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Happy borfday @therealjacksepticeye! I fucking love ya, mate. You’re my most favouritest Irish person! (not that I know many…)
Ah, your videos have made me happy for probably either over or near two years now (who’s keeping count?) and I just… yeah I’m awkward and bad with words so I’ll just say, I hope you have a fan-fucking-tastic birthday!

This picture was technically actually made for @smol-happy-bean-jse’s birthday video thing, but I figured I’d post it here anyway ‘cause it’s cute and why not :p

Okay Baby

Anon:  Can you do a scenario where Bully gets jealous that you’re fangirling over Young B?

Bully x Reader - fluff

“Byeongho! Young B is so cute!! look at these pictures of him hugging his friends!! he's so soft!!!” I shoved the phone in Byeongho’s face but pulled away before he could get a proper look. He scoffed, rolling eyes moving away to sit on the other end of the couch. 

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dear bluebear
by milki

*i just want to give a bit of background to this poem!
so, bluebear is my most favouritest village of all time! i was totally heartbroken when she moved, she didn’t give me any warning or anything (like the villager usually does when you talk to them). this poem started out as something silly for my english class, but i actually got really emotional about it oops 💕 when bluebear moved out, i restarted my town and reset the game over and over to try to get bluebear in my starting villagers, but i gave up after about the 15th try. i got maple though on my last try, i thought it was good enough cause she was a cute bear! no one can ever compare to bluebear though. so, here it goes, my heartfelt poem to my beloved bluebear. I hope you like it, I worked very hard on it ; v ;

here is it typed in case it’s hard to read !

why did you leave me?
all i did was take a break
for a day
or two
or three…
you didn’t have to leave
you left without warning
i tore down everything
in hope that you’d come back
i tried and tried
and tried and tried
but you, this village still lacks
so instead
i settled for maple
i still want you back
months later
i’m still so sad without you
i suppose you could say
i’m feeling very blue
you’re my favourite villager
you always have been
you always will
if we ever meet again
i’ll give you a daffodil
to show how much I care
i could never replace you
not even by maple
the brown bear
i swear
when you left
i was filled with despair
it was truly a nightmare
how do i cope?
my heart broke
when I received that envelope
“by the time you read this
i’ll already have moved”
you didn’t even let me approve
i’ve written this heartfelt poem
for you
i have a dream that I must pursue
it’s to make this town
a little more blue
please come back”

*please do not copy / or claim it as your own creation. reblogs are welcome !

moonyinstincts  asked:

Vivvviiiannnnn, can I have an update of your most favouritest memems plezz

okay im super late but heres a little thing
- so christine, my bestest friend who i share my main blog with, loves the *gif of the guy blinking uncomprehendingly*
- christine: “this is so under appreciated and youre over here with these low quality memes”, as i send her the *green pointy gnome bad quality pic*
- also goofy from mickey mouse (those tend to be nsfw/ impure/ profanity but theyre funny)
- spongebob in general (so !!!! many !!! options !!!!)
- furry hate memes
- memes that are v vague and take 100000x the human knowledge to understand bc its funny after you realize it
- boi just check my meme blog @meeeeemes


Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

The proud West Country city of Bristol ain’t short of it’s fair share of killer breweries, with the likes of Arbor Ales, Moor Beer Co, The Bristol Beer Factory, The Wild Beer Co, and Bath Ales firmly established, these lot know a thing or two about quality beer. Wiper and True are a fairly new addition to the roster, from homebrewing to nomadic brewing around the south west of England to a new brewery in their home city, they’ve developed quite a reputation in the last couple of years and I thought it was about time I looked into what all the fuss was about.

To get me started I thought I’d try a couple of their contemporary spins on some traditional English brews, and Bristol being a maritime city I deemed to pick styles known for being shipped to the wider world as well as the local pub. So India pale ale and Russian imperial stout then. Except that I couldn’t find a RIS, don’t think they’ve made one. I am far too presumptuous. Export stout then. Sorted.

India Pale Ale Citra (6.7% abv) An American style IPA this one, and packin’ one of my most favouritest, bestalicious hops. The mighty Citra. And aye, it’s a superb drop. That over-hopping delivers flavours of juicy, overripe orange, guava, passion fruit, and grapefruit that are joined by piney, floral undertones and eventually the subdued caramelised biscuit-like malt. It’s bitter-sweet, dry, and pretty dank and resinous for a UK brewed American-ish style IPA (or at least, more so than the bright and breezy ones I usually drink), and I’m absolutely diggin’ it! A stellar start indeed.

Export Stout Topaz (6.2% abv) follows, loaded with a hefty dose of Australian Topaz hops. Now, I gotta say I’m not all that familiar with Topaz in isolation, but I am familiar with well hopped English export stouts so, throwing caution to the wind I dive in. It kinda tastes like a mouthful of coffee grounds, cacao nibs, charcoal, and Eccles cakes. The big, bitter hop finish brings whole bramble bushes weighed down with juicy blackberries and hints of more exotic fruits, and lingers for an age, leaving me somewhat breathless in appreciation. Bold, roasty, and bitter, a proper top tier brew. Just brilliant.

And I’m done, my brief dalliance with this small brewery with distinctive branding and big ideas a resounding two thumbs up. I’ll be on the lookout for more of their beers and will make an effort to grab them at every opportunity. If you’re based in the UK and you’ve yet to try them, I heartily encourage you to do the same. Cheers!

‘Daddy daddy daddy!! Look at my hat!!’ The three year old yelled from across the house. He had been at a party and the person was giving out prizes for some of the simple children’s games, one being a baseball cap with his ‘most favouritest’ sports team that he would watch from the living room in the house with Luke, chilling and cheering from the sofa, at every win or special announcement in favour of their team. It had all started with you suggesting the 3pm slot on a saturday for special daddy baby bonding time just under three years ago, a bottle seemingly tiny in Luke’s hands, and baby boy, even smaller in his arms with the sports channel on in the background in an attempt to create a familial environment.

Eventually Luke would become less infatuated with the tiny being in his arms, and began to take a slight interest in what was going on in the stadium on the screen. When baby could hold his own bottle, and Luke would start talking to him about the game - ‘i think they’re using the wrong tactics. 31 should be further upfield, right?’ - he would only to be met with a smile or a splutter of baby milk all over the carpet. 

It was a family tradition between the two now, every saturday at 3pm to watch their team’s game. Luke would now sport their team’s colours, or match his son with their own replica’s of the white and red striped shirts they loved so dearly - ‘Daddy we match! And we match the team!’. And now his little champ, with his new hat and enthusiastic appreciation for the game Luke had grown into with him, as he had grown up, looked as pleased as punch as he ran into Luke’s arms to be raised to higher heights above Daddy’s shoulders. 

With his hat turned round on his head and a ‘Don’t be silly Daddy!’, Luke would face his excitable little muffin as his hair curled out from under his cap and remember to wear his own more often, as he knew deep down that his boy wanted to be ‘just like daddy’. He was an absolute gem of a child, as bright as the sun that shone through his nursery room and as pure as the white cream walls which were covered in sticky finger marks; ‘an extreme expression of creativity’, as Luke had called it.

‘Hey! That’s the coolest hat I think i’ve ever SEEN!’ He would yell back before placing him on the kitchen counter and reaching into his back pocket. ‘Maybe you should wear it when we go to the big game next week!’ 

‘What daddy? You mean-’

As Luke pulled two tickets out from behind him, a shiny silver glint to them, and inscribed with their favourite team’s name, little man’s big blue eyes grew to the size of saucers, clapping his hands together in glee.

‘We’re going to a game buddy!! You and me could be on the big screen!’

‘And i can wear my hat! And all my shirts! And you’ll be there daddy so i can go on your shoulders!’ 

‘You sure can Junior, and we can get our favourite corn dogs!’ Luke grinned along with his son, matching his dimple and his toothy grin as a chubby hand took one of the tickets with great excitement as though it held the promise of a whole exciting new world.

Luke hoped that the same excitement would appear on his face when he would be told at the game about how the next big goal on his Santa List last year would also finally come true.

Maybe one day he could take both of his boys to a big game, all being well in little man’s reaction to a new addition to the house, and another buddy to sit of the sofa and keep up tradition. 

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Bagginshield Alphabet: Quill

Read on AO3

“Very good, Frodo,” Thorin murmured to the small Hobbit sitting on his knee. The child leaned forward over the desk, tongue caught between his teeth as he concentrated. The quill clenched in his hand shivered slightly with the effort to make each stroke perfect.

Frodo suddenly flipped the paper over, seconds before a voice called, “What’s this, then?”

Thorin started, jumping up in his seat and jostling the little faunt with the movement. The boy just laughed, always finding amusement in moments such as these. Of course he would, Thorin thought mulishly; he was a co-conspirator when it came to Hobbity stealth.

“Nothing!” Dwarf and faunt called at once, both turning to Bilbo with wide, blue eyes. Bilbo crossed his arms, chin tilting down and brows lifting up in a look of total disbelief.

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god im just so happy homestuck is back

there’s homestuck on my dash and homestuck in my mind and I really wanna reread homestuck and do homestuck art gosh 

I’ve been into a lot of books shows animes media things in my life but homestuck is probably the most specialest favouritest of them all it makes me so happy so happy really happy happy haPPY;;;!!!!!!!

safety first (a spideypool fanfic)

Hey, folks, this is Sci! After many people insisting I try my hand at writing a spideypool fanfiction, I’ve decided to give it a go. Please be kind, this is the first spideypool fanfiction I’ve uploaded. Here goes nothing! 

if you asked peter parker aka spider-man this morning if he’d expected to end up naked and accidentally making love to one deadpool aka the merc with the hot lips on the top of the empire state building then he’d probably laugh and punch you off the rooftop or something (except, maybe, now that i think about it, that probably wouldn’t be a very spider-manny thing to do)

(unless you were deadpool)

(because spider-man would, and has punched deadpool off of many rooptofs)

of course we wouldn’t have brought that up unless it did end up actually happening no matter how unlikely that sounds and it does sound pretty unlikely but i mean there you go

the day started like any other… with wade riding a motorcycle through the hectic streets of yew nork, meandering from the road to the pavement, while wearing a very tasteful ballgown, and, spider-man noted, not wearing a helmet, as he watched from the rooftops, his most favouritest vantage point.

not wearing a helmet is very hazardous, spidey thought with his big spider brain; not necessarily for the merc, who could heal from any injury the pavement could inflict upon his already pretty jumbled cranium, but rather, it was risky because of the possibility of the blood of said injury staining the beautiful white satin of what looked like to be a brand new dress, and spider-man could not have that on his conscience, (it may have also had something to do with the ridiculous speeds wade was driving into pedestrians at, but spider-man is no speeding cop), so high ho he followed the deadpool

“dEADPOOL WAIT UP, mister” spider called out with his shrill gross teenage voice even though he’s not a teenager he’s like what 30??

“what you want from me spider-man i’m under the speed limit” the mercenary said as he rammed yet another innocent bystander under the unforgiving wheels of his monster motorcycle

“you need to be MORE caREFUL” said the spide, landing on the back of the motorcycle with finesse, his beautiful rump sat on the back edge of the seat.

“you gotta wear a HELMET else you could bleed over this pretty pretty dress, and not only that but you’re setting a bad example to the kiddies”

“you’re right mr spider, what a fool i am” the handsome speedster wade wilson spoke, as he collided with more pedestrians, bodies seeming to pile up on the pavement. “but i don’t have a helmet, mr spider”

“WORRY NOT, i will web one up for you my friend, as there is nothing more important than safety” the parker man spoke wisely, and as promised, he webbed up a helmet for the mercenary, and just in time too, as the motorcycle crASHED into a building, fire everywhere, but deadpal was safe, thanks to the spider-helmet that spide-man webbed up for him. unfortunately, spidey didn’t have time to web himself up one, but fortunately when wade was sent flying, his ass doubled up as an airbag, spidey’s face landing square on the pool’s tushie.

“saved by the ass” man-spider said

“haha good one” dedpool say

“i hope you’ve learnt your lesson about just how important safety can be” spider-man said very wisely, because he was right, safety is very very important and you kids should remember that

“yes mr peter i’m very glad you taught me that lesson because it is very important and my life is far more much better now that i have learnt this important lesson” wade nodded a lot, like a little bobblehead, only he wasn’t really little, i think deadpool is quite a lot bigger than most bobbleheads, i wonder if you can actually get a person-sized bobblehead, i think that’d be creepy

“and good thing i could save that beautiful dress you’re wearing. may i say you look ravishing in it”

“you should see me out of it”

spider gasp

was wade flirting with him??????? peter always had a crush on wade for as long as he could remember, he just couldn’t resist those hot red cheeks (meaning wade’s ass) and that beautiful demi moore raspy voice (meaning wade’s ass) also wades hot ass, did i mention?

but spider-man could never confess his feelings for deadpool, no no, what would uncle ben say?? spider-man had a great responsibility to protect the people of yew nork, and so he couldn’t just elope with deadpool, settle down and have 6 beautiful spandex babies, no it couldn’t happen. spider shed a tear

“mr wilson, beautiful man, we need to talk” peterman said as he scooped deadpool up like ice cream in his strong spider-arms, and with a thwiPP carried him up to the rooftops, leaving the authorities to take care of the burning wreck of a motorcycle they left behind.

they landed on the empire state building right at the tippity top, landing so hard that they scared away all the tourists up at the top because there are always tourists on top of that damn building, no matter what movies say otherwise. but now they have the tippity top of the rooftop to themselves, spider webbing the door shut for privacy because privacy is important to him

“what’s this about spider-man” dedpool say, “is this a confession because i’ve seen in all the animes that confessions happen on the rooftops.” deadpool watches anime, spider-man becomes aware. suddenly spider-man is reconsidering the feelings he was feeling towards deadpool.

“but you didn’t leave a note in my locker, spider-kun” “SHUT UP deadpOLE”

deadpole shuts up.

“look wade, i have feelings––” spider begins, hand to his heart, looking very much like a flustered schoolgirl 

“who doesn’t?” wade respond

for you 

poor spider-man’s heart is beating like the bongos, and wade is so silent he may be having a stroke 

after a moment wade speaks up, shit-eating grin on his face and he repeat:

“who doesn’t?” 

spider-man nod, wade is right, he is goddamn irresistible 

within a moment, spidey’s sticky hairy spider-grip is all oVER wade, tearing off that beautiful white satin dress to reveal the gorgeous hunk of man within, kinda like a pie or sausage roll what’s got like a nice coating but inSIDE is where all the delicious bits are 

“oh yEA make love to me wade” the spider purred like a cat even though he is not a cat he is a spider 

“i will, mr spider, and it will be the best sex in the world” 

they sex on the rooftop, and, true to deadpool’s words, it is the best sex in the world. 


Thank you for reading my first ever uploaded fanfic, I hope you enjoyed it. 

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To the anon who asked if I thought Suga had been OOC in these chapters ...

Here’s a more detailed (slightly) response. 

First of all, as you used the word ‘these’ I’m assuming you’re not just referring to Chapter 175. So I’ll take it from the beginning of the Shiratorizawa game. (ch 151)

At the of the match, Suga shouts too much and gets reprimanded by the referee. 

Ah-ha, you might say. This isn’t like Suga. He’s the calm one isn’t he? The Kageyama handler, the one who gets Tanaka to stop picking fights, the sweet cinnamon roll who calms Daichi down when he’s getting steamed up about the ‘Tokyo Tower’. And he’s also the responsible boy who sighs with Yaku over their respective Captains nagging the others to eat more food.

All the above are character traits of Suga. They’re all admirable. But they’re not the whole picture. Suga is a guy who initially felt a huge sense of relief when Kageyama turned up because the pressure of his last match really weighed him down. He felt he was responsible. His tosses had not enabled Asahi to get past the blockers. Asahi stormed off because he blamed himself, and Suga couldn’t sort that out. He goes to see Asahi to try to persuade him to return. He’s the one who feels the loss most keenly (I’d argue more than Noya, but it’s a moot point) and he’s the one that WON’T THROW AWAY THE MOP.

(which gets mended- yay - and should have been included in the anime because this made me weep.)

So we know Suga feels pressured. We saw Daichi recognising this at the beginning of the second set against Seijou at Inter-Highs

And then after came off he let out a huge ‘PHEW!’ and told Yamaguchi he’d been pretty wound up. 

So … the fact that he acted quite shouty at the start of the match against Shiratorizawa isn’t OOC at all, especially when you take into account that all of them (bar Kageyama and Tsukishima) are losing their shit out of nerves.

Later in the game, he takes over from Tsukishima, but the gamble doesn’t pay off as it did against Seijou. He’s hugely annoyed by that because he wants to play. He wants to succeed. He wants Karasuno to WIN. His best option to get back on is if they get to a fifth set. So when Kags looks weary, Suga’s jumping around all over the place, because he knows this is his chance. And he has ACHED for this.

Okay, lets skip to the latest chapter, because I’m pretty sure that’s what you wanted me to talk about. Now, obviously the daisuga side of me (which is around 99% of my being, ngl) kind of flinched at the Kiyoko hand holding thing, especially with the different translations floating around, but I’m not going into that here, because the last thing the fandom needs is my opinion.

(What I will say is that you can spin that scene at least four different ways, no matter what the words and actions say, from Suga and Kiyoko secretly engaged and he’s just blurted it out, to Suga being incredibly nervous and babbling out a shedload of nonsense … so, yeah, ship what you want, just don’t crow about it - pun not intended - ha ha. Basically, in the words of Woody from Toy Story ‘PLAY NICE!’).

Suga is getting his chance NOW. This is the most important game of his entire life. It is CRUCIAL. But, he’s played fewer competitive games than Kageyama, who has improved dramatically since he came to Karasuno - a true genius. Whereas Suga’s improvement hasn’t been tested. We know his serves are good (not necessarily powerful, but he aims well) and his game sense is excellent. He builds team morale. He only has to smile and Karasuno do this

but he hasn’t had a chance to show his true mettle, his ‘strength as a senpai’ if you like. He’s learnt new things too in Tokyo, and now … OMG … now he’s going to get that chance. Wouldn’t you be scared?  He’s so nervous, terrified he’s going to mess up, and Kiyoko sees that. She knows her boys (I’m including Daichi and Asahi here) because she’s been with them from the start and has seen the heartache and hard work they’ve coped with. So, she reaches out, warms his hands up (which is something they expand on much better in Oofuri if you’ve read/seen that) and he is shocked out of his nerves for the match and gabbles out some gibberish (or possibly a serious marriage proposal). Let’s face it, we’d all be a wibbling wreck if Kiyoko merely looked our way, let alone touched our hands.

Okay, I’m going to get back to the original question, as this answer is spiralling out of control. My earlier answer was flippant, but it was my gut feeling. I don’t think Suga has been Out Of Character for the past few chapters. I believe there’s good evidence to back up all his actions and words, so I’m not going to slate Furudate for that. 

And to end this exceedingly long post, have my most favouritest picture of Suga from the last chapter. 


Siren / Mikkeller / Hill Farmstead Limoncello IPA, 9.1% abv

Just in case y'all ain’t yet fed up of the Siren and friends collaboration posts I’m gonna throw in another one. This little bottle of magic was cooked up by my most favouritest Berkshire craft brewery, prolific Danish beer fettler, Mikkeller, and Vermont’s fabled, Hill Farmstead. It’s an imperial strength IPA with added lemon zest and lemon juice to mimic the flavours of that most err, yellow of Italian liqueurs, limoncello. Now I’m not gonna get into the why’s ‘cause I love lemons and just about anything lemon flavoured, and with those names on the label? I’m all in. 

It pours a murky, burnt orange with a quickly fading white head that leaves pretty lace archipelagos on the glass. The aroma doesn’t disappoint, there’s plenty of lemons there, also hints of other citrus fruits and assorted crackers.

I raise the glass to my lips and pucker up. It’s like smothering homemade lemon curd all over a slab of all-butter shortcake, garnishing it with candied lemon peel, a sprinkle of lemon sherbert, and squeezing the juice of a whole lemon over the top just in case the refreshing lemony goodness wasn’t quite lemony enough. It’s a tart tipple, has a decent but not face puckering sourness, a medium body, and a dryness that encourages sip after sip. 

This is an oddball brew for sure, but what a glorious oddball it is. It also seriously undersells itself. Yeah it does resemble limoncello to an extent, but it has so much more depth than that, with layers of lemony, citrussy flavours joined by the delicious biscuity malts as the glass warms in the hand. 'Tis a delightful display of beery playfulness, and while it certainly won’t appeal to everyone (or even most people), I bloody well love the stuff. Cheers!