likes.

And Kara’s always nice to her, she’s always… cordial. But there’s a distance, a nervousness, maybe. A protectiveness. And Maggie gets it. She does. But it still scares her. It still hurts.

Both of their phones buzz at the same time. They have an identical novel of a text.

Kara, Maggie – my day was fine. I just didn’t know how else to get you two alone together. To bond. And I want you to bond. Because you’re the most important women in my life. Kara, I know you’re not used to sharing me, and Maggie, I know you feel like you don’t fit in with my family. So… surprise? I’m with James and Winn for the night – use my apartment, have at it. Kara, just don’t make her watch old musicals. She’ll probably like them, and then I’ll have to hear random bursts of corny old songs from both of you.

Kara finishes reading first, and she gulps a rough gulp and studies Maggie while she finishes reading. While she tries not to shake. Kara knows, because Kara can hear her heartbeat. She tries to pretend she can’t. She adjusts her glasses and waits. Watching.

Maggie gulps, too, and glances up nervously.

“So I guess she thinks we’re not sufficiently bonded, huh?”

“Well, you did break her heart. And she is my sister. I’m going to be protective.”

To Kara’s surprise, Maggie smiles.

“I like that you’re protective of her. She deserves that. Someone to fight for her like you do.”

Kara adjusts her glasses and stares.

“And you want to fight for her, too?”

“I never want to stop.”


“Are you finally giving me the shovel talk?”

“Why do you want to fight for her, Maggie? Because you didn’t, when she left that bar hysterically crying, trying to convince herself she wasn’t even a lesbian to make the pain go away. The rejection.”

Kara startles at the intensity of the hurt that flashes across Maggie’s face, and she regrets her uncharacteristically harsh words immediately.

Maggie swallows and nods for Kara to open Alex’s apartment door and follows her inside, putting the pizza and root beer on the counter and pacing immediately, left hand settled below her lips.

“You know Alex. She’s… she’s quick, and she’s brave, and she’s… she’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen, but not just on the outside. Your sister… she didn’t give up on me. Not when I was kidnapped, not when I was being stupid and thinking that she’d be better off… I didn’t want her coming out to be about me, Kara, I was… I know it’s screwed up, but I was trying to protect her. I was trying… I was trying to be good enough for her. And I know I never can be, but I want to try. Every day. I want to try to be good enough, because Alex deserves that. You… you know what I mean?”

Kara stares and Kara thinks and Kara thinks about that goofy grin Alex has developed in the last week or so, that distant look in her eyes that means she’s daydreaming about Maggie, about this girl who makes her smile, who makes her giggle, who makes her laugh like Kara’s never seen her laugh before.

“More than you know,” she answers softly, and then her face splits into a grin.

“I know you have a thing for vegan ice cream – and I agree with Alex, gross – but how do you feel about potstickers?”

“That all depends, Little Danvers – how do you feel about pizza and root beer?”

“Like you’d better be ready to give me most of it.”


When Alex gets home late that night, she doesn’t expect Maggie to still be there.

But she’s pleasantly surprised.

Because it might be midnight, but the two women that mean most to her – that she… loves… – are still awake, still there, surrounded by empty root beer bottles and pizza and potsticker boxes and pints of ice cream.

And her apartment is full of 90s boy band music and raucous laughter and deliberately off-key singing.

She’s not sure what she’s started by giving her sister and her girlfriend a compulsory bonding night, but she’s sure of one thing: she loves it, she loves it, she loves it.

just a little bit of your heart

REQUEST: can you write based on the song just a little bit of your heart by ariana grande? :)

WARNINGS: language. angst.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: oooooooooh this is angsty as SHIT. i don’t even know where this came from tbh.


Sebastian had come home late at night in the recent weeks. You knew. You knew why. But you never asked where he had been hours before; you didn’t feel the need to know who he had just had a secret rendezvous with.

You felt the bed dip, signaling that he had gotten home. You were laying on your side wide awake, your thoughts racing and imagining the passion he shared with someone else. You weren’t thinking straight anymore but you could tell that he had just been with her. He still smelled like her perfume - a mix of vanilla and musk.

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Church | Tommy Shelby

request: can i please request a tommy imagine where the reader is from a very religious family. like very religious, and she always sneaks out to meet tommy and he goes to the church and prays just to be near her. i’ll let you decide how things plan out xxxx

part two is here

[a/n - i am not religious in the slighest bit and i don’t really know about religion apart from what i learnt at school so i don’t know if all these things are correct. feedback would be nice on this because it legit took me ages to write n i’m rather proud of it.]

Tommy never prayed.

The first time he saw you was on a cold, wintry day. His plan was to see if Arthur was knocking around near the church. He had become a loose cannon in the recent months, his mood swinging from one way to another. Arthur wanted to confess his sins, move away and never be involved with the business again – suicide before Arthur left the business. Tommy didn’t find Arthur but he did come across you, the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. He loitered at the back of the church, ignoring the words that was falling from the priests mouth. It was all bullshit to Tommy but it didn’t stop him leaving. Instead, he wandered over to the pew behind you and sat down.

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A Different Background-Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Summary: Requested by anonymous: ‘Hi! I really like your writing it’s incredible ❤❤ can you please write an Eggsy x reader where the reader is a very serious agent and she’s been part of the kingsman before Eggsy and he really likes her and try to grab her attention in many ways and most of them fail leaving him embarrassed while Charlie and the others make fun of him but when he refuses to shoot JB that’s when he caught her attention (it takes place during the first film)? I’ll love you forever if you did it! ❤❤’

Characters: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Meanings: (Y/H/L)= Your hair length
(Y/H/C)= Your hair colour

Warnings: Bit of swearing

(A/N: Gonna do third person again. Also may have changed it slightly.)


Merlin stood with his clipboard, his back straight as he eyed down the new recruits. They too were stood in two lines in front of him, hands behind their backs, awaiting their orders. Most of them looked like the usual material; posh, a wealthy background, maybe a little snobby. All except one. Perhaps thing would be a little different during this recruitment. Merlin started by introducing himself, explaining how the how this job interview would play out. He loved to see the petrified faces as he mentioned the body bags.

Eggsy Unwin was a little disturbed by it all. These people weren’t fucking around. He tried to maintain a stern face, recalling his training in the marines. No way were these people going to care him off on the first day.

“Alright, now that we’ve gone that settled,” Merlin’s posture became a little relaxed,“I will not be alone on this. I have one of our finest members joining me. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Agent Guinevere.”

Eggsy was suddenly paying more attention. The most gorgeous woman he had ever seen walked in, her steps silent as if she were on clouds. Her (Y/H/L), (Y/H/C) framed her face which held a plain expression, though that didn’t make her any less beautiful. She held such a confidence stance, she knew she was good but not in an obnoxious way. Eggsy found himself standing a little taller, chest popping out and head held high.

“I have never seen a better agent than her. Don’t let her intimidate you though, she’s really a sweetheart.” Merlin reassured them.

She smirked slightly, scaring some of the recruitments. They knew what they were getting themselves into, but that didn’t mean they were any less afraid. Merlin continued to brief them, giving her time to assess them. They were only but a year or so younger than her, she was one of the youngest agents. None of them stood out to her, except one man. He wasn’t dressed like the rest, sweatpants, bomber jacket and a snapback hat. Whoever picked him saw something, what is was she didn’t know yet. Perhaps this recruitment would be interesting.

It was their first night at Kingsman, but little did they know that it was also their first test. Merlin and Guinevere stood at the two way mirror, watching as they settled down for the night.

“That Eggsy, he’s different from the others.” she spoke up.

“Yes, very good skills though. Great in gymnastics, coach said he could go to the olympics, did very well in the marines until he quit. Has family problems.” Merlin informed her.

“They’re a good bunch. Let’s hope they do well.”

Their attention went back to the mirror.

“Eggy, saw you checking out the agent.” Charlie teased arrogantly. They had some sort of beef between them.

Eggsy ingnored him whilst Guinevere blushed slightly.

“As if you would ever be with someone like that. She hardly spared a glance at you. It’s not like you’re going to pass these tests anyway.”

Eggsy spun around, ready to punch him before another recruitment, Roxy, stopped him. Charlie and his followers laughed, enjoying this. He was a stuck up brat, he had probably always got his way. Guinevere hated people like that.

They were all finally asleep, unaware of what was to come. Silently, water began to fill the room, waking them up as it reached their beds. Panicked, they all started to shout over on another until someone had the idea of using the showers as air tubes. Heading straight towards them, they bent them round the
U-bend of the toilet, breathing through them. Eggsy had swam to the door, using all his strength to get it open. Guinevere bit her lip, anxious for all of them. But when Eggsy approached the window, she knew that it had clicked in his mind what I do. Her and Merlin simply stood to the side as the glass broke, the recruitments all falling out with the water. He had done it, he figured it out.

Merlin congratulated Eggsy and the others who figured out the
U-bend trick.

“That’s cause he’s seen a lot of them.” Charlie smirked, referring to the two way mirror.

“I didn’t see you breaking the glass.” Guinevere snapped.“What were you planning to do? Stay next to the toilet for the rest of your life?”

Some of them snickered, especially Eggsy. Listening to the others accents made him cringe at how posh they were, but when he heard her speaking, he somehow fell in love with it.

The tasks continued, more trainees were eliminated. Guinevere knew who would be in the finals, something inside her made her happy that Eggsy was there. Perhaps it was because he had proved himself in front of the others, perhaps it was because he had been constantly flirting with her. She quite enoyed it but wouldn’t let it show.

There was the time where they had to do their paper test. Those who remained sat at desks like school children, whilst Guinevere sat at a desk like a teacher. When they were finished, they would hand them in to the agent. As she sat there with a book to keep her occupied, she didn’t really pay attention when they brought up their papers. Eggsy saw his opportunity, swiping up his papers with a flourish, he swaggered his way towards the desk, sliding the paper towards her. He willed for her to put the book down, just to look at him once. Her eyes lifted from the book for a second, just to catch him tripping over his own feet. Stumbling towards the door, he regained his posture, clearing his throat before walking out. As usual, Charlie was snickering, immediately shutting up when he fell upon Guinevere’s stare.

Then there was the parachute task. This decided the final three. As they plummeted thousands of feet towards the ground, Eggsy had to hold onto Roxy, thinking that he was without a parachute. They were lucky not to be detected in the radars and land in the 'K’. Merlin complimented him on his quick thinking, only to be snapped at. Eggsy felt targeted, embarrassed and frustrated that he was picked out, just because he was different. For a moment he didn’t care that Guinevere was seeing him like this; he was sick of her turning her nose up at him too. What was the point anymore?

Merlin obviously took none of it, pulling in a string on Eggsy’s suit, deploying a parachute that had been there all along. For the second time he fell in front of his new crush, unable to get back up. Though he was happy to have got through, his heart saddened when He saw her walk away from him again, no second glance spared.

Guinevere was sat in a hallway, awaiting whoever would be the new Galahad. It was down to the worst test, the shooting of the dogs. Crossing her legs, she took in the peace, knowing some sort of shot storm would come along at one point. The doors to Arthur’s office slammed open then quickly shut as Eggsy stormed out. Yet again he was angry, fuming that someone could belittle him like that. He stopped in his tracks as he spotted the young woman sat down.

Just as he was about to storm away again, she called out to him.“Eggsy, stop where you are.”

For some reason he listened.“What? You want to kick me while I’m down too? Go on then, you posh totties get off on it, dont ya’?”

She widened her eyes, sarcasm rolling off her tongue.“Wow, haven’t heard that one before.” her eyes softened, smiling slightly.“Why didn’t you just do it Eggsy? Why throw it all away now?”

“I just couldn’t. JB was my only other friend besides Roxy.”

“Jason Bourne?”

He smiled.“Yeah.”

“Good, for a moment I thought you named him after James Bond or something; that would be too cliche.”

Eggsy couldn’t believe she was talking to him.“Why are you talkin’ to me now? All this time you ignored me.”

Guinevere laughed.“I have to ignore everyone, I cant get attached to anyone, not that I would anyway.”

He felt slightly embarrassed.“O-oh, course, why would you…”

“Looking back on it, I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed, especially not shooting your dog in front of the big boss man.”

“Well, thanks.”

A gunshot rang out, startling Eggsy. Guinevere didn’t even blink, the sound being white noise to her.

“Looks like Roxy got the job.” Guinevere said.

“She deserves it.” Eggsy nodded to himself, slumping down the corridor.

“Eggsy,” Guinevere called his name again. He looked over his shoulder,“this won’t be the last time we see each other.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Just a feeling. I’m looking forward to it though.”