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Oh shit Chris actually said it in a live stream, he was asked about having a partner, mentioned PJ being married then was silent for a bit and you could tell he was thinking about saying something to cause drama, then mentioned them having girlfriends. Like yiu could literally see him think 'fuck yeah I'm gonna say something that will make people go crazy' wtf is wrong with him

Literally all of Twitter is talking about dnp having secret girlfriends now and I just…I’m tired. How anyone can think this is actually possible is beyond me

i’m at a dinner party thing so i cannot do research to confirm this but i’m trusting this anon bc this description sounds the most detailed/accurate. regardless, i’m just gonna reiterate that there’s literally ZERO reason to take chris seriously, im honestly surprised anyone would–he’s got basically no connection to dan and phil anymore and is as good as a stranger, despite the loose friendship they shared (over five years ago now) (so why would he know about their romantic lives when they’re so notoriously private?) and his entire thing is kind of satirically poking fun at mainstream youtube culture as well as his connection to the foursome, and the fact that that friendship got him so much popularity rather than his actual content/acting and whatnot, which he’s voiced bitterness about before. i just urge ppl to think critically about this kind of thing, there’s really no point getting worked up about it when it’s coming from such an unreliable source ahaha

I want y’alls opinion

if I wrote a fanfiction about what I think would happen to Richie if he came out as gay to his parents, would y’all read it?

Fair warning: It would involve very heavy themes of prostitution, child abuse, and period typical homophobia

There won’t be too much detail most of the time, but it’ll still be there

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so i remember you saying this before but could i commission you (when you start) to paint a spaceship I designed in an certain environment?

not sure why the anonymity was necessary here, but yes! 

There will be a range of pricing from quick digital sketch (idk, like 5$) all the way to full-blown canvas painting that I would mail you (pretty pricey, like $60+).

most of the potential details would be talked out between you and me, but right now its looking like there would be a partial upfront price through PayPal, and in a weeks time I would show the final with a watermark before you pay the rest and I’ll send you the full hi-resolution image.

ill do stuff like requests for specific ship paintings, specific environments, concept art, book covers, custom avatars, etc. Scifi shit. If you think of something just ask. (I have a pretty wide range of subjects I’m comfortable with but I do try to avoid painting people because frankly its difficult, boring, and lengthy. I probably will have a higher pricing for people-focused ones.)

my portfolio (on artstation/society6) will be fully set up with actual scans of my work in higher resolutions, but it’ll be a bit before I get everything in order.

a far longer post with every detail will be made when the time comes, but for now we all wait for me to get all my shit sorted out.


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)

tfw you spend most of your 18+ stream drawing the background instead of the actual smut (pro tip: don’t eyeball perspecrtive because you will Regret™)