most expensive in the world

Paige Russell created the “most expensive cake in the world called the 24 Carrot Cake. The decadent gold treat looks like it belongs in a bank. Luckily, this cake isn’t just for the rich and famous, as Russell released a step-by-step video and recipe guide on the Instructables. Though it may look (and sound) expensive, the carrot cake gets its name from the 24 baby carrots included in the recipe. (Source)

— What gift did I give to you?

— You’ve given me the greatest gift of them all; one that even the rarest, most expensive diamond in the world couldn’t compare with. The greatest gift is you. And you cannot be bought, for you are priceless… and I love you.  

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I Won’t Stop You

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Yes I want fame and money but not for the reason you think

It’s not the attention, or the fine wines that I would down, or the most expensive scotch

It’s so I can go to disney world whenever I want

That’s genuinely my reasoning behind wanting fame and it has been since I was like 3 and it will be until I get there

Like Justin Bieber could wake up tomorrow and be like ‘’Fuck it, Disney World’’ Get a random flight there last minute, buy shitloads of fast passes and go on whatever ride he wants

I want to have that power cause there’s nothin fuckin better in this world than Disney World and Universal Studios

So there, my motives are now abhorrently clear, I fucking hate music, I fucking love Disney

Florida Holidays ftw

(Jokes I love music it’s boss, but yes, Disney World is genuinely a key motive in becoming famous)

Japan's hidden caste of untouchables

Abattoir workers at the Shibaura meat market 

Japan has a reputation of being a homogeneous, mostly harmonious society. There are few foreigners, linguistic differences are rare and on the surface class distinctions are largely absent. But, as Mike Sunda discovered, there is one, often hidden, exception: Japan’s untouchables.

In the corner of a pristine room tucked away in Tokyo’s Shibaura meat market is a table topped with a stack of crudely composed hate mail - evidence of a prejudice that dates back to medieval times.

Slaughtermen, undertakers, those working with leather and in other “unclean” professions such as sanitation have long been marginalised in Japan. That prejudice continues to this day and especially for those working in the Shibaura abattoir.

Never mind that the men here are dicing up some of the most expensive and highly prized animals on the planet. This is where Japan’s world famous wagyu beef is prepared - prime steaks, shot through with ribbons of fat, that can set you back eye-watering prices.

It’s a process requiring such immense skill, training and mental fortitude that mastering the job can take a decade. And yet, for all the craftsmanship that goes into their work, many here will never speak freely about their occupation.

“When people ask us about what sort of work we do, we hesitate over how to answer,” slaughterman Yuki Miyazaki says.“In most cases, it’s because we don’t want our families to get hurt. If it’s us facing discrimination, we can fight against that. But if our children are discriminated against, they don’t have the power to fight back. We have to protect them.”

Feudal origins

Like many in the abattoir because of his profession, Miyazaki is associated with the Burakumin, Japan’s “untouchable” class.Burakumin, meaning “hamlet people”, dates back to the feudal era. It originally referred to the segregated communities made up of labourers working in occupations that were considered impure or tainted by death, such as executioners, butchers and undertakers. The lowest of these outcasts, known as Eta, meaning “abundance of filth”,….

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The most expensive pocket watch in the world made for Marie Antoinette

This watch was originally designed by Breguet himself and has more pieces (823) than an iPhone. It’s self winding, has a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, equation of time, jumping hour, power reserve indicator, and a bimetallic thermometer – everything but MMS messaging. It took forty-four years for the original to be constructed and Breguet and Marie Antoinette both died before it was completed. Ultimately, the original watch disappeared, never to be seen again. When Swatch acquired Breguet, an Indiana Jones style quest for the watch began. When they came up short they reproduced the watch using only the images of the original. Breguet has received offers in the eight digit range, but still refuse to sell.

Mr Styles.

[Not an AU, set throughout 2014]

Harry enjoys the finer things in life; the fine dining, the fine wine, and fine entertainment. He’s takes a liking to a waitress in his favourite Mayfair restaurant, making sure to ask for her every time. She gives him excellent service, he gives her excellent tips in return. The tips don’t quite cut it though and she finds herself with a second job to cover her time at university in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Harry discovers her second job in a less than chaste circumstance and makes an offer she can’t resist.

“If my boss catches me, he’ll haul me in to the kitchen and throw my hand in the deep fat fryer.”

17.5k // Daddy kink-lite, if I could even call it that.

Be nice.

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French Navy (Marine nationale), Le Triomphant-class of nuclear ballistic missile submarines, France’s second class of this type of vessel to see service, and at an unit price of €3.1 billion (Le Terrible in 2009), the most expensive in the world.

Build as replacement of the six cold war-era Le Redoutable class, and becoming the backbone of the Force de dissuasion, the french nuclear deterrence force.