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Hey hey! :) I love your blog. You're awesome. Can I have a Kai scenario please where he is super impressed by your dancing? Like, as an extra in an Exo music video. :) I have looked through all yours and can't find anything similar. Thanks a bunch!

Hypnotized ~Kai~

No school today for me HOLLAA. Hope ya like it :) ~Admin S

“And… cut!”

You drew the breath you were holding and walked off the stage. The director was making you and all the other extras film the same dance scene again and again until you perfected it. Some of the other dancers were having some trouble with it, and since this was a very big music video for EXO, it had to be done really well.

“Good job, _____,” the director complimented you. “I’m sorry for making you do the dance over and over again, but some of the other girls were not quite getting it.”

You smiled and shook your head. “It’s not a problem,” you said. “Dancing is fun.” You shot him one more smile before walking to the snacks table a few feet away.

Once you got to it, you frowned when you realized there were no more water bottles. The EXO boys must’ve taken them all.

You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair.

“Need this?”

You spun around and came face to face with one of the most gorgeous members of EXO, Kai.

He grinned at you and stretched a bottle of water towards you. “Here, I don’t need it anyway,” he said.

You grabbed it hesitantly. “You sure? You’re like the main dancer, I’m sure you need to rehydrate yourself a little more than the other members.”

“Positive. You need it more than I do after all that amazing dancing you did out there,” he swiftly snuck in a compliment.

You unscrewed the cap from the bottle and caught his little compliment a few seconds later. “Amazing dancing?” you repeated.

“Mhmm.” Kai nodded his head. “I was watching you the entire time, and I can honestly say you’re probably the strongest dancer there.”

You took a sip of your water and raised your eyebrow. “So you’ve been watching me the entire time, huh?” you asked.

Kai blushed just a little bit. “Maybe,” he admitted. “I can’t help it. It’s hard for me to keep my eyes away from you and your moves. I think you have a very special and unique way of dancing, it’s like you don’t even need to try.”

You bit your lip to keep from squealing. You had always admired Kai and his dancing, so him complimenting you on it right now was just a dream come true.

“_________!” the director called. “We’re filming scene three now!”

You took another sip from your water bottle and then dashed to the stage. “Thanks again!” you called behind you at Kai. He just winked and waved.




Once the music began playing, you were in your own world. This always happened when you were dancing, because you always wanted to give 100%.

At the moment, you didn’t even think about the fact that there were a bunch of people staring, including the EXO members. You didn’t think about the fact that there were also a few other girls on stage with you, dancing to the same song for the video.

You were the only one there.

Kai stood right beside the cameraman and admired your dancing. He sang along to the music in a low voice and nodded his head with the rhythm. “Wow,” he said. You just took his breath away.

Once the song ended and the director called cut! the other dancers scurried off to get a drink of water.

But you stayed there, in your ending pose.

Kai was the first to run up to you, clapping his hands. “That was breathtaking,” he said. “I think I just became your number one fanboy right there.”

You laughed and wiped the line of sweat off your forehead. “It means a lot,” you replied. “Coming from you, that is.”

“Coming from me?”

You playfully hit his arm. “Have you seen yourself dance?”

Kai pretended to be hurt by the hit, but he laughed it off afterwards. “There’s always room for improvement,” he said. “Even for me.”

You nodded. “Same here.”

Kai grinned, as if he was waiting for you to say those words. “Well I’m glad you said that,” he said. “So how about you and I meet at the dance studio later on? I could teach you some stuff, you could teach me…”

Your eyes widened. “Really?”

“Mhmm,” he hummed.

You beamed. “I’d love to.”

Kai grabbed your hand and nodded. “It’s a date,” he whispered.