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Endless List of Favorite Characters - Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect

↳  Physically, I’m superior in many ways. I heal quickly and I’ll likely live half again as long as the average human. My biotic abilities are also very advanced, for a human. Add to that some of the best training and education money can buy and, well, it’s pretty impressive really.”

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what makes @taylorswift gorgeous (besides her flawless outer beauty) is that she is so genuine and kind. She gives her fans/friends everything and always wants to give more. She likes to help people and be charitable. She actually wants to know everyone’s names. Taylor has a lot of outer beauty but what makes her truly special is her inner beauty.

I hope you see this Taylor because you mean so much and you deserve to know!


pia douwes meme: reasons why she’s the most flawless person on earth [3/3]

Of all the roles you’ve played so far, which one was your absolute dream role?

“Every single one of them. It’s always the one I’m currently playing because through them I get to learn so much about myself as a person and an artist.”

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How would they react to you ( their girlf) thinking that you are not good enough for them ?

S. Coups, Hoshi, Woozi, and Seungkwan might get a little bit irritated that you had even suggested something like that. They would have good intents, but their delivery would be a bit harsh. “How can you seriously think that? You’re the most flawless person I’ve ever seen!” They’d go on a tangent, telling you about every little perfect bit of yourself, making sure it was drilled into your head that they were no better than you.

Jeonghan, Wonwoo, DK, Mingyu, The8, Vernon, and Dino would start to feel sad themselves. They would worry that they had said something to make you feel that way. “No, no! I’m so sorry! You’re perfect, I love you so much!” Even if they didn’t know what they had done/if they had done something, they would apologize profusely, hugging you tightly and promising you that you were more precious to them then words could say and they didn’t know where they’d be without you.

Joshua and Jun would take it very seriously. They’d take your hands in theirs, making sure you were looking them in the eyes as they said, “If you aren’t good enough for me, then there’s no one who is.” They’d shower you in affection, making sure you were absolutely positive of how much they loved you. They’d kiss you again and again, muttering an, “I love you,” between each kiss. 

My thoughts on Sardonyx’s narcissism and Pearl’s love

So I’ve seen people complaining about how Sardonyx is annoying because of her narcissism, but frankly, I think it’s great. And after a while think I figured out why.

Fusing with Garnet gives Pearl something she clearly misses a lot: love. Of course, she loves Steven, but in a different way: she loves taking care of him, she loves being proud of him and she loves when he treats her like a role model.

Sardonyx loves herself so much it’s hilarious. She’s cocky, she laughs at her own jokes and talks about herself as if she were the most powerful, important and flawless person in the world. Sounds familiar?

Because that’s how Pearl views Rose. That’s what she misses - she wants someone who she can idolize, someone who in her eyes will be perfect because that’s her way of loving someone. Everything Rose says it’s true, all her jokes are funny and she’s wonderful, according to Pearl. She doesn’t seem to know the difference between love and adoration, probably because she never experienced any kind of love before except Rose’s (Homeworld does not sound like a place full of gems loving each other). That’s why she has so much troubles with Steven - she wants to love him, Rose would want it and he’s so much like her, but she is unable to because the only definition of love she knows is to love someone who is flawless and much more important than her, and she’s raising him, she’s teaching him and he makes mistakes, so that means he’s not perfect. (That explains why she didn’t understood Rose’s feelings about Earth and it’s lifeform). What worries her is the thought of not loving Steven enough and disappointing Rose (”Sometimes, I wonder if she can see me through your eyes. What would she think of me now?”).

So when she fuses with Garnet, a product of love and equal respect, Garnet’s self-love will combine with Pearl’s definition of love. Sardonyx’s self-love parallels Pearl’s love for Rose. If Pearl’s self-love was as strong as Garnet’s or her feelings for Rose that’s probably how she would behave. 

Pearl is such a fascinating and compelling character, I can’t understang how people can hate her. She is not abusive - she’s misinformed.