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Damian Wayne problem 8,783: Your best friend and girlfriend hate each other and are jealous of the time you spend with the other. She also ships you with your best friend and is responsible for approximately 47.4% of the current slash fiction about you two, and has been since you were Robin and squeaky voiced.

Damian Wayne problem 2,445: SuperBat fan fiction is the most popular pairing in the universe and has been since before you were born. You hadn’t even met the new Superboy and there was already slash fiction about the two of you. You want to blame Drake for this, but know it’s your father’s fault.

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Meanwhile, in the dark, dark depths of Azkaban, an equally dark witch Delphini NoName is keeping herself busy by flirting with young inexperienced Auror, Victoire Weasley. Delphi, a true daughter of her father, knows how to act charming and sweet when it’s necessary, and little Victoire stands no chance when confronted with those shining eyes. 

It’s quite unusual for me to like non-canonical pairings. Most of my OTPs are either confirmed, canon relationships, or at least hinted ones. Victoire/Delphi is a guilty pleasure of sorts (forgive me, poor Teddy!), which has come to life after the reading of a particularly bitter-sweet fanfiction “Mermaids Singing Each to Each”. It spawned a little twisted headcanon about Auror-Victoire and her ill-fated romance with Azkaban’s newest inhabitant.

What can I say in my defense? It’s not the weirdest concept HP fandom has invented.

honestly its not even that i dont like senpai i dont like this anti-igarashi rhetoric that the shippers have developed because they’re mad that igarashi x kae is the most canon pairing at the moment and their excuses are terrible and completely false

Most people like senpai bc he has always been nice to kae and they were friends before which is 100% true!! but you cant pretend that it wasnt igarashis case as well when it was?

From the pilot it was established igarashi and kae were already close as classmates enough to where kae was headcanoning things about igarashi and nanas relationship (5x7 v 7x5) and was fighting her friend that she her headcanons were right.

After nana accidentally injured Kae, immediately after she got out of the infirmary Igarashi was worrying about Kae, being sweet, making nana apologize and even apologizing himself, which Kae becomes flustered by because it wasn’t even igarashi’s fault in the first place

On Kae’s first school day after her transformation, when her classmates were attacking her and pestering her, it was igarashi that got them to calm down and helped her get out of that bad situation. THEN Igarashi noticed the difference in her appearance.

This implies that Igarashi would help Kae out even before her transformation and that he cared about her enough before to save her!

The point of chapter 12 is Igarashi confirming this for himself, that the reason he is in love with Kae is for her personality, not her looks, which should come as a surprise to no one considering how he acted in the pilot. Igarashi has always loved Kae for who she is.

So, this isnt meant to be a anti-senpai x kae post but just a pro-igarashi post because this boy gets hate?? for no reason. He is cinnamon roll child please dont hate on him because he is interfering with your ship!!

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People are so stupid. If you don't like slash, go write your own fics. Then you can have all the het you want. Anyone with a hint of taste knows that chemistry is the most important! Canon pairings of almost everything tend to instill a reflexive flinch in me because of how poorly or forcefully they're handled. Every pairing you've written, no matter how unlikely, have always been done without degrading the dignity of either character, and I think that says something about your trollers.


Thank you, it really means a lot. 

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Tom you should get Edd roses on Valentines day!!!!!

Tom: ….Lets say I’m temped to get him chocolate for this day as well. But I think you guys would kinda get the wrong idea again…

ngl when Yeon Joo first started looking at Chul’s hand during lunch I thought she was staring in horror at the expensive ass wristwatch he bought courtesy of poor Soo Bong’s wallet. did you really need that watch Chul. be honest

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Narusaku should’ve been end game

IT SHOULD HAVE. Not even because of shipping but because that was the one relationship that was built up since the very beginning of the manga. It got a ton of focus, numerous parallels to other canon pairings (most notably Naruto’s own parents), and had more development than a lot of other relationships in the series. It made the most sense and should have been the end game. 

Rwby Future Au Facts

So I thought I’d just do some facts about what goes on in the future au. Not much but just some general facts and family facts. 

General Facts:

-Takes place ~20 years in the future (in most canon)

-Pairs are Bumbleby, Lancaster, Neiss, Helios (Sun/Pyrrha), Crosshares, Renora, and Cherry Tree (Sage/Scarlet).

-Kali and Ghria don’t exist. While I try to keep the Au as close to canon as I can, I am not big on them and I really like the idea of Blake being an orphan.

-Raven also is more around.Why? Because she was added in before v4 and I love Raven so she is not as much as a shit parent. She left for reasons to protect her family. 

-Maidens are not a thing. Pyrrha, of course, never died nor got maiden powers. 

-Yang still lost her arm and has a bionic one.

-The WF still is around and still rouge. A new, still unnamed, group for Faunus rights has been made which Blake works a lot with.

-Unknown about Oscar and Ozpin atm. 

-Weiss is still the heir. She got it back. Unknown what happened to her brother. He fucked off somewhere. 

(Family under the cut)

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