most frustrating moments in gaming

banishedblossomdancer  asked:

(( Tell me comrade, what's one of the most frustrating video game moments you've ever faced? ))

((Oh boi comrade… I’m currently stuck on Super Mystery Dungeon, I can’t beat Entei. If anyone is willing to help me on that.
Pony island is another Ive been stuck on.
Most of my Pokemon games. And Legend of Zelda Windwaker.
Tbh the most frustrating problematic game was SMD, that I got stuck with no help, no restoring items. I LEGIT HAD NOTHING IN A BOSS BATTLE. ((My first run through of SMD, deleted that file and started a new one.)) Overall that’s it, if I get stuck in a resolvable game I just look up a walkthrough :/ I give it a try, most of my game plays are blind runs.))