most exciting part of the fight

  • Fave thing learned about characters and any difficulties with voicing
    • Josh learned in season 2 that Shiro can loose his cool, loved finding that out about him. With 2 young kids, that voice kinda comes naturally. Loves Shiro’s dark sense of humour when he’s poking fun at his grave injuries
    • Jeremy: for Lance usually lines are kinda there to lighten mood or make people laugh and Jeremy just tries making people in booth laugh and if he’s done that he knows he’s good, like playing off people around
    • Kim: for Allura, didn’t have an accent before and added it to differentiate her from earthlings. trying to find different sound for Allura. Struggles a little, especially with big paragraphs
  • What goes through mind when playing off inner demons like Allura and Keith with Galra, Lance being 7th wheel, Shiro trying to be civil with Slav
    • Jeremy: trying to make it as real as possible, think of something similar that’s happened to you but usually it’s there in the script how characters are feeling. A lot of them are still teenagers so still trying to find place and what is my thing and where I fit. 
    • Kim: for Allura, it can get pretty boring to be a princess, but it’s great she has this mission but also this struggle, love that not just typical princess like in last ep where she’s fighting haggar, has a lot of duality
    • Josh: basically just try to make it real for myself, has to take himself to certain people he knows who are like that. Has a lot in common with Shiro and for the rest just rely on writing and what else he’s seen in show
  • For Allura, bigger arc in second season, internal motivation, conflict
    • Kim: when recorded it, she’s ignoring Keith, acting like a teenager, has moment off screen where she realizes it and that she hasn’t been being better self. Kim was surprised to see comments online about people upset she forgave Keith because “she has right to feel that way” because she never saw it that way
    • Josh: how cool though that an animated show can take an issue like that and make discussions happen
  • What are you excited to see with characters and explore in future
    • Everyone: want Shiro back
    • Jeremy: most excited for Lance to step up into leadership role and be more serious and responsible (at times, cause he’ll always also be Lance). Fun to see people get opportunities to be more mature. Pleasantly surprised when certain characters get to step up and be more serious
  • Fave s2 scenes
    • Josh: chase on cow
    • Kim: Hunk’s slow mo run away from Vrepit Sal’s, Pidge learning Altean with the bear, Coran looking for a mouse for no reason, little precious moments
    • Jeremy: Coran deaging
    • Kim: a lot of good fight scenes, like BoM
  • Kim gets scripts and cannot stop reading, says it’s so fun to be a part of
The Boring but Important Basics of Witchcraft

Let me start by saying CLEANSING CLEANSING CLEANSING. It’s the most basic, first thing you learn, exciting and boring part of witchcraft.

Negative energy is a scientific fact based on positive and negative charged ions that make up everything.

Clearing out negative energy and replacing it with positive energy is not something you should only do during spring cleaning.
Cleanse after a very stressful or negative experience like a fight or finals. Cleanse if you’re feeling lethargic or upset. Cleansing may not fix everything but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

The best way I’ve found to cleanse it a salt water, sage, pine mix. It’s in a spray bottle and I just spray it around the room. It works best if you’ve cleaned up any clutter that may be lying about. It also helps to declutter your mind. For me that can be hard between my anxiety and depression so it really helps to sit down and work things out in my head.

Another basic is protection and casting circles. When you perform spells or rituals you open yourself up to outside interference. It’s like how your laptop limited to what’s on it by itself. When it connects to the internet it becomes part of all these other devices that are connected and its no longer limited. Without a firewall your computer can get a virus. So casting a circle is like activating a firewall.

You can create a mental circle but it can be hard to keep up if you’re performing an energy costing spell or ritual. Salt is your best friend!

Creating circles and walls from outside energy is essential for most empaths to function some days. It all depends on who you come in contact with. Even if you don’t spend much time with a person you can still pick up on their emotional energy. If you do get interference cleansing can help clean out other people’s emotions.

A lot of witchcraft is visualizing and focusing your will and releasing energy from things like crystals or herbs. Meditation and mental exercises will help you in whatever spells or rituals you want to do.

My last basic isn’t witchcraft but it’s essential for doing spells or rituals. Take care of yourself. If you are too tired and don’t have the energy, for whatever reason, to focus or use energy in a spell, it’s not going to work. So drink water, exercise, sleep, relax. Do what you can to take care of you. Self care isn’t always easy but it’s important in everything you do. I’m a big advocate of those occasional and unavoidable mental health days. Mental sickness will cause your body to become sick.


What is the most challenging part of the role [Clary Fray]?
The most challenging parts of the role are the most exciting. Physically the role is very demanding. We do most of our own fighting and stunts so there is a good deal of training required in our off time. I really enjoy the challenge of learning the different martial arts as well as pushing my fitness to new levels. Also, they continue to expand our characters as they develop and providing interesting and challenging arcs for all of us. Overall, the show is a huge learning process for me and I’m loving every minute of it.

X-Men Preference: How they react to being saved by you

This time around the gifs are a bit different. Hope you don’t mind.

Logan Howlett (Wolverine)

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On the outside Logan pretends to be completely unaffected by your unusual show of strength and intelligence. He probably makes a few sarcastic remarks about you showing up “late” and he might even chastise you for putting yourself in danger. In reality though he is impressed and more attracted to you now than he was before you saved him. He also won’t say thank you and unless you demand it from him. It’s not that he isn’t thankful, but he is very much a “manly man” and having to be saved by anyone at all makes him feel weak. 

Charles Xavier 

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Before this moment he’s never seen the full extent of your powers, and he’s never seen someone look so determined and angry.  He was expected someone like Logan or maybe even Hank to chase after his captors, but he never considered the possibility that you would be the one shattering the wooden door. For a moment the danger of the situation drops away and all he can do is watch your movements. To him it seems like every move is perfectly calculated and the fight is over in seconds. In reality you’re just so mad that Charles was taken that you’re lashing out at everything that moves. 

Immediately after the two of you are in a safe place he tries to convey his appreciation in a way that wouldn’t freak you out. What he really wants to do is enthuse and rave about how amazing he thinks you are, but instead he tells you that you’re an amazing person while staring directly into your eyes. To be honest it’s still a little intimidating, because no one has ever praised you so much before but the compliments are still very appreciated. 

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)

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This is the moment that Erik has been waiting for. He’s known the full potential of your powers since the moment he met you and he’s been pushing you to explore the full extent of your powers ever since. When he finds himself in danger of being killed and you’re the one who comes to his rescue he couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Much to your annoyance, he eggs you on from his compromised position. Every now and then you’ll spin around and snarl at him to “Stop it, Erik!” 

Even days after the fight he continues to refer back to it if you ever mention your powers. For the most part you just roll your eyes at him. After all, you don’t want your existence to be based off of your ability to fight. But the look of excitement on his face every time he talks about it makes you feel just a bit warmer on the inside.

Peter Maximoff

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He’s so surprised! He’s always known you were a badass, but not this much of a badass. He stares at you in awe during the entire fight. In all honesty he probably could have helped out a little, but he’s captured by your skill. He’s already in love with you, but somehow he’s even more in love with you in this moment. 

Back at the mansion you stay with Peter while he get’s his wounds treated. “How come you were just standing on the wall looking stunned while I was beating everyone up.”

“You were just so amazing I forgot there was a fight going on. I didn’t know you could fight like that.”

“I’ve been fighting longer than you have, Peter. Why wouldn’t I be good at fighting.”

He shrugs wincing as he pulls a sore spot. “I’ve just never seen you fight before. You were just so amazing.”

“You’ve already said that.

Alex Summers (Havok)

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When you show up as a part of the rescue team, Alex wants to sink into a hole. He’s been trying to flirt with you and impress you for almost a year and now you’re watching him get his ass handed to him. In any other circumstance he’d love to watch you fight bad guys, but for now the only thing he can think about is how embarrassed he is. 

He isn’t too badly hurt at the end of the fight. He only has a few scratches and bruises that you help bandage when you get back to the mansion. But while you’re helping him, you notice that he’s strangely silent. Normally Alex would be eagerly telling you about the mission. What went right and what went wrong. You suspect that when you’re not on the same mission he exaggerates his involvement, but it makes you smile to hear him speak with so much excitement. However, this time the two of you sit in silence. 

“Is something wrong, Alex? You’re not normally so quiet after a mission.”

“Well normally I’m not the one messing up and having to get saved.” 

“Aww Alex are you embarrassed?” you tease. “Don’t worry everyone has to be saved at some point.” You stand up from the couch that you and Alex have taken over. “If it makes you feel any better I still think you’re one of the best X-Men.” There was something in your tone to suggest that you were still joking around, but Alex could tell that you meant what you said. 

Scott Summers (Cyclops)

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Scott is annoyed with the entire world. He can’t tell if he’s annoyed because he’s the one being rescued or because he inadvertently put you in danger. In fact, he’s so annoyed with the situation that he doesn’t realize the fight is over until you’re standing in front of him looking at him with concern. 

“Are you ok, Scott? You seem a little out of it. Did you hit your head or something.” 

“No I’m fine,” he answers curtly before roughly shoving past you towards the extraction vehicle.

You call after him several times before giving up and jogging to catch up with him. Hours later while the two of you are eating a late dinner you mention Scott’s strange behavior for the second time. 

“It’s nothing. I was just irritated because you had to come save me.” 

You laugh softly. “Scott you shouldn’t be annoyed because you’re not the perfect fighter. Everyone has to be saved at one point or another. It’s just how it works.”

“No it’s not that,’ he answers. “I’m annoyed because I was in danger and that put you in danger. And I don’t want you to be in danger.” 

The confession surprises you and for a few seconds silence hangs in the air. 

“I appreciate that, Scott, but I can take of myself and you know that.” 

Despite your attempt at making him feel better, Scott doesn’t talk much for the rest of the night. But the next morning he’s back to his normal self.  

A little tied up

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: Steve tries to teach Tony about tying knots, but Tony’s mind keeps wandering into more kinky parts of his brain. And if you can’t beat them…

length: 1 313 words

warnings: light bondage

a/n: sooo, I am kinda sleepy and don’t know what is happening and thought that maybe you want a fic today. this prompt - still trying to make my way through my prompts… hope you like it!


A little tied up

“This is how you do an overhand knot. It is the basic one.”


“And this is a square knot. It is really sturdy.”


“And this is a granny knot. It is similar to square knot, but here–”


“Tony!” Steve scolded, as Tony dropped his head on the table and fake snored. “Pay attention! You might need this one day!”

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Safe || Alex Standall

Pairing: Alex x Reader

Request: I’ve been so moody lately and I hate it. Could you do an Alex Standall smut? Maybe where he’s a little off, distant? When you’re at Bryce’s (the pool scene where Alex falls in) and she sees him and offers to take him home to her place?

Warnings: Language, implied/a little smut

Word Count: 1,581

A/N: I’m a little late on this but I just now finished it. I feel like I could have written it better so I’m sorry if it sucks. Also, I know you asked for smut but I don’t really write it or at least not graphically so its short and has some detail but not much.

Alex had been distant and off all day. At school, he barely acknowledged your presence, making you thankful for Zach who had caught on and took it upon himself to talk to you at lunch and hang out with you during free period when Alex didn’t meet you at your locker like usual. After school, he didn’t come to your house to study like he usually does when you have tests coming up. He didn’t answer any of your texts or calls and when it came time to go to Bryce’s that night, he didn’t even come and pick you up. Zach was already there and had to leave to go get you.

You were now all at Bryce’s house. He and Justin play fought behind the couch by the door that leads to the backyard. Alex and Monty sat on the couch playing video games while Zach sat on the back of it behind Alex with you next to him (facing him) behind Monty, the two of you watching them play.

“You fight like a little girl!” Bryce smiled, pushing Justin away from him.

“Come on, Foley.” Zach was watching them now.

Justin reached his hand out, slapping Bryce’s neck, “Ohhh!” Zach and Bryce laughed.

“Foley, come on.” Zach chimed in as Bryce began dodging Justin’s other attempts to hit him before the only Foley child grabbed him and the two of them started struggling against each other as Zach and Monty laughed.

They moved across the floor, “Get him!” Monty smiled as Justin fell over the back of the couch, partially on you.

“Get off of me, idiot.” You laughed, you and Zach kicking him as Monty pushed him with one hand, keeping focused on the game, Alex ignoring the interaction for the most part, although he did look over when he heard what you said before turning his attention back to the video game, irritation clear in his expression.

“Come on Justy, you fight like a little girl.” Bryce taunted, amusement in his voice as Foley got back to his feet.

They returned to their struggle, Bryce quickly restraining Justin from behind, “Is that your arm or are you excited to see me.” Justin smirked.

“Fuck you, you little bitch.” Bryce replied as they fought against each other, “You fight like a fucking bitch.” He continued, putting Justin in a headlock, “Little fucking bitch.” He added before Justin broke free and threw him on the floor.

“Fuck you, I’m not your bitch, bitch.”  He said before getting on top of Bryce and beginning to hit him repeatedly.

“Ow.” Bryce said through his laughter.

“Come on, Alex, play or don’t. We’re getting killed.” Monty spoke up, making you look away from the two boys on the floor and back at the game.

Alex glanced over at him, “Fuck you, Montgomery.” He responded, turning his player against the other boy’s.

“Oh.” Zach said, watching as Alex began shooting at Monty’s player.

“What the- dude, you team-killed me!” Monty pushed Alex a bit in complaint as you and Zach laughed from behind them.

“Yeah, I did.”

“Dude, you’re a really good shot.” Zach complimented through his laughter.

“Yeah, I am.” Alex answered, tossing the controller on the couch as he stood up.

“I’ll shoot in his spot.” Zach told Monty as he slid down the back of the couch and onto the cushion where Alex was previously.

Justin and Bryce were still wresting on the floor, grunting and cursing at each other when Alex walked by you, ignoring your look of confusion. He walked towards the door, looking down to dodge the two boys as they rolled partially in front of him. He walked along the edge of the pool, stumbling here and there due to the alcohol he’s already consumed. You watched him, getting off the back of the couch and walking to the door, kicking Bryce when he rolled into you, causing an “Ow.” to come from him. Your eyes stayed on Alex as he came to a stop beside the pool, worry beginning to rush through you. He swayed a bit before he lost his balance and fell to his left, hitting the water and starting to sink to the bottom.

“Alex!” You panicked, sprinting towards the pool, catching the attention of the other four boys.

Justin and Bryce seized their actions and looked over as Zach and Monty came to the door. You jumped into the pool without a second thought.

“Oh shit!” Zach ran over, followed by Monty as the other two stood up from the ground where their wrestling had moved them about two feet out of the door.

You swam to the bottom, quickly catching sight of him as he regained awareness of what was happening and looked up to see you. You grabbed him and pulled him up to the surface where Zach was kneeling down, ready to help pull him out. You pulled him to Zach who hoisted him over the edge. Alex began coughing up the water as you got out and knelt beside him.

“You okay, dude?” Monty asked him.

He nodded, continuing to cough as he sat up, “I think I lost my balance.” He stated.

“That’s what it looked like.” You replied.

After letting him recover, you helped him to his feet, offering to take him to your house to which he agreed to. After gathering your jackets and phones and saying your goodbyes to the guys you lead him to your car.

Pulling into your driveway you noticed your parent’s car was gone, leaving the two of you alone in the house.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You helped him out of the car as he was still a little unsteady on his feet and coughing here and there.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You had expected an irritated reply like you’ve been getting all day and night but his voice was calm.

You lead him inside and up the stairs to your room, shutting the door behind you. You kicked your shoes off then started to dig through your dresser in search of other clothes for the two of you since you’ve stolen some of his clothes and stashed them in your dresser. Meanwhile, he stood in the middle of your room, not wanting to get anything wet. You found the shirt and pajama pants of his that you had stolen weeks ago and now sleep in.

“Here, take these.” You held them out to him.

“What are you doing with my clothes?” He questioned, taking them as he inspected what ones they were, “Y/N, I’ve been looking for these for weeks.”

You smiled innocently, “I don’t know how they got here, I swear.”

A smile slowly crept onto his face as he looked at you, a playful eye-roll invading his features briefly. He started tugging his clothes off as you looked back at your bureau in search of clothes for yourself. Once you found a tank top, shorts, and underwear you shut the drawer and pulled your shirt off. You and Alex have been together for months and you’ve already had sex several times so it didn’t bother you, even when he stopped what he was doing to stare at your body as one item of clothing after another hit the floor. Before you knew it, you were pushed against your dresser, his hands roaming your almost completely bare body as his mouth violated your neck.

“Alex!” You yelped in surprise but the only response you got was him lifting you up, causing you to instinctively wrap your legs around his waist as his lips moved up your neck before stopping on yours.

He pulled you from the bureau and made his way over to your bed, lying you down on it and hovering above you between your legs. Your mouths moved against each other’s, your tongues taking turns sliding past one another’s lips. You could taste the chlorine from the pool water, the smell of it still clinging to the two of you. When he pulled away to trail kisses down your body you could feel the droplets from his still wet hair as they fell onto your skin in his lips’ wake. He pulled at your panties, dragging them down your thighs then tossing them in a random direction. It wasn’t long before he had you succumbing to your loud moans under the skills of his tongue, your body writhing in erotic pleasure. It was only after your climax that he moved back up your body, his hardened shaft taking shelter in your sensitive heat.

“I’m sorry for how I’ve been today.” Alex broke the silence as the two of you cuddled, still calming down from your recent activities, “I’ve just been really stressed lately from all of this stuff with Hannah.”

“Its okay.” You said, “You have the right to have off days.” You stated, “Just know that I’m always gonna be here for you and you can always talk to me whenever you need to about anything.”

He smiled, looking at you as you lifted your head from his chest, “You probably saved my life today.”

“And to think, you didn’t want me there.” You taunted.

“I’m sorry.” He laughed a bit and you shook your head.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just happy you’re safe.” You leaned in and kissed him.

“I love you.” He stated against your lips.

You smiled into the kiss, “I love you too, Alex.”

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In the Sight of the Public, Always

In the meantime while @neko-puff is occupied, I’m going to share a little scene based on her CyberTube AU. I hope I did well!

Also spoilers warning: This story may hint or reveal some undisclosed information about CyberTube. Read at your own discretion! 

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anonymous asked:

What is something you learned this year? 🎁💛😘

Here are a few things I’ve noted down thus far:
In 2016 I learnt:
• idealism is a terrible form of addiction
• usually its our own mind that breaks our heart not the other person
• Your own soul will save you
• Seeing first the potential in people instead of their faults beautifies a much kinder world
• Always be a good person, even if they’re not good to you, let them be an ass by themselves, you be good.
• Gratitude is the key to setting yourself free from whatever pain you are stuck in
• Getting excited over the little things and sharing them really brings joy to life
• laughing with your family gives your a reason to live
• your cat purring because you just walked into the room is one of the most beautiful things on earth
• stop trying to predict the year ahead when God has other plans for you
• you have to confront the part of you that would rather seek to death to live your life to the fullest
• Staying strong in the faith of the Lord will get you through the hardest times
• Be more kind than necessary to others, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle
• Save 10 percent of what you earn before you do anything else (The richest man in Babylon)
• Family will always support you so take care of your family first
• you have to be the one to initiate love in order to receive love
• there is no such thing as rejection, if they don’t want you that’s there loss and clearly they have something wrong with them so thank the Lord for keeping you safe once again.
• Pain will leave once it’s finished teaching you
• Nurturing yourself will heal wounds and have you glowing with love
• Being good to people is its own reward
• Not everyone is going to appreciate you and that’s why you have to appreciate yourself all the more
• you cannot make everyone understand, and that’s okay you were not made to be understood. You’re ancient soul full of wisdom and mysteries, one day you’ll take the world by storm.
• Sharing yourself, even the most vulnerable parts isn’t as scary as you thought as long as it’s in your conscious consent
• everyone needs a bit of poetry in their life
• God volunteered his only son to be sacrificed for our sins, that’s how much we are loved.
• emotional self expression and self-reflection is the key to self-mastery
• Share what little you have with people: love, knowledge, time, positive energy, an ear to listen, a joke to make them laugh, a smile to brighten their day.
• I bonded with the moon, she listens to me sometimes when it’s a dark night and no one else is awake. She’s very wise, I trust her.
• Be loyal to yourself. Don’t betray yourself.
• I mastered the art of saying goodbye

Some sad and fluffy clone headcanons that have been keeping me awake:

an AU where they don’t find Numa’s parents, and Waxer and Boil end up taking care of her, and it’s this ridiculously huge deal because they’re not supposed to have family’s it’s not a part of what they were made for, but their generals fight for them so fucking hard - for them to be able to get a safe place to raise her. and even when they get it the Kaminoans and most of the rest of the galaxy look at them as some sort of weird social experiment And there’s always that fear that they’re not going to be able to keep their family but they’re so determined to protect it.

The first night after they join the 501st Fives climbs into Echo’s bunk because no matter how excited he is he’s also scared as hell and desperate for some sense of safety and stability after losing so much so quickly, and there’s nothing safer than Echo

Echo reciting regs from memory when he’s particularly nervous and not realizing how many members of his squad move in closer to listen to his steady voice when things get especially bad.

Cody and Rex making sure to always check in with each other after one of their legions gets back from a mission.

Rex fucking breaking down in Cody’s arms after Umbara After having to force himself to be strong through so much and finally having someone around who it isn’t his job to protect

Anakin being ready to fucking eviscerate anyone who treats his men like they’re property, or like they’re expendable, or anything less than what they are - Padmé fighting for them in the senate whenever she can

Clones just all being really casually and freely affectionate with each other when they’re the only ones around but only letting other people in very selectively


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Like the other anon I started following BTS ( & k-pop ) like a year ago & I'm so grateful to have done it . The effort, the love & all Bangtan🔥 put in their work is so freaking important and stunning for me .I keep asking myself why I didn't discover BTS before. And the fandom😋 ! I LOVE HOW is our Fandom and I'm so proud of this family( and honestly who don't love all these memes and inner jokes 😏). This is and will always be THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT IN LIFE in my life 💕✨🙏.BTS FIGHTING✊😊

I ask myself the same question! All this time, I didn’t know this amazing group existed!? But at least we discovered them and have a long way to go forward with them. (ᵔᴥᵔ) Happy to hear how much love you have for the boys and the fandom~ I get excited knowing how many great people we have in this community, supporting not only BTS but also each other. ☺

Anonymous said: Hello. I see people are sharing their stories about BTS. So I’d like to share mine. I’ve been part of this fandom since 4/12/16. Before that I was depressed, doing nothing with my life.I was in college, I felt like I was going no where. Then I remembered a friend had told me about a band, I was into alternative rap, heavy metal. First song I listened to was No More Dream, after that I had a dream. Too one day meet BTS and to be an actress. BTS saved me from nothingness. <3

♡♡♡ I’m happy to know that you’ve come a long way~ Isn’t it incredible seeing how much music and BTS and this community can not only change us, but push us forward? I am in awe. We have such a large variety of people coming together to love and support this group, who in a way have loved and supported us when we’ve needed it. Thank you for sharing! Much love. (◕‿◕✿)
- Kristi



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who hogs the duvet: hinata oh my god he hogs it all

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: kuroo likes to hear every detail of both bokuto and hinata’s days 

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: bokuto and kuroo spoil hinata rotten

who gets up first in the morning: hinata, the little ball of sunshine

who suggests new things in bed: hinata, and sometimes they’re borderline dangerous ideas smh

who cries at movies: it’s a domino effect. once hinata starts crying, bokuto cries, and then kuroo

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C  O  R   R   U  P  C  I  Ó  N

The original tittle was ¨Corruptus¨ but it was and spanish so I´m going to keep it save. Oh my stars, this is the first time I translate ALL a chapter for my own, so don´t expect too much about my grammar or sense of time. Oh boy, this is a (now) a gift for the lovely @futagogo, for being extra nice with me! :3 
There is a cover por this fanfic, but I’m not going to submit it here; so I’ll put the plot here: ZEROVER + AU POCKET MORTYS + YAOI… that will be all…

“Let’s see. Jerry left Beth in her second pregnancy; Summer also left her to go with her father … and this Morty was left with his Rick since he was a few months old. Before that” a closer look at the screen  “Oh dear, before Beth was in a car accident due to her alcoholism, where she passed away.”

Rick (Storage Manager) carried an electronic cigarette in a hurry to his mouth and held the smoke until he could exhale naturally. He turned the screen and immediately began typing a couple more symbols. The guard just rolled his eyes in annoyance, the day was short, work was long and the timelines were endless. What if a Morty suffered a difficult life? There were hundreds of them.

“Then you say that the Rick of his dimension was intersected by the galactic police and threw this Morty into a dimension of giant killer bees in which he was 6 months until the honey collecting brigade found it. He arrived here wounded, hungry and without notion of date and time. Okay, I’ll need some information to register for the nursery and then give it up for adoption.

"He’s a grinning Morty, and I do not have your fucking time, nanny.” I have real work to do. So, do I leave him here, in the fuck, or shall I sell him to some alien accumulator?

Rick (guard) left his office to go to the ship where the victim was. Returning the door that led to the Mortys area was already open and Rick (Storage) was waiting paternally at the door with a blanket and a chocolate. The guard snorted in a mocking tone and almost tactlessly tossed the boy who almost stumbles had it not been for Storage.

“Have fun with this stupid thing.”

A look of rancor stuck in the back of the head of the guard at the moment of returning to his ship, although it was perfectly ignored. At that moment they were the only ones in the day care.

That new Morty and him.

“Are you fine?” Asked the elder while he placed the blanket and extended the chocolate, looked a few seconds to the child, but  he was far from looking like a gruesome Morty; It looked normal Like any other Morty without life destroyed or that have been lost for a lot of time with giant bees.

“Wow! T-Thank you Rick. I’m fine, it’s been a long time since anyone asked me that. "The little boy giggled nervously and sipped at the chocolate so he would not have to look at him in the face.

“What are you talking about”

"Oh, Rick, you’re so nice to me.” The older man just stared at him as he noticed Morty’s deep blush, “I mean, all the Ricks are, they’re amazing! But you’ve been the most attentive, oh geez, I-I think I’m beginning to feel something for you … c-could I hug you?

Storage was stunned. It was not easy to take care of the Mortys, especially when they had had strange experiences outside their timelines. They take a long time to take confidence in themselves; It’s an eternity for them to be able to believe in a Rick again. He himself had read the history of his dimension and it was terrible, he even bet that child came with a very strong trauma.

It was the first time he heard something like that; perhaps for pity he acceded to the request of the child and hugged him with a little disinterest, feeling the shyness of the child.

"Rick, I think everything’s going to be all right now.”

"Oh, it will be while you’re here.”

The weeks that followed were really hard, especially for Rick (Storage) in his attempt to protect the more recent Morty who he called Super Rick Fan Morty. It was tedious to discover the fanaticism that boy had towards his grandfather; His original Rick must have been an egocentric fan of himself (Super Fan Rick) and having thus bred the boy really affected him.

The point is that most of the Mortys out there hated the Ricks; And they beat the new to defend them. This had bordered him to live with the Mortys marginalized like Cup Morty, Pizza Morty or mermaid Reversed Morty; It was not bad but there was contempt.

In addition, he worry for moving away the boy from the guards and Ricks ¨interesested¨ in adopting him. For some reason, the rumor that a Ricks-like Morty was in the nursery gave everyone the impression that they could just hang out with him and then leave him there again. Fortunately and thanks in part to the Mortys (now jealous that the Ricks were looking for the new one and not them) no one misfortune had happened to him yet.

For Storage it was a bundle of nerves to have to pass close to him, because whenever he did he received compliments and pampering, at first it was excellent, but the fire of that Morty crossed the limits, was so energetic and full of energy that in a way, the only way out was to avoid it. It was there that he realized that he was doing the same to everyone else.

Marginalize him.

The garden center was not a place for a Morty as noble like him, he deserved the love of a Rick who took good care of him, someone who had that energy and in fact, it was inattentive what he had. No doubt the only important duty was to get him a foster grandfather but who would respect him properly?

What Rick would love a Morty like that?

Good luck, causality. The custodian of the playgroup school couldn’t define it. The weeks had been high on adoption and incredibly low in terms of new Mortys to offer. To some being of the multiverse it occurred to him that if they put several Mortys to fight each other would arm a mode.

So it was.

Each of the Ricks without a partner chose to have one or more Mortys, all those Mortys remainder who lay abandoned in the universe were picked up and give them home (to later put them to fight among themselves and display them as prizes). Everything was suspiciously good except for the fact that (SRF) Morty was still stranded.

This new device some Rick create was for read the status of each of the Mortys. It describes to the Ricks the background of the boys; If they had an aggressive childhood and psychophysical powers: perfect; If Beth had sent them to karate classes: even better! But if his parents split up and had been left with a lonely, drunken and selfish Rick … it left a lot to be desired, especially since that would surely bring a lot of traumas and that wasn´t something that the Ricks want to deal with.

The service horary were over, and Rick Storage was watching the TV next to his own Morty (Morty Rabbit sleeping in a box on the floor) and with (SRF) Morty lying on his lap.

This last said and repeated every so often that he was the luckiest Morty in the world since watch TV with his favorite Rick, but his tone of voice was loaded with too much sadness. There was nothing more in that place than impotence, there was nothing but disappointment.  

The weeks passed quietly, those greedy Ricks who manipulated more Mortys than they could take care of, were allowed to leave some in the nursery; And this had encouraged the solitary environment to which they had become accustomed. The manipulated Mortys were more docile and much easier to command, but they lacked originality for the most part; It was gloomy.

(SRF) Morty had become Rick Storage’s personal assistant, he helped him to accommodate the Mortys in their "rooms” upon arrival, sometimes he attended the reception by the excitement of seeing a different Rick enter the day care; And sometimes just swept the yard.

That was one of those days when they had a lot of work, apparently the game of Mortys had gotten out of control and many people were beginning to capture them not to fight, but for their own collection. There was no more space in the cubicles, since they had to be locked up in cells and there were dozens of Ricks waiting to visit their Mortys, but it was a huge job to recognize who was from whom.

At the end of the day, Storage and SRF were closing the reception, the taller one with an expression of being able to kill the devil in person and the boy with a half smile for Rick (which was bad, considering that he was always running around trying to make him laugh ).

“Good work today, Morty. Now I’ll go upstairs with my Rabbit, do you think you can mop here?

Because indeed, Rick Storage’s Morty Rabbit did not move a finger in the daycare, he always was the favorite one, the prince of the Mortys and SRF Morty the Cinderella.

“Of course, Rick” although he was exhausted he couldn’t deny anything to  his favorite Rick, who knows? he would probably be more tired than him “D-Don’t worry about that, tomorrow will be super clean just as you like”

"Until tomorrow, then” he took out a cigarette to low-stress and went to rest.

Morty put on an apron so he did not mess up his favorite blue shirt, and without further action, he did his job. He was about to return the mop and go to his cell with the others, but a sound stopped him. It was the bell at the entrance door;

He thought it was already closed.

“Hi?”  He yelled from the other side of the room, regaining his strength at the thought that maybe he was a good trainer Rick confused by visiting hours.

As the matter in fact, there wasn’t any answer but heavy steps went to the first room as he unbuttoned the apron.

“You can’t go into the store if is already closed, the visits are with in the morning and…”

It must have been a game. He had seen many Ricks, each one better than the previous, some robotic, some reptilian, but he had never seen anything like that. He was an extraordinary specimen for his eyes, his blue hair covered one eye, the other hardly noticed because of dark circles, his uniform was inked in black and his standing was the strangest he had ever seen. He looked like he would fall at any moment, but never do.

“I don’t … I don’t go out during the day, it’s not my thing”  His soft voice, a raspy whisper that shook Morty “I passed because I saw a light on, but if there is no service, I’ll leave out of here”

He turned around, almost ready to go, until the boy’s senseless shrieks stopped him in despair.

“Noonono, please, yes we do have service, if I attend you, please … stay”

Rick’s dark gaze rested for a moment on Morty and he looked straight at him, as if that would have burned him down. They both turned away for different reasons.

“What kind of Morty you want to visit? I need to go to an w-wake him up”  he asked now more uncomfortably as he took out his diary to check, but soon recalled that, had never seen that Rick before; There were no Mortys admitted recently that he would not have accommodated in cells and if that were not enough; he also didn’t know the name of that Rick.

He would have remembered it.

“I’m not coming to visit anyone. I come to borrow a Morty, I want him to clean my garage and the one I had with me was stolen by a Rick with a chip manipulator. Poor stupid Rick, that Morty was annoying”

“Wow, I don’t know if we can lend to the Mortys, if their Ricks knows, they will be very upset. But surely if you catch some Morty he will be happy to help you… it must be super fun to clean your garage.

"I don’t go out to people. It is not fun to clean the garage”

“Geez Rick, it’s difficult because although I would like to help you all the Mortys we have here have a manipulation chip, they will not listen to anyone other than their Ricks”

“I understand, I suppose I’ll have to explode my garage and build a clean one. Thank you for nothing, boy”

“No way, I’m sorry. I really want to help you, but I don’t know how!

Again the eldest turned, but this time ignoring the boy, took the handle and took a look at the floor of the place, Finally turned his attention to Morty and found him sobbing in silence as he clung to his apron (and the last memory he would have of that Rick).

"You cleaned up here?”

“Yes…” he said in a weakly voice, rubbing his eyes for the tiredness and small tears in his pout.

A moment of silence crept through the room, Morty was reassuring.

“Why don’t you come with me? Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen you have a chip… and you know how to mop”

“I-I can’t. No one Rick has ever loved me before. My favorite Rick tells me to don´t trust on the strangers Ricks” Morty looked at him in amazement and mistrust from head to toe "And it’s strange that you come here at night for a borrowed Morty”

"I don’t know what you’ve hear about the Ricks, it’s probably true, it’s not good to you to trust strangers. Anyway; I gotta go now because the garage is not going to implode itself.

"Wait! I want to go with you, no matter where you take me, no matter what you do to me, I just want a Rick who feels I own him… ”

The older man only raised his eyebrow in surprise; he thought that perhaps it had been a mistake to ask him; But there would always be a day care to return him when his patience was exhausted. He lifted his serious, disinterested face and moved away from the door.

“Let’s go, then, in a few hours more people will start to fill the streets and I don’t want be there when that happens.

After all the fatigue of the day and the unveiling of the moment his energy was recovered to 100% having to contain all his enthusiasm in a joyful shriek; All he got to take was his cap and his doll both of Rick. It was a miracle that the older man would have waited for him at the door, because he seemed to be in no mood.

And when Super Rick Fan Morty stepped outside the nursery after that whole time that seemed like an eternity, he knew he was not only free; he actually was tied to freedom.

Tied to that Rick.

Rick Zero.


Axetale/Repo! Genetic Opera Blurb Part 2

I spent all day and very nearly into tomorrow writing part 2. I haven’t been this excited to write stuff in awhile. :D

This ficlet is based on @thebananafrappe and @azulandrojo‘s Undertale AU, Axetale with some much needed help from their wiki and of course, @mercy-monster‘s drawings which really bring their creation to life. Thanks to the three of you for helping in spawning this bizarre little idea! Lyrics in bold and italics are from Repo! the Genetic Opera songs, Chase the Morning and Night Surgeon, respectfully. I’m thinking about wrapping it up somehow in a part 3, so we’ll see how it goes. Sorry if there are any discrepancies in the lore or if the grammar is just plain yucky. I tried. lol (I wish I had banana’s talent for writing)

Enjoy part 2!

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Being the only girl in NCT 127 would include

Request: Being the only girl in Nct(all units)?
A/N: This is the last one of the three subunits, lmao. 

  • This idiots would be SO playful all the time, jfc. They’re worst that the dreamies, is just other level of wildness, lmao. So you’re always laughing when Haechan gets supper sassy or when Yuta and Doyoung start fighting or when Taeil suffers, lol. They’re just constatly playing around and you’re like a mother beside all of them, making sure that they don’t kill themselves.

  • I don’t think they would be shy at all with you in the beggining, they would be actually excited for knowing you better and having a new person to be part of the squad, you know? So they would ask you a bunch of stuff. And while talking with the most mature members like Johnny or Taeyong you would end up having some of those really deep conversation where you talk about existentialism and life in general. Spoilers, both of you ended up with an existential crisis, lmao.

  • Also, this angels would be really polite and respectful when you don’t feel well or you want some space for a few days. Maybe it would be just few members the ones who would want to know really desperately why do you feel like this, like Yuta or maybe Donghyuck?? But all of them would let you know that they are worried about you and that you can tell them anything you want.

  • They care so much about you and they never want you to see you feeling sad. In their eyes you’re like other Sicheng that they need to protect, even if you’re just as savage as Yuta, lmao. Actually, once Sicheng gave you his secret to manipulate the members, now all of them are your bitches. ;^))

  • I feel like spending time with every single one of them would be the coolest thing, you would learn so much stuff just with talking and, of course, trying out some of the things they enjoy. Like, Yuta would love playing football with you and Johnny would teach you how to play the piano and the vocal line would love singing with you. It’s impossible to get bored when you have them around

  • In conclusion, they would love you and all of them would trust in you with their life, and so you do too. You know you can tell them whatever is in your mind and they would never judge you, They’re angels okay.

Pairing: Marcus Flint x Oliver Wood

Summary: Flint’s been acting off, Oliver noticed. And everyone is far too excited that he’s going to find out his soulmate’s name. 

Words: 3,857

a/n: Set in the same soulmate au universe as a Deamus I wrote in case you wanted to read that too. 

Oliver wasn’t entirely sure when it started but at some point in his fifth year, Flint started acting off. He seemed to avoid picking petty fights for the most part. All he’d really done that year was try to get his team’s practice time even though he’d booked it for his team. It was just like Flint to use Snape’s favouritism to get their practice time.

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Prompts 13 and 16 with Drax

13: don’t worry, I won’t let anyone hurt you
16: I’ve got you

You had been with the guardians since the battle at Xandar. You may not have been one of the strongest or most intimidating people but you were clever. You were one of the smartest people in the Nova corp and when you were given the chance for a more exciting life you decided to go with them. You became part of their “family” pretty quickly. In your time there you had gotten close to the most straightforward and, in your opinion, the scariest of the guardians. You and Drax had soon gotten closer than friends. You hadn’t thought you would ever love someone like you loved him. Drax had never thought he would love again after the death of his wife and child but something in you had caused him to fall for you.
The guardians has just gotten back from a big fight and you were currently wrapping a few of Drax’s major injuries to make it feel better. You would give him a little kiss on his shoulders or back every once in a while as you did it. He relaxed into your hands and you soothed out the kinks in his neck. You couldn’t help but worry about everything at the moment. You were smart and practical but there were times in fights when that wouldn’t cut it. Today had been one of those. You had been so focused on cracking a code that you hadn’t noticed the Kree soldier creeping up behind you. Drax had had to step in and save you and in doing so this had happened. You finished wrapping his injuries and put your arms around his waist your head in his back.
“What is it (y/n)? Why are you upset?” He asked knowing that you doing this meant something bad.
“What if something happens again? What if I don’t watch out and something happens? What if I can’t help you? What if something bad happens?” You said quickly feeling the worry take over.
He pulled your arms off of him and turned around. He lifted you up and instinctively your legs wrapped around his waist. He held you to him looking right in your eyes. You couldn’t help but be confused.
“Don’t worry, I, Drax the Destroyer, won’t let anyone or anything hurt you. I would tear their spines out before they laid a hand on you.” He said firmly before putting his forehead against yours.
You smiled a little the crude statement meaning more than any fancy promise or gift. You nuzzled against him rubbing your nose against his. You kissed his lips softly your worries slowly fading.
“No one can hurt you. Drax has you.” He said laughing and kissing you back.

that whole “superheroes are only as good as their super-weaknesses” thing is also why i like ben so much… because the omnitrix is not a reliable weapon; he can’t control it perfectly. it times out. it sticks him in situations that, just seconds before, he was fully capable of handling

likewise, he has to be mindful of which alien he picks because, for the most part, that’s the only one he’ll be able to use during that specific fight (and he learns that the hard way lol, thanks tetrax)

it also doesn’t always give him what he wants– it picks what it thinks is right for the situation, sure, but ben is an outside-of-the-box kind of thinker most of the time, at least when he’s not just trying to muscle his way through everything

so he’d have a plan, and then need to rethink it VERY quickly when the omnitrix gave him something totally from left field

it makes it interesting? exciting? you never know what’s going to happen, really– it keeps you gripped, and it’s like, can he figure this out? or is he gonna, yknow, not? and he does fail. several, several times

the consequences are always very real, too (max gets sent to the hospital, his favorite hero gets taken from him, etc)

and on top of that, a lot of other characters seem to know how to use it better than him. all they have to do is smack the thing and he’s back to his fragile human self in an extremely dangerous situation. how is that fair? well, it’s not

but he needs to be nerfed like that, because the omnitrix is, as stated in the show, the single most powerful weapon in the universe

so like, making his “power” also be his weakness is just about the best thing they could have done

The Parker Twins 3: “God, You Are So Dramatic” - Peter Parker x Twinsister!Reader

Word Count: 1505 

Based off of “Total Opposites”, “Parker Twins” and “The Parker Twins 2″

Warnings: angst(?), sarcasm, slight swearing, cute siblings

Author’s Note: I brought back “mc”. #no regerts

Sorry this took me two mcfreakin months to get out, I got distracted. Let me know if you like it, feedback is appreciated :))

“Mr. Stark! Wait up!” Peter yelled after Tony, who was walking quickly towards the conference room at the Avengers base. Tony  briefly looked at him, irritation and confusion showing through his eyes.

“What do you want, Spiderling?” Tony snapped, not slowing down his pace.

“Mr. Stark, where’s my sister?” He asked, rushing in front of Tony, holding out his hands to make him stop.

Tony’s eyes met Peters. “Kid, I’m so sorry. (Y/n) was arrested-”

“What?!” Peter exclaimed, his eyes opening wide.

“She helped a fugitive in the eyes of the law-”

“Mr. Stark,” Peter interrupted, “You don’t understand! I promised (Y/n) that I would keep her safe, how am I supposed to do that if she’s in prison! Wha-What am I supposed to tell May…”

*Y/n’s Pov*

The walls seemed to be closing in as you watched the second hand on the clock tick slower and slower. The cell that General Ross put you in was extremely comfortable, especially with the cold air making you shiver. You sat against the hard metallic wall, staring at the bars blocking the window so you couldn’t escape. You had been in this so called prison for what felt like a lifetime when in reality you had probably only been in there for a few days to a week. The longer you stared at the bars, the more and more it felt like they were taunting you with the reflection of the tinted blue lights that were keeping the place dimly lit. You started to wonder where Peter was, and if he was okay. What if he was hurt? What if he hated you?

“Hey!” A man’s voice shouted, interrupting your thoughts. Your eyes drifted under the metal bars and your gaze met with a man that was in a cell across from yours.

“You okay?” The man asked, propping his hands up against the glass.

You chuckled, “I don’t know.”

The man tilted his head, “Regret what you did?”

You fumbled with your fingers, trying to find the right words to explain how you were feeling. “I don’t regret what I did, I regret hurting Peter.”

“The spider thing?”

“Yeah,” you laughed, “the spider thing. He’s my twin. And you are?”

“Sam Wilson,” The man, Sam, said while giving a comforting smile.

“I’m (Y/n) Parker. I would say nice to meet you but it-it would be nicer to meet you under better circumstances,” you joked, twirling your finger around. “Sam” laughed and nodded his head in agreement.

“You alright though, (Y/n)?”

“I-I miss my brother. Don’t get me wrong, he was a huge pain in my ass sometimes. Like, a MEGA pain- sorry, off topic,” Sam laughed again, “But I just… I hope he doesn’t hate me because of what I did.”

“Well, you are a huge pain in my ass too,” a new voice interjected. Your ears twitched at the familiar sound, and your eyes lit up once you saw the one person who somehow manages to make everything into a Star Wars reference: Peter freakin’ Parker.

“What are you-What are you doing here? Oh my god, I am so triggered right now,” you stumbled over your words, in shock that your idiotic twin somehow managed to make his way into this dump.

Peter laughed, “Tony let me come visit you, but we’ve only got five minutes to catch up.”

“Well, let me start. My time in here consists of eating, staring at the wall, and the most exciting part was when I briefly had a conversation with that guy,” you pointed towards Sam’s cell, “Sam, over there. He’s chill. Now, tell me how Mr. Spiderling has been.”

Peter cringed at the nickname, “Nothing much has happened. After the fight, I was mostly trying to heal. My eye hurts pretty bad,” he complained.

“Awe, poor Peter,” you mocked. “But, more importantly, have you talked to May?”

Peter’s smile faded and his head sunk low. He lightly tapped the glass with his foot and muttered, “Well, define talked to.”

“Talked to, as in calling her and letting her know we are alright. Even though I’m stuck in here-”

“No, I haven’t. I texted her and told her we were okay, and that it might be a while because you convinced Mr. Stark to let us go sight seeing.”

“Yeah, sounds like something I’d do,” you nodded your head in agreement and shrugged.

Peter revealed a small smile, “I missed you, (Y/n).”

“I missed you too, you mcfreakin’ idiot.”

“I never thought I’d hear you say that again,” Peter scoffed, shaking his head.

“God, you are so dramatic.”

“Man, you two are total opposites,” Sam shouted, once again giving that comforting smile.

“Yeah,” you said, your eyes meeting Peter’s. “We get that a lot.”

*a few weeks later*

“May!” Peter yelled, closing the door to the apartment in your lovely city, Queens. “I’m home!”

May jumped off the couch and gave Peter a hug. “Oh, Peter! I’ve missed you!”

“Yeah, May. I missed you too-”

“You were gone way longer than I was told,” May accused, “No calls? No texts? No emails?”

“I know, May. I know-”

“And where is your sister?!”

Peter swallowed hard, a huge lump forming in his throat. How was he supposed to tell his beloved aunt that her niece was in jail?

He took a deep breath and prepared to tell Aunt May everything. Everything.

“You might want to take a seat,” Peter started as he sat down on the couch. May stood still, watching him move his way over until she finally sat down next to him.

“Peter, what’s happening? You’re scaring me,” she said, her voice trembling. It wasn’t too hard to tell that Peter was going to say something important. He had a tell, a nervous tic. Peter would always look around the room as if he was seeing it for the first time while raising his hand and gently rubbing his neck. His eyes were a bit glassy, tears slightly forming.

“May… this is-I don’t really know how to word this,” Peter laughed nervously, resting his elbows on his knees, rapidly bouncing his leg while he stared at the floor. He brought his hands up to his face, rubbing his eyes before taking one more deep breath.

“A few months ago, something happened to me. And a few years ago, something happened to (Y/n)-”

“Y'all talking about me?” You interrupted, your head peeking out of the front door.

May looked at you with a huge grin, then back at Peter. “Well, speak of the devil,” She said, pushing herself off of the couch and briskly walking over to you.

“Sorry I’m so late to the party, but I had some stuff to take care of,” you said, stepping back into the apartment you called “home” and setting down your bags. You had missed the smell of Aunt May’s famous date loaf and the fresh laundry that had just come out of the dryer, that smelled a bit like mint and cucumber. May’s arms wrapped you, pulling you into a very tight embrace. You snuggled your head in between May’s neck, content that you were back with your family. Peter rushed to join in, and May stepped aside so that the two of you could have a moment alone.

“I’m gonna go grab some of that fresh date loaf. Don’t. Go. Anywhere,” she said slowly, making sure she got her point across. You and Peter nodded your heads, watching her walk out of the room. Peter hugged you tight, not believing that you were standing in front of him.

“How are you here?!” Peter whispered in your ear, making sure Aunt May wouldn’t hear him.

You pulled away and placed your hands on his shoulders, giving them a small shake. “It was hard… but I managed to escape,” you said in a serious tone.

“What?! How?” Peter raised his voice a little bit, looking at the kitchen to see May still slicing up a few pieces of bread.

“I’m awesome, that’s how.”

Peter was stunned. “Wha-what if Mr. Stark finds out? What if they take you back? I don’t know what I would do if you were taken away forev-”

“Brosuff, chill!” you laughed, “I may be awesome, but I’m not THAT awesome. Tony made a deal with me and let me go,” you added. “All I gotta do is become an ‘intern’ at Stark tower… or the Avengers tower, whatever it’s called now. But, you don’t have to worry. I’m not leaving anytime soon,” you smiled.

Peter smiled back, giving you one more hug. May returned with the snack, setting it down on the table near the two of you before wrapping her arms around the two of you.

“I’m glad you both are home,” she mumbled, gently rubbing the top of your heads.

“Me too.”

The group hug lasted for about five minutes, and since you were in the middle, you started to feel a bit claustrophobic.

“Hey guys, I love you but I can’t breathe.”

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