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Customer Entitlement, Store Loss / Rant

I feel a lot of places are going out of business BECAUSE of the “customer is always right” slogan. That slogan is VERY outdated. People will go out of their way to lie, cheat and steal and that causes companies money.

When a customer doesn’t get their way and goes above and beyond for petty shit, they call corporate and then corporate and management end up cutting peoples hours. Then that leads to less people on the sales floor to help customers and then customers COMPLAIN about their service in the store and the cycle continues. This causes customers to steal (losing money and products), customers feel like the service is bad so we get bad reviews (losing money and customers).. its literally a catch 22.

I work at a craft store in a very rich area and those are the most disgusting (women’s bathroom always has shit on the walls) and cheap/rude people ever. I constantly get customers LITERALLY tell me they are entitled to a discount when certain discounts don’t apply that day. This also injects into the losing money thing. People will beg you to scan coupons that aren’t meant for them, causing me to potentially get in trouble since management likes to check every little thing you do on the computer when ringing up customers.

We have 2 of our stores in a 10 mile radius. The other store is in a more suburban area. At my store, if an item is clearly in the wrong area or the expiry date for a certain sale is still up but IS DISPLAYED AS EXPIRED and the customer comes to me saying it was on sale, my managers make me honor it. There goes money walking out the door again.

At the other store, they will have NONE OF IT. They will tell you that they can not do it. No excuses. That is how they should run the store in the rich area, but they don’t and this is why we never have hours for ANYONE.  

I got yelled at by an older man because he wanted me to ring up 8 separate items just so he can get a discount on each one. The line was super long and store policy only allows for 2 separate transactions. I tried to work with him and have his mother, which she was standing right there, do 2, so it could be 4, but no.. not good enough for him. He wanted to speak to my manager and when she came, he because even more violent and called me names. I got so mad that I started to cry and he stared at me and goes, “What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you crying?” I had to leave the store floor because I really wanted to punch this guy in the face. 

atlas-the-toad  asked:

Janitor here, in reply to the Women's Bathroom post: I can say without a doubt that the most disgusting bathrooms I've ever cleaned have been women's bathrooms, 10/10 times. Y'all would think it's the men's(I thought the same at first), but it is the women's bathrooms. Absolutely filthy every time I go to clean them. The men's bathrooms, on the other hand, stay pretty clean most of the time.