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You deserve better - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2,1k 

Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up Audiences, mentions of low self-esteem.

Request: “can you write something about luke and the reader being at some event and there’s lot of pretty girls and the reader starts to feel insecure about herself and thinking luke deserves better than her, but then he shows her how much he loves her?”

Summary: Being the girlfriend of Luke Hemmings from 5sos was never easy. Especially when you have already your own issues. What happens when Luke finds out about them though?

A/N: I really liked this request and tried to keep it clean for the most part. I really hope you like (even though I know it may not be the best). If you liked it, like/reblog the post (it helps me as a writer to know that you liked it) and don’t forget to leave me your thoughts and comments in my inbox. It helps me improve my writing and motivates me to keep going! 

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anonymous asked:

I personally HC Yuuri not knowing how expensive all his outfits is since he used to buy cheap ones from like, street vendor and Phichit & Celestino was like 'Yuuri no you're a celebrity for god's sake please don't' then proceeded to make him advertised a fashion brand they picked with 'simple yet elegant' 'clean, sharp cut with subtle sensual undertone' that Yuuri picking one of Victor shirt thinking it's the most plain and cheap while it's the exact opposite (embroidery, lace, frill) he...[1/2]

[2/2]… missed while hastily surfing through Victor’s closet. Poor Vitya’s like ‘of couse he chose the most classy one he has extravagant fashion taste’ thus further confirm his belief of Yuuri Casanova-ness that leads to angsty moments of ‘he could never be satisfied with just me I’m just one of his various conquer targets’ ‘did he leave his shirt at each partner places he slept with then take their as makeshift trophy then throw it away when he lost interest in them’ etc.

After he finally gives it back (although Viktor tells him to keep it because he has A Thing for Yuuri wearing his clothes) Viktor is like 'I still can’t believe you stole my most expensive shirt’ and Yuuri is like ’???what? It was just a plain white shirt what do you mean it was expensive.’ 'It was made of silk Yuuri how did you not notice that’ 'Well how was I supposed to know?!’ *Viktor looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

atsuwee  asked:

YOU SHOuld see the price for clothes here like holy dang. 30-50$ for t-shirts. 20$ for a cap or sunglasses. Not to mention jeans. You wanna be a kool kat and wear the latest styles? Frick off stinky you need a million money.

Holy cow man.. For 30$ you can buy like.. Idk maybe 2 pairs of Good Jeans here. 3 even if you know the right places to shop. For 30 Usd you can buy 2 designer shirts here.. I have a cousin who grew up in America visit here and he like, lost his marbles when he saw how cheap designer shirts were here.. why does everything cost so much.. my most expensive shirt is 10 dollars.. my most expensive pants cost maybe 8 dollars.. I’m not sure..

anonymous asked:

Ok, but, isn't it funny that Yuuri thought that one of Viktor's most expensive shirt was one of his cheapest? XD

You can thank a great anon on here who sent me an ask who sparked the whole thing off! 


And now for my lowkey spirit animal, our amazing leader Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • He would be the brother that lowkey teases you but is also the first one to step up and defend you like hey no you can’t about my bby sibling like that only I can
  • You two would be quite loved though so like no one would pick on you
  • He’d often walk you to your classes with his arm over your shoulders as he’s like mumbling tips to you on how to pass the class like “oh Mr. Min is kinda tough but if you just follow his rules and show him you have an appreciation for music, you’re golden”
  • He’d always offer up advice whenever you needed it like if you ever needed a shoulder to cry on you’ve have him more than willing to wipe your tears away and suggest options on how to handle the situation
  • He would always study with you like no matter what the subject was he was wrapped up in a blanket right next to you
  • He could always tell when you were struggling with a question and would just wait for you to ask for his help
  • “You know, I took all of these classes last year I still remember everything we learned.”
  • “…fine I need help with number four”
  • He’d never make fun of what you wore whether it was a simple shirt and jeans or if you wore the most expensive shirt you owned to school
  • He honestly just rooted you on bc his own style ranges from simple to elegant so he would support you fully and you two could shop together
  • He’d be okay with you borrowing his clothes and you would often walk into school with one of his shirts or jackets or even those cute lil glasses he has
  • He would make such a supportive brother that just always helps you out when you need it and loves you v v much
Growing Up

inspired by; @playifyoudontknow a confused luke at a fancy wine party for your work when he was born to be a beer dad

‘I don’t see how we’re going to manage not telling anyone about the baby at your company’s wine-tasting party.’ Luke states the obvious remark that had been swimming around in his head in the hours leading up to the most prestigious event of your workplace’s history; its’ 50th anniversary, and the celebration of breaking into the mainstream market internationally for the first time. With an additional dinner, and more than enough colleagues and ‘plus-one’s’ to fill the dance floor to think about, Luke had yet to question the most obvious way you could be caught out at the three month stage of your pregnancy.

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anonymous asked:

Everyone is grieving over how angsty the last chapter is and all i can think about is how much viktor hates the blue tie and how yuuri accidentally took one of his most expensive shirts. Also, a side note: i think I'll have to re read umfb because apparently there's a lot of details i missed the first time around even though i took special care in reading every word. It's kind of like a movie in that you dont notice everything until the second time.

There’s a lot of little bits that I slipped into umfb&mha that only make full sense when you do a side by side comparison so I’m very excited for people to start picking them up!


BET de Arashi - Hawaii Special - 11/6/2014

Segment is for guests to guess which Arashi member will buy the most expensive Hawaiian shirt.  So Arashi-san used janken to determine which member will buy for which member.

Result of janken is as follows:

Nino –> Sho-san –> Aiba-chan –> Riida –> Matsujun –> Nino

{Right away, Matsujun snarks that Riida will buy the most expensive}

Nino being the usual brat picks out a Sleeveless Hawaiian “BIB” for  Sho-san.  {See Riida laughing his head off modeling it XDDDDD}

Very sweet moment to see Matsujun putting a shirt against Nino while Riida puts another shirt against Matsujun’s back.

Lovely Tennen moment, I think it was very thoughtful of Aiba-chan to buy that sea blue colored shirt with all the fishes & the shark for his Riida since he knows Riida will really love it & will always wear it.

Juntoshi - that red shirt is beautiful and I think it would look good on anyone. Riida was probably still hung over from drinking with Aiba-chan the night before or he couldn’t figure out the exchange rate.  But watching his reaction, I think he was very happy to spent that 15,000 yen on Matsujun as well as the 35,000 yen on groceries from Whole Foods.