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Jan, 17, 2017. Two years ago today, Sam posted one of my most favorite pictures of all: when they were in LA together, and Cait's sister went to visit her, but instead of spending some time alone with her, she chose to share their precious time together with Sam, and they went hiking together, and they were perfectly happy, and everything was right in the world (and just two days before, he said that Cait was taking good care of him). Could you please post it? I LOVE their family portraits! ❤️

Awww! You’re right two years to the day. I love that they’re integrated into each other’s families!

Love. It’s a word she’s heard only once before, back in one of those nursery rhymes her Papa made her recite. Eleven is a curious girl, so naturally her curiosity pressed her to ask Papa what exactly that unfamiliar word meant. She remembers the look of slight disgust and discomfort that passed over his expression briefly and the way he deftly concluded the session in that moment with only a muttered explanation that it was “unnecessary” and “got in the way.” Love seemed to be something of dark mystery, something forbidden.

As Eleven begins to learn about her world, she’s bombarded with explanations to her questions about the word as “something just for adults” “something for someone you want to kiss” or “something for things you really really like” from girls at school. Still, El learns to define things in her own way, love being one of them.

Love is when Hopper gives her a mug of coffee with her Eggos and tells her how proud he is when she gets an A on her science test. Love is when Joyce ruffles her baby chicken fluff of hair and takes her to the movies with Will. Love is when Karen tells her how pretty she looks when trying on brand new clothes at the mall and invites her over for a home cooked dinner. Love is when Nancy teaches her how to braid hair and to study most efficiently. Love is when Steve calls her “cool” and lets her style his wild hair. Love is when Jonathan surprises her with new mixtapes and saves up his money to buy the newest variety of Eggos. Love is when Holly invites her to tea parties with the stuffed animals and calls her “Ellie.” Love is when Will shares quiet understanding after those dreadful nightmares that shake them from sleep and decorates Castle Byers with her drawings. Love is when Dustin lets her borrow his comic books and introduces her to the world’s snack foods. Love is when Lucas teaches her how to use a Wrist Rocket and calls her on the supercomm when she’s stuck at home because she’s sick. Love is when Mike helps her ride a bike on her own and blushes bright pink when she holds his hand as they walk through the snow.

Love is when Eleven looks in the mirror and smiles because she couldn’t be happier with who she is

Different Versions of the Same (Possibly Fictional?) Story

In 1854, a Detroit Newspaper published the following article about a run-in between Eliza Hamilton and Aaron Burr in 1822:


He says he was an eye witness of a thrilling and painful incident about the year 1822, on board one of the old Fulton and Livingston line of boats on his way from New York to Albany.  All who traveled in those days will recollect that the dinner hour was quite as interesting as now.  The ladies were of course provided for first, and the gentlemen who stood near the foot of the tubes could crowd upon the back seats (so that they respectfully retreated as the ladies came down) until the latter were all seated; then such as were not crowded quite off, could take a seat on the signal being given.

Among the first that were passing up next to the berths, and back of one table, was Aaron Burr, and it was the lot of the narrator to be next to him.  They got as far up as those ahead of us could go before coming to be next of him.  They got as far up as those ahead of us could go before coming to seats occupied by ladies on that side, and all came to a stand facing the table.  At that moment there came down opposite to them a large lady richly dressed in black, and veiled, and while yet standing, directly opposite to Burr, she pulled her veil aside, and raising her eyes across the table, she saw, with his eyes directly upon her, Aaron Burr, and only separated by the width of the table.  She gave a large scream and fell, but there being quite a number standing by, they caught her and took her out.  The boat was then about approaching Newburgh, and she insisted upon being put ashore at once, as she would go no further with Burr on board, and it was done as she wished.

During the whole scene at the table, added the writer, Burr stood like a statue, looking on with a stoic-like indifference and composure, never moving a muscle; and as soon as Mrs. H. was removed, he sat down and ate a very hearty dinner, and went on his way as usual.  It was remarked at the time that Mrs. Hamilton said it was the first time she had set her eyes on Aaron Burr since he killed her husband, and no doubt it was the last.

Source: Detroit Enquirer, March 6, 1854

A Hamilton biography around the same time (not JCH’s) included a slightly-altered version:

Once only during the progress of her life was she afflicted with the sight of her husband’s murderer. In the year 1822 she was traveling from New York to Albany on one of the boats on the Hudson river. The company had been summoned to dinner. When Mrs. Hamilton had almost reached her Beat in the dining saloon, on raising her eyes she perceived Aaron Burr standing directly opposite to her, with the narrow width of the table alone between them. The shock was too much for her system, she uttered a loud scream, fell, and was carried in a fainting state from the apartment. As soon as she recovered she insisted on being set on shore at the first landing-place. She refused to journey farther on a vessel which contained the detested form of Aaron Burr. It is said that, after the removal of Mrs. Hamilton from the dining saloon, Burr deliberately sat down and ate a hearty dinner with the utmost composure.

Source: Life and Times of Alexander Hamilton

Then, Eliza Hamilton Holly’s good friend published a different version in her memoir, As I Remember:

It was upon one of these trips up the Hudson that the widow of General Alexander Hamilton and her daughter, Mrs. Hamilton Holly, were taking their mid-day repast, at one end of the long table, when they were informed that Aaron Burr was partaking of the same meal not far from them.  Their indignation was boundless, and immediately there were two vacant chairs. 

In the 1870s, Burr biographer James Parton (who we might remember was also a big fan of Eliza Hamilton’s) debunked parts of the story:

I may introduce a specimen-falsehood which has had currency, and is actually narrated in a recent volume purporting to be a Life of Alexander Hamilton. “Only once, during the progress of Mrs. Hamilton’s life,” says the work referred to, “was she afflicted with the sight of her husband’s murderer. In the year 1822 she was traveling from New York to Albany on one of the boats on the Hudson river. The company had been summoned to dinner. When Mrs. Hamilton had almost reached her seat in the dining-saloon, on raising her eyes she perceived Aaron Burr standing directly opposite to her, with the narrow width of the table alone between them. The shock was too much for her system, she uttered a loud scream, fell, and was carried in a fainting state from the apartment. As soon as she recovered, she insisted on being set on shore at the first landing-place. She refused to journey further on a vessel which contained the detested form of Aaron Burr. It is said that after the removal of Mrs. Hamilton from the dining-saloon, Burr deliberately sat down and ate a hearty dinner with the utmost composure.”

The gentleman is still living, a well-known member of the New York bar, and a gentleman of unquestionable veracity, who was Burr’s companion on the only occasion on which he and Mrs. Hamilton were ever together on board a steamboat. He informs me — which of course is evident enough — that this fine story is false in every particular. It was a small steamboat plying between New York and Manhattanville, on which the awkward renconter occurred. Mrs. Hamilton merely looked at Burr, as every body else looked at him; for he never went anywhere without being an object of universal attention. /Nothing unusual took place!/ All the passengers landed together at Manhattanville, and there was never any dinner eaten by passengers on board the boat. The universally known fact that Mrs. Hamilton was not a fool, would of itself refute the story, one would think. Yet we find it printed and reprinted. It is a /fair/ specimen of the stories told to the injury of Burr’s reputation. Not one in ten is truer. It got into the papers in Burr’s life-time, and he frequently referred to it, in illustrating his favorite topics — the deceptiveness of probabilities, and the inevitable falseness of the thing commonly called History.

Source: James Parton: The Life and Times of Aaron Burr (1877)

Of course, then Allan McLane Hamilton jumped in the early 20th century and claimed:

[…]  the oft-repeated story of the meeting of Mrs. Hamilton and Aaron Burr, many years later on the Albany steamboat, is a fiction, but it was probably suggested by the Monroe incident.

Source: Intimate Life

There’s no real larger point to this besides that I find it utterly fascinating that all these versions of an event that might not have even happened exist.  It’s why I, at least, keep digging and try to keep my skeptical glasses on about everything. 

Or, you know, just believe what you want!

Can you believe our giant turns 33 years old today? To celebrate his bday I’ll share two of my most favorite photos of his, one when he was a kid and one recent photo to show that he’s the same silly, dorky and adorable man.

Same smile. Same (huge) ears and same joy. Ugh i love you. May this smile stay in your face forever and more baby❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Roman and Jaida Series, Part 1 - We Are Fire

He’s not her most favorite person in the world, but she finds it in her heart to be there for him in his time of need. In return, he shows her just how much he appreciates it. Set around the events of the 2015 Royal Rumble and the Blizzard Raw. Part one of the Roman and Jaida Series. Roman Reigns/OC

“You’re a fuckin’ jerk, you know that?” she snarled, pointing her finger into the face of the man with whom she was so furious. “You should be glad I ain’t slapped the shit outta you!”

A smirk crossed Roman Reigns’ face as he stared down at her angry features. “What’s the matter, sweet pea? Mad ‘cause I called you out on the truth?”

“Ain’t no damn truth, Reigns. And my name’s Jaida. How about you call me by my fuckin’ given name?”

“I’ll call you whatever I want, sweet pea,” said Roman. He stepped closer to her, bringing them chest to chest. “I see the way you look at me. I don’t know why you keep acting like you don’t wanna hop on my dick. I sure as well won’t mind.” He lifted his hand to run a forefinger over her right jawline, hearing her breath catch, just like he expected. “Anytime, anyplace, sweet pea. You name it.”

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Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Todd Haberkorn | Mcsiggy

The second day of Holiday Matsuri is definitely my most favorite out of the three my friend @emmylusblog and I spent there, simply because so much happened! For starters, we made a couple friends…

(From left to right: Emily, @inunaraghost , me, and Courtney)

We got to hang out with a bunch of shirtless and sweaty men who picked us and other girls up…which was super fun! If tumblr wasn’t such a picky ass I’d upload some videos of this, too, but alas, I cannot.

AND I got to meet Todd Haberkorn (videos +pics + autograph on seperate post, linked at the very beginning). Overall…just a very fun and exciting day that was, a lot happened and it was all amazing :D

There are a lot more cosplay pictures under the cut because the second day had the most people there by a long shot! Check it out, though, it’ll be worth the scrolling for sure.

If you see yourself in any of the cosplayed pictures below please don’t hesitate to ask for credit!

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Are you happy now? Are you happy now that AzzMan is licking your tranny cunt? Because now I'm gonna have to unsubscribe from the guy who used to be one of my most favorite YouTubers of all time. So, thanks a lot, faggot.

we have never spoken to azzman in our entire lives you really need to get over yourself geek




guess what?? that’s right, i reached 500 followers!! i haven’t had this blog for too long (only since dec.) but i have already met so many great and loving people and i could not ask for more. i thought i would make a special follow forever with my video edit of yan an and shinwon (info about the edit found below), so i hope you enjoy and love watching it as much as i enjoyed making it. thank you so much for following me, and below are some of my most favorite blogs ever (i wish i could tag all that i follow but my blogroll will tell you that too):

@shineuro @won-an @bbykino @proportional-yanan @yeo1 @dongminstinygf @jniho @yutoish @yutohs @kinocake @kinorth @yananprinceofshanghai @yanansluvr

once again, thank you for putting up with my random yan an and shinwon softness and screaming moments. i love you all.

yan an + shinwon | fast car

audio creds; me (i edited it so much haha)
coloring creds; tree hill af

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What is your most and least favorite part of being a slytherin?

I do like the powerful aura that comes with being a slytherin. I guess the only downfall is that there are a lot of negative stereotypes that come with it.

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Lol my bad! Don't mean to hog up the asks but 📻?

📻 = What music genre do the mun and muse listen to the most? Any favorite bands?

Mod: alternative, rock, or 80s new wave, my dude 😎👍 ((and don’t worry not many have sent emojis anyways!!))

Yuri: rock, punk, or metal.

Things about me no one wants to know

So I got tagged in two of these thingys one by @erurixpr3ss and the other by @erwinsalive they were both quite similar so I’ve merged them. 

Name: Olivia
Nickname: Liv, Livvy
Gender: female
Height: 5′2 
Star sign: Capricorn 
Sexuality: Bi
Hogwarts house: Slyitherin…I think I haven’t looked  on pottermore for years but I am likr 95% sure.
Favorite color: I don’t know. most likely turquoise
Favorite animal: cats
Time right now: 11:00
Cat or dog person: cat but I love my dog too. But she thinks she’s a cat so honorary member of the cat species 
Favorite fictional character(s): Erwin Smith, Levi Ackerman, Dorian Gray, Sherlock Holmes 
Number of blankets:
1 and I always have my window open, I am like an overn in bed 
Favorite singer/band: Currently it is Starset 
Dream trip: Anywhere, I haven’t really travelled so to go anywhere would be a dream. 
Dream job: I don’t want to answer this 
When blog was created: October 2016 
Current number of followers: never enough. :P
Why did you make this Tumblr: I needed a place where I could draw Levi adn Erwin without the worry of being made fun of. And I like to organise my blogs.
Why did you pick your url: Because I will forever be a rookie in the survey corp compared to the veterans 

Last thing I googled: Top 8 richest men in the world. Because they were discussing it on the news and the 8 men are worth more than half of the world 

Fictional character I’d like as a sibling: Armin for sure. We would get milkshakes and nerd out 

How many blogs do I follow: so this is only a side blog and I have had my main blog for 5 years and I follow 659 blogs

What do I post about: Erwin and Levi…

Do I get asks on a regular basis: nah, the ones I have recieved have been so lovely and supportive however!


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7. Wait by M83

8. You And I by Washed Out

9. WDYWFM by The Neighbourhood

10. Big Poppa by Notorious B.I.G.

11. Time Of The Season by The Ben Taylor Band

12. Living Single feat. Jeremih & Chance The Rapper by Big Sean

13. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

14. Danger by Taemin

15. Lamplight by Bombay Bicycle Club

16. Wake Up by The Arcade Fire

17. 1984 by Junko Yagami

18. Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation

19. Dapper feat. Anderson Paak by Domo Genesis

20. Who’s Crying Now by Journey

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a - age: 20
b - biggest fear: not being good enough
c - current time: 07:50am
d - drink you last had: coffee, black
e - every day starts with: an undignified grunt and the pitiful attempt to gather my will to do the most basic tasks
f - favorite song: currently mc xander - spaceship earth
h - hometown: Duisburg, Germany
i - in love with: every cat in existence, the color green, myself and a very beautiful soul i call my boyfriend
j - jealous of: honestly? nothing
k - killed someone: nice try officers
l - last time you cried: this morning. don’t judge me
m - middle name: Julia
n - number of sibblings: none i need all the love i can get for myself
o - one wish: forgiveness
p - person you last texted/called: my boyfriend
q - questions you are always asked: how comes you are so chill (about…) - i am not i just disconnected from reality a long time ago
r - reasons to smile: cute animals, other girls in general, good food, my family, the fact that amy poehler exists, the night sky, fantastic movies, my amazing friends…
s - song last sang: eric clapton - layla
t - time you woke up: technically i am still awake so 12 o'clock yesterday
u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: everywhere, but especially rome and greece
w - worst habit: not sleeping or eating for days, biting my nails, not talking to people for month or spam them like crazy no in between
x - x-rays you’ve had: only my collarbone after a pretty bad fracture
y - your favorite food: apab all pastas are beautiful and i love them equally
z - zodiac sign: fully embraced libra

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