most dop

DAY 2897

Sopaan, New Delhi                  Mar  7,  2016                Mon  10:27 pm

First day works , first day anxiety, first day fathoming, first day uncertainties, first day several tries for perfection, first day in a million suggestions and first day complete ..

But the more satisfying the more involving engagement at the TB drive to rid India of it completely … in partnership with the US .. 

And after many similar meetings all over, finally coming to grips with it .. its vastness the most alarming .. and its work on detection and cure .. 

It is at the Ambassador’s residence, The Roosevelt House, adjoining the main Embassy and one that was virtually constructed in front of me … during my days in University here in Delhi .. the Embassy I mean ..

What a change over it has been .. 

This region of Chanakyapuri was once barren wild and forgotten land, of no consequence and value, suddenly given to Embassies and Commissions to set up and now .. by far the most beautiful regions of the city ..

Living on 13, Willingdon Crescent right at the edge of the city, this embassied region was where we went for morning walks, and for my Father, rock collections .. the story of which is well known …

We fight to rid the country of TB … tuberculosis, and the many agencies and select volunteered individuals who work to assist us … but it is really the effort made by all in overcoming this evil ..

So the evening is filled with guests and TB survivors, ladies who have fought the ailment for years and today hale and hearty with us ..

All these structures came up before my eyes and it is a feeling of deep amazement that I am being hosted at the location which was the one destination, we would have wanted to enter .. 

Courageous words spoken, commitments made and after a million ‘selfies’ back home to end another day at my Father’s desk, and to prepare for the morrow shoot …

First day’s are always such a bother … groping in the dark for the right attitude to generate, for the right words and style to be spoken, for dress and make up and performance … all seeking attention ..

Its a joy to work in an environment that respects work ethics .. respect for the artists, respect for the director and producer and the DOP … all most important issues .. I believe that the end result is smashing ..

Amitabh Bachchan