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Dating Jungkook

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  • Getting shy about skinships in public (with friends, family, etc. We all know he’s a little shy with females)
  • Although he’s shy about it around people, Jungkook loves to cuddle and hold hands when it’s just the two of you.
  • He likes dates but he doesn’t have a lot of money so dates are rare but romantic and special when they happen
  • You win fights by embarrassing him with kisses in front of his mom
  • “I cannot believe you did that.. She won’t let me live it down.”
  • He would definitely say ‘I love you’ first then get a little panicked about it
  • Why did I say that? Watch her be like 'me too.. buddy.’ Oh god, I would just go ahead and dig my grave. Why did I not know I was dumb? That would have been nice information. 
  • When you say 'I love you too’ he would be the cutest and most excited little squirt ever. 
  • Nervous around your family, he gets shy and quiet when it comes to meeting and sitting with siblings/parents/uncles, etc. But stays formal and polite
  • Goes to bed fully clothed when you stay the night at his house or vice versa
  • Nicknames are cute, he will give you a million of them and will call you a different nickname every time he wants your attention
  • Once he opens up and gets away from the shy aspect of his life, he’s the sweetest and most annoying human you will ever meet
  • Clings to you in the mornings when you’re trying to leave the bed
  • “Stay here, I’m sleepy.”
  • He will stay up ALL night if you’re upset trying to fix whatever is wrong
  • Fights are never serious (which is why you always light him up in front of mama Jeon)
  • Gets so embarrasingly shy whenever someone mentions marriage or kids to you guys
  • When you fall asleep in the middle of texting him, he gets pouty and spams you
  • Jungkook is no fighter but if someone’s giving you a hard time, Jungkook is your number one. He’ll drop kick someone’s ass in a heart beat
  • Flirts with you 
  • When he’s in a bad mood, he tends to be more quiet than usual and just lays on top of you
  • Cheesiest dad jokes / pickup lines
  • He’s a jokestar so be prepared for dumb but funny pranks
  • Matching pajamas when he’s not stubborn and decides to wear skinny jeans to bed
  • Star gazing 
  • Aegyo is a weakness. You can use it when you want him to do something (carry something heavy or go get you something from the store) He can’t say to your cute little face so he’d be a running man
  • Probably signs you both up for a dance class so you guys can goof off and have fun whilst failing at dancing
  • He plays with your hand when he’s nervous
  • Ice cream and a Disney movie on a Thursday night is a date
  • Playful when he wants attention
  • Gives you flowers all the time because he feels like it
  • “I cut my hand trying to pick out all of the pretty ones. You had better like these flowers or I’m chopping my hand off and giving it to you.”
  • If he finds an interesting book, he will read it to you 
  • Late night conversations about nothing
  • Forces you to play Overwatch with him
  • Board games and hot chocolate in the winter because his mom is still protective over the twenty year old
  • Can be childish sometimes so expect him to wear a bra on his head 
  • Will put up a fight if you think you’re about to leave him without giving him a kiss first
  • Falls asleep when you play with his hair
  • Learns how to bake different desserts and has you be the taste tester for all of them 
  • Gets a matching piercing with you (he doesn’t care where it is, he’s getting the same piercing)
  • Pouts and gets antsy when you make him wear his glasses
  • Takes you with him to all appointments he has
  • “If I die just know it’s your fault because you forced me here.”
  • He’s the cutest and sweetest boyfriend after he opens up and gets used to being around a female so often. You’ll just have to give him a little bit of time. Otherwise, he’s a handful of fun and cuddles

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Please consider this and this and tell me again how Crimson wouldn’t be a perfect Mom for Shinonome both aesthetically and eugenically ;A;

Thank you always @lunie-junk for patiently putting up with all my family fluff needs and realizing them into the most cutest pics ever ♥

Falling For You (Part Nine)

Characters: Jensen x Reader, and the others
Words:  1543
Read Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight 

A/N: Who’s ready for a baby!? Hehe. Let me know if you guys want more. I like writing this one, but I’ll only keep going if you want me to.

(Because Jensen on a plane)

          Jensen and Jared were laughing as they walked into the house after going to pick up the food for you, Genevieve, and the two of them.

           “What’s so funny?” Genevieve asked.

           “Nothing,” Jensen said, “Just guy stuff. Baby, I got your fried pickles,” he smiled at you, “And your peanut butter milkshake.”

           You smiled up at him, “Thank you.”

           “At least you don’t have like crazy weird cravings,” Jared said, “I’d at least eat both of those things.”

           “Together?” Jensen asked.

           “Well, no,” Jared said.

           “I do,” you said, dipping one of the fried pickles in the peanut butter milkshake and smiling up at him.

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One more Ashton imagine

Would you mind doing one where you have a cute little family w one of the 5sos boys (idc which one)



“Come here..” you grabbed your 5 year old son, Ryan. He was so cute. He had your eyes, Ashton’s hair, and your and his face mixed together. He was absolutely adorable. You had another kid, and she was a girl. Same age as Ryan, but her name was Ivy. Ashton had Ivy, and you had Ryan. You both were on the couch, just talking.

“Maybe we could…” he paused. You cocked your head. “Have another one?” he asked. “Ashton!” you blushed. “What?” he smirked. “Oh I know that look on your face, you just wanna "do it” and have a kid?“ you crossed your arms.

"Yes and yes!” he giggled. “We could just "do it” with you know what if we buy them,“ you laughed and played with Ryan’s hands. "Buy what?” Ivy asked. You and Ashton blushed and looked at each other. 

“N-Nothing!” You and Ashton stuttered. “But can we pleeeease have another kid?” he pouted. “And whys that?” you asked. “Because I want a huge family with you, seeing our kids running around. And I love you so much..” he frowned. “Alright just ONE more!” You yelled. He smiled and kissed your rapidly.

“So should we buy them?” Ashton asked. “You buy them…” you laughed. “No I don’t want to be embarrassed!” he whined. “Ashton it’s no problem you just buy them and then your done,” you giggled and kissed his cheek.

“Can you please do it?” he begged. “I’LL DO ANYTHING!” Ashton was begging for it. It was so simple. Buy the pack and then leave. “Alright fine,” you said and saw Ashton cheering, “but you have to….. do something. Don’t know it yet!” you giggled.

“Deal. Go buy it tomorrow” Ashton grinned. “You’re such a baby.” you rolled your eyes and he just kissed your lips. “EWWWWWWW!” your kids yelled, covering their eyes. Ashton and you broke the kiss and began laughing. They were so cute, but they were always disgusted when you both kissed.

“What? Mommy and Daddy can’t kiss in front of you guys?” you asked. They shook their head. “It’s gross!” They yelled. “Then I should kiss your dad more!” you laughed, and they began whining and saying no. Ashton thought this was the most cutest family ever. 

Ashton kissed your lips again. 

“Mommy and daddy are gross.” Ivy said to Ryan. “Ivy, Ryan, its natural for us to kiss okay?” Ashton giggled. “But its sooooo gross!” Ivy stuck her tongue out. “Oh look she’s just like you,” you pointed to her. “You’re so cute Y/N,” Ashton smiled. You cuddled with Ashton and kissed him a bit. Your kids were so disgusted they went to the kitchen, to not watch you guys kiss.