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M.E.N first showcase in Tokyo (120526) - Story(Jungjin & Taehwa duet)


M.E.N - Especially PV

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M.E.N (Most Especially Nameable) - Especially Preview


Battle (Taehwa) - Baby Don’t Cry & Everybody



i wish i have updates on ryu,lio and chris. Unfortunately the only source of information about chris I had was his soundcloud account which he deleted his playlist soon after I found out. I wished I shared them earlier. He recorded three songs which was AMAZING by the way. Lio is currently filming for a movie/drama according to hwichan. And ryu is just well MIA but he is definitely out of the army as seen in the video of jihyuk,supernova which I posted previously.

Taehwa is actively promoting with M.E.N and if I’m correct, they’re slated for a new release soon. Don’t take my word for it but I’ll be sure to update you guys on that. As for hwichan, lets just hope for more selcas from him. haha but yea he travelled to china recently for a certain event but I’m not too sure about it. And last but not least, kihyun is serving the military right now and he seem to be doing fine. 

So there you go, whatever updates I have about the battle boys, it’ll definitely be posted here. Do continue to support battle and M.E.N (:

P.S Feel free to drop anything in the ask box if you’re curious or if you guys have any information about battle. Much appreciated!


M.E.N - Feel The Sky [Closeup Fancam]

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Battle (Taehwa & Hwichan) - 또 하나의 열매를 바라

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Battle - 단무지 cut ② [Cr: especiallystar0101]