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Happy 38th Birthday, Anna Torv! ♥ (07.06.1979)

*breathes in*

mitch grassi means the world to so many people and he impacts lives every single day without even knowing about it. he is open about who he is and honestly that helps so many other people open up about who they are, whether that means they come out about being LGBTQ+ or admit that they have a mental illness, or even just something small that possibly could have been eating them up inside for a long time. his involvement with project HEAL has been so moving and impactful to so many and inspires more than he could ever know. and don’t even get me started on his talent. he is literally the most beautiful amazing flawless person on the planet and I’m so proud to love him. he is a truly beautiful human inside and out and no one can deny that. he affects thousands of people’s lives every single day. the fact that he uses his social media platforms to discuss real world issues and connect with fans all over the world means so much to me because it truly shows that he is human. he breathes the same air that we do and is as impacted by negative comments and issues as we are. he is not his fame. it does not define him. which makes it so much more real. and my god, am I ever glad to love him. I must be the luckiest person in the world to be a fan of someone so unapologetically THEM and so irrevocably good, right down the core. mitch grassi truly inspires me, and I’m not just saying that because of his fame. I’m saying that because he is so much more than that. he is inspiration. he is goodness.


Endless List of Favorite Characters - Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect

↳  Physically, I’m superior in many ways. I heal quickly and I’ll likely live half again as long as the average human. My biotic abilities are also very advanced, for a human. Add to that some of the best training and education money can buy and, well, it’s pretty impressive really.”

Christmas Day Six: Christmas Cookies

Request: Can I have The reader & the batboys making Christmas cookies & Jason is super passionate about making them perfect. So purposely the other batboys are decorating them with the wrong colors/sprinkles & messing up there shape. Jason gets irritated & leaves the room, so the reader follows him outside & while he’s brooding, she brings him her perfectly decorating cookies. Then they sit & eat them. Bonus: Alfred insist they come back inside & tells them they are standing under the mistletoe

A/N: I’ll do the bonus another day.

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“Goddamnit, replacement, when has a Christmas tree ever been purple? You’ve got to be kidding me…aliens aren’t related to the holidays in any way, Wingding, so why are they on your fucking cookies? And I swear to God if you start putting anything affiliated with blood and gore on yours, brat, I’ll tell Bruce!”

As Jason continued to fuss over his brother’s wonderfully designed cookies, you merely rolled your eyes and continued decorating yours the right way so he doesn’t end up getting on to you about them.

One important fact that everyone should know about Jason Todd was that, when it came to cooking or baking, he was quite fastidious about getting every little thing right.

At first, it annoyed the heck out of you, but through time, you’ve grown use to it. Since Jason was their brother (not that two of them would publicly admit it), Damian, Tim, and Dick were also use to it. More so than you.

They would volunteer to help Jason in the kitchen just to piss him off. Truthfully, it was quite comedic to see your boyfriend go off on them when they intentionally mess up a recipe.

But Christmas has always been one of Jason’s favorite holidays. After he was murdered and resurrected, it was the only day he was tolerant of family affection.

“What is the fun of making these idiotic pasties if I have to follow your orders?” Damian retorted, “Quit being a tyrant, Todd and let me do as I please. I do not have to listen to your ramblings.”

“You’re in my kitchen!” Jason bit back, his frustration growing with every second that passes.

“Actually,” Tim injected, “it’s Alfred’s kitchen.”

“That you didn’t ask permission to use, so it’s technically not yours as of right now.” Dick added, smiling innocently.

Jason growled and untied the back of his apron before angrily throwing it at the closest person to him, which happened to be you. You quickly dropped the pastry bag and caught it. You didn’t want it to mess up your cookies now, did you?

“Fuck it.” Jason spat, “Do whatever you want. It’s not like you dipshits ever listen to me in the first place.”

With that, he stormed out of the kitchen, not even blinking when he passed a baffled Alfred at the doorway.

You sighed and glared at the three grinning idiots. “You got him in a bad mood on one of the most important holidays in his life, you should be exceptionally proud of yourselves.” You said, bitterly.

You looked down at your fresh batch of perfectly adorned cookies and knew exactly what to do. Without another word, you picked it up and left the room, not even glancing back at the now slightly guilty trio.

You sent a small smile towards Alfred as you walked by him, and you were gifted back an understanding nod.

It took you awhile, but you eventually found Jason sitting in the sun room, looking up at the sky. You took a moment to admire just how handsome he was with his sculptured facial features and untamable hair. How did you ever get so lucky?

Even though he had a large bruise on his jaw due to the obvious, he was still and would always be, the most flawless person you know.

Jason didn’t look away from the sky when you sat down beside him, and you didn’t mind. You weren’t one of those clingy girlfriends that needed their boyfriend’s attention 24/7.

Ever since you had agreed to date an antihero, you’ve learnt that no matter how important you are to him, you might not always be his first priority. And since you wanted your relationship with Jason to work, you grew to accept this.

You silently nudged him with your elbow and he finally glanced over at you. You smiled and gestured towards the plate of warm cookies. “Hungry?”

Your heart jolted with joy when you saw a smirk appear on his lips. “At least you listen to me.” He said.

Shrugging, you decided to keep the atmosphere light. “I’m the girlfriend of Jason Todd. It’s particularly in the job description.”

The both of you spent the next hour or so munching happily on the treats while talking about random topics. The lights that everyone had aided in putting up, was lighting up the dark, Gotham night.

And in all honesty, you felt as though you were in a Christmas romance movie.

Kamui x Tsubaki
Commission for @falconknighted

You watched your daughter and husband training together, the endless fondness on your face evident. All one had to do was glance to see how happy you were, proud of how perfectly in sync your family was.

But it wasn’t just training Tsubaki and Matoi were. Oh, no; they were perfect at literally everything. Their skin was perfectly clear always and hair groomed well, they were sociable at just the right amount and never once lost a battle.

Not only that, but they were both exceptional in the kitchen. You always looked forward to what they prepared each meal, and afterwards the entertainment they’d provide. Sometimes, Matoi would recit a poem she’d written that was the equivalent of an experienced bard. It touched your heart, really, but deep down, it almost hurt you, to a certain extent.

And that was because where they were perfect, you were definitely not. It almost made you feel left out…like you were the black sheep of your own family. And that was where your problem lied.

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I look awful in like 70% of them, but I’ve got so many good memories.. already miss all of them!
I missed Jared <3 can’t wait for next year!


Happy 22nd Maiyan’s Day

an aquarius opinion on the signs
  • aries: I always have fun with you guys, you're are the epitome of awesome and I love your enthusiasm tbh
  • taurus: 10/10 humour we have good bitch sessions and you never fail to amaze me
  • gemini: there is nothing bad about any of you I honestly think you're all flawless and I want to be your best friend
  • cancer: you can be too intense for me a lot of the time but I admire your spirit
  • leo: you're hella fab and hella fly and we'd make a hell of a good team
  • virgo: you are a literal cinnamon roll and you're so much cooler than everyone gives you credit for honestly ily
  • libra: you're either the biggest nerd or the most flawless person but either way I want to be you or marry you
  • scorpio: idk if I want to run away from you or run to you and hug you but usually its run to you
  • sagittarius: you're the person to go to when I have crazy ideas and you're so much fun and HILARIOUS
  • capricorn: idk why but I feel like you guys just get me, you're so chill and we like all the same things so
  • aquarius: you're like marmite, I either love you or hate you sorry not sorry
  • pisces: you're actually really awesome I always enjoy spending time with you and you're so sweet actually

pia douwes meme: reasons why she’s the most flawless person on earth [3/3]

Of all the roles you’ve played so far, which one was your absolute dream role?

“Every single one of them. It’s always the one I’m currently playing because through them I get to learn so much about myself as a person and an artist.”

High heights.

This is a fic inspired by a prompt ((for a drawing)) and I couldn’t help but write it out. Sorry it short and shitty but yeah it’s unedited and 2 am so here’s the product of that. Shoutout to heidipoo-xox for motivating me to actually finish it and post it :D


This was it. It was finally here and Evans palms were sweaty with anticipation. Last week he had finally gathered up the courage to ask his best friend on a date and to his surprise Jonathan was elated. Evan nervously knocked on the door of the hotel room Jonathan was supposed to be in. He adjusted his shirt and hair about ten times before he saw Jon open the door and holy shit did he look stunning. He wasn’t wearing anything special but it was different from his regular attire, a form fitting blue tee and tight black skinny jeans did the trick. Evan gave a nervous smile and said “You look handsome…” Jon just chuckled and said “Pfft like I tried.” Evan smiled more genuinely that time and said “I don’t think you need to.” He caught the blush that dusted Jons face before he had turned his head away. Evan then felt a pair of soft small fingers lace themselves together with his hand as Jon still didn’t make eye contact.

The two walked the few blocks it took to get to the fair and Evan could easily tell Jonathan was excited by the way his cyan eyes lit up brighter than the glow of it all. Evan admired the way Jon looked in that moment. He was radiant, eyes glittering and skin shimmering as the wind twirled delicate, slender fingers through his coffee coloured hair. ‘He’s so perfect’ Evan thought as he stared on at his companion for the evening. He was snapped out of his sappy thoughts when said perfection turned to him with a brilliant smile and asked him “Hey Ev can we try that? I want a teddy bear!” Evans eyes shifted to look at a small game booth with pins and balloons. “Of course.” He said rolling his eyes when Jonathan cheered like a child. “Three dollars!” The man behind the booth exclaimed attempting to be as cheerful as possible. Evan quickly put down the money as the man explained what Evan already knew. Evan carefully aimed his first dart and hit his target straight on. He heard Jonathan behind him stifle an excited giggle. 'He’s too adorable…’ Evan found himself thinking as his second dart pierced the balloon just as clean as the last one. This time Jonathan leaned on the counter closer to Evan causing him to nearly miss by being distracted. This time Jonathan, no longer able to hold back, broke out into a series of excited giggles and exclaiming loudly “You actually won! I thought you’d miss that last one!” Evan was about to tell Jonathan how obnoxious he was but was stopped all together when he felt a familiar pair of small warm arms hug his waist from behind. With his cheek pressed to Evans back Jon whispered “Thanks Ev.” Evan wasn’t entirely sure what just happened as his entire face became engulfed in a soft red haze while Jonathan just went about picking out a classic looking teddy bear. Jons fingers quickly found their way back to Evans and they were linked to one another once again. Evan smiled and suggested the two visit the hall of mirrors. Jonathan was hesitant and a bit self conscience at first. Evan wanted to shake Jonathan’s shoulders and tell him he was the most flawless looking person here, but he wanted to take this slow because he liked Jonathan so much and he didn’t want to scare him. So instead Evan opted to tell him “Yeah you should be careful in there. You might break the mirrors…” Evan left the sentence hanging the air and Jon quickly looked at him surprised and slightly hurt. “With how sexy you are.” Evan winked and Jonathan sighed in relief and rolled his eyes.

The two headed into the mirror maze with Jonathan being unusually close to Evan. Jonathan held the teddy bear close to his chest, breathing unevenly, and was gnawing on his bottom lip nervously. Evan was concerned about Jonathan’s condition “Hey Jon what’s up? You seem scared…” Evan trailed off not sure if he should mention anything else. Jonathan tensed up just a bit and responded “Well Ev if I’m being honest….with you I uh…I have a small fear or mirrors” he looked up at Evan with those Caribbean clear blue eyes filled with panic. Evans eyebrows instantly shot up “Why didn’t you tell me before we walked in?!” He squeezed Jons hand tighter. “I didn’t want to ruin your fun-” he started but Evan quickly stopped him with saying “Your comfort is way more important than my fuckin fun.” He sounded stern and Jonathan understood it was just because he cared so much and it made his heart flutter. “Okay…” He smiled shyly blushing as he focused on Evan instead of the mirrors surrounding them. Evans hand never left him whether they were holding hands or Evan having his arm wrapped protectively around him Evans hand never strayed away from him. Jonathan found himself actually giggling and having fun in the mirror maze when Evan had begun to make silly faces in one of the mirrors.

Once they were out Jons mood had improved rapidly from his near panic state earlier. Evan was about to ask what Jonathan wanted to do next until he followed Jonathan’s graceful eyes to the huge Ferris wheel in the center of the fair shimmering with colourful lights. “Can we go on one Ev? I’ve never been on one and I’ve dreamed of trying one out.” Evan observed Jon again as this time his face looked embarrassed yet excited. “Yeah, we can do that Jon.” And with that the two headed to the center of the fair. The line was somewhat long causing the two to play some pointless mobile games until they got that private cart just for them. Evan and Jon both set their phones aside as they decided to simply talk while they headed up. The closer they got to the top the more Jonathan would gush about how amazing the stars looked and how comforting the moon felt. Somehow one thing led to another and soon enough Jonathan was inquiring about Evans first kiss. To which Evan simply shrugged suggesting that they weren’t too special. He described the kiss as bland and tasteless like a fish but worse. When Evan asked Jonathan about his first kiss Jonathan replied sarcastically “People just faint from my looks imagine kissing them?! He laughed his signature laugh causing Evan to let out a small chuckle himself. "So you’ve never had your first kiss?” Evan asked quietly letting his laughter die down. Jonathan stayed quiet, looking at the teddy bear Evan had won for him earlier and began toying with its arms. Evan shifted so his arm was tilting up Jonathan’s face to look at him and Evans voice was barely above a whisper as he felt the ride beneath him shift to put them at the top “I could change that you know…” He rested his forehead against Jonathan’s and sighed contently. He felt Jonathan’s hot breathe rush across his face and send shivers jolting through his body. Evan leaned in just a bit closer so that his hand could caress Jonathan’s face and his nose could gently poke at his own. “I’d like that…” Jonathan whispered even quieter than Evan had. That was all it took for Evan to close the gap between them by angling his jaw and capturing Jonathan’s lips perfectly. Both sighing into it as their lips molded flawlessly to one another’s. Jonathan lips felt soft and unsure while Evans felt rougher and experienced but still slow and pleasant just for Jon. Evan could taste the faint flavor of strawberry on Jon and fell in love with its sweetness. Jonathan on the other hand enjoyed Evans strong scent of vanilla despite tasting faintly of melted chocolate. Evan gently sliding his tongue across his companions lower lip to which it took him a few seconds to respond and get the idea. Jonathan felt nervous and embarrassed as if he just ruined it but as if Evan could read his mind he comforted him with a soft lick of his tongue washing into his mouth like calming waves onto a shore. Jonathan had never been treated so carefully and with so much love before and was slowly becoming addicted to the feeling of his new lover. Jonathan’s tongue quickly catching on to the slow rhythm of Evans and the two slowly became a bit sloppier. After a minute or two both men pulled away with flush faces and a little more saliva on their chins than they would like to admit. After both had the chance to wipe off their chins and breathe in some of the much needed cool air Evan spoke “How was that?” Jonathan was surprised to hear him sound so nervous after such a perfect moment. Jonathan, instead of looking up at Evan, simply pushed his cheek into Evans shoulder and hugging him from the side “It was the best thing I’ve ever felt….” He admitted timidly. Evan couldn’t help the dorky smile that captured his lips when he heard Jon say that, hugging him back tightly. They both felt the Ferris wheel gradually letting them sink back to earth as they embraced. Once off the ride the two walked hand in hand enjoying the atmosphere of the fair around them and each other’s company. Evan suddenly gave a small laugh and Jon raised a questioning brow his way. “I’m sorry Jon it’s just…fuck dude! Tonight’s been so cheesy.” That dorky grin had snuck it’s way back onto Evans face and had even found its way onto Jonathan’s as he replied “Yeah, we should do it again sometime.” “Yeah,” Evan blushed looking at the ground and swinging their arms slightly “I’d like that.”


pia douwes meme: reasons why she’s the most flawless person on earth [2/3]

Some people might not know that being a musical star hasn’t always been your dream. You actually wanted to do something completely different, right?

I originally wanted to become a nurse for mentally handicapped children, yeah. I’ve been wanting to do that job for 9 years but then suddenly one day I went out to a club to dance and that’s when i realised: no, dancing is what I wanna do.”

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what makes @taylorswift gorgeous (besides her flawless outer beauty) is that she is so genuine and kind. She gives her fans/friends everything and always wants to give more. She likes to help people and be charitable. She actually wants to know everyone’s names. Taylor has a lot of outer beauty but what makes her truly special is her inner beauty.

I hope you see this Taylor because you mean so much and you deserve to know!