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I get that Millennials aren't perfect or absolved of the issues that Boomers have, but shouldn't Boomers tale the brunt of the blame seeing as they are the ones with all the powers in government right now and make up most of the work force? And if there are issues in the Millennial generation, well, who raised us?

Look, I’ve got a long-standing beef with Millennial v. Boomer discourse that I could spend a few hours on, but lemme try to sum it up briefly. 

Many of the modern economic problems that affect many Millennials that are often blamed on Baby Boomers (unemployment/underemployment, soaring costs of education, loan debt, comparative lack of opportunities, poverty, etc. etc.) started well before our generation came of age. Most of these same economic issues fucked up Generation X before us, but because they were a smaller generation, people didn’t hear about it as much. And most of these problems grew directly from right-wing political and economic policies that began in the Reagan presidency in the 1980s, before the Boomers were in political ascendancy. (Yes, there were a few young Boomers in Reagan’s administration, but the leading neocons/neoliberals, using the actual meaning of the term, not the tumblr left’s version of it, who led the move rightward were older.) Boomers, by virtue of their age, enjoyed the unique benefits of the post-War (1945-1980) economy and many managed to escape the worst effects of the Reagan Era cuts, but not all did equally (see below.) And many of them, personally, are total clueless assholes about how unique their experience was. I have Boomer parents born in the early 50s, so like I know.  But one of the biggest problems I have with Millennial/Boomer discourse is that it de-politicizes and de-contextualizes important social/political/economic shifts that were the direct result of Republican policies. It reduces it all to just a generational conflict in which one selfish group of people just didn’t want to share their toys with their kids. And even if you accept the idea that one generation can personally screw over another via political means, the idea that Boomers would target their own children specifically is particularly odd. Though I’ll also point out that the “who raised us” issue is more complex, as the Boomer generation ends in 1964, and quite a lot of people born in the 90s who could still be considered Millennials, have parents born after that. 

As for the idea that Boomers make up the majority of the workforce, actually Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce, slightly ahead of Gen X, with Boomers well behind. The oldest boomers are 71 now, and the youngest are 53. A lot of the oldest ones have retired and the younger ones are on their way there. X  As for having “all the powers in government” that’s a pretty hard thing to quantify. Trump and many of his key advisers are Boomers, but there are a number of GenX and Millennials too. Which is why I get annoyed at the idea that Millennials are somehow innately more compassionate and kind than older generations, because not really. Millennials overall are more democratic/left leaning than older voters, but Trump still won among white millennials.  Many baby boomers, too, were very liberal in their youth, and became more conservative with age, especially the white ones. It’s a pretty common thing to happen. It’s not as if that fate is going to magically spare our generation, so most of this discourse is not going to age well.

Which brings me to the other issue, that you can legitimately talk about Millennials and Baby Boomers as distinct groups with similar characteristics and experiences. Most of this discourse is highly race and class based but people don’t seem to acknowledge that. It’s focused around the experiences of middle to upper class white boomers and their kids, who presumably don’t have it as easy. And in many cases, this is probably true. Though if you’ve read any financial news in the last few years, they’ve been talking a lot about the huge amount of “wealth transfer” that has started from well-off Boomers to their kids. But for many other Boomers, this wealth never materialized. Plenty of people never had access to it thanks to their race or immigrant status. So the idea that one generation “owns everything” or needs to “take the blame” blurs the fact that within any generation there are huge differences in wealth and access to power.

Basically millennial/boomer discourse is ahistorical, apolitical, and focused on the experiences and expectations of middle class white kids, and that’s why I’m not here for it.

Mapmaking Part 1(b) - Civilization

This is part 1b of the mapmaking tutorials. If you missed steps 1-5, go HERE. 

This is where we add in evidence of civilization to your world maps. Cities, towns, roads, ruins, anything at all.


Finally, actual civilization. Throw those suckers down wherever you want, BUT always keep the major land features in mind. Is it economically better for the capital city to be on the coast, or near the desert? If your country makes a lot of money from the ocean, there’s gonna be a lot of coastal cities. If you’re making a world map, don’t bother with anything other than the most important locations, but if this is a country/region important to your setting, fill it out.

Consider: Your story. Are your characters traveling a lot through named cities? If you’re making a map after you’ve already written things down, be careful not to contradict yourself. If a city is, say, a week’s ride on horseback from the capital city, don’t put it super close to the capital, or all the way across the country.

Also consider: Did larger cities change the landscape at all? If a city is near a forest, did they clear a large portion of it out? Are there certain parts of the land that are completely unsuitable for settling? What’s the population distribution?


Time to link all those cities and towns together. Again, keep the land features in mind.

Consider: Both the capital and the most economically powerful city in the nation (they don’t have to be the same) will have many more roads leading to/from them than a village. Cities/towns that are conveniently in the middle of many others will also get a lot of roads. Isolated villages might only be connected to their nearest neighbors and the nearest large city.

Roads merge and branch fairly often. Countries will have roads leading out of their border to major cities in neighboring countries. I would link all the major (or the oldest) cities/towns first, then connect the smaller settlements to the system (this better emulates how the roads would have actually formed over the years). Once more, be a little random, unless paved highways are involved that efficiently cut through the landscape.

Also consider: The landscape will decide where roads are laid. A road probably won’t cut through the forest if it’s easier to go around the edge. Don’t put too many roads through a huge mountain range. Chances are there’s only a few passes where a road can be put.

Note how the roads go around the thick forest, and there’s only one mountain pass. Larger settlements (and towns conveniently in-between others) have more traffic. Roads merge and cross to make shorter paths between settlements. The city of Onaris in the middle has TONS of roads because it’s a convenient central hub for traffic.


Another fun part. Name all relevant cities, major towns, big land features, neighboring seas, etc. If the part of the world you’re focusing on has a unique language or spelling conventions, show them off here. If you’re making a world map, don’t feel the need to name every little thing. Focus on the important areas. You can always add to your map later.


Things that aren’t TOO vital, but will certainly give your map a sense of realism:

  • A paper texture, if you’re using an art program. If you’re looking for parchment but can’t find any, a grunge texture might do if you recolor it brown/yellow.
  • Ink bleed (if you’re using an art program). This can be accomplished with a very small “outer glow” layer effect colored the same as your ink, set to either “multiply” or “overlay” or whatever looks best to you.
  • A compass (people will assume the top is north, but still)
  • A map border
  • A map key, if needed
  • Meridians and parallels (depending on your projection, getting this clean will be HARD unless you have special tools for drawing curves, or maybe use vectors to get them just right) [Note by Werew: If you have meridians and parallels AND a compass/scale bar, there’s a really good chance the compass and scale bar are actually inaccurate because it’s impossible to represent the entirety of a round world on a flat surface and have everything be to scale. An alternative might be to mark the north pole if it’s visible. Another alternative is not to care too much, because it’s your map and nobody is going to sue you if it’s not 100% accurate]
  • A scale bar
  • Fancy corner designs
  • Different colors for different neighboring countries
  • Slightly curved title text to better adhere to the things they’re naming. In the final image below, I curved basically everything except for “Vinera Forest” and “Bradad Tundras.” Even the continent name has a very slight arc to it.
  • Different fonts to signify importance. Again, see final result below.
  • Sea monsters in the ocean, if that’s your gig.

If you REALLY want some advanced stuff to make your maps stand out, try for these things as well. To get them to look realistic and reasonable, reference reference reference! And remember to include map keys!:

  • A topographical overlay to indicate elevation
  • A climate overlay to indicate different biomes
  • A population density/distribution overlay (helpful if you have multiple races/species going on)
  • Temperature map overlay
  • Political map overlay with clear borders between countries. Color it all in if you want. Add capital cities.

Please note that this world map is a really old first iteration of mine and doesn’t have a proper map projection! Note the compass, border, corner art, and (frankly bad) meridians and parallels.

Also note how the mountain rangess in Thoan and Janting are actually part of one long chain.

And that’s it for the world and regional map tutorial! Coming up next is the tutorial for making maps of towns!

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Right-Libertarian: why care about the lower classes when we’re the ones raining down social and economic wealth in the country?

Communist: mainly because the lower classes can never afford the same quality and quantity of luxuries “created” by you.

Right-libertarian: that’s because the state intervenes in our businesses and taxes the people and bleeds us all dry!

Communist: no, the state intervenes in the capitalist system because dozens of historical social movements led by the people demanded it–if the state never intervened and never gave concessions to the people, the state risks constant revolt.

Communist: also if it weren’t for these movements in the first place, individual capitalists would shift worker wages around, forcing laborers to work either long hours or short hours for variable pay; enforced workplace condition standards would disappear, child labor would still exist, mandatory breaks wouldn’t exist, legal business practices wouldn’t exist, monopolies would be everywhere and on everything, recurring great depressions would happen, unethical business practices would largely go unpunished, etc.

Communist: honestly without a state apparatus, capitalism would be a truly chaotic system.

Right-libertarian: okay but why would Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul lie to me :/

Communist: because you wanna be edgy but not lose daddy’s credit card privileges.

yall I just wanna say, if you haven’t studied very far into economics, you shouldn’t really lmao be saying much about it like as a field … because everything they teach you in the beginning of economics is … mostly if not completely discounted later on. 

They teach you basic algebra pretty much in the first steps of economics … and from there you can build on it. But like …. everything you learn in the first parts of economics, even into like junior year economics in undergrad is still fucking decimated once you learn more advanced mathematics. 

And some universities like literally don’t even require enough math in your undergrad econ degree for you to do masters in econ at other schools, like if you wanna talk economics, you aren’t going to get very far without at least knowing multi-variable calc, linear algebra, and differential equations, which are like ~sophomore~ ish level math classes for a math major usually. 

But like all the professors I had for econ were math majors in undergrad because you literally can’t do most economics without a pretty decent understanding of mathematics. I’ve even seen straight up topology used in econ works. 

just whipping out things like “lol heres supply meeting demand” no one fucking uses that, it’s not realistic, it’s not even like … appropriate math you’d use for econ lmao, it’s just bad. 

And there are so many different fields of economics that you can’t and shouldn’t make blanket statements about it except fuck george mason’s econ department, it’s total shit. you can make that blanket statement lmao. but that’s about it. 

I honestly, to my core, don’t know why they teach some of this shit in the first place. I guess for ~pure theory~ but honestly it’s a goddamn tragedy getting all these edgelords out of their 200 level econ classes thinking they know how the world works.

americans: venezuela and cuba are so poor bc of socialism lol

also america, the most economically powerful nation in the world: embargos and places sanctions on venezuela and cuba for being socialist and influences all of its allies to do the same

Nos félicitations, Macron

Emmanuel Macron is the next president of France, defeating his far right rival Marine Le Pen by a comfortable 65.1% to 34.9% (according to a usually reliable vote estimate by pollsters Ispos/Sopra Steria for French state TV and radio and Le Monde). At 39, Macron will become France’s youngest president. He has never held elected office, and just over a year ago his political movement En Marche! did not even exist.

Still, the fact that racist nationalist Le Pen could summon more than a third of the French vote is cause for worry about the future. Xenophobia toward Muslims has played a part. More responsible are widening inequality and mounting job insecurity – coupled with a growing sense that the political-economy is rigged in favor or the privileged and out of touch with average working people.

The French haven’t suffered the same degree of economic stresses as have Americans in recent decades – France’s social safety net is still relatively intact – which may explain why they didn’t elect Le Pen while we elected Trump. But France, like most modern political economic systems, is heading in America’s direction under the guise of business “flexibility” and austerity economics.

My humble advice to Macron: Don’t follow America.


The Magazine Cutoff,

Bolt action repeating rifles would first be introduced in the mid 19th century.  The first to adopt the bolt action repeater as a standard military firearm were the Swiss, who adopted the Vetterli rifle in 1871.  However acceptance of repeaters of any kind was slow.  Many nations adopted breechloading conversions of their old muzzleloading muskets, such as the American Trapdoor Springfield, British Snider Enfield, or Russian Kropatschek.  Later single shot breechloaders would become popular.  Some bolt action designs were used, but were typically single shot only. 

The fact of the matter was that in most militaries, the old guard high ranking brass eyed repeating firearms suspiciously.  After all, they never needed them back in the day, so why would they be needed now?  One of the most common arguments was economic in nature.  Commanders believed that armed with repeating rifles, soldiers would be wasteful with ammo.  Also at the time military doctrine emphasized individual marksmen; highly skilled sharpshooters picking off the enemy with single shots, perhaps even hundreds of yards away.  The concept of dominating the enemy through superior firepower was either inconceivable or unpopular.

With the French adoption of the Lebel rifle in the 1880’s, it became apparent that the bolt action repeater would dominate the battlefield of the future.  By the turn of the century, almost every nations would adopt some bolt action model with a box magazine.  However, old attitudes remained, and hence a compromise needed to be made.  Hence the magazine cutoff, a device which was installed on most bolt action rifles in the late 19th or early 20th century.  A magazine cutoff was a simple device which deactivated the magazine.  With the simple flick of a switch, a device would be engaged which physically blocked the magazine preventing the action from advancing the next round, thus turning the bolt action repeater into a single shot breechloader. 
Soldiers were encouraged to use the rifle only as a single shot, only engaging the magazine in emergency situations or very hot firefights.  

It sounds like a very odd situation, equipping repeating firearms with a device that disables its ability to fire repeatedly, but it was a necessary compromise which made the old timers happy while allowing militaries to modernize.  Magazine cutoffs remained a feature of military bolt actions up until the middle of World War I.  The horrors of the Great War, especially the use of machine guns, taught that the future of warfare was firepower, and that the doctrine of the individual marksman was an outdated idea which got men killed.

Humans are weird: The Galactic Council

*Quick note before I start: This is the 7th and final installment in a series I’ve called the Lost Colonies which is largely about human society adapting to the strange environments of other worlds. You can read the previous installments here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this series, but with my new work schedule I had to bring it to a close. If you’ve enjoyed this story follow me on here for my other writings. Thanks again to everyone who has reblogged, liked, replied, DMed, or otherwise shown their appreciation for this series. It means a lot to me that people enjoyed it and the love you’ve all shown me has really helped keep me going for these last few months.*

It was hard not to be at least a little nervous as Kiara made her way to the council chamber. Somehow even with thousands of years of advancement space faring races still hadn’t developed a decent elevator. Kiara idly flipped through the notes she had made on her datapad and she realized how little she actually bothered to reference her notes. Some of them were years old and she hadn’t bothered to so much as look at them since she had initially written them down. It was too late now for her to try and prepare some kind of speech, though given how evasive the council was being about the purpose of this meeting Kiara wasn’t sure how she would have prepared in the first place. Still though, meeting with all 3 senior members at once could be nerve wracking.

The elevator door finally opened and Kiara stepped off to see her family waiting for her. Kit’cha was thoroughly amused at Jeanne reacting to their newest family member and seeing the way she acted around Kit’von it was hard not to smile. Currently she was letting the infant Turic ride on her shoulders. “You’re a LOT heavier than you look puffball!” Kit’von burbled something into his translator as he was still too young to pronounce most words in basic. “Dad says it’s because I’m so full of shit.” The fur on Kit’cha’s neck stood on end and he rapidly tried to change the subject. “KIARA HI! How’d you sleep Honey? Do you have everything you need for the meeting?” 

Kiara chuckled as she plucked Kit’von off Jeanne’s shoulders and gave him a hug. “I’m fine. I’ll be fine. It’s good to see you all here. How’s the mother doing?” Kit’cha relaxed slightly. “Parran is doing fine. She’s still resting back on the homeworld and has registered Kit’von to our care officially. She sent me a message earlier confirming it and to wish that he grows in health and prosperity.” Kiara gave Kit’von a kiss on his forehead and set him down as he burbled a happy noise that the translator couldn’t interpret. Jeanne smirked. “We’ll have to go do something special later to mark the occasion. Not every day someone trusts me with their kid.”

Standing in the middle of her family Kiara wished that she could stay in this moment forever but the pit of anxiety still ate away at her. “I love you all, but I’ve got to get to this meeting. You had yours first, did you piss them off this time?”Jeanne shrugged and took Kiara’s datapad. “It’s hard to read them sometimes, but don’t worry I was professional. Now get in there and do your thing. I’ll be waiting for you when you get out Sexy.” Jeanne gave her a wink and a kiss and Kit’cha gave her an awkward one armed hug as Kit’von scaled his back. “You’ll do great. I’ve known you long enough to know that if anyone can handle the council it’s you. Now I need to go feed this one before he drools on me any- oh, there it is.”

Kiara squared her shoulders and walked through the arched doors into the council room. The room was normally built for hosting large gatherings of the member races, but today it held only the 3 senior members of the council at the curved semi-circle table on the central dais. Kiara had to practically run down the stairs when she realized that the council was already waiting on her. As she reached the dais Kaira realized there was no table or any kind of concession made for her comfort. This wasn’t an interview, it was an interrogation. Kiara planted her feet and stood face to face with the council for the first time in a decade.

The senior council members came from the three spacefaring species with the largest populations and most economic power. There was a female Turic named Shureen. Like most females she was larger than the males at nearly 3 meters tall, though she had shorter, black fur making her muscular physique even more impressive. Females also had a large flat crest on their forehead that the males lacked. Shureen’s was impressively styled with ornate engravings, an obvious status symbol. The Kennic named Arid was currently male having just molted. He would be irritable, Kiara made a mental note of that. Kennic were closest to reptiles from old Earth and there were rumors that some species of dinosaurs were old an old Kennic colony. The final council member was an Acanthius who had no name as it was part of a hive mind. It wore a complex environment suit that allowed its face to be exposed while still allowing it to breath while onboard the station. Its moist, grey skin, slitted nose and black eyes reminded her of sea creatures she had seen on several planets.

It was Arid that spoke first. “Glad you could join us Miss Venn.” Kiara wondered if he simply didn’t know how she preferred to be addressed or if he was deliberately trying to get under her skin, either way she put it aside. “It’s an honor to meet you all. I understand that this meeting is in regards to my work with the lost human colonies.” Arid made a clicking sound in the back of his throat like dry, coughing laughter. “Is that what we’re calling them now? Isn’t there a human expression better suited to dealing with pests?” The Acanthius shot a glance at Arid. “I apologize for my fellow council member, he should not be allowing a personal problem to interfere with his duties. You are correct though. This is in regards to your work over the last 25 sols with the human rehabilitation division of the council.”

Kiara shifted her weight uncomfortably and didn’t know what to say. Officially she had been given the title of “Ambassador Liaison to Human colony worlds” but she had always felt there was an undercurrent of resentment that the galactic council felt towards humans on account of EarthGov’s actions. It was Shureen finally spoke “I’ll get to the point of it all. We’re here to decide the fate of these human colonies. You have proven that an individual human can integrate into galactic society with effort and understanding, what we need to determine is if humanity as a whole is capable of this same feat or if they will repeat their imperialistic past and attempt to bring war against us again.”

“I…don’t…” Kiara began to say before Arid cut her off. “Please spare us your babbling human. It’s a simple proposition: Make your case for humanity and if the council decides in your favor humanity will once again be allowed to travel the galaxy unrestricted, otherwise we may need to quarantine them. Again.” The Acanthius’ nose slits flared in annoyance at Arid before it turned its attention back to Kiara. “Your colleagues were all very professional but can’t seem to speak for more than themselves. So I ask you Miss Kiara Williams-Venn, why should humanity be allowed to once again join the rest of the galaxy?”

In the back of her mind Kiara could see her family urging her on and she smiled to herself knowing exactly what to say. “I couldn’t possibly deny humanity’s dark past. In my research I found that even prior to the Unification War and the rise of EarthGov we were frequently a brutal people that would attempt to justify our worst impulses on the basis of demonizing an ‘other’. From that point of view it would only make sense that humanity would repeat this awful cycle again and again. What I’ve found just as often though is that in every situation in which humanity gives in to these impulses it is a society that cannot maintain itself. Regimes that promised to last a thousand years on the strength of their convictions alone crumbled to dust within a single lifespan. It always fails because though that fear and hate is a part of us, so is our love.”

“The simple fact is that we are a people of duality. We are fiercely loyal to each other, while also engaging in rivalries that can outlive our descendants. We are dangerous and destructive while also being brilliant, creative and adaptable. I’ve personally witnessed feats of human ingenuity that most council races would be hard pressed to replicate. I’ve also witnessed the same people rushing headlong into disaster because they didn’t take the time to understand their situation. I know that the brutal, horrible things that were done in the name of an ‘Earth First’ mentality by a fascist government can’t be undone and could never be repaid. I also know that humans are hard working, dedicated and compassionate and that many of us, if given the chance we would not stop attempting to make amends for our past.”

Kiara took a deep breath and locked eyes with Arid. “You argue that humanity should be segregated to a handful of under supplied colonies. I argue that if that way is pursued it can only end in disaster. Those lost colonies would find their way back into space if given enough time and though most wouldn’t carry a grudge, if they were continually treated as ‘pests’ then it would only be a matter of time before it came to conflict again. If you want to avoid that future then integration and unity are the only answer.” Arid glared silently at Kiara and Shureen thoughtfully tapped her fingers on the desk. The Acanthius broke the silence. “Are you suggesting that not only do we lift travel restrictions on human worlds, but that we actively attempt to reintegrate them with galactic society?” Kiara nodded “And a seat on the wider council so that we have a say in our treatment wouldn’t hurt.”

The frills on Arid’s arms and back flared but he didn’t say a word. Shureen cleared her throat. “Your ‘husband’ has told us much about human cultures that he has researched. He seems truly enamored with your species.” Arid again gave that dry, clicking laugh, Shureen ignored him. “But what he has said confirms much of what you tell us now. Indeed, you come from a race that is remarkably strong of will. We will have much to discuss with the wider council at a later date and we may need to call on you again, but I can at least promise that we will bring this matter before them. You have represented your race admirably Kiara. Thank you for meeting with us today.” Kiara tented her fingers across her midsection forming a perfect triangle and bowed. Shureen stood and returned the traditional Turic honorific.

Kiara smiled to herself and left the council chamber to go meet her family for dinner. It had been a long day and there was still a lot to do, but that could wait for a while longer.


Era Moodboards: The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire, also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire, was the continuation of the Roman Empire in the East during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, when its capital city was Constantinople. It survived the fragmentation and fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD and continued to exist for an additional thousand years until it fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. During most of its existence, the empire was the most powerful economic, cultural, and military force in Europe.

me: starscream has the potential to be an awesome character.  he doesnt have to be some second rate meme or an abused second in command. in some canon, he is the ruler of an entire city state. he can be knowledgable in chemical and weaponry sciences, military, and government.  he can be extremely diplomatic, knowing how to deal with other leaders of other city states, as well as other species abroad. he can be an enjoyable character, having a sharp tongue that calls out people on their actions in humorous roasts that have actual reason. he can be a really important figure in the decepticon cause, not only lending expertise to the charismatic worldly but dim-witted megatron, but because he has the influence of seekers, some of the most highly strategic and economically important cybertronians. he can be on equal ground if not above megatron, the only things preventing him from being above being his sarcasm and snobby attitude.  he can be opportunist, playing with megatron for his own gain, or be genuinely invested in megatron’s cause but not in megatron himself.  he is a jet, he can be taller than bucket head megatron, megs could be at his chest, and be smol, starscream using him as a leaning post.

also me: u kno wat wen starscmeme get mad he raise him wings and g1 screech like birb n also he luv skyfire screech al da teim wen hte ppl mak fun of sky or get too clos

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Since its valentines, I was looking up "the bible on same sex marriages." I found a verse that I hadn't seen before, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. And nowwwww in shook and scared and panicking bc I just, my confidence in my faith and sexuality is so fragile and I just need help understanding this.

Hey there! Rest easy, anon. It’s okay to feel shaken by something you hadn’t seen before in Scripture – it’s also okay to wrestle with it. God invites us into conversation with the Bible – so let’s gather some facts that will allow us to converse. 

(Here are the two verses from 1 Cor 6, for those who want to see them: “Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, sodomites, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, robbers—none of these will inherit the kingdom of God.”)

For this particular passage, the issue of translation actually comes into play, along with issues of cultural context. See this post for an overview of all the “clobber claim” passages used against LGBT folks; and especially see page 11 of my research paper from a few years ago, where I go in depth about the translation issues. …Actually, I’ll go ahead and paste my paper’s whole conversation on 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (as well as 1 Timothy 1:10) right here for easy access: 

~ 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10. Two other verses in the New Testament letters are frequently interpreted as condemnations of homosexuality because of the standard ways that two ambiguous Greek words, malakoi and arsenokoitai, are translated.

The first of these words, malakoi, is used in 1 Corinthians 6:9. While modern translators usually render it “men who practice homosexuality” or “homosexuals,” it more literally means “soft,” and “it appears elsewhere in the New Testament to describe fine clothing (see Matthew 11:8). In a moral context, the term was used to describe a lack of self-control, weakness, laziness, or cowardice. …The word was an all-purpose insult for anything considered to be feminine” (Vines, 2014, p. 119). Vines goes on to note that in Greco-Roman culture this term more often referred to men who “succumbed to the charms of women,” since doting excessively on a woman—fixating too much on the romantic aspects of a relationship or allowing a female lover to influence one’s decisions—was considered unmanly (p. 120). Thus, he explains, malakoi is generally translated in older versions of the Bible as “effeminate” rather than “homosexual” (p. 122). With all of this in mind, perhaps a more fitting translation would be something like “those who demonstrate weakness” or, to keep the meaning as broad as the original term, “those demonstrating soft qualities.”

Arsenokoitai, used in both 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10, is even more difficult to translate accurately, as it appears very infrequently in Greek writings (Vines, 2014, p.122). The word may, in fact, have been coined by Paul, and is a compound word combining arsen, “male,” and koites, the term for “bed” most often used when a sexual connotation is intended. Thus, the usual interpretation of this word is “men who sleep with other men” (p. 123). However, Vines relates, the few examples of this word that can be found in later Greek texts “indicate it most often referred to economic exploitation, not same-sex behavior” (p. 124). Vines provides evidence from three texts on pages 124 and 125 of his book, which are worth reviewing in full.

It is interesting to note some of the most common translations of arsenokoitai: along with “homosexuals” and “perverts,” the word “sodomites” is often used. Drawing back to the earlier discussion of Sodom, the choice to use this term here for a word that in its original form clearly shares no root with the word “Sodom” unfairly influences a reader’s perspective of the sin of Sodom. If a Bible uses the word “Sodomite” to mean a male practitioner of same-sex acts, the reader is influenced to interpret Sodom’s annihilation-worthy crime as being homosexuality, before they have the chance to consider for themselves whether that is necessarily the case. On that note, this paper will turn to its final discussion, that of linguistic methods employed by some Christians to influence biblical interpretations. ~

End of paper passage.

Now, even if there is a solid argument to translating these terms as “homosexual” etc., cultural context can and should be taken into account by any responsible and reverent reader of the Bible. After all, we read other areas of the NT letters that appear to condone slavery in light of their ancient context. See this post (linked above as well) for some discussions on interpreting Scripture while keeping context in mind.

I also recommend Austen Hartke’s short video “Are you taking the Bible seriously?” Wander through our interpretation tag (particularly this post) for even more information. Peace <3

Whiskey Tango

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Rated: T

Summary: Without a second thought, Lucy quickly downed one last whiskey before jumping to her feet and grabbed Natsu by the hand without a word, dragging him to the dance floor. He didn’t seem to mind though, stumbling his way after her with his face flushed and graced with a smile.

Word count: 5247

Just a one-shot I thought up as I had a really rough week not too long ago with midterms and projects and this was the result. 

This deals with anxiety and alcohol and all that jazz so just a heads up on that.

Part 2/

I read tags guys so if you wanna leave a quick comment it’d be really appreciated! 

Also thanks to the amazing @x-benihime for your help with this. It honestly probably would have been shit without your input so thank you <3 

                                  Into each life some rain must fall.
                                   -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“A double whiskey please.”

The bartender nodded, pulling out a bottle of Jameson and pouring it into a glass, handing it across the bar. Lucy sighed, looking down into the glass with a sort of resentment before knocking it back in one swing. It had been a long week with her midterms and assignments all shoved together forming her own personal hell.

She ordered another.

She was tired. She was so tired, and she just wanted to drink and have a well-deserved break. It was a Friday night, and she didn’t have anything due again for a while so she told herself why the fuck not.

Though, she supposed, getting wasted at 8pm alone probably wasn’t the best decision she made in a while. But she didn’t have anything else to do (except study and catch up on some work, but who’s counting), and her friends all decided to go home for the weekend, so here she was. It’s not like she minded the alone time though; the bar was really relaxing at this time with only a few people around, and the music was pretty calming.

In any case, at least she would get a good night’s sleep for once.

“What’s a pretty lady like yourself doing all alone at a bar on a Friday night?” Turning towards the voice, Lucy fought down the urge to visibly shudder. An older man- probably in his 60’s- sat beside her, leering down at her.

Forcing a small smile onto her face, she politely lied, “oh I’m not alone, just waiting on my boyfriend. He should be getting here any minute.” Lucy turned her back on the man and turned towards the bartender, ordering another drink.

She was definitely going to have a headache in the morning.  

“Well that’s awfully rude, making his little miss wait so long.” The sickly voice drawled, slurring on his words and making Lucy twitch. She thought she had dealt with the situation.  

She just wanted to be left alone.

“I came early, he isn’t late. Totally my fault.” She avoided looking at the man, trying to give him the hint to leave her alone.

She heard a chair scrape against the floor, and glanced over to see him moving closer. She internally groaned, not in the mood to deal with this at all.  

Just as he was about to say something else- probably something sexist and degrading- she felt an arm slip around her shoulders, a voice whispering in her ear.

“Just go with it.”

Startled and confused, Lucy glanced to the side to see a man with pink hair and a large grin plastered on his face, hand giving her shoulder a squeeze.

“Hey babe, sorry I’m late. Got caught up with some work.”

Lucy saw the old man get up and move, probably to find some other poor young girl to creep out. The pink haired man moved his arm away taking the seat next to her, looking sheepish.

“Sorry for just springing up out of nowhere, just looked like you were really uncomfortable so I thought I’d try to help.” His cheeks were a bit rosy, from embarrassment or alcohol Lucy didn’t know. He scratched the back of his neck, almost absentmindedly as he ordered a drink.

“What’s your name?” she blurted out, face heating up after realizing she had been staring.

Whiskey was not her friend in that moment.

Looking surprised, the man quickly regained composure and offered her a large grin. “Names Natsu, nice to meet ya!” He threw out his hand, which Lucy took without a second thought.

“I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you too.” She supposed she should have been a bit more skeptical of the guy, but he seemed familiar- though she could place how- and he was, simply put, very attractive.

“I know.” Eyes going wide, Natsu started to fumble his way through his slip up. “I mean, you go to Magnolia University, and, well I’m not a stalker or anything, I know that’s what it sounds like but ah, we’re in the same economics class and, ah shit this is weird, but you know my roommate Gray and-”

Lucy couldn’t help it; she burst out laughing. This was honestly one of the cutest things she’s seen in awhile. At least she knew now why he seemed familiar.  “Oh! You’re Gray’s friend who sets things on fire all the time! He’s told me about you.” Apparently he even caught himself on fire once. Lucy remembered wondering why Gray would live with someone who could potentially set their whole apartment on fire, but to each his own.

Natsu’s face seemed to heat up even more at the fact that she knew about his pyro-like habits, and she suddenly felt bad. “But he’s also said you’re a great guy and a decent roommate, besides the fact.”

That seemed to ease him up, as he suddenly sat up straighter and a smirk appeared on his lips. “Ice princess said that? I’ll have to keep that in mind.” He leaned forward slightly on the arm he had resting on the bar, “got any other ammunition I can use against him?”

Lucy rolled her eyes, taking a sip from her drink. She briefly wondered when it had gotten half empty. “I’m not helping you out in whatever weird competition you two have.”

He downed the rest of his drink, quickly ordering another. “How do you know him again anyways?”

“My mother and his father went to school together and were good friends, so we used to visit each other a lot as kids.” Lucy smiled fondly while thinking of her raven-haired friend. She can’t even remember a time when he hadn’t been there, he just always was. “He’s like my brother honestly.”

Natsu’s brows squeezed together in confusion for the briefest of moments, but Lucy saw it. Her mind was in too much in a haze, however, to figure out what was confusing. She should probably slow down on the whiskey, but she was having fun, and she wasn’t quite drunk yet.

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Split - Croatia 

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest city in the Dalmatia region. The city was first built around retired emperor Diocletian’s Palace, in an area that now makes up half of the Old Town area. The city was one of the most important economic hubs along the Adriatic shoreline. 

After being occupied by the Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, Hungarians, Austrians, French and Germans, Split became a part of the Republic of Croatia. Since then, the city has somewhat re-branded itself as a vibrant tourist destination. The city boasts historical churches, Roman ruins, art galleries, museums and a beautiful harbour. The city centre is protected by a UNESCO world heritage listing. 


Jamaica for Sale

“The Caribbean is the region most economically dependent on tourism and Jamaica is the 4th most indebted country in the world. Tourism is Jamaica’s Sacred Cow, heavily promoted since 1891 as the way to modernization and prosperity it has tragically failed in its promises. Jamaica For Sale counters the dominant view that tourism is the savior of the Jamaican people. Lively and hard hitting, with powerful voices, arresting visuals and iconic music, Jamaica For Sale documents the environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts of unsustainable tourism development. As Jamaica is irreversibly transformed by massive hotel and luxury condominium development, Jamaica For Sale both documents this transformation and is trying to turn the tide.” via

Mistake #1 (Kim Namjoon)

Originally posted by yoonseok

“Are you fucking with me?”


Word Count: 842

Request: A namjoon scenario where reader and nj got to a thrift store and he buys an old doll to prove it’s not haunted but plot twist, turns out it is.

Genre: Crack, comedy, fluff, horror???not really lol

Warnings: Swearing Idk about any of you but when I get scared I swear so much it’s not even funny


This was honestly such a good prompt and I loved writing this. I NEVER watch horror movies because they scare me so bad and my sleep habits already suck. Idk if this sucks or not but I really hope you like it anon!

“Y/N you are full of shit if you think that the doll from Annabelle is going to come haunt you.”

“Who are you to be talking?! You screamed for a while after we watched Friday the 13th!”

“That was you.”

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The nine-member council unanimously approved an ordinance to end its nearly two-decade relationship with its primary financial services provider, Wells Fargo, which is an investor in the pipeline and the company building it, Energy Transfer Partners of Texas. The bank handles about $3 billion a year for the city.

Yet questions over how effective such a move might be rose even before the hearing began, when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, following instructions from President Trump, informed Congress earlier Tuesday that it planned to issue the final easement for the pipeline as soon as Wednesday.

The $3.8 billion, 1,170-mile pipeline would travel from North Dakota to Illinois, with the most controversial segment running beneath a dammed section of the Missouri River just north of the reservation of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The tribe, which says the pipeline threatens its water supply and sacred sites, said Tuesday it would continue to fight the project’s completion.

Hundreds of protesters remain in snowy camps near the planned river crossing in North Dakota — a fact noted by many people in the far more comfortable City Council chambers.

“It really moves me to think of the people who are hundreds of miles away from us today, waiting in the cold for our vote,” Lisa Herbold, a council member, said shortly before the vote.

Seattle, which is thriving on science and technology a thousand miles west of the pipeline’s route, would not seem to suffer obvious impacts if the pipeline were completed. But the city is deeply liberal, environmentally minded and riding a wave of activism that has put it at the forefront of social and economic causes — most recently as the location where state lawyers persuaded a federal judge, appointed by George W. Bush, to order a stay of President Trump’s travel ban.

The area also has a large Native American community that has actively opposed the pipeline, and one member of the council, Debora Juarez, is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation tribe in Montana. Another council member, Kshama Sawant, is a socialist.

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I mean I think basic income is morally the best solution to poverty but I’m heavily invested in proving that it’s the most practical and economical solution as well bc you won’t convince people to sign on otherwise

like… we shouldn’t have to prove that if we give poor people a basic income they’ll all spend it “wisely” according to whatever metric the nosey-parking judgmental shitheads of the world come up with (blah blah buying steaks with food stamps, spare me) because fuck you for assuming they won’t in the first place and also fuck you for making your sympathy and assistance available only to those who have never made a (subjectively!!) bad decision in their lives

but if we can prove that poor people end up better off with a basic income than they do with traditional types of aid from the government or NGOs, then hopefully a bunch more rich people will be like “oh, this is how I can get the biggest return for my charity money”

and of course the ultimate goal is for a bunch more people in government to be like “oh, this is how we can do the most good with social services money, because right now we are paying an awful lot of people to do an awful lot of paperwork about it but it’s still feeling like 1789 around here”