most epic moment in heroes

the thing about Rey being left out of all these toy sets isn’t that they don’t make figures of her on her own. they do, they’re poorly stocked but they still get made. that’s not the issue. the issue is that Rey is THE MAIN CHARACTER, she is the Luke Skywalker of this trilogy, the Superman of the new Star Wars, the Harry Potter, the Batman, that’s what Rey is.

now just pause and think about this: would they ever make a Harry Potter monopoly set that did not include Harry Potter? would they ever make a 12 inch figure set that did not include Superman or Batman but included random army dudes? in 1977 was Luke Skywalker excluded from every toypack? that’s just unfathomable! they’re main characters they would never do that!

well you know what? so is Rey! Rey is the most important character in Force Awakens, she has the most screentime, has the big epic hero moment at the end, and is the only actual jedi we see in this film other than Luke for 5 seconds at the end. they didn’t exclude her because of “spoilers”. They could have put a 12 inch Rey doll in the pack with her staff instead of the saber, same goes with the monopoly set. I don’t buy their bullshit excuses for one second.

the only thing I can say is that there IS Rey stuff coming out this month. A Resistance Rey figure (with her new outfit and the saber), the 12 inch Rey doll (which coincidentally doesn’t come with the saber? huh I thought they didn’t put her in the toy set because of ~spoilers~. interesting!), a Rey nerf blaster, and her lightsaber with her face on the box. normally I would say boycott Hasbro, but if you do that they will take it as evidence that female merch doesn’t sell, so if you can afford to buy the stuff, buy it. PROVE to hasbro that Rey merch will sell so we don’t have these issues during Rogue One and Episode VIII.