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What Pokemon would you want as a pet?

The thing about Pokemon is that they’re all actually kind of scary and dangerous if you really think about them. There’s a reason everyone goes around trying to shove the monsters inside little balls.

But I would probably choose Ivysaur. It’s the smallest and least poisonous of my favourites, so most suitable to have around the house.

I was tagged by @iris-the-asparagus, thank you! I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while haha

 Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these ten questions and tag 10 people.

Artist: Owl City

What’s your gender?: Rainbow Veins

Describe yourself: Shy Violet

How do you feel?: Silhouette

If you could go anywhere?: The Saltwater Room

Favorite mode of transportation?: Deer In The Headlights (Adam drives the fucking Delorean okay just watch this shit, also LIGHTS is in this video and she’s a cute mama)

Your best friend?: Angels

Favorite time of day?: Galaxies

If your life was a tv show?: How I Became The Sea (this is also my second most favourite song ever, after Meteor Shower)

Relationship status?: Vanilla Twilight (look. look at how young he is in this video nwn I love him)

Your fear?: The Real World

I tag @ofmoonlightandthesun @leodelcaffe @faoraofylisse @books-and-right-hooks @bookanima @toastybeverage @thebookishminer @whiskey-floss-and-determination and whoever else wants to do this!


In any time, in whatever apperance… he’s still handsome

I like to imagine Neil giggles a lot when he gets tipsy. Imagine: Andrew and Neil sitting on the roof, sharing a bottle of whiskey, Andrew’s bitching about Kevin and Exy and Neil is just lying with his head on his lap, staring up at his stupid face and losing his shit. Andrew alternates between glaring at him and shutting him up with a kiss. 

for nadya @assholecashtons

‘Did you know that you have gold in your eyes?’

Calum laughed under you, his eyes crinkling. ‘I didn’t know that, darling,’ he said. ‘Thought they were just brown.’

You shook your head, pressing a quick kiss to the tip of his nose. ‘There are little tiny bits of gold in them,’ you mumbled, running the tips of your fingers over his eyelashes. ‘They’re very pretty.’

‘Yeah?’ Calum murmured, a little breathless. His fingers pressed against the soft skin around your hips, pulling you against his chest. Slowly, you moved your fingers down the curve of his nose, running them over and around his lips, laughing a little when he pouted to kiss them. His cheeks were red from sitting near the heater for so long, and you couldn’t resist pressing your lips against them, feeling just how warm he was.

‘What are you doing to me?’ Calum asked quietly, reaching up to push your hair away from your face.

You nudged your nose against his. ‘‘M just loving you, is all.’

I know that people in fic usually write general Akielon public being distrustful of Laurent and thinking “what the hell, we don’t want any Veretian pampered princes marrying our king”, etc. And its definitely more likely and probable and all that.

But imagine Akielons absolutely adoring Laurent and formally adopting his as Akielon without hesitation. They see him winning Octon matches, trying Akielon rituals and traditions, wearing Akielon clothing, drinking griva withouch wincing, etc. and they. just. love him. His accent is so cute you know?

And then one day Damen gets a petition from people of Ios about Laurent and he is worried the public dissaproves but the letter is like “JUST MARRY HIM ALREADY FOR FUCKS SAKE! CHOP CHOP!”

And the Akielons hear about how Laurent was treated in Vere by some people and they are like “you don’t deserve him Vere he is ours now.”

Problem is, Veretian people love Laurent too… Joint capitol at the border is the only obvious solution of course.