most evilest thing

Darkness Descends

Summary: When the light fades and dies, only darkness remains.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: M (for strong language and character death)


It was silent.

The blood-red sky loomed over the desolate ruins of the battlefield that was once filled with screams and battle cries a few minutes ago.

From one of the many clumps of rubble came out a tuft of salmon-hair that belonged to no other than Natsu Dragneel. He crawled out of the rubble with his body badly-bruised and tattered as he groaned and winced in pain like he had been on a train-wreck.

No, this was worse than any train-wreck.

This was a war.

And they were losing it.

With all his might he raised his head up and scanned the area looking for any survivors, until he found one.

He was paralyzed as his eyes widened at the sight of a blonde-haired girl who laid badly wounded amongst the blood stained battlefield, but was still breathing a few feet away from him.

It was Lucy.

He quickly snapped himself out of his frozen state and made his way to her with all the energy he had left, collapsing when he reached her.

“Lucy…” His voice was barely even a whisper as her name escaped his lips.

“Natsu…” She replied with the same volume as he did.

And for a moment everything seemed fine among the battlefield of fallen enemies and comrades.

Until he stepped in from behind the smoke of dust.

“Well, well, well! If it isn’t my sweet little brother! Still alive, are we now?” He said with poison laced in his voice as he cracked a menacing grin.

“Zeref!” The dragon slayer growled as he said the name of the older brother he wished he never had.

“You know…” The evil mage started as he lifted Natsu by the neck.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you were strong enough to kill me!” He shouted as his vile red eyes stared at his brother’s dark onyx ones with dislike.

“You bastard!” Natsu shouted back as he struggled to get out of his older brother’s grip.

“Shout curses at me all you want! I’m already cursed after all.” He taunted.

“Shut up you motherfucker!” the pink-haired mage spat back at him with little energy as his face paled from the lack of oxygen.

“We have the same mother you asshole.” Zeref retorted amusingly, his smug evil grin never leaving his face.

Natsu continued to struggle at his grip as he shouted more curses at him. 

What else can he do when he was out of magic power to even create a tiny flame.

“Hahaha! You are very amusing Natsu, but..” Zeref started.


“If you can’t kill me, then you should just die right here, right now!” He shouted as his grip tightened around his little brother’s already sore neck.

“You…ba…s..tard..” Natsu spatted with as all the oxygen in his body begin to disappear.

He wasn’t ready to die.

And as if the gods in the heavens heard his prayer a voice of an angel pierced through.

“NO! STOP! DON’T KILL HIM!” Lucy shouted with all her might as her eyes became clouded that gained Zeref’s attention.

Or did they?

“Now what do we have here? A celestial mage?” Zeref slurred menacingly as he dropped his little brother.

Natsu inhaled deep breaths as he landed on the ground, coughing in between.

“Ah! A Heartfilia too.” He continued as the vile grin he wore grew larger.

Lucy gulped in fear.

“Don’t you dare harm a single strand of hair on her or I swear I’ll turn you into a pile of ashes you asshole!” Natsu threatened gaining back Zeref’s attention.

Zeref kicked his limp body away.

“Natsu!” Lucy cried.

“You better shut up my dear little brother, you are in no place to make threats! Especially to me!” He spatted.

“And as for you…” He said as he lifted up Lucy’s badly-wounded body.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Natsu shouted, but it landed on deaf ears.

“Your family has always been a hindrance for me. Feeble, but hard to kill.” He said in disgust.

“Let go of her you bastard!” Natsu continued to shout.

“But I should thank you. Without your family, my dear little brother and the other four dragon slayers wouldn’t have made it to this era. So to thank you, I shall make your death quick” He said as he tightened his grip around her neck.

“You jerk!” Lucy said as she spit on his face.

Zeref wiped it off with his free hand.

“But for that I shall punish you first.” He seethed as he dropped Lucy and began to stomp her tattered body. 

“NO! DON’T!” Natsu shouted with anger and fear mixed in his voice.

Zeref’s wicked grin grew even larger again.

“And besides, my brother seems to like you.” He purred as he increased the force he used to stomp on Lucy’s body.

“You must be the one who stopped his transformation into E.N.D., but not for long!” He stated as his red eyes gleamed.

“Hurting you before I kill you would teach him a lesson or two! THIS WILL BE A BLAST!” He shouted psychotically.

He reached for her arms and twisted them, earning a shout of pain from the blonde.

She began to cry.

Natsu couldn’t take that.

“STOP! STOP IT! LEAVE HER ALONE YOU BASTARD!” Natsu shouted, but it landed again on deaf ears.

The pink-haired dragon slayer tried to get up from his helpless position, but his beaten body would not let him as if he was bound in chains in that very spot. 

But one thing was clear in his heart and mind.

He had to reach Lucy.

He had to save her.

No matter what it may cost him.

“Please stop it! Don’t hurt her anymore! Take me instead!” Natsu pleaded as tears welled up in his eyes.

“Take you instead? But little brother, she is so willing to die for you! It would be a shame if that determination of hers goes to waste! No matter how foolish it is of her!” Zeref retorted maniacally.

“Please…” Natsu whimpered.

But Zeref continued to torture Lucy.

Breaking her arms and legs as she screamed in pain as more tears dropped from her eyes.

“LUCY!” Natsu shouted.

“It’s… ok… Natsu…” she said while smiling warmly at him.

Natsu’s eyes widened, lost for words, for how could she? All tattered and beaten up, all broken and wounded, smile such a warm smile at him?

How could she in their current state still reassure him?

Just what power did she had over him?

“ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! ENOUGH OF THIS BORING TORTURE!” Zeref shouted breaking Natsu from his train of thoughts.

“IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE MISS HEARTFILIA!” He said as he mustered a dark beam which pierced through Lucy’s heart.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!” Natsu cried as he burst into tears.

And as if by some miracle, or some twisted stroke of fate, Natsu’s body began to move.

But it was too late.

His feet took him to where he needed to be the most at the moment.

To Lucy.

His knees felt weak at the sight of her as he saw the hole that went through her chest.

Just like his at the moment.

He dropped on his knees and cradled her ever so closely to his chest remembering every single memory they made together.

From her joining the guild to this very moment, all the memories flooded his mind.

Her face, her voice, her laughter, her smile, and her all in all.

He would never see her again.

He would never feel her again.

And he felt all of the light he had within him disappear.

For she was his light.

And now that she’s gone so was his light.

There was nothing left for him as the darkness called for him.

He let it consume him.

He let it consume his entire being.

And a shout of despair was heard throughout the land.

A cry of pain and sadness.

A cry of a broken heart.

A cry of a broken man.

Everyone and anyone who heard it would have thought it came from something inhuman.

Something such as a monster.

And it did.

For from the darkness came an entire new being.

A creature that was covered in blood red scales as dark ancient accursed tattoos adorned its remaining skin. Two monstrous dark horns stuck out of it’s mane of salmon hair as its hands and feet sported scary sharp claws and talons and his teeth was shark-like. It also had a long sinister tail and demonic bat like wings, but the most evilest and vilest thing about it were its eyes.

They were dark and hollow with a hint of red as if signifying blood-lust.

It was a vile and evil demon.

It was E.N.D.

And it stalked it’s way to his amazed and terrified creator.

With a quick swipe of it’s claw-adorned hands, Zeref laid lifeless on the battlefield.

And everything was silent once again.


Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading another one of my fanfictions. Now the reason behind this fanfic was all the angst going on around the fandom, so I’m sorry if I made anyone cry. I hope you enjoyed the reading this, although it’s a bit poorly written.