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i don’t want to be rude, but it makes laugh when people say that Teen Top aren’t legendary? Like honestly they accomplished so much for a group coming from an agency that literally started with them, their agency is just bad at promoting them and you only care about popular and new groups tbh

The term “knife-like choreography” was invented for them, not for Infinite or SHINee (who are amazing dancers btw I love them so much), it pisses me off so much when they’re not even mentionned in best dancers because they are some of the best dancers, Changjo was in the TOP 10 best kpop dancers, they have some of the hardest dances in Kpop so excuse me but seeing some groups whose choreography is not even that hard compared to Teen Top, Infinite or SHINee is seriously sad.

They were one of the very first groups to have an European tour in 2013, even bigger groups from bigger agencies haven’t done it yet, that’s huge. 

Supa Luv was the promotional song for Beastly in Asia and that was less than ONE year after their debut, how is that not legendary? How can you look at them and say that they do not deserves as much respect as other older groups just because YOU don’t know them? Just because you don’t take the time to explore KPop and think that only groups who have millions and millions of views are great you think no one knows about them?

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Hey Mom. My "real" mom wont accept who I am and even though everyone else does she refuses to call me my preferred name. Even my transphobic step dad calls me the name I like. Can I have some kind words please. I love you cool mom

That deadname is not and has never been your real name. Your real name is what you prefer, and your pronouns are what make you the most comfortable, and you deserve better than two transphobic sacks of shit as your guardians. It’s really funny that the man who isn’t actually your father thinks he has any say in how you live your life.

I hope you have a good day today.

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                                        940328 ❤️ Happy Birthday Jackson Wang

“Jackson’s skills are excellent but he is humble. He does well till the point that I feel embarrassed. He has a charming and sexy style so many girls like him.”- Bambam

Happy birthday to one of the most humble, caring, and most hard working person we all know! Thank you for everything you do for got7 and all of us ahgases. We know you try your hardest to make sure everyone is happy. You are a blessing in everyones lives and we hope you continue to spread your loving ways to everyone you meet. Jackson we all love you and we are thankful you have such gentle heart and we are extremely proud of you, but we also worry too. Remember it is ok to take time to rest and take care of yourself. We rather see our sunshine happy and healthy and together will the rest of GOT7! Please continue on this wonderful journey with GOT7 as y'all continue to grow. No matter what, us ahgases will love and support you! ❤️ #KINGJACKSONDAY


Than any boy you’ll ever meet 

Sweetie you had me

to the people living with their abusers who aren’t able enough to get out, who are so traumatized that they can’t function, i hear you. you’re not worthless, you’re not weak or deserving of punishment. even if you’re an adult. when you’re traumatized and you live with the person (or people) who abuse you, that fear doesn’t always turn to active motivation to escape. sometimes being retraumatized sucks away our ability to function because we’re using all our energy focusing on the immediate threat. why would you have extra room to think about a job or school when you’re in danger? your brain is trying to protect you. please remember that you’re not failing. you’re coping with an overwhelming situation, and sometimes that’s the best you can do.

even is honestly the most selfless person 

we already knew he had been selfless this whole time, slowly sacrificing his own well-being just to try to make things work and just to try to protect isak

and once again this morning, he tried to make a sacrifice. he wanted to end things because he thought he was making isak sad. he thought he was going to hurt him. deep down, even wanted isak to stay by his side, but he still tried to push him away because he thought that was what was best for isak. not for him, but for isak

i hope even learns that he doesn’t have to give all the time, i hope even learns to receive. i hope isak finds the right way to make him understand that his own happiness and well-being do matter, to him and to isak, that they’re not something he should sacrifice, they’re not something isak wants him to sacrifice. not ever again