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Ven… He was here…


- Am I too late?

- No. You are not late at all.

- Was it very hard? I am very proud of you. You… did very well until now.

- I knew you were waiting for me. That is how I managed. I knew you were always there for me. I also… did what I had to.

                 Now… I will stay at your side. Now you can rest in peace at home.

                                                   I am finally h o m e.

                               I love you. I love you. I love you. Husband.

                                                 Just once is enough.


gilmore girls rewatch | 3.17 a tale of poes and fire


“It’s Kevin.”

Why this was the most emotional love scene yet on GOT (imo, at least)

Let’s start with the obvious: The Stare
Wow. They look like they just want to drown in each other’s eyes. It’s absolutely beautiful - especially when you take into account the line from season one about finding love in a person’s eyes. And the best part about it is that line was said to Daenerys… Not to Jon. She initiated that stare with Drogo. And we never had anything like that between her and Daario or Jon and Ygritte. But now, Jon initiates it. He pulls back of his own choice just to stare at her. (I mean if that cave scene with Ygritte didn’t prove the man has great instincts, this one sure as hell does.) And regardless of whether or not Dany remembered the line, she’s completely mesmerized when she sees the love in Jon’s eyes.

Next: The Kissing
They kiss lip on lip only. There’s no sucking or licking on any other part of the body. Now, don’t get me wrong… there’s nothing bad about kissing other parts of the body but in this case, it illustrates the connection they have. I mean, there’s a reason Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman didn’t kiss on the mouth - ‘It’s too personal’. There’s something deeply emotional about it that just isn’t as strong when kissing other places.

Now, on to: The Positions
I love that it starts with Dany on top and then switches to Jon. It just goes to show that they are equals once again. Neither is dominant over the other. This is a relationship of respect for each other as much as it is about attraction. And I truly believe that deep emotional love requires mutual respect.

Lastly, and this is the biggest one for me: The (lack of) Nudity
Yes, you heard me right: The lack of nudity. Sure, you can see Jon’s ass (and gorgeous it is, too) and you can see that they’re both bare, but all the important bits stay covered. This is not the norm for HBO or GOT, masters of the 'Let’s add as much shock value as we can by putting them in some impractical position just so we can get a full frontal of the female’ mentality. And, honestly, I’m a little shocked that they didn’t jump at the chance to show Emilia in all her glory again. But they didn’t. Which, to me, says so much about the tone the scene was supposed to imply. They didn’t cheapen it with nudity. They didn’t go for an awkward camera angle just so they could get a shot of Emilia’s chest. In fact, they didn’t even get a shot of Kit’s chest, either. Their bodies stay plastered together the whole time which prevents any important bits from being seen - even when he flips them over. They’re two people who want to be as close to each other as they can. They’re not just having sex. They’re not just fucking. They’re not just testing it out to see if Jon’s swimmers are better than Daario’s. No, this is a deep bond. They’re in love. The lack of nudity implies romance because they don’t want to detract or distract from the longing looks and passionate kisses.

Which leads me to the honorable mention: Hand Placement
Again, this is about keeping it romantic. Their hands never roam below the waist. Dany keeps her hand on his back. Jon keeps his on her face. (My only wish here is that Dany’s hair had been down so he could runs his fingers through it.) But again, grabby hands would have distracted from and cheapened the moment and they didn’t want focus pulled from what was going on in their faces.

Say what you want about how short the scene was or how we didn’t get to see the first kiss (I admit it, I’m disappointed, too) but this was by far the most loving sex scene they’ve had on this show.

If I ever manage to write a scene as emotionally charged as Kaz and Inej’s “bathroom scene”, I will count myself as one accomplished writer.

“He wanted to…He wanted.”

“Go on,” she repeated. Finish the story.

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“Trust me. I’ve been there.” (Halt and Catch Fire 3x06)

Alternate caption:  Lee Pace gives a master class in voice acting.

30 Day OP Challenge: Most Moving/Inspirational/Emotional Scene

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How does someone choose just ONE moment from this show that is the most impactful?? But for me, the most emotionally moving scene has to be in episode 505, when Jinbei reminds Luffy that he still has his nakama to live for. 

Maybe it’s because I have been so emotionally invested in One Piece for so many years, but this scene never fails to make me cry. Luffy counting his crewmates on his fingers and remembering each of them fondly just really got to me. And the anime portrayed this so beautifully: Luffy surrounded by darkness, then the darkness slowly disappearing as he hears his crew calling out to him.

Not only does this scene make Jinbei twice as awesome, it gives Luffy his motivation to keep getting stronger after the devastation of Ace’s death. And it will always get me right in the feels T.T

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I just got past episode 2 of the new Vtron season and I kid you not I almost started crying when Pidge thought she lost her brother I FRICKING LOVED HOW THEY TEAMED UP TO KICK ASS AND PROTECT EACH OTHER

Okay, but even though I knew Matt was going to be alive because of the footage that was on the internet pre-S4… I totally teared up on that scene too. I think a high percentage of fans did.

It was so well written. Pidge finding the monument of dead rebels. Freaking out and rushing toward where the tracker located Matt. Running through an enormous graveyard and finding her brother’s tombstone. Hearing his name read aloud on the tombstone.

Watching Pidge completely break down in agony.

“I was too late!”

The very first scene we saw of Pidge was her trying to find Matt and Sam. The reason Pidge helped rescue Shiro was her trying to find Matt and Sam. The reason Pidge wanted to leave Team Voltron was her trying to find Matt and Sam. The reason Pidge emotionally struggled was her trying to find Matt and Sam. We have seen her dogged, endless determination to track her father and brother across the galaxy… running through Galra vessels to free prisoners… trying to download data from a Galra ship about to be hit by a falling robeast… scanning Galra databases for information… tracking down what different clothing parts or types of explosions she hears in the small bit of footage.

What we have seen over and over and over again is Pidge doing EVERYTHING she can to find her family. It’s a beautiful family dynamic, and it’s the center of Pidge’s struggles, so anyone who cares for Pidge at all cares about her quest. Of course our hearts yearn for her to make headway! And whenever Pidge finds another little piece of hopeful evidence for Matt’s presence, our hearts jump too, shocked and excited that the family could reunite.

The slow build to find the family… we’ve all been waiting for it. Pidge has been fighting for it and hurting for it.

After THREE SEASONS, Pidge finally makes enough headway to actually have a CHANCE of seeing her brother again. There’s finally a sense of HOPE. HOPE AT LAST HOPE AT LAST HOPE AT LAST.


Then they slam this scene into us: 

Pidge falling to her knees and wailing in a graveyard with her brother’s name on the plaque before her.

Everything Pidge has worked so hard to do because of her ultimate, deep, powerful love for her brother… comes to THIS. After all this time questing for Matt over four seasons… Pidge finds concrete evidence that here is her brother. Right in front of her. Buried. Dead.

We literally watched Pidge run through an enormous graveyard and find her brother’s tombstone and break down completely in the utter pain of her discovery. Even if viewers knew that Matt would be alive and well, and especially if viewers didn’t know that Matt would be alive and well, this scene is powerful.

It is definitely the most emotional and powerful scene I have seen in this franchise to date.


And yes! Having Pidge and Matt team up and fight together was so wonderfully badass! The siblings both have grown significantly by fighting the Galra. To see them work together, think on the same page, and show off how much of revolutionary heroes they have been… a pure pleasure to watch. Matt and Pidge together in any circumstance is a treat!

This episode “Reunion” is a blessing through and through. Holy shit but I will never be over the graveyard scene.