most gorgeous member

  • Hal on his way to bother the fuck out of Batman: hey sweet thing, how's the most gorgeous jl member doing?
  • Batman, without looking: I don't know, how are you doing?
  • Hal: wait
  • Hal: whaT
Yuuri’s Luck - a coffee shop/college AU drabble

The beautiful, wonderful (and talented, go read her Anastasia AU!) @queen-among-writers sent me this coffee shop prompt where person A buys person B coffee because credit cards aren’t working and person B doesn’t have cash.

Here’s my response to the request:

The rain pouring over Yuuri’s back was a perfect metaphor for his life at the moment. A paper turned in an hour too late, a dorm room locked with his key inside, and a brand new hole in his favorite old hoodie had left him with a depressive mood matched only by Eeyore. Trudging through drilling downpour, Yuuri dragged himself to his favorite coffee shop, rain soaking his shoulders and plastering his hair to his face.

Shoving open the door, he was met with the familiar bustle of the college coffee shop. The place was eclectic at best, chaotic at worst. None of the chairs matched the tables and there was a corner completely dedicated to the love of beanbag chairs. The long counter glowed with a soft blue light housing sweets and cold drinks in haphazard organization. The dark wood of the floors and the walls gave the entire place the feel of cozy cavern and Yuuri sighed as he let the comforting warmth envelope him. A loud crack of lightning had him jumping, whirling around to see the flash brighten the darkened street. The storm raged on as Yuuri slipped through the scattered tables, praying his favorite seat was still available.

It was only Yuuri’s luck that would have the most gorgeous member of his university snuggled deep into the worn navy blue cushion of Yuuri’s favorite papasan chair. The other boys knees were tucked up to his chest, his silver bangs fluttering as he sang under his breath, eyes unfocused as slender fingers made scattered notes on a folded notebook. Yuuri knew that the seat wasn’t reserved for his butt only, but he felt a sense of frustration and anger rising in his chest. As far as days went, this one was nudging close to the top of worst days ever. Wordlessly, Yuuri stared daggers at a boy he had never dared speak to, unaware of how long he remained frozen.

Victor’s daze broke when he felt the heat of observation crawling up his spine. Slowly unfolding his legs, Victor cocked his head at the mysterious brown eyed boy who seemed ready to vaporize him with his hard stare. Slipping his headphones down, Victor smiled, despite the quiver in his stomach. Being silently threatened shouldn’t be exciting, but somehow, in the midst of a world where everyone bowed down to Victor and his never-ending popularity, the other boy’s murderous glare sent heat circulating through his body. Waving an unsteady hand, Victor leaned forward. “Hi, is there something the matter?” The boy’s huff sent his black hair fluttering over his forehead and Victor felt the flutters dance around the edges of his heart.

“You’re in my seat.” Yuuri should have been nicer, this was Victor Nikiforov, everyone’s best friend and the student everyone wanted to bang. Nice wasn’t in his skillset at that moment.

“I’m sorry?” Victor tapped his finger against his lips, “I didn’t know it was reserved! It is very comfy though, I see why you like it!”

When Victor made no indication that he was going to move, Yuuri huffed again, feeling his desire to continue the conversation crashing to a halt. His mood wasn’t up for banter and although Victor was the most beautiful boy in existence, Yuuri turned on his heel walking briskly toward the counter.

It took a full three seconds for Victor to remove his jaw from the floor. The brown eyes had ghosts of sadness in them and somehow a piece of Victor’s heart had been immediately lost in their depths. Pushing up from the chair, he flung his backpack into it, determined to pursue the other boy across the café floor.


The wince crossed his face involuntarily as his cheerful roommate called from behind the cash register. If he had been paying more attention, he would have known Phichit was scheduled to work. His brain was a pathetic mush at the moment, so he had completely forgotten. “Hey, Phichit, the usual, k?” He smiled slightly at the silly face his roommate was making at him. Phichit was intentionally trying to pull him from his mood and Yuuri was weak to his antics.

“Sure,” turning over his shoulder, Phichit yelled to another barista, “half caf extra foam! And throw some whipped cream on there for my wet buddy!” Yuuri smacked a palm to his forehead, chuckling at Phichit. “Hey, you have cash right? Our credit cards went down because of the storm and the boss is here so no freebies.”

Yuuri’s luck. If it wasn’t bad, he wouldn’t have any of it. Sighing, he shook his head. “I never have cash.”

“I’ve got it!”

An eager voice sounded directly behind Yuuri’s head. Phichit’s eyes went wide, and Yuuri hesitated to look knowing instantly who was standing behind him.

There were several injured students who were causalities in Victor’s hasty stumble to follow in Yuuri’s tracks. When Victor heard the deflated sigh coming from his new object of interest, Victor had practically tripped over his own feet to play knight-in-cashmere-and-denim. “Add a caramel macchiato to that order please!” Happily, without waiting for Yuuri to collect an argument beyond sputters, Victor handed over his money to a bouncing Phichit.

“You guys can wait over there… together,” Phichit winked at Yuuri motioning to the end of the counter. Yuuri’s eyes narrowed at his roommate which led Phichit to wiggle his eyebrows in response.

There was something about the damp, sagging sweatshirt that made Victor want to touch it. Experimentally, he placed his hand on the small of the tempting back and guided the other boy down the counter. “So what’s your name?” Victor was enamored by the nervous fidgeting and the deep teeth marks the other boy was making in his lower lip, completely missing the answer. “I’m sorry, one more time?”

“Yuuri, my name is Yuuri.” He didn’t look at Victor when he spoke, nerves causing him to concentrate on the pressure still occurring on his lower back. Yuuri had no idea what was going on. “Thanks for the coffee, I locked myself out of the dorm, but I’ll pay you back.”

“No worries! You can buy next time!” Victor put himself a little more into Yuuri’s space, smiling as he noticed the blue rim of Yuuri’s glasses and the pink of Yuuri’s cheeks. “You know, we can share the chair if you like! It really is comfortable and you look like you could use some cuddles!”

Yuuri squawked. The noise itself was ridiculous, but the laughter it emitted from the baristas was worse. Looking over the counter at Phichit, Yuuri threw his roommate the best what-the-hell-is-happening look that he could muster. Phichit just laughed. Somewhere very close to the right side of Yuuri’s face, Victor was still talking.

“You can sit in my lap! I promise you won’t squish me, and I don’t mind that you are damp. You can tell me why you look so sad, Yuuri.”

It was the smile that tugged at Yuuri first. It was open and honest, nothing like the coy grin that had been in its place when Yuuri had first approached his chair-stealer. The blue eyes took responsibility for the second tug, a depth in them that Yuuri had simply missed. The way Victor had almost purred his name had the third tug threatening to pull apart his whole heart. But there was no way the interest in him was genuine. Yuuri’s luck simply didn’t work like that.

“Order up!” Sara yelled, holding two cups into the air, “I have orders for Yuuri, he is hitting on you, you idiot and Get it, Victor!”

The entire coffee shop burst into raucous laughter as Yuuri snagged his coffee, swearing under his breath that he was going to smother Phichit with a pillow. Next to him, Victor reached over the counter, thanking Sara for his coffee before sneaking a quick kiss onto Yuuri’s cheek. Yuuri swore again, unable to construct any thoughts beyond the crude words.

“I am, you know,” Victor smiled down at Yuuri, lacing their hands together and dragging Yuuri back towards the chair. “Why don’t you come share this chair with me and let me keep it up?”

And because Yuuri had completely lost his mind in the middle of his terrible day, he did exactly that.

anonymous asked:

Hey hey! :) I love your blog. You're awesome. Can I have a Kai scenario please where he is super impressed by your dancing? Like, as an extra in an Exo music video. :) I have looked through all yours and can't find anything similar. Thanks a bunch!

Hypnotized ~Kai~

No school today for me HOLLAA. Hope ya like it :) ~Admin S

“And… cut!”

You drew the breath you were holding and walked off the stage. The director was making you and all the other extras film the same dance scene again and again until you perfected it. Some of the other dancers were having some trouble with it, and since this was a very big music video for EXO, it had to be done really well.

“Good job, _____,” the director complimented you. “I’m sorry for making you do the dance over and over again, but some of the other girls were not quite getting it.”

You smiled and shook your head. “It’s not a problem,” you said. “Dancing is fun.” You shot him one more smile before walking to the snacks table a few feet away.

Once you got to it, you frowned when you realized there were no more water bottles. The EXO boys must’ve taken them all.

You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair.

“Need this?”

You spun around and came face to face with one of the most gorgeous members of EXO, Kai.

He grinned at you and stretched a bottle of water towards you. “Here, I don’t need it anyway,” he said.

You grabbed it hesitantly. “You sure? You’re like the main dancer, I’m sure you need to rehydrate yourself a little more than the other members.”

“Positive. You need it more than I do after all that amazing dancing you did out there,” he swiftly snuck in a compliment.

You unscrewed the cap from the bottle and caught his little compliment a few seconds later. “Amazing dancing?” you repeated.

“Mhmm.” Kai nodded his head. “I was watching you the entire time, and I can honestly say you’re probably the strongest dancer there.”

You took a sip of your water and raised your eyebrow. “So you’ve been watching me the entire time, huh?” you asked.

Kai blushed just a little bit. “Maybe,” he admitted. “I can’t help it. It’s hard for me to keep my eyes away from you and your moves. I think you have a very special and unique way of dancing, it’s like you don’t even need to try.”

You bit your lip to keep from squealing. You had always admired Kai and his dancing, so him complimenting you on it right now was just a dream come true.

“_________!” the director called. “We’re filming scene three now!”

You took another sip from your water bottle and then dashed to the stage. “Thanks again!” you called behind you at Kai. He just winked and waved.




Once the music began playing, you were in your own world. This always happened when you were dancing, because you always wanted to give 100%.

At the moment, you didn’t even think about the fact that there were a bunch of people staring, including the EXO members. You didn’t think about the fact that there were also a few other girls on stage with you, dancing to the same song for the video.

You were the only one there.

Kai stood right beside the cameraman and admired your dancing. He sang along to the music in a low voice and nodded his head with the rhythm. “Wow,” he said. You just took his breath away.

Once the song ended and the director called cut! the other dancers scurried off to get a drink of water.

But you stayed there, in your ending pose.

Kai was the first to run up to you, clapping his hands. “That was breathtaking,” he said. “I think I just became your number one fanboy right there.”

You laughed and wiped the line of sweat off your forehead. “It means a lot,” you replied. “Coming from you, that is.”

“Coming from me?”

You playfully hit his arm. “Have you seen yourself dance?”

Kai pretended to be hurt by the hit, but he laughed it off afterwards. “There’s always room for improvement,” he said. “Even for me.”

You nodded. “Same here.”

Kai grinned, as if he was waiting for you to say those words. “Well I’m glad you said that,” he said. “So how about you and I meet at the dance studio later on? I could teach you some stuff, you could teach me…”

Your eyes widened. “Really?”

“Mhmm,” he hummed.

You beamed. “I’d love to.”

Kai grabbed your hand and nodded. “It’s a date,” he whispered.