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07 March 2016// bullet journal spread + intro post

*walks in late to studyblr-ing with a Starbucks* I’ve seen people do the intro thing, and I thought I’d go ahead and do that, too. Hello! I go by Bernice, I’m a creative writing major from UPD and I’m currently working on my (would-be) thesis/creative work. I’ve always been sort of meticulous about my notes, and I’ve always got a kick out of attempting pretty, but I’ve never really bothered with posting them before. Now, though, I’m slowly realizing the benefits to being held accountable by a community, re: studying. 

Pictured above are: my first ever bullet journal spread, inspired by @studytildawn; my most used ’’’pens’’’ - ZIG Kurecolors, instead of mildliners, which technically aren’t highlighters and are sadly kind of expensive but are awesome, a 0.8 UniPin pigment pen for outlining, and my trusty 0.3 Pilot G-TEC; details for world-building + character development for my thesis/novel sushi.

anonymous asked:

What do you want the most in the world right now

a full-time job that i enjoy and also has health insurance would be very very nice… sorry if this answer is too serious LOL 

if it’s something tangible, i’ve wanted a pilot falcon pen but it’s really expensive for me right now D: 

anyone want to share what they want most in the world right now? O: