most definitely just my own original art

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Hi! I've checked your FAQ and answered messages, but didn't see anything about this subject, so I hope you don't mind my asking: How do you feel about people using your (non-commissioned) art for tattoos? I've been wanting an insect tattoo for a while & am absolutely in love with your starbug designs. Is that something you're okay with or would rather people didn't do? Thanks for your time :)

HELLO i’ve been getting messages like this a lot, so hopefully everyone who was interested in getting tattoos of my work will get their answer here.

i actually don’t mind the idea of people tattooing my work on themselves, or even using my work as inspo or a base for a derivative design. 

the only time this would be an issue is if:

  • it’s art of my characters or concepts that are personal to me
  • gift or commission art for another person
  • the tattoo artist or person getting the tattoo uses my work and pretends it’s their own original design/ promotes themselves with my work without credit

SO basically, please just toss me a message if you plan to use my work for your tattoo, just to be sure. if it’s just an aesthetic design or drawing i posted for fun like those starbug stickers, i’ll most likely be totally fine with it.

the only other stipulation would be that i definitely wanna see the finished tattoo if you do decide to get it done!

More pokemon edited to look slightly different

Apparently I’m doing this: again.

I recognize that some people might find it somewhat distasteful to edit stock art of beloved icons to suit my own personal tastes, then pass them off as superior to the originals. But I think most critiques can benefit from a visual aid, so I don’t care.

Machoke is plenty cool, but I feel like it’d work just a bit better if it retained its tail. Also gave it ninja turtle feet to better match its next stage.

Haunter and Gengar are definitely intended to invoke living shadows, but that idea’s definitely getting downplayed more and more with each piece of stock art. I figured jack-o-lantern faces would help offset that, and just look gnarly besides.

Not really a whole lot to say about this one. I just think Tentacruel’s big Metroid-eyes carry the design plenty.

Mega-Pinsir is easily one of the coolest mega-evolutions yet, if just a wee bit busy. The spikes on the shell didn’t really add anything, so I dropped them.

Lucario was never my thing, but I hesitate to really describe it as bad. But that sudden and unnecessary patch of yellow on its torso really does nothing but break up the color scheme’s flow.

Part of the appeal of pokemon is that they’re cute little animal-based monsters, rather than specifically animals, so I can appreciate the idea of a cutesy, dolphin-like anglerfish. But in practice, Lanturn just lacks that essential abyssal-ness.

Also, I can’t help but wonder if there’s not some black swallower influence…. That lump in its belly is just a wee bit conspicuous, isn’t it?

Later generations had a tendency to just halphazardly slap colors and patterns onto pokemon without any real regard for style or consistency. Feraligatr fairs pretty well, all in all, but the “briefs” effect of that yellow on its crotch just had to go!


It’d be a lie to say that notes don’t matter. They really shouldn’t matter, but to artists, they do. Especially when one intends to sell a product, the more well-known they are and the more their work is desired, the more capable they are to be successful and make an honest buck off of their work.

And all of us, as artists who do a mix of original and fan work, have had that experience where our fanart exceeds the exposure of our original work that we poured so much more love and hard work into. It’s a frequent struggle, and sometimes it can very much pull us down, shake our heads, and even wonder what we’re doing wrong.

These past few days, I saw my own work (featured in the bottom image, it’s originally an animation) reach 300+ notes, as opposed to the usual 30 I’m used to. Not even most of my fan art reaches that kind of milestone! And that image is comprised of nothing but my own character, my own content, and my own hard work.

I’m writing this with the intent that maybe, just maybe, it could shed a little hope on fellow artists struggling to get their own original work noticed. It’s tough, but it’s definitely possible.