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hanni-o-canni  asked:

What was the most disturbing murder scene for you?

I COULDN’T DECIDE SO I CAME UP WITH A TOP 10! (I have a bigger issue with the action that causes or demonstrates the horror, as opposed to just the tableau itself.)

In at number 10… Mushrooms

Now this is super gross on the whole, but the bit where that tape comes off and his lips come with it? Ewwwww, and then the jump scare where he wakes up. It reminded me of sloth from se7en D:

Number 9… Stagenstein

It just seems menacing as it’s chasing Will down, and what happens, is like the thing I least expected to happen, EVER. WHO COMES UP WITH THAT?

Number 8… Turducken Escape

Happy with the idea of a bird in a girl in a horse, that’s fine. But it’s the bit where the dickhead social worker rips himself free, those stitches popping, EWWWWW

Number 7… Tastes Like Chicken

Mason removing his own face and eating it, tbh, it’s the nose that gets me the most. The problem is, is that they hid most of this in shadow because otherwise,the gore is too much for TV, and this leaves, your imagination, to fill in the awful, awful blanks.

Number 6… Om nom nom, Will’s Brain

When I saw this bit on the trailer I nearly cried, I was like FUCK NO. NOT THAT LIKE, CUT A TWATS HEAD OFF HANNI PLEASEEEEEEE NOT WILL, YOU LOVE WILL, REMEMBER??!!?!?!!?

Number 5… Dragon’s Coming!

Richard Armitage suddenly climbing over that table and giving Chilton a kiss with too many teeth.

Number 4… No Eyedea

Just Ewwwwwww

Number 3… Colombian Neck-WHAT

Everytime I watch Roti I’m there like, DON’T TOUCH IT EWWWWWWWWW


This is pretty much on everyone’s ick list, I can’t watch it happen. Still.


Because, yeah, Dolarhyde had to shoot a corpse in the head with a shotgun, sure, agreed, I understand that, yeah.


*does small vomit*

That’s my hit list, ENJOY!

I’ve had this post in my mind for a while so here goes. I’m so tired of people saying that the morgue scene from tld “didn’t really happen”, like as if I didn’t have to see martin freeman as john watson kick the living shit out of benedict cumberbatch as sherlock holmes with my own two eyes, like as if I didn’t have to witness the most viscerally violent and disturbing scene between two characters I adore for no other reason than shock value. Because saying that “john watson is a troubled man with a kind soul” makes me look like an abuse apologist now. Because Moffat choosing to include this scene in the episode was completely unnecessary since, you’re right, everybody else in the episode does seem to think the beating never happened, even tho sherlock ends up with a busted vein in his eye and in need of stitches. Because it makes me look like an hypocrite for calling out Mary’s abusive behaviour when something like this happened on my screen. This is torture for the characters and for us and I’m so tired of it…

Let's talk about 13 Reasons Why for a moment (MOSTLY SPOILER-FREE FRIENDLY DISCUSSION)

Firstly, a show has never given me more emotions. From joy, to sadness, to fear, to anxiety, to confusion, to anger, to relief, to frustration, to utter sadness… the list honestly does not end. So in terms of entertaining, A+. These actors are so talented. How many crying scenes did almost every character have, and they nailed it every time. That’s talent.

The writers accurately represented high school. In MY high school experience, no one got raped but that sure as hell obviously doesn’t mean it doesn’t go on. They got the bitchiness so damn right and I loved watching the Hannah/Jessica/Alex friendship break apart because gosh, that shit happens in real life. The writing on the walls in the bathroom and the categorising of people into “lists” (best ass, funniest, etc) happened at my school. The list was stuck on walls all over my school and to this day we don’t know who wrote it. People get away with this stuff! Even though most of the stuff across the 13 episodes didn’t happen in my experience, of course they’re still ongoing issues but it’s the overall theme to be taken away: high school can be hell. Quote of the series: “you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life”.

Entertaining, yes, but I think it lacked so much on promoting that people going through what Hannah was, actually have options, and suicide should not be one of them. Hannah sought help in the final episode, and whilst the counsellor definitely cared and tried to help her, he was definitely responding inappropriately considering Hanna was reporting feeling “empty” and that she wants life to stop. (That scene… gosh. Speechless. So accurate.) No counsellor would ever let their patient walk out the doors that easily if they’re reporting intense feelings like that. I’ve seen people say that Hannah had high expectations for the counsellor to chase her out the door, but I disagree. He should have. He should not have let her go.

So, I feel like the show really went wrong with promoting options for getting help. I feel like showing a counsellor being useless actually might tell people that therapy/counselling is not worth the time and effort of speaking up, so don’t bother with it. That’s a really bad message. But also in general - I feel like there should’ve been at least ONE character who sought help for their personal issues. EVERYONE was shutting out their parents, EVERYONE was keeping secrets, no one was seeing the counsellor, no one saw a psychiatrist for medication, etc. No one sought help, which, I think, kind of came across like “be quiet, don’t speak, you’re in this alone”. Definitely not true. I got so excited when Clay slowly started telling his mum what’s happening, but he didn’t tell her the whole truth, which frustrated me and I think the show would’ve benefited if at least one character took at least one step to seeking help.

One thing critics are saying is that the show glorified suicide. Where?? How?? That was the hardest (most disturbing) scene I’ve ever watched, in any TV show, period. And the whole show in general served the purpose of showing the repercussions of suicide… which as we saw across 13 episodes there definitely were no positive repercussions, let alone the suicide being glorified. My heart absolutely broke for Hannah when she said something along the lines of “I know what I need to do now”.

The overall concept of getting answers (through tapes) as to why someone committed suicide is unrealistic. And I get that - at the end of the day it is a show trying to entertain. But, I think it’s important to highlight that the family and friends of someone who committed suicide generally will not get FULL closure as to why, because, well, not everyone leaves behind tapes or notes or messages.

I hope there is no second season. I feel like it needs to stop there. It was called “13 Reasons Why” and we know the 13 reasons now. Sure, there are some loose ends, such as why that person in the last episode did what they did to themselves, but I think that touches on my previous point: we don’t always get answers to this stuff. Sometimes we never find out why someone hurt them self and that’s realism. A second season may give closure on that and not having closure is realistic. Definitely hard, but realistic.

To summarise the show: damn entertaining, as a TV show has never given me that quantity of emotions to feel in a single hour. The show was very realistic in showing the current issues in society, however it lacked in promoting options for support. I don’t agree with critics that suicide was glorified, as not one part of me was saying “yes, good choice Hannah, suicide is the answer to ending it all!” Instead, my heart broke, saying “please don’t do this, it can and will get better if you get help”. I thought Hannah was making the WRONG choice, rather than the right choice to shut it all out. But I think the interpretation of Hannah’s suicide scene will vary across every individual.

Let me know what you thought, I think this is a very interesting topic! I’m so happy a show like this exists.

“Elements” Parts VII & VIII (Adventure Time)

Hero Heart

So after letting the Fire Kingdom’s rage get to Finn, LSP tries to change him back to normal before they start to attack the Candy Kingdom.

LSP gets upset from all of the violence and war and she ends up eating a part of Marceline as a marshmallow, which makes her calm down. LSP decides to give a part of PB to Finn to also calm him down, to make him remember the good times and happiness he’d share with PB and successfully returns back to normal.

PB then decides to fire more candy powers to convert everyone into obedient candy slaves, while LSP protects Finn from the power, from her lumps.

Finn ends up getting both PB and Flame Princess’ jewel and gives them to Betty, but ends up leaving him to stay in the Candy Kingdom.

This episode had a lot of fun bits and returns of some of the characters Lemongrab and Fern.

Their ice cream pie attack was quite humourous.

Marceline play fighting with Flame Princess was pretty cute.

I liked how this episode had Finn come back to terms with his anger and we got to see hints that Finn still deeply cares for PB and that he still likes her in platonic love. It was a very bittersweet moment to show how far Finn has come to understand love and friendships!

I felt bad for how Finn got “Betty-trayed” and I was really disappointed she ended up doing so, but it’s understandable why, especially in the final episode, but it’s interesting that Finn was tricked to using the Enchiridion, similar to The Lich back in Season 4.

The ending scene with everyone in the Candy Kingdom singing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” to Finn was one of the most disturbing scenes of the entire series.

It’d be creepy to see Finn succumb to be turned into candy and things didn’t look quite well for him to be stuck without Ice King and Betty.

I’m glad that Finn returned to normal, this episode, but it leaves on an unsettling note about what’s going to happen next!

Skyhooks II

So now that Betty has the Enchiridion, her plan is to go back in time before Simon became the Ice King and even possibly stop the Mushroom War and Ooo’s existence!

LSP ends up saving Finn from the Candy Kingdom, while PB is still converting everyone into candy, which makes Patience freeze herself once again.

Ice King isn’t exactly still sure as to what Betty is doing, as he breaks her machine, which causes Betty to disappear!

Finn tries to find out why LSP is immune to the elements, only to discover that she is the complete “anti-elemental”.

Ice King ends up giving Finn the Enchiridion, with the jewels and LSP is able to absorb the gems, which causes her to transform all of Ooo, back to normal!

We end up seeing where Betty ends up, being at Mars with Normal Man and Finn ends up reuniting with Jake, only to see that he changed into his shapeshifter parent!

Finn is surprised by the new look, but plans to help Jake in the future, as they hug it out.

Hoo, boy! This episode just raised a LOT of questions that will probably lead into the big series finale!

First off, how will Jake return to normal, seeing as we have around 21 episodes left of the show? I don’t think the change will be around for very long.

I loved their hug at the end!

What will happen with Simon and Betty’s relationship, seeing as how she’s now on Mars with Normal Man, which I didn’t expect to see, considering she really “donked up.”

We also see part of Sweet P’s horns grow back! Is the Lich going to come back for the finale?! I’m really scared.

One of Ice King’s jewels pops out of his crown, which seems to imply that the magic is wearing off and Simon could possibly return to normal.

I loved seeing all the characters gather around LSP, seeing how important she’s become to saving Ooo.

I notice that the message of this miniseries is to just be true to you, like Patience trying to force everyone to unlock their powers, but that completely backfires, as well as Betty trying to convert Simon back to normal, but that doesn’t work.

LSP decides to just be her lumpy, assertive and bossy self which is what causes her to save Ooo, which is great that she finally got to be the hero of this story.

So while some may be disappointed that this miniseries didn’t tie everything together or reveal a ton of backstory, I really loved how it leads to more story arcs and possibilities to what the last few episodes could be about!

This final miniseries was a fun ride and I cannot wait to see where everything will wrap up.

Although I still found Islands to be a better miniseries, this one left me more excited for the possibilities to come in the future.

Sad that Adventure Time’s ending is near in sight, but all good things must come to an end.

Find the Light - Part 1

Words: 3177
Dean x Reader
Warnings: descriptions of mildly graphic imagery, some language
A/N: This is the first part of a series! Sam and Dean discover Y/N as a victim of a Djinn.

Your name: submit What is this?

The light streaming through the window fractured and reflected into a million glittering pieces as it encountered the frost flowers spread delicately over the glass. You could feel the cold draft coming in from around the old wood window frame, and you shrugged inside your sweater, rubbing your hands to warm them. Despite the cold draft you smiled to yourself. You had finally done it.

Your eyes followed the rustic brick walls up to the vaulted ceilings, cozy with exposed wood beams. The hanging lights shed warm hues on the paintings and half-finished drawings adorning the walls. Swatches of inspiration littered the large wooden table and workbench. Others littered the floor. This gallery was yours. It was a place you could call entirely your own, away from the intrusions of daily life so you could escape and pull the stubborn images in your head down through your arm and out your fingertips. You transferred them in whatever medium took your fancy at any given time; ink, charcoal, oil paints, or watercolor. The possibilities seemed endless.

You tied your splattered apron tighter behind your back and moved to sit at the pottery wheel, considering the unshaped lump of clay that was waiting for you there. You squinted your eyes and examined it. What are you meant to be? Dipping your hands in the warm water nearby and mixing more water into the clay to soften it, you began.

Time passed both slowly, surreally, and very quickly in this place. It was always a complete contradiction. You seemed to see in slow motion and feel everything intensely. Each detail of your work burned into your mind, staying in your head for days as you decided whether or not it belonged the way it was or if it was meant to be something else. At the same time the days rushed by. You would be shocked when you glanced at the clock that it read 6:30 pm, often not even feeling hunger as you worked. Hadn’t it just been nine in the morning?

Heaving a contented sigh and smiling to yourself, you would cover the clay, rinse the brushes, and wash the smudges from your skin. You’d ponder the day, making plans in your mind for the next, as you walked the short distance back to your apartment. The neighborhood was charming and you felt safe. Occasionally you’d pick up something for dinner at the deli as you passed it on your way home. The elderly owners knew you by name and always asked the same question; “What beauty have you brought into the world today?”

You would smile and thank them, always feeling as if you didn’t deserve such kind works, and you would assure them that you would make sure they got invitations to your next gallery event free of charge. “You feed my stomach and my soul with these sandwiches,” you’d say with a smile. As cheesy as it was, they loved it every time.

Every breath you took in flowed freely and easily in and out of your lungs. Your sleep was peaceful. Your body was calm and strong. There was nothing nagging you. Commissions came and you delivered results beyond what the clients had imagined. There was almost nothing you would change about your life. It was perfect.

Until the moment when you were ripped from it all.

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I will never ever get over that scene in the locker room in S1 of Teen Wolf. When Scott is at his most vulnerable, literally just in a towel, on the floor of the darkened locker room, scrambling to get away from Peter while Derek (who at this point had spent ten episodes convincing Scott he was the only one who could really help Scott and the only one he could trust) stood silently and watched as Peter shoved his memories of being burned alive into Scott’s head.

And then that scene is never mentioned again.

Not by the show. Not by fandom.

Like…WHAT THE FUCK? One of the most disturbing scenes of the whole series, and it just goes…unacknowledged. Arguably the single most traumatic thing Scott’s experienced before Theo murdered him, and there are no gifsets, no fics about it, no meta about it…..sigh.

I’m going to tell you a story. This is a story about a world where the true nature of man was perverted by an insidious threat. Woman, using her feminine wiles, caused man to stray from the course, guiding evolution away from the natural order of things in order to sap humanity’s vital energies (man’s virility) by domesticating them, turning them into cattle. (Feminized) civilization is a menace which must be destroyed, starting at the root of its power: women wearing clothes.

If this sounds like a ridiculous MRA misogynist spiel, it is no coincidence. What I have described to you is the premise of Kill La Kill, a Studio Trigger production which was in many ways touted as a spiritual sequel to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, as well as owing a significant debt (in a perverse sort of way) to Revolutionary Girl Utena.

If you have not watched Kill La Kill: don’t. It’s a bad show and what redeeming factors exist are very much outweighed by the show’s crushing and pervasive misogyny. Trigger warnings for explicit discussion of child sexual abuse and rape in all that follows.

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Daroline is the one ship in TVD that I will never be able to put up with.

Because this…

Will never be OK. 

This is still possibly the most disturbing scene I can think of in TVD. 

And the characters have never been shown to talk about it- so the idea that they’d get into a relationship makes me want to throw up. 

AHS Hotel: The Run Down

So we are quickly approaching premiere day, OCT 7! According to Sarah Paulson,

I think it’s going to be a very bloody season.

YES! Finally!

Lady Gaga will play The Countess (Elizabeth) who is the owner of Hotel Cortez.

The promo picture says it all. 

We see familiar returning faces this season like the beautiful Chloë Sevigny & Lily Rabe, as well as new faces like:

  • Naomi Campbell
  • Mädchen Amick
  • Darren Criss 
  • Richard T. Jones

Just to name a few. And of course the semi-original cast returns minus our Queen, Jessica Lange.

This season will be connected to Season 1: Murder House, starring both the house and the realtor Marcy.

Inspired by hotels in Downtown LA known for strange, paranormal and murderous activity, such as unsolved deaths like Elisa Lam in The Cecil Hotel. This season is taking a much darker approach (hopefully back to how it started with Season 1 & 2). Ryan & Brad have so much flexibility with this theme allowing characters to come in and out at a much faster pace and as Cheyenne Jackson puts it,

Hotels are kind of scary. You just never know who’s on the other side of the door.

So a brief run down:

  • Hotel Cortez, LA built in 1930′s by murderer James March (Evan Peters)
  • Lady Gaga & Matt Bomer kinky foursomes?
  • Jessica Lange–Not gone for good?
  • Dark & bloody season

ALL IN ALL this season holds, according to Ryan Murphy,

…the most disturbing scene we’ve ever done.

So are we all ready to check in?


“Notice that they animated her boobs, but not her face.”

The 7 Most Disturbing Video Game Sex Scenes
The Most Disturbing Scene Ever on TV? You've Been Warned
Consider this a friendly little PSA about the series we have repeatedly touted as the best new sh...

Consider this a friendly little PSA about the series we have repeatedly touted as the best new show of the season: Starz'sOutlander.

You fans may have heard that the next episode will feature a moment from the books that is one of the most disturbing scenes of the entire book series.

That is true.

You might also think that if you read the books, you will be somewhat prepared.

That is….not true.

I’m not going to spoil anything for you. But I do feel the need to warn you that whatever you are expecting, prepare yourself for…More.

Not only is it something that has never really been portrayed in this way on television before. But it is raw. It’s detailed. It’s horrifying and it is, at times, even hard to watch. It’s also the kind of thing you cannot stop thinking about after the credits roll.

You may find yourself asking: Why? Why did it have to go down this way? Why were some of the choices made? Really just: Whyyyyyyy????????? The answer, dear friends, might come for you toward the end of the season one finale, when two characters (I won’t spill who, cause #spoilers) share what is perhaps the most beautifully scene ever to have aired on television. I found myself unable to breathe, uncontrollably sobbing, and experiencing a connection that felt more palpable than anything I’ve seen on TV in recent…oh, who am I kidding?, ever.The ugliest scene ever on TV. Followed by the most beautiful scene ever on TV.All within the span of an hour.

And that’s why, as we prepare for the worst, we also must pause and realize that Outlander deserves some very real praise for being, hands down, the bravest on TV. And, hey, how about some loads of Emmy nominations, while we’re at it.You want to talk about risk? You want to talk about challenge? You just wait.What happens in the next two episodes of Outlander is an unforgettable viewing experience that can only be compared to labor—painful, but the outcome will bring such hopefulness and light. You will have a physical reaction. I did.Buckle. Up.The penultimate episode of Outlander’s first season airs this Saturday on Starz.

When I was a little kid, this scene was one of the most disturbing scenes in the film. It still is, I think.

{From the film “The Shining”. Directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1980}.

kanacchi’s 30 Day Otome Challenge - Day 14

  •  Ending Where You Were 500% Done With Everything - Shuu Iwamine (Hatoful Boyfriend)

You know, even though Hatoful Boyfriend is a parody, this is still the single most disturbing scene I’ve ever encountered in an otome game. It’s not the fact that Shuu cuts off the main character’s head that’s so messed up - it’s the fact that he asks her decapitated head if she loved him, and all three choices are the same:

►YES    ►YES    ►YES

This ending robs the player of any agency - basically, not only does the game behead the main character, but it goes one step further and forces her to approve of this action. That is thoroughly fucked up.

He plays an addict who checks into the hotel and tangles with Sarah Paulson. I said to him ‘I have a feeling that you can and want to do something really fucked up.’ And he said, ‘How did you know?’ So he cut off his beautiful hair and dyed it. And I think he’s lost 30 pounds. Yesterday, I talked to him and his waist I think is down to a 27. So he’s really commited to it. The most disturbing scene we’ve ever done, he’s at the center of. Hes really pushed himself as an actor. I was proud of him.
—  Ryan Murphy on Max Greenfield and his Character
2014 was the true year of the Neilpocalypse, meaning that...
  1. Neil posted glorious ‘drunken’ selfies on Instagram, documenting his New Year’s margarita binge in Mexico.

  2. Shortly after that, he revealed his drink addiction once again in a sexy commercial slow-jam for Neurosleep, during which we witnessed an open-robed Neil suggestively licking a bottle of the stuff- something that would, all year, come to be known as a fandomwide in-joke.

  3. We witnessed Neil as the amazing East German, transgender, internationally ignored rockstar, Hedwig Schmidt on Broadway in the revival of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. And it was brilliant.

  4. We saw his glorious shirtless photoshoot, in which some beautiful pythons were wrapped Tarzan-like around his body, and, oh right, down his pants.

  5. We FINALLY got to see what we had all been waiting for all along: This Chippendale-like photoshoot for Rolling Stone magazine.

  6. Cinematic history was made in Seth Macfarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West as we all watched the glorious scene of the churlish Foy Ellison get his, and crap- actually, have explosive diarrhea- in a hat in front of everyone. Hilarity ensued, and it was proven just how madcap an actor NPH can be.

  7. He brought a new level of performance to Tonys night by grinding on actors and kissing hubby, David Burtka, as Hedwig in a rousing and arousing performance of Sugar Daddy, and then, to top it off, he won a Tony himself!

  8. He received not just one, but TWO ad promotions, one for LG’s Art of the Pixel campaign, and the other for Heineken beer

  9. He took selfies. And each one was amazing.

  10. Jumping on the celeb bandwagon, he accepted a challenge- the Ice Bucket Challenge, in particular.

  11. FINALLY, he wed longtime partner, David Burtka, and in that moment, the whole world screamed.

  12. He ALSO published an amazing autobiography, and it was legen-wait for it…you know the rest.

  13. He was, after all this time, requested as 2015’s host of the Oscars. And, of course, he accepted.

  14. He shocked audiences worldwide in one of the bloodiest, most insane and disturbing scenes in movie history when he met his untimely demise in the likely-Oscar-winner, Gone Girl- but not after having sex first, of course. And through the bloodbath, we also got to see him fully nude. Finally.

  15. His family proved awesome once again with their legendary and adorable Halloween costumes. In the world of costuming-up, it’s clear that the Burtka-Harrises can’t be beat.

  16. He and David also squeezed in one last ad promotion, this time for London Fog fashion. And they looked stunning, too!

  17. It would soon be learned that NPH would, come 2015, receive his own NBC variety show..

  18. …he hosted Disney’s Candlelight Processional once again..

  19. …he was listed as one of Barbara Walter’s Top 10 Most Fascinating People, because he is indeed fascinating…

  20. …And, to top it all off, we got a glimpse of his miraculously murdery magician puppeteer character in next year’s AHS episode.

What can’t NPH do? After this year, clearly nothing. Here’s hoping to another year of glorious Neilness, and may 2015 be the Neilpocalypse- Part 2!