most difficult task

As members of human society, perhaps the most difficult task we face daily is that of touching one another—whether the touch is physical, moral, emotional or imaginary. Contact is crisis. As the anthropologists say, “Every touch is a modified blow.”
—  Anne Carson, from Men in the Off Hours; “Dirt and Desire: Essay on the Phenomenology of Female Pollution in Antiquity”

I am composing a piece, of which… I shall endeavour to prevail upon her to act the principal character. The title is ‘the way to get him, for the benefit of all single ladies who desire to be married.’ You will ask her, if she has any objection to taking a part in this piece, and tell her that, if am not much mistaken in her, I am sure she will have none. For your own part, your business now is to study ‘the way to keep him’—which is said to be much the most difficult task of the two; though in your case I verily believe it will be an easy one, and that to succeed effectually you will only have to wish it sincerely. May I only be as successful in pleasing you, and may you be as happy as I shall ever wish to make you.” - Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Schuyler (Oct 5, 1780).

God and The Twelve Signs

And it was morning as God stood before his twelve children and into each of them planted the seed of human life. One by one each child stepped forward to receive his appointed gift.

To you Aries I give the seed first that you might have the honor of planting it. That for every seed you plant one million more will multiply in your hand. You will not have time to see the seed grow, for everything you plant creates more that must be planted. You will be the first to penetrate the soil of people’s minds with My Idea. But it is not your job to nourish the Idea, nor to question it. Your life is action, and the only action I ascribe to you is to begin making men aware of My Creation. For your good work I give you the virtue of Self-Esteem.

…. Quietly Aries stepped back to his place.

To you Taurus I give the power to build the seed into substance. Your job is a great one requiring patience, for you must finish all that has been started, or the seeds will be wasted to the wind. You are not to question nor change your mind in the middle, nor to depend on others for what I ask you to do. For this I give you the gift of Strength. Use it wisely.

…. And Taurus stepped back into place.

To you Gemini I give the questions without the answers, so that you may bring to all an understanding of what people see around them. You will never know why people speak or listen, but in your quest for the answer you will find my gift of Knowledge.

…. And Gemini stepped back into place.

To you Cancer I ascribe the task of teaching people about emotion. My Idea is for you to cause them laughter and tears so that all they see and think develops fullness from inside. For this I give you the gift of Family that your fullness

…. And Cancer stepped back to his place.

To you Leo I give the job of displaying my Creation in all its brilliance to the world. But you must be careful of pride and always remember that it is My Creation, not yours. For if you forget this, people will scorn you. There is much joy in the job I give you if you but do it well. For this you are to have the gift of Honor.

…. And Leo stepped back to his place.

To you Virgo I ask for an examination of all that humankind has done with my Creation. You are to scrutinize their ways sharply and remind them of their errors, so that through them my Creation may be perfected. For doing this I give you the gift of Purity of Thought.

…. And Virgo stepped back to his place.

To you Libra I give the mission of service, that humans will be mindful of their duties to others. That they may learn cooperation, as well as the ability to reflect on the other side of their actions. I will put you everywhere there is discord, and for your efforts I will give you the gift of Love.

…. And Libra stepped back in place.

To you Scorpio I give a very difficult task. You will have the ability to know the minds of the other people, but I do not permit you to speak about what you learn. Many times you will be pained by what you see, and in your pain you will turn away from Me and forget that it is not I, but the perversion of My Idea, that is causing your pain. You will see so much of humankind that you will come to know them as animals, and will wrestle so much with the animal instincts in yourself that you will lose your way; but when you finally come back to Me, Scorpio, I have for you the supreme gift of Purpose.

…. And Scorpio stepped back.

To Sagittarius I ask that you make people laugh, for amidst their misunderstanding of My Idea they become bitter. Through laughter you are to give people hope, and through hope turn their eyes back to Me. You will touch many lives if but for a moment, and you will know the restlessness in every life you touch. To you Sagittarius I give the gift of Infinite Abundance that you may spread wide enough to reach every corner of darkness and bring it Light.

…. And Sagittarius stepped back into place.

To you Capricorn I ask the toil of your brow, that you might teach people to work. Your task is not an easy one, for you will feel all of humankind’s labors on your shoulders; but the yoke of your burdens contains the Responsibility of your Brothers and Sisters, which I put into your hands.

…. And Capricorn stepped back into place.

To you Aquarius give the concept of the future that people might see other possibilities. You will have the pain of loneliness, for I do not allow you to personalize My Love. But for turning people’s eyes to new possibilities I give the gift of Freedom that in your liberty you may continue to serve humankind wherever they need you.

…. And Aquarius stepped back into place.

To you Pisces I give the most difficult task of all. I ask you to collect all the world’s sorrows and return them to Me. Your tears are to be ultimately My Tears. The sorrow you will absorb is the effect of people’s misunderstanding of My Idea, but you are to give them compassion that they may try again. For this the most difficult task of all, I give you the greatest gift of all. You will be the only one of my twelve Children to understand Me. This gift of Understanding is for you, Pisces, for when you try to spread it to humankind they will not listen.

…. And Pisces stepped back into place.

And the children left, each determined to do his job best that he might to receive his gift. But none fully understood his task or his gift, and when they returned puzzled God said, “You each believe that the other gifts are better. Therefore I will allow you to trade.” And for the moment each child was elated as he considered all the possibilities of his new mission. But God smiled as he said, “You will return to me many times asking to be relieved of your mission, and each time I will grant your wish. You will go through countless incarnations before you complete the original mission I have prescribed for you. I give you countless time in which to do it, but only when it is done can you be with Me.”

Source: unknown

Painting a different picture of Rikyako's incident.

Some things irked me when I tried to reconstruct what happened on Day 2’s Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare. I was trying to write a better story, a better recount when I realised there were both gaps in what I knew as well as things that didn’t add up.

Mostly, it was trying to piece together what Anchan said to Rikyako. No one was actually able to hear that, even though we were able to hear Rikyako’s sobs, Ainya’s constant “daijoubu” and Suwawa telling Rikyako to calm down. But Anchan’s mic did not pick up anything she said, which could only mean that she had been switched from arena-broadcast to internal-comm.

I was also confused over all the different accounts on how they said there were two restarts- I only realised after a while that they had counted the part after the note-hitting solo as a fresh start when it was just a continuation. That was the segment where the music cut off, despite Rikyako already jumping back in and trying to keep up.

It slightly ruins the amazing story that we had built up, but this is the more likely actual sequence of events I reconstructed with other people’s help.

  1. Rikyako messes up a note and panics. She misses the entire note-hitting instrumental and starts to break down.
  2. The background instrumental kicks in and Rikyako tries to jump back into playing, but at this point she is on the verge of falling apart.
  3. Stage director sees this (probably through the piano cam?) and cuts the music. The girls dance a bit more, ready to resume in case the music comes back up.
  4. Stage director switches Anchan over to internal-comm and informs her to check up on Rikyako.
  5. Ainya and Suwawa follow despite most likely not being told to do so as well. The other girls either stay put of their own volition or get told to do so.

And the rest of the incident is just as it seems. This by no means makes Anchan any less of a leader: she still had the strength to command in that moment (she tells Ainya to back off to give Rikyako breathing space at one point), not to mention she faced most of the difficult task of getting Rikyako to calm down.

The main point is mostly noting that some very important people, notably the production crew, had been forgotten in all this. In that split-second, it was the stage director who had noticed Rikyako’s condition and made the painful call that it would be worse for them to continue. He cut the performance and sent Anchan up to check on her. It was the crew which turned what was potentially a disastrous moment into a heart-warming one, managing to spin a positive take onto it that was the best possible outcome from a worst-case scenario.

No one ever thanks the production crew except the performers themselves, and that is mainly because the hallmark of a good production crew is that you won’t even notice their work. And sure enough, the focus of the concert remained on the 9 girls all the way to the very end despite such an incident. For the crew which managed to pull this off, I have nothing but respect for them.

Can I keep you? Pt. 5

(A/N) I’m back! Muhahaha!
Sorry this is one day late, had a bit of stress, but here it is. Also, this one is a little bit shorter, because I wanted to keep the big confrontation for the next part. Enjoy!
@4n4st4si4 my insperation ran away to beat up Tony and Peter, sorry!

Imagine being Tony’s adoptive daughter no one knows about because you’re studying abroad. One day you come home without saying a word and all the Avengers are confused by your appearance and especially Loki being quite smitten by you. The Avengers, especially Natasha being very protective of you when they notice the tricksters’ interest in you. You on the other side, being the curious girl you always were, wanted to know more about the mysterious guy and the world he comes from.

Pairings: Loki x Reader ; Tony Stark x daugther!Reader

Warnings: swearing

Original: here

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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Loki POV

After Y/N fell asleep and the widow left, I carefully got up and tried to find the boy. It didn’t take long and before he could react, I had him pinned against the wall.
“Your last words?” His eyes were wide with terror, his hands clawed at my arms, desperate to get me off of him.
“It wasn’t my idea! Mister Stark asked me to do it. In return, he gave me a suit. Please don’t kill me Mister God!” I had to hold back my laughter at his name for me. “Why should I? You hurt her, and I don’t really like people who hurt the ones I like.” My grip on him tightened and his eyes widened further. “I’ll tell you what. You leave now. You never contact her or Stark ever again and you never get near her again from now on. Okay?”
The boy nodded and I let him go. He immediately ran away and I made my way back to my room, not wanting to leave Y/N alone for too long.
Waiting for the elevator, I sensed him before I saw him.
“Stay away from my daughter!” Tony spun me around and shoved me against the nearest wall. “If I see you near her again, I will personally send you back to Asgard.” Okay, that really pissed me off.
“No. You’re lucky we aren’t on Asgard and Y/N isn’t my girlfriend. Because if that was the case, I would’ve already killed her. And I’ll tell you the same I just told that pathetic boy. You stay away from her! If I ever see you near her again, especially against her will, I will not hesitate to kill you. And I don’t care what happens to me after that, it will be worth it.”
Leaving a stunned Iron Man behind, I entered the elevator, and finally got back to my room, my bed and Y/N.
She was still sound asleep. Smiling to myself, I joined her again and quickly fell asleep.

As I woke up again, Y/N was lying next to me, arms wrapped around my waist. She was so beautiful, so kind. Even to me, the person she had every right to hate. She was a good person through and through.
That’s why I decided to let no one hurt her again. That included me.
I slowly lifted her arms and got out of bed. After a quick shower, I checked on Y/N again. She was still asleep, so I decided to get breakfast for the two of us.
In the kitchen, a very pissed off Tony and a even more pissed off Pepper were sitting, staring each other down.
“Good morning Pepper. Tony.” I helped myself to some toast, bacon and orange juice. All the time, I felt Tony’s stares burning into my back. “Good morning to you too Loki. If you don’t mind me asking, where is Y/N? I already looked in her room, but couldn’t find her.” Pepper looked at me, concern written all over her face. “You don’t have to worry. She is asleep in my room.” Pepper nodded relieved and turned back to her morning coffee. Tony’s stares though, they got deadlier than ever before.
Ignoring him, I walked back to my room with two plates full of breakfast. The two cups of orange juice, floated behind me, following me.
Opening the door to my room with the little magic they left me, I entered and sat the plates and cups down on the nightstand.
Next task: waking up Y/N. Maybe the most difficult task I’ve ever been confronted with.
Trying to call her name to wake her didn’t work. Poking her just caused her to grumpily swat at my hand. Pulling the blanket away seemed to cruel, so I succumbed to my last option. Tickling her until she woke up.
Sitting down on her legs, I positioned my hands at her waist and started wiggling my fingers. She jumped, but soon started to laugh. Still sleepy, she tried to get me off of her.
“St-Stop Loki!” She pushed against me and I soon stopped tickling her. “Oh my god Loki! Why did you do this?” She stared at me, trying to look angry, but failed miserably. Her lips formed a small pout and her eyes narrowed. She looked so cute!
“Because, darling, I brought breakfast. I hope you are okay with what I brought.” I got off Y/N and gave her one plate. Her eyes instantly lit up and she stuffed her mouth.
“Thwanks Noki.” I couldn’t suppress the laughter that bubbled up inside me. She really was too cute.
Sitting down next to her, I ate my own breakfast and before long we were both finished, drinking our juice.
After we were both done, I put the plated back onto the nightstand and laid back in bed.
Y/N cuddled up against me, laying her head on my chest. My hand lightly stroked her back, trying to keep the thoughts, I knew would soon enter her mind, away.
“I have to face my fath-Tony again, don’t I?” That worked out well. “Not if you don’t want to. I swear, if you ask me, I’ll keep him away from you.” She kept silent for a few moments. Than, she nodded. Pulling her against me even more, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her beside me.
Before I noticed, I fell asleep.
In my dream, I was on Jotunheim, cornered by frost giants. But before they could get to me, a woman, glowing in a soft orange town, stood before me and kept them away. Y/N.


Shortly after Loki promised me to keep Tony away from me, he fell asleep. Aftee waiting for a dew minutes and after making sure, he was fully asleep, I got up and walked to my own room.
It was still unfamiliar, the new bed, the ceiling that looked like a universe thanks to Loki and all the other new things.
Still, I liked it and felt comfortable.
I went to the bathroom and took a long shower, trying to scrap off all the sadness and disappointment. After drying off and putting on comfortable clothes, I left my room and went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water.
I tried to be as stealthy as possible and managed to avoid everyone on my way there. But I couldn’t avoid the person I needed to avoid the most.
Tony sat in the kitchen, staring at his coffee. But as soon as I entered, his gaze found mine and he immediately straightened up.
“Y/N. Finally. Can we please talk?”

You Are What I Hold On To (Jughead x Reader)

can u please do a jughead x reader (they r friends) and the reader has huge anxiety and starts to have a random panic attack when she is hanging out with jug. he comforts her and is the sweetest and helps her get through it and gets her what she needs and it’s cute and fluffy:) (also could you not really add that much of the actual show into, just more of the character if u get what i mean) xoxo –Anonymous

Imagine: Your anxiety disorder was always a well-kept secret from everyone, including your best friend and crush, Jughead Jones. You intended for it to stay that way, until one day things become too much, and you must confront the idea of Jughead accepting you for who you are.

Warnings: mentions of anxiety, depiction of a panic attack

A/N: Just a disclaimer! I have depression but I don’t have anxiety, so I had to do some research into the experience of having anxiety and anxiety-related panic attacks to make sure I wasn’t letting my own experiences influence the story! Feel free to let me know if I mis-portrayed anything!

When you woke up, you already knew things were getting bad again. Usually you were able to keep the magnitude of your anxiety under control (yet still ever present) through thought exercises taught by your therapist and a hearty regimen of medications, but on some days even the most practiced thoughts and the strongest chemicals couldn’t help. Even worse, you could never figure out when it was going to happen, or why.

You’d opened your eyes to a pounding in your chest and shallow breathing. Your hands shook when you reached for your pill bottles and did your makeup for the day. You kept drawing crooked lines onto your lids with eyeliner. Stupid, stupid, stupid. This caused you to draw them even worse. Wipe them off, try again, mess up, repeat.

Finally, you were able to look semi-decent. You took a deep breath, staring at yourself in the mirror.

“Keep it together girl,” you murmured. “Get through one day looking normal. You can do this.”

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How to Be Successful in College 101

Almost 24, I have realized that school is a luxury, a privilege that not many people have the opportunity to experience. Up until a few years ago, I didn’t start obsessing about grades like I do now. I am a straight-A, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member, who enjoys the satisfaction of earning those A’s. You may be wondering what changed and what my secrets are. I’m about to share with you all my tips and tricks!

  • I learned to make school a priority: If I truly wanted those grades that other students had, I had to drop the social media, the texting in class, the school night partying, and learn that Netflix will be there when I am ready to watch it. If my friends couldn’t understand that school was going to be number one in my life, they weren’t quality friends anyways.
  • I invested in a Happy Planner or should I say a Life Saver: Everything and anything that is important goes in my Happy Planner, which means my life revolves around this little book. I also put all of my assignments in on a daily basis from my iStudiez app, which I will go over in the next bullet point. This is helpful because I can quickly reference my planner to see what is due, what I still need to do, and cross off what I have completed, which is seriously satisfying by the way. I know my Happy Planner is somewhat empty for the month of September, it was much fuller in the month of August.
  • iStudiez Pro: IMMEDIATELY when I receive my syllabus for each class I plug in all the test dates and assignments into this app so I NEVER miss a due date or forget about a test ever again! It is the most fantastic app that is available for homework tracking on the app store. I have it on my Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. It alerts me when I have class, when assignments are due, and when tests are. I also can plug in my weighted grades, so that I know what my percentages/grades are in my classes at all times. This is helpful if you need to get a grade up or if you want to calculate how well you need to do on a test to achieve a final grade to maintain your GPA. I also like that you can check off your assignments when they are completed and put the grades in at a later date.  
  • Set up chunks of time to complete homework when you’re feeling most productive: Are you a morning person? Do you work better in the evening? Set up blocks twenty-five-minute intervals with five minute rest periods to work on homework when you’re feeling your best! This method is called the Pomodoro Method and you can find printables for it on Tumblr. It is proven to help you remember the most and get the most out of your study sessions. Also, try completing the most difficult tasks first when you have the most energy before you know it you will have knocked out a large chunk of your workload!
  • Don’t know, ask: This might seem like an unnecessary topic, but I feel like more often than not, instructors have been more than willing and appreciative that I have asked and clarified things. Even recently removed items from a test because they were on a chapter that we didn’t cover. So if you are ever in doubt about something, ask your instructor. They will always be more than willing to help you solve your problem. That’s what they are there for. They want you to be successful!
  • Participate in discussions: This not only helps you learn and promotes independent thinking, but it earns you your discussion/participation points that most instructors grade you on. I feel the more that I participate in class discussions the less I have to study because I retained more from my lectures. Plus, it demonstrates that you actually did the reading prior to class, brownie points!
  • The textbook is your friend: Even if the instructor says that you don’t need the book, but it’s recommended. BUY THE FREAKING BOOK! This will only help you! It is full of examples, definitions, and practice problems. It will help explain concepts and help you understand the course material better. There has never been a time where I have regretted purchasing a book for a class. If you can’t afford the book, check with your school library to see if they have a copy. If they do not, google the book with the word free and see if it is available online for free. I found my $145.00 textbook for Organizational Leadership available online free this semester. Lastly, ALWAYS purchase books by the ISBN! You do not want to spend money on the wrong edition!
  • Check out tutoring centers:  My university offers online tutoring for free and also at the larger campus walk-in and by appointment tutoring for many classes. Know what your school offers and take advantage if you need help. 
  • Know your instructor’s office hours: If you need help, this is another place where you can go. Office hours allow you to get one-on-one help with your instructor and ask them questions that they might not necessarily be able to answer in class (because they are specific to you).
  • Know where you can set up a study group: This is especially helpful if you have a difficult class and many students are struggling to understand a concept or chapter. Most student libraries have rooms that are soundproofed for study groups. Know how to sign up for one of these rooms and the time limits you’re allowed to be in the room. This was especially helpful for my chemistry class freshman year.

Please let me know if you have any questions about college success or any suggestions to add to this post. 


EXO: Their S/O Falls Asleep While Talking on the Phone

Minseok (Xiumin)

—It wouldn’t surprise Minseok when he realizes you have fallen asleep in the midst of him talking about his day. With all the timezone and hectic work schedules, the two of you would only be able to call in the middle of the night. He’d be talking about the awkward interview he had with the members when he noticed you weren’t laughing at the obviously funny story.
He’ll call your name a few times, but when you weren’t responding, he’d only laugh to himself. 

“You little sleepy head. Goodnight, baby. I love you.”

Junmyeon (Suho)

—When you first fell asleep while on the phone with Junmyeon, he was so worried. At first, he didn’t know you were already sleeping because it had never happened before. He thought you were upset over something he had said. 

He’d call your name in the softest tone while asking if something was wrong. However, he’d pause when he heard a light snore from the other end of the line.

“Someone is tired today. Sleep well, princess. I love you.”

Yixing (Lay)

—There are 2 ways of ending your calls with Yixing. First, the normal “Bye” that’s usually used most of the time. Second, well.. when one of you falls asleep while still holding the phone. This time, Yixing was asking you about what you wanted as a gift from Paris when he noticed you weren’t answering him for the past few minutes. When he called your name again but received no reply, he concluded that you fell asleep on him again.

“I’ll just buy you your favorite perfume and maybe an Eiffel Tower key chain. Goodnight baby.”


—Baekhyun would be so confused when you suddenly became quiet. At most times, even if you were tired you could still muster a small hum in reply to what he would say. When he asked you if you prefer brown over blond, he only heard silence from the other end. He first thought you were thinking, but after a few minutes of complete silence, he’d finally think you have fallen asleep.

“I’ll just ask you tomorrow. Go get some beauty sleep, baby.”

Jondae (Chen)

—Jongdae immediately became distraught when you called him in the middle of the night crying. After a few moments of calming you down, you finally told him about the nightmare you had that woke you up. Jongdae would sing you a soft lullaby to help you fall back to sleep. And when he noticed you had stopped sniffing, he then knew you were already asleep.

“Don’t worry, (y/n). I’ll protect you in your dreams tonight.”


—The phone call was starting to die down. It had been 2 hours since Chanyeol called you, and it was enough time to talk about your day and just to tell how much you loved each other. The clock showed 2 AM, and it wasn’t unusual to feel sleepy. Chanyeol was telling you to go to sleep, but you insisted on staying up because you missed him. Not longer, however, Chanyeol heard your light snores.

“My stubborn baby is finally sleeping. I love you.”

Kyungsoo (D.O.)

—Kyungsoo knew you were slowly feeling sleepy as the time passed by. He was the only one speaking and creating conversations while you only listened and hummed in reply. You didn’t want the phone call to end, and you were trying your best to stay awake just to hear his voice. Eventually, you fell asleep while Kyungsoo was singing you a song.

“Let’s meet in our dreams tonight, (y/n). I love you.”

Jongin (Kai)

—You were both still on that stage where ending the phone call was one of the most difficult task you could ever do. With countless “No, you first.” and “I’ll sleep when you sleep.” that can get ridiculous, you both end up waiting another hour just because neither of you wanted to end the call. In the end, you were the first one to fall asleep, making Jongin end the call sweetly.

“I hope you dream about me, princess. Goodnight.”


—It wasn’t your fault you fell asleep while in the middle of a serious conversation with your boyfriend. You were both talking about something that happened the other day that somehow ignited a small argument. Sehun was the one talking, but because of how late it was, your eyes felt heavy and dry until you didn’t realize you were already sleeping.

"You just have to sleep on me while I’m talking, haven’t you? You’re lucky I love you.”


Earth’s Rotation IS Slowing Down. But More Earthquakes? That’s A Hypothesis, Not A Fact

“However, there are many reasons to be skeptical. The connection between the changes in the magnetic field and Earth’s periodic slowing down appears to be correlative, but no causal link has been established. We are not certain that this mechanism is real. We’ve also only had approximately four years since 1900 that display this excess of earthquakes, and to predict that 2018 will be the fifth requires a rather large leap-of-faith. Finally, 2017 has only exhibited seven earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or higher: well below the 15-20 average. Statistical fluctuations are large, and even if we get 25-30 earthquakes next year, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Earth’s slowing rotation caused it.”

Predicting earthquakes has proven to be one of the most difficult scientific tasks humanity has ever taken on. Although the location — the where of earthquakes — has been relatively easy to predict on average, owing to our understanding of plate tectonics, the when of earthquakes has been thus far impossible. Since 1900, we’ve seen an average of around 15-20 earthquakes a year, but with large fluctuations. For example, even though powerful earthquakes have rocked numerous populated areas this year, there have only been 7, so far, of magnitude 7.0 or greater. Yet a bold prediction has just been made: that 2018 will see approximately 25-30 earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater, owing to the slowing rotation of Earth from 2014-2018. It’s based on a long-term correlation we’ve observed, but the evidence is far from concrete.

Still, any insight we can gain into the prediction of earthquakes would be monumental. Will 2018 be a disastrous year? Take a look at the evidence yourself!

Motherfucking Witches

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This is for @kas-not-cas Kas’ 2.5K Follower Writing Challenge!. I chose the quote, “No,no, you do NOT want me navigating, I’ll accidentally navigate us off a cliff.”  

Characters: Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER), Sam, Dean, Cas

Pairing: No Pairing    TFW x Y/n (Friendship)

Warnings: Just fluff, kinda crackishness, teasing, sorta kinda angst, loss of hearing, loss of sight, loss of use of legs… then more fluff and happiness in the end.

Word count: 2333

Summary: When the Winchesters call, you always run to help. Even if you should know better by now. 

A/N: Ok, so, this ended up hella longer than I imagined it being…and it’s not as cracky as I imagined…but I like where I went with it. Hope u like it!!

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“Well well. Dean Winchester. Looking good after all this time”.

He sent you a grin, making his way over from baby to you.

“Sweetheart, I saw you just a few months ago”.

You sighed, shoving him lightly.

“I know that, Dean! I was tryna act all movie star-ish”.

He chuckled, shaking his head before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him.

You held onto his shirt, inhaling his scent as he placed a kiss in your hair.

“How’ve you been?”

“Eh, I’ve been good. Hunting. Making sure I avoid your dumb asses. Just the regular shit”.

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For anyone who thinks Jonerys (and them having a baby) makes Dany less of a feminist icon

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“I don’t mind being called a housewife, but I didn’t disappear to be a housewife. I disappeared to be by the side of the man that I loved. It was a sometimes difficult but an always honorable position, and I think nothing greater could have happened to me at that time. I learned a lot of things in the process: some humility, for starters, and respect for others. We had two beautiful children. And I developed my skills and hopefully developed into the clean human being that I was as a child… People like to think you went and stopped working. There’s no job harder than being a wife and a mother. It is the most difficult task any woman, I think, could ever embark on. It requires infinite patience, humility, empathy, and dignity—or lack of dignity. It’s a position that should be respected and honored, not looked upon as some sappy alternative. It was much more demanding and required much more nobility than the other work that I did.”

Patti Smith, the godmother of punk who is as woke as they come


Hello everyone! I’m moving soon and so I’m sorting through my stuff, and I came across these pages from a Play Magazine cover story about Okami from March 2006. Thought I’d scan them in for y’all bc it’s really interesting to see what the opinions were from nearly 11 years ago.

The article and interview transcriptions are below the cut, just in case you can’t see the pictures properly. Note: I have transcribed most of the article as it appears in the magazine. The exceptions are that I broke up an exceedingly long paragraph in the main article and inserted like two brief notes on English translations.

Okami: Capcom’s wolf in celestial clothing is a breed apart

By Dave Halverson (Cover story, Play Magazine, March 2006)

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