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Can you do s&m boys when they have a crush on a classmate but she has a human boyfriend.


shu - what does he care if you have a boyfriend? if he likes you enough to try to win you over then he’s going to make it clear that that boy is nothing to him. he doesn’t mind walking into your conversations and taking you attention from him. he likes ignoring the human boy enough to anger him and bring out a nasty side to him, so basically will try to win you over by pretending the boyfriend doesn’t exist

reiji - he’s going to humiliate that boy to the fullest so you see how worthless he is and how much better of a partner reiji would be. he will casually slide into conversations with you and offer tutoring or whatever else you might need, and slowly will ostracize you from the boy

ayato - he’s gonna show you how much better he is than your boyfriend. everything suddenly becomes a competition between the two of them, and of course ayato wins every time. he’ll also demand your attention often and humiliate the boyfriend whenever possible.

kanato - kanato has feelings for you? great! you’re going to be his princess. all he has to do is destroy this distraction between you two. you’re not sure why, but when kanato started talking to you more, your boyfriend became more distant and began avoiding you, especially if kanato was there. you really had no choice but to break up, and when kanato wins you over he secretly tells the boyfriend that he made the right choice in giving up what was obviously his from the start. depending on how much he likes you, he will likely make your once-boyfriend permanently disappear.

laito - oh, you’re going on a date! laito will tag along too. in fact, laito seems to have latched onto you and your relationship quite a lot lately… and has your boyfriend been avoiding you? you can’t really tell, since laito has been sweet talking you so much and keeping all your attention on him. basically, laito is going to absolutely destroy your boyfriend- not physically, but with some rather cruel words. so much so that you realize you really don’t have a relationship with the boy anymore, but luckily laito was already there to charm you away

subaru - subaru resigns himself to pining from afar. you probably don’t even know he exists? he swears though that the moment you two break up, he’s going to try to get with you. and if he hurts you in any way, you will never see the human boy again


ruki - it’s rare for ruki to have feelings for someone, so depending on how strongly he feels he’s going to be very calculated in his pursuit of you. he’s charming but stoic, and that both entices you and angers your boyfriend. he’s gonna slowly drive a stake in your current relationship, so you have no choice but to turn to him for comfort. all as planned, of course

kou - boyfriend is probably already on edge because kou is so popular, but if kou has his sights set on you the human boy better watch out. kou will steal you away whenever he can to have some alone time with you, and his plan is to set up a scene where he kisses you and the boyfriend walks in. he is going to break you two up and make you his in the most dramatic way he can

yuma - yuma doesn’t want to go after you if you’re really deep in a relationship, so he’s gonna corner the boy and test his loyalty. if the boyfriend breaks under the pressure of yuma’s threats to “rip him apart and eat him slowly” if he doesn’t break up with you, then to yuma that means you’re up for grabs, and he won’t find much resistance as he pursues you. 

azusa - azusa wants to confess to you, but what if that makes you sad? he sees how happy you are with your boyfriend, and that’s not the kind of pain he wants to give you or experience. so he’s going to just watch from far off and go through the pain of an aching heart

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Hi, do you have any advice on writing prophecies?


One of the most important things about writing “prophecies” is cliches. Prophecies have been so overdone with certain cliches that people are beginning to tire of the very idea of a prophecy- that doesn’t mean that prophecies are Now Very Bad. It just means that writers have to get even more creative when writing a prophecy.

First, some things to avoid when writing prophecies:

*** disclaimer: as with everything in writing, prophecy techniques are a gray area. Yeah, maybe you can pull it off if you are original enough. But generally, these are just some things that have been used tiresomely before.

1. The Perfect Poem:This means those prophecies you see sometimes that are super dramatic and usually rhyming. I don’t know where it came from, but there seems to be this idea that if something rhymes, it is all of a sudden a Very Important Thing. Additionally- the case of the magical prophecy that always rhymes. You’ve probably seen this before- an ancient prophecy is written on an Egyptian tomb or something, and then the explorer translates is aloud and it flawlessly rhymes in perfect English. If you want to do that, there had better be a reason, because rhymes don’t translate between languages since you are, you know, using different words. Also related: cryptic prophecies. The ones that are jumbled and poetic and it’s hard to tell what it’s saying exactly. These are bad when done just for the poetry and good when done with multiple interpretations in mind. I’ll get back to that.

2. The Delivery: Often when prophecies are delivered, they are delivered in the most dramatic way possible. Again, if done right, this can create a very intense and intriguing scene. But for the most part, people have gotten used to dramatic lighting and strange smelling mist and the seer going into a trance or something. If your prophecy is going to be delivered via Magical Ritual, make it an original magic ritual. Also, making a ritual scene runs the risk of misrepresenting and generally insulting cultures in which certain divination is sacred.

3. The Chosen One: Possibly one of the most popular tropes of all time, The Chosen One is the one the prophecies spoke of long ago, the chosen hero sent to save us all, and totally super done. Chosen Ones can be intriguing characters, but honestly? If you can do something different, do. Don’t jump to Chosen Ones. Really, really put work into avoiding your Chosen Ones. They cause trouble. As a somewhat off topic note, I personally love stories where the hero wasn’t chosen, where is was just coincidence or bad luck or good luck or whatever. The hero isn’t the person who was destined, they were just the one who happened to step up to the plate and swing, prophecy or no. It kind of shows how anyone can be a hero, but a hero isn’t just anyone. 

What You Should Do:

Do the opposite of what you don’t do. Yay, I’m so helpful. As a general rule, try to be original. Easier said than done, I know, but give creativity your best shot. As for random tips…

1. Clarity: If your prophecy is going to be poetically unclear, use that to your advantage. Make each line have a double meaning or different possible interpretations that could potentially be true. Surprise your readers and your characters and even yourself- it doesn’t always mean what you think it means. Explore the possibilities. 

2. Keep Track of Fate: If your prophecy mentions multiple people or events, make sure to follow through with your story. Don’t forget any details, it has to add up or it will all make no sense. Unless, of course, the point it that the prophecy was wrong. 

3. How Much Do They Know?: This one confuses me in a lot of stories. How much do your people know about this prophecy? If the prophecy is ancient or widespread, then there might have been plenty of opportunity to study it. Who knows, maybe they figured out a few lines in the time they’ve had to read it over and over before it became true. 

4. Being Cryptic: This is just a quick tip on how you can make your prophecies make less sense- maybe, originally, they made perfect sense. Language and culture is constantly evolving. Maybe the prophecy made perfect sense way back when it was spoken, but now it has been so long that nobody really remembers “brillig” or “slithy toves” even are.

5. Research: I kind of touched on this in point two of the don’ts, but I think it deserves its own spot here. If your method of prophecy is based off of something real, some real oracle or ritual, know your stuff and portray it accurately, or don’t do it at all. This goes from the Ancient Greeks to modern kitchen witchcraft and beyond.

Remember, this story is yours. Make your prophecy your own, too. There can be a million prophecies in the world, but this one is yours, so show how special is in the way only you can.

And thank you for the ask!


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Asking you about STONY! What are your favorite Stony moments in each of the universes?

1) Avengers Assemble: asking for a favourite Stony moment in AA is LIFE’S GREATEST CHALLENGE because AA stony is the definition of PURE with all the bridal carrying and extra saving but of course we have the legendary smol Tony ep because it shows that Steve loves Tony for his heart and his courage and Tony looks up to Steve for being compassionate and believing in him


And of course this scene + all the protective Steve are just… lmao

Originally posted by stonystonysto

 2) EMH: Extra Large Steve is having to casually “exercise” aka show off his huge ass biceps to Tony while he’s having breakfast lmao I SEE THROUGH U CAP

3) 616: 

This scene from Young Avengers #1 was the first time my eyes witnessed the gay SuperHusbands and SuperDads so it always holds a special place in my heart

But I have to say, the romantic and dramatic art of Tony giving life to Steve with a kiss from Red Zone is also an all-time favourite.

4) MCU:

It’s currently all over my twitter but Steve holding the small of Tony’s back after an argument LMAO

and this is the most happy genuine smile Chris Evans has given in the MCU in the future honestly

5) Avengers Academy: SOOO MANY but the latest one where Steve is speechless and staring at Tony’s bod omg WHERE ARE YOUR EYES STEVE

5) 1872′s “Not tonight, Stark!” and protective Sheriff Steve; Natasha Stark marrying Steve singlehandedly preventing Civil War; 

6) Ults: America’s Hottest President: Captain Handsome

I’m sure I missed a LOT MORE moments which other Stony experts know very well, but these are the ones I can think of so far!

Ask Me Anything Stony!

Trailer Thoughts on Thor: Ragnorak

Okay. Can we all just stop for a second and admire the Thor: Ragnorak Teaser Trailer that was released yesterday?

I love Loki. I’m pretty sure everyone in the world does, too, but if any of you guys know me at all, you would know I’ve been obsessing over Tom Hiddleston for about three years. I thought it went away over the summer, but apparently not. The feeling of giddy excitement of just seeing him on screen is undeniably still there. It didn’t matter if he appeared for a total of three seconds in the trailer, I gushed when I saw him.

Back to the actual trailer, it was awesome. Cate Blanchett looks absolutely epic in her outfit and the helmet-hat-thing. She looked even more amazing when she obliterated Mjolnir. That was a great shot. You know what else was a great shot? The head turning shot when the music really kicked in. I don’t know why, but that one second of footage along with perfectly timed music just makes me so happy. 

Thor’s hair is probably the most talked about thing about this other than maybe the Hulk appearing in this movie. He looks hot with anything. That’s absolutely undeniable, but I want a dramatic scene mourning for the loss of his hair. It’s supposed to have a lot comedic elements to it, right? Then I want a Thor whining and moaning about how they cut all his hair off. I’m just saying, it seems like Thor is the type of guy who values his appearance very much, so it would be logical for him to care about his hair just as much as we do. 

This movie looks like so much fun. I want it now.

HCs: college theatre au

(i’m a 3rd year theatre major and this is incredibly self-indulgent i hope you enjoy)

Shiro: Technical theatre professor, & is loved by the entire department. Runs the scene shop alongside Coran, and assists in overseeing a lot of the design work on shows. Used to do some acting work back in his undergrad and everyone likes to ask him about it. Catch him on a good day and he’ll do a classic. (Catch him on a great day and you can maybe hear him sing.)

Allura: Acting and theatrical literature/history professor. Intensely recommended for hire by Coran, and the board of directors ultimately had to approve Alfor’s daughter– not because she was his daughter, but because she was that damn good. Is also starting to direct shows. Secretly loves doing weird avant-garde pieces. 

Coran: One of the eldest professors/lecturers in the department, friends with the Dean of Altea University (Alfor), and oversees most, if not all, shows that happen throughout the year. Also helps run the scene shop. Coran kind of does everything and no one questions it.

Lance: Acting major. Also does an intense amount of musical theatre. Loves to mess around but will not hesitate to cut the man who gets in the way of him getting the parts he’s after. (It’s been Keith a couple times, and Lance almost had a heart attack.) Particularly skilled in improvisation work, makes for a great backbone to comedic shows. Is trying his hardest to get better at more dramatic pieces.

Pidge: Technical theatre major- lights and sound double concentration. Will absolutely blackout the stage just to be an ass. Singlehandedly convinced the department to get a fly system in their theater and she literally lives for rigging people and set pieces up on it. All in all, Pidge is just having a darn good time with her job. 

Hunk: Technical theatre major- scenic design/construction concentration. Also helps Pidge do a lot of the heavy lifting and rigging in lighting. One of the kindest, most benevolent souls in the department that you do not want to screw with whatsoever, because he also does a lot of stage management and that puts even more power in his hands. 

Keith: Surprisingly, acting major. Didn’t start off as one, but remembered his brief encounters with working high school theatre and remembered that it clicked for him somehow, So he gave it another shot– and now he basically sleeps in the theater. Specializes in stage combat, and ends up being a student choreographer for a lot of productions, both in and out of school. 

The Infamous Back Rub Scene

As many times as I’ve watched what we all know as “the back rub scene” in TOS, it’s somehow never occurred to me…

We all know how sneaky and mischievous Jim can be at times. Is it beyond the realm of possibility that, NOT ONLY did he mistake the giver of the back rub as Spock, rather than the yeoman, but that he INTENTIONALLY set Spock up for it?

I mean, look at the way the scene begins: Spock is clearly standing just next to and behind Jim, and Jim goes, in a most dramatic and overblown exclamation, “OHHH! OW! OWWWW… MY BACK. OH MY, DEAR ME, HOW PAINFUL.” *faints like a damsel in distress* “OH NO… WHATEVER SHALL I DO. WON’T SOMEONE… ANYONE PLEASE RUB MY BACK? PERHAPS… PERHAPS THE PERSON STANDING DIRECTLY BEHIND ME AT THIS VERY MOMENT???” :DDDDDD (Spooooock???)

And Spock’s just like… Ah, here comes that eager-to-please yeoman again… sigh. Oh well. *steps casually aside*


Spock: *Steps forward to stand directly beside Jim*

Jim: …..oh. Nevermind.

Jim: :C *crushing disappointment*

Spock: Better luck next time, Captain. The obviousness of your flirtation is rather endearing. <33333

Guys can we just talk about lexa’s little shoulder strap thing for a second. What is the point of it?

Never once have we seen Lexa use it to block an attack and it literally only covers one of her shoulders

The only purpose of it really is her hold her little red sash, which she has draped over her head numerous times

Especially in this scene like what does she use it for? After her extra performance as a slave girl with a limp, she literally just has gustus place it on her shoulder so she can strap it all badass and make her revel more dramatic

Once again we have stumbled on another example of how commander lexa is the most extra person known to mankind

reasons why varjak paw > warrior cats
  • there’s only two books (with a 3rd one coming in the future)
  • there are only 37 characters, as opposed to 1000+ characters
  • the books are illustrated!!! and the illustrations are really good!!! also, the text and pictures are formatted so that the most dramatic scenes look really cool
  • the main premise of the books is that a young cat is bullied by his family, and his house is occupied by a strange man with suspicious intentions. he escapes and embarks on a journey to find someone to help his family and also to find why cats have been disappearing all over the city. if that doesn’t convince you to read the books idk what will
  • cat martial arts!!! and cat gang wars!!!
  • you’d be surprised how well the books and all the characters are written? i have read both of the books like 5 times and it never gets boring
  • the cast of characters is really diverse, and the author managed to make each of them really interesting
  • you don’t have to spend 5 hours in google trying to figure out cat genetics and breeds because the author already did that for you (with a couple of errors but i mean that’s excusable) + there’s no weird inconsistent or incestuous family relations
  • there’s lore that’s WAY more interesting that wc’s
  • interspecies relationships! we get a dog character who has an interesting back story and a really cute friendship with the main character!
  • the main villain is interesting and doesn’t have an underwhelming sob story and there’s also a good redemption arc
  • there’s a cat with canon odd eyes meanwhile the erins are struggling to remember what was crowfeather’s or dovewing’s or mothwing’s eye color
  • the cats have accents
  • two unfeeling robot characters managed to make me cry
  • if you’re not convinced yet, know that there’s a character called Little Jessie who is the smallest cutiepie but she also fought cats twice her own size alongside her gang

anyway i’m sure there’s more that i’m forgetting but please. go read varjak paw it will not disappoint

You know what I find funny?

“Aruba” was an episode full of DEATH. There was a really cool scene with Eobard though. But, looking back… I can’t stop laughing at it.

I betcha those are all time remnants. Do you see how many there are? He was his own army. It’s super intimidating until you realize he probably spent aN HOUR RUNNING BACK AND FORTH JUST TO MAKE ALL OF THEM

My Top 20 Favourite Bumbleby Fics

1. soul of mine, heart divine by rwbyfics
Rated: M - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8360 - Status: Complete
My # 1 pick and favourite bumbleby story ever. Told in 2nd person POV, it’s set in a future AU where they are adults, and Blake comes back to Yang after being away for 5 years. It’s so emotionally raw and powerful, it just hits all the right notes on so many levels. “she knows that you were made to break and she’s not afraid to shatter you.” Wow. Just, wow.

2. Binary Stars by AProcrastinatingWriter
Rated: E - Chapters: 1 - Words: 84349 - Status: Complete
This story is a masterpiece. I do not use that word lightly. The word count might be intimidating 84 000 words for one chapter but it is SO worth it to read. It is a beautiful and intense exploration into Blake and Yang’s relationship, all the love, emotion and passion they feel for each other. The author has a deep understanding of both these characters, the language and metaphors are so clever and poetic. The whole story is a thing of beauty and I can’t forget to mention that is also one of the hottest love scenes I have ever read. Extremely satisfying read.

3. RWBY: Lifetimes by RejectedKnight34
Rated: K+ - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2206 - Status: Complete
This story punched me straight in the heart and made me cry (in a good way). It is inspired by the image Bumblebee 25 Lives  . I have never been so emotionally moved by story in my life, it brought tears to my eyes which rarely happens. I found it early in my fanfic roamings and it has stuck with me for a long time. Beautiful. Heartbreakingly and hauntingly beautiful.

4. Soulbound by xT-Zealot
Rated: T - Chapters: 15 - Words: 242228 - Status: Complete
I believe that it is the most accurate, well-written novelizations of RWBY Volume 1 ever. The characterizations are amazing with detailed histories, the story-telling is captivating, and there is a slowly budding Bumbleby weaved in there as well. Close to perfection, I’d say. The scene at the end is so beautiful, one of my favourite scenes of all time.

5. Coffee With Strangers by TigerLilly22
Rated: T - Chapters: 12 - Words: 45627 - Status: Complete
I didn’t read this story at first because it was AU but I read the first chapter and I was instantly hooked. This story has the most believable and realistic representation of Blake and Yang’s personalities that I have ever read. Watching them grow closer together on each date with elements of canon cleverly incorporated into the story, it’s so cute and fluffy, and such a joy to read, definitely a classic in the bumbleby fic category. I really like the separate epilogue fic “The Morning After” too.

6. Premium Well Redux by DinasEmrys
Rated: E - Chapters: 27 - Words: 117953
Team RWBY has grown up, and relationships start after a night at the bar. I am oversimplifying but trust me, this story is extremely hot. It’s descriptive and exciting with a suspenseful plot-line. The characterizations are amazingly accurate, what they say and what they feel is so believable and fits into canon seamlessly. I really appreciate how the author does not shy away from describing the love scenes. Sex is an important and normal aspect of a mature relationship, and it’s beautiful thing.

7. The Fire Within by mikotyzini
Rated: T - Chapters: 37 - Words: 144890 - Status: Complete
This author has written numerous awesome fics for the bumbleby pairing, and Fire Within is my favourite of theirs. There’s action, a detailed and well-planned plotline, and plenty of fluffy moments and emotions explored. Amazing and epic, writing talent at near professional levels, it’s great.

8. Blake, What Do Your Faunus Eyes See by TobiasHawk1
Rated: M - Chapters: 45 - Words: 33305
First of all I have to say that I love this story. It’s told in first person style from Yang’s point of view, the story telling is so honest, and the characterizations are right on point. This story also brings in some real life themes which I really appreciate, it kind of makes me feel like a teenager again. Awesome.

9. Choice: A RWBY College AU by elfenlied1012
Rated: M - Chapters: 25 - Words: 153383 - Status: Complete
This might be a bit of an odd choice to some of you, considering White Rose is the main ship. It’s my favourite White Rose Story by far with a side of bumbleby. If this list was a ranking on sheer enjoyment, this fic would be in my top 5. I love the dynamic between Yang and Blake, even when the emotions are negative, it’s so real and hard hitting. I found myself tearing up at some scenes. It’s just an amazing RWBY fic period, ship or no ship, one of my favourites of all time.

10. Things You Wrote On The Walls by moonsandstar_s
Rated: M - Chapters: 34 - Words: 131423 - Status: Complete
I stumbled on to this story the day after it came out on Halloween, I’m proud to say that I was an early supporter. I was immediately impressed by the author’s poetic and beautifully descriptive writing style. The extensive back story she created for Blake is amazing, the characterization of Yang is totally on point. This is one of the most unique and dramatic re-tellings of RWBY Volume 1 out there.

11. Need Me Too by Pulping
Rated: M - Chapters: 30 - Words: 60231
One of the first fanfics I read, nice dose of action and smut with a believable plot line.

12. Road to Recovery by FiercesomestDefenestrator
Rated: T - Chapters: 17 - Words: 109465 - Status: Complete
Again, if this was a list about sheer enjoyment, I think this would be my number one pick. The reason it is not higher up on this list is because it is more about friendship and ship-teasing then an actual ship. Nevertheless, I think they have most accurate representations of the characters ever. They excel at incorporating humor and action into their plot lines, I’ve never laughed out loud so many times while reading before. You might have heard of their popular story Catnip, but I totally recommend reading their other stories as well, they are great adventures.

13. The Days of Winter by mikotyzini
Rated: T - Chapters: 6 - Words: 22746 - Status: Complete
I love how the relationship slowly builds up between these two, and seeing a jealous Blake is so great.

14. A Second Dance by Reeves3
Rated: K+ - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1815 - Status: Complete
My favourite dance fic for the bees, it’s just so believable and sweet, one of the first bumbleby fics I fell in love with.

15. Underdeveloped by the Canary that Ate the Cat
Rated: K+ - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4971 - Status: Complete
I really like the deep emotional themes about Yang’s past explored here, it’s so realistic and on point. Extremely well done.

16. Ms. Dynamite by Techno Skittles
Rated: T - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8452 - Status: Complete
Really awesome writing and flow, love how the attraction is described from Blake’s point of view. A beach party, Yang as a fire exhibitionist and Blake as a shy bookish type, so perfect.

17. Beach Towns are the Perfect Place for Confessions by OccasionallyIWriteStuff
Rated: T - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8265 - Status: Complete
Based on weissrabbit’s roadtrip au, this story has one of my favourite kissing scenes of all time.

18. Just Right by hammerfistninja
Rated: G - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1323 - Status: Complete
My favourite stories are the ones that depict the characters from canon as accurately as possible, where I can believe it can actually happen off screen. This fic does all that, I love the characterization of their personalities, the conversation and how it flows. So good.

19. Migraines by Shadoobie
Rated: M - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4942 - Status: Complete
One of my favourite smut scenes ever, so amazingly hot.

20. Shot Through The Heart by CourierNinetyTwo
Rated: E - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6100 - Status: Complete
Tequila plus Yang and Blake equals fireworks. Well-written and very hot with some sweet moments interspersed.

Advice for freshmen

Don’t feel pressured that high school will be ‘the greatest 4 years of your life’ because your not going to think that when your there. Youll either hate it, or it’ll be whatever. People only say it’s the best because nostalgia.

Go to a bunch of school events. Dances, games, pep rallies, whatever. They’ll probably dumb, but your entire school will be dumb together.

Youll have that one teacher that you fucking hate, but everybody loves. Youll have that one teacher everybody hates but you love. And they’ll be that teacher that everybody fucking hates. The best way to make friends in that class and make it bearable is too shit talk that teacher with your classmates.

Your English teacher will either be like the one above, or the best person you’ll every meet. Be friends with that teacher, don’t be afraid of being a teachers pet. Don’t be afraid to kiss ass

If any upperclassmen pick on you, chances are they’re fucking assholes and everyone in their grade thinks they’re annoying.

Classes are harder. But if any teacher scares you like “Next year your teachers won’t baby you and give you extensions/extra credit/make up work” They’re fucking liars.

Nobody cares what kind of clothes you wear or back pack you own

You guys are going to be loud and irritating to older people no matter what, so fuck it. Youll grow out of it, and when you hit senior year, you’ll laugh back at yourself. All of the seniors now we’re like that too.

If a senior boy or girl hits on you, you should probably avoid them, chances are they don’t have your best interest at heart.

It you don’t want to shave your legs or pits or whatever for gym or PE, dont. Nobody will fault you.

Sex ed will be stupid and un informative. Don’t take it serioisly. The only part to take 100% serious is if they give you information to clinics and such. Copy that down.

Dye your hair. Get piercings. Fuck it.

Don’t judge others for how they look and you’ll be happier.

Don’t feel pressured to stay in a relationship. It’s normally if they last for less then a month.

Don’t feel pressured to stay with the same friends from middle school. Meet new people.

Every actor on television playing high school students are in their 20’s, it’s okay if you don’t look like that.

If you mensturate, yes, at some point, it’s going to happen at the worst moment, and it’s going to suck. Do NOT be afraid to ask total strangers for a tampon or pad, they will not care.

Join clubs and sports! Join a sport youve never considered playing! Fuck it.

If you join your schools GSA or LGBT club, 90% are going to be straight allies. But I guarantee you, most of then will come out as queer by the time they graduate.

If your queer, don’t feel bad if your sexuality changes a lot. It’s not your fault.

Keep your ID in your wallet or back pack. Don’t loose that shit.

Suprise! You won’t be as emo, scene or goth by the time you graduate. Yours and others interest in wolves/vampires/invader Zim will decrease dramatically

Guys will be allowed to were naked women on t shirts but girls will be sent to the office for spaghetti straps. It’s all bullshit and I’m sorry.

Don’t be afraid to go home and cry sometimes

If you effortlessly got great grades in middle school, you have to reach yourself how to study now. I’m sorry

If you hear a lot of rumors about somebody , do yourself and them a favor and don’t talk behind their backs

There’s no such thing as someone stealing a boyfriend or girlfriend, only cheating boyfriends and girlfriends

If someone says that you slept with them, and you didn’t or didn’t want anyone to know, destroy them. Spread rumors about how gross or bad they were, and warn others about it.

It’s okay to fall in love, but it’s also okay to fall out of love. You might feel like you’ll marry your current significant other, but you won’t.

Don’t put whoever your dating above your friends.

Youll know people that get pregant while in school. Stick by them because they need you.

It’s okay to have anime buttons and shirts, but do not write fanfiction for English class, do not openly talk about explicit smut, do not yell about your feels, do not scream and go up to a stranger who also has those same interests, and do not bombard others with your interests.

You are not better then other people for liking certain stuff or not liking certain stuff.

It’s okay to like pop! It’s okay to like reality tv! It’s okay to like clothes! Its okay to like makeup! Its okay to lime anybof these as much as its okay not to like them! Regardless of gender!! You don’t have to be the quiet shy person who is better then everyone else for drinking tea and reading to be interesting.

All your yearbook pictures will be terrible.

Youll be tires and sleep alot more. If someone asks you to hang out but you’d rather take a nap, take a nap.

Don’t hate things to be cool! Don’t hate your back to school/welcoming freshmen pep rallies! Enjoy the excitment!

Okay, this might sound dumb, but don’t try to ‘seduce’ a teacher. As in, if you have a crush on a teacher, try to get over it asap and don’t be around them as much. It will never be okay.

Alot of guys will be fucking irritating and sexist. Don’t be afraid to call them out on it, especially when defending another girl.

Guys, girls don’t find it attractive pretend to be macho. Men lie and say girls like assholes to justify why they’re single. Girls are complex and d ifferent people who are all attracted to different personalities. There’s no one secret to getting girls to like you.

If your queer and get bullied in PE or the locker rooms, tell a teacher or an upperclassmen. If the teacher does nothing or makes it worst, go to you principal. If they do nothing, go to your school board. If they do nothing, post pictures and shit online and make a HUGE fucking deal about it. It’s a violation of your student rights.

The older you get, the more times youll.listen to someone talk and think “ I could definetly input my opinion here, but it won’t help.thebsituation or conversation, so I better not” and that’s what being mature is.

AP classes are bullshit, but take the tests.

Take your SAT As soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate. Itll be easier on everyone.

The food quality will not improve.

Either take art 1 your freshman year or senior year. Freshman year will be full of freshmen like yourself, but senior year there will be like 7 other bitter and angry seniors that you can dick and round with all year.

MOST IMPORTANT It doesn’t matter if you absolutely know what you want to do and go to college for right now. By senior year, it will change or you won’t know. THAT S OKAY. Talk to the people around you, and 85% of them will be as lost as you are. If you ever feel like your falling behind or are lost, talk to your classmates! Everyone is! Please anyone else add anything I’m missing

Well, guys, you have well and truly blown me away with the response to my Runaway Chat AU. So here, have some more info on it, set after the big reveal:

  • Marinette forgives Adrien pretty much immediately. Not that there was anything to forgive, in her mind. She’d spent the past two years since his disappearance thinking that maybe she had done something wrong, to turn Chat away. So when she found out that her Adrien, her sweet, silly, sometimes really dumb Adrien, was Chat Noir, she immediately understood. Because Marinette is a very smart girl, and she knows how Adrien has a tendency of shouldering all the blame, and she knows how he must have felt after finding out Hawkmoth was his father. And in the end, it may have taken him two years to do it, but he did finally come back.
  • Plagg, who has come to adore Marinette, takes a little longer to come around; approximately five minutes longer, as Adrien ruffles around in his pockets, looking for the piece of camembert he still keeps on him after all this time (it’s still a few months before they’re completely back to the way they were before, but Plagg is willing to let Adrien try to earn his forgiveness).
  • He still likes to tease Adrien though, spending a lot of time cuddling up to Marinette and giving her little pecks on the cheek in greeting, and always turns to smirk at Adrien as he does so, enjoying seeing the blonde turn all red and frustrated.
  • Chat Noir’s return to the superhero scene is a dramatic one, and all the newspapers have his picture splashed across the front page for weeks afterwards, as Paris rejoices at the return of one of her most beloved superheroes. 
  • Just when it looks like the craze is beginning to die down, it explodes forth again with double the vengeance when, still riding off the high of their victory, Chat dips his Lady down in a scene straight out of a cheesy soap opera, and gives her a passionate celebratory kiss. The very next day, the hashtag #LadyNoir is trending on twitter, and both Adrien and Marinette are completely bewildered at the amount of fanart that quickly surfaces.
  • A year after Chat Noir returns to the scene, it’s Ladybug’s turn to disappear. And before the rumours of love affairs and messy breakups can get too out of hand, Chat Noir arranges an exclusive interview with Alya Césaire, author of the Ladyblog, the number one source for all news regarding Ladybug and her Chat Noir. And when she finally asks the million dollar question, Adrien’s grin goes all wide and goofy, and he can’t help himself, he says, “Please don’t worry, lovely people of Paris, my Lady is simply taking some time off to look after her health. She should be back in, oh I don’t know…nine months?” His roguish wink afterwards all but seals the deal, and as soon as the interview goes live, the #LadyNoir hashtag sees a considerable spike in use. By the next morning, the entire world is gushing about the little superbaby expected to come into the world soon.
  • Alya barely makes it through the rest of the interview, and as soon as the cameras are off, she starts wailing, because she’s just so happy and she warns Adrien that she better be chosen as the godmother, because of course she knows who he and Ladybug are, and she warns him that he has exactly two hours before the interview goes up to break the news to the grandparents.
  • Adrien decides to kill two birds with one stone. He and Marinette are currently staying with Marinette’s parents, because Adrien is a worrywart, and he wants to make sure his bugaboo is alright, even if it’s still a few weeks before the real problems start. When he gets to the bakery (which is closed early for the day), three pairs of eyes turn to him, all of them expectant for different reasons.
  • He winks at her parents conspiratorially, before showering his Lady’s face with kisses, and getting down on one knee. She’s crying even before he’s got the box out.
  • And then, as soon as Marinette has stopped sobbing “yes” into his chest and has released her stranglehold on his neck, she runs into their shared bedroom, leaving her parents bemused. She returns carrying two small boxes, and this time it’s her turn to share a wink with Adrien as she hands a box to each of her parents.
  • They slowly open the presents, teasing her about how they should be giving her gifts and not the other way around. The teasing stops when Tom, the first one to lay eyes on his gift, gasps, and his upper lip starts trembling. He holds up a mug that reads “only the best fathers get promoted to grandpa”. He looks up at Marinette, his eyes all wide and watery. “Really?” he chokes, and at her excite nod, he starts sobbing, sweeping up both Marinette and Adrien in a tight hug. Sabine is holding a similar mug, and hers comes with a ball of yarn, a note attached that says “better start knitting.” She’s not saying anything, but she’s blinking so fast, she must be trying to hold back tears.

Hello! again (another Jeanmarco AU) … i’m a shame with my weird taste in “romantic (dramatic)” movies, this one is called “Comet” , i gotta be honest it’s not the most “amazing” movie but its really interesting with all the scenes and timing. 

Some phrases of the movie reminded me of Jean. 

Thanks a lot for all of your support and for the 100+ followers.I’ve been reading all the tags y’all are amazing!

╲(。T ‿ T。)╱  (someday they’ll kiss i guess)

Oh hey what looks like I didn’t get hit by a bus after all?

My classes and job have demanded most of my time for the past few months, which is why I suddenly just disappeared. Here’s a doodle from a little while back though that I scrabbled when I was supposed to be studying for a test. PRIORITIES.

I was listening to some dramatic music at the time so I just sort of doodled along with its influence. It’s an after the battle scene where her suit has taken so much damage in some places that the skin underneath was affected. Now it’s sort of slowly evaporating off because the energy to sustain it for the time being is almost depleted.

Ladybug - Miraculous Ladybug

ryukreya  asked:

1, 7, 8, and 12 for the MP100 ask

1: What is a scene that really got to you?

Manga spoilers but the end of the Separation arc. Mob telling Reigen that he knew he was a fraud, knew he was using him and that he still accepts him because despite all that he’s a good person. You can bet that when this gets animated, i am going to cry.

7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you?

I really want to say Takenaka’s gloriously dramatic 0.2 seconds of screen time in the anime. My boy. There he goes.

8: Favorite and least favorite arc?

Favorite arc : It’s a tie between Ritsu and Teru. Both had really good character development for two very different espers, both linked to their powers. I like heavy arcs that are focused on characters discovering themselves and growing.

Least favorite : Manga spoilers again, i have mixed feelings about the Divine Tree arc, maybe because it followed directly the World Domination arc. I don’t know why but after thinking about all the other arcs, this one comes last, though i don’t dislike it.

12: Would you visit Spirits and Such Consultation Office (if you didn’t know any better)?

Well i don’t believe in ghosts and i don’t think i’d give my money to someone who clearly doesn’t look like he knows what he’s doing. So… No.

Victuuri isn’t gay, guys. It’s Bi.

I’ve been re-watching the YOI episodes and I realized something. Victor kept asking Yuri about past acquaitances or girlfriends, to which we all know, Yuuri only had a crush on a girl for most of his childhood and teenagehood (Yuko Nishigōri), who later became his childhood friend’s wife.
Victor on the other hand made sure to tell Yuuri (at least two to three times) that he had girlfriends before; and the series made it more than clear that Victor is a flirt who charmed both men and women alike (Paparazzi scene and later on when he explains that he “Liked to play with both femenine and masculine sides).
This is why many of us viewers were NOT expecting the Ep7 Scene to happen at all. Fanservice in anime that’s not Yaoi/Shonen Ai is very common (even if I personally am quite not fond of most Yaoi because of the heteronormative stereotypes it shows), and many times it seems out of nowhere and it’s made for comedy rather than true dramatic points.
But these two had solid stories of their own, from Victor’s character who was always in the spotlight and kept marvelling all genders (Next week we may know more about Victor’s past), to Yuuri who only had the most innocent crush on his childhood girl friend. And even if Victor is odd, he made sure he never overstepped any kind of boundaries that Yuuri had at first. It’s sweet because you see these two guys getting to know each other, sharing their passion, and it’s that passion what truly made Victor fall for Yuuri (the first time he saw him on his phone) and viceversa.
So, deeming this as “YAOI GAY OMFG!!!11!” is basically avoiding crucial plot points in their character development AND relationship development alike, just like it happened wth Korrasami when people deemed them LESBIANS when they both dated Mako. You realize this when you see that everyone is shocked by the kiss (if the guys were *gay* no one would react too surprised), except the mother whose reaction is the best.
They literally are Bisexual/Icesexual boyfriends, guys, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

The speed of the Sanvers relationship makes a lot of sense if you view Maggie as being literally the most low key dramatic ho on the planet like she is someone who seems to be chill but is actually always some kind of extreme at all times. Literally she comes in to that first crime scene and sasses Alex she goes up against a fire alien like it’s not a big deal Alex is like “hey I have a crush on you let’s make out” and her reaction is “listen you are a NEWBORN FAWN and I am a hardened professional Gay we can never be it literally will never work” and when that doesn’t go over well she shows up at alex’s sisters apartment (very extra? Stalker??) and is like “I met you maybe a month ago but I can’t picture my life without you in it never impossible you’re forever babe but as a gal pal”

fast forward three minutes and she gets a scratch (also did you see the dramatic way she fell when she got hit? Go watch it. It’s next level) and suddenly:
“Alex babe darling princess I ALMOST DIED-”
“You were literally just grazed”
“- I STARED DEATH IN THE FACE and all I could think was I haven’t made out with nearly enough ladies but especially this lady right here so let’s do it before death comes to claim me for real.”
“That’s cool but also you were never gonna die it was a scratch”

Like honestly Maggie can you maybe chill a bit???

Seventeen Reaction to another members bad joke about you ~

Scoups~ Seeing how you did laugh at the joke too, he seemed to take it easy as well. Still, he had to show the others what a great boyfriend he was 

“Dino-yah, what did you say about my jagiya?” knowing the other members, they’d probably hype him up too and dino would kind of die a little..

Jeonghan~ I think he’d react a lot even though it was a light joke. However, seeing you laugh and even joke along too, his face would soften a little. Still, he did mention it to the member privately.. or even take it into his own hands and make a new nickname for that poor member 

Joshua~ “boi please you really think you can get away with dissing my jagiya”

Backing away would probably be best for jihoon. But before he could defend himself 

“don’t you even dare go near that guitar” poor woozi

Jun~ He would probably go into a thinking frenzy ‘what did he just say? Am i hearing these Korean words right? did he just make fun of y/n? as her boyfriend i should go protect y/n. yes. yes i should. Okay, time to die Seokmin.’  

Soonyoung~ He would act really dramatic about the whole thing “When you hurt y/n, it hurts me too” and go into an all drama betrayal scene. Even to the point where you have to intervene but he just dramatically pushes away “No jagiya! They need to know you are the most perfect person in the whole woorrrrrldddddd~” im so embarrassed for his soul

Wonwoo~ He would be shocked to hear it first but again, seeing you laugh would ease his mind so he stayed quiet and even chuckled along… But don’t let that fool you, if you weren’t even the slightest bit okay with the joke, he would probably fly across the room. 

Jihoon~ This Busan boy wouldn’t take it as light hearted as you did. He’d be across the room when he heard the joke and definitely be thinking to himself ‘well Jun, i guess it’s time for me to cut that one line you have in our next song’ sorrynotsorry

Seokmin~ He would be caught off guard because it was usually a joke between him and you so he didn’t really approve when Jeonghan tried the same on you. Though he wouldn’t want to disrespect his hyung in any way, he did approach him later to make sure that Jeonghan understood. 

Mingyu~: It would really depend on the seriousness of the joke. In this case, it was Seungkwannie who said that today you styled your hair like jeonghan’s fake ass extensions. Mingyu would probably eye seungkwan until he apologised and even then he would be staring to make sure he added an extra compliment.  

Minghao~ It was a the end of a long night with hanging out with all the members when Seungcheol amongst other things were being joked about said it. Minghao not wanting to ruin the mood, turned to you to make sure you didn’t take his hyung’s words to heart, giving you a thankful and reassuring smile when you nodded. 

Seungkwan~ Y’all know what he would do. “did you just-omg no. Here we go. BOI YOU THINK YOU SLICK -insert giant paragraph of Seungkwans sassy insults-”  It would just turn into the most insane diss battle and little mingyu would regret for his life he even said anything. Sorry for the overused reaction gif

Vernon~ He would mostly likely be behind you or just not in your sight gesturing to the member to not go there because he’d know your bad ass would go off and chuck a seungkwan and go into a mad diss battle. Well at least Josh was warned. 

Dino~ He would be confused to even why Soonyoung had said the joke. You weren’t even there when he said the joke but it still affected him either way “hyung, i love you but please don’t say that, if y/n was here she would be upset” Even though he would apologise instantly, Dino would still pout about it so Soonyoung bought two tickets for the both of you for a makeup date. 


All members~ Imagine someone saying something bad about you and the squad just show up with the sickest bgm 

I had a funny thought tonight.

Most of the demigods(with the exception of Annabeth, of course)use verbal or physical triggers when fighting, presumably to help their confidence in their powers, or their focus. It’s a pretty common device in fiction. Jason gestures where he wants the lightning to hit(such as his first use of the power in TLH, when he held up his spear as a makeshift lightning rod), Hazel tends to point to things(raising Jason’s sword out of the ocean in HOH, taking down Amazons with jewelry in SON), and Leo seems to have a penchant for yelling weird remarks. I don’t think we see anyone use this more often than Percy, though.

He yells at the top of his lungs when exploding water pipes to combat the Laistrygonians in SON, gesticulates using his fists earlier in the same book and, perhaps most dramatically, stabs a bridge in TLO to aid in its destruction while calling up the river. 

The only time we don’t really see him do this while using his powers prominently is when he fights Akhlys in HOH, the scene commonly noted as his darkest moment. He stands to get a better view of the goddess, but that’s all. Just concentration and a bit of glaring. He does it all with his mind. 

We basically already know that Percy at his darkest is also Percy at his most focused, powerful and deadly, but for some reason I can’t quite pin down, this feels too significant to ignore.