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ARIES-LIBRA:Aka everyone’s favorite pair,the best balance between beauty and conflict,one is the gold crown and the other is the sparkling gem stone embellishing it,the creator-destroyer pair,the fire tornado of astrology,super loyal and protective towards each other.

TAURUS-SCORPIO:The embodiment of the pleasing seasons:spring&fall,very intense relationships full of love,really keen on keeping each other happy,royal blood running through their veins,one is the the rose the other is the thron,their bond will never truly disappear

GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS:The diamonds that glitter beautifully and break glass,meditate together while listening to nature sounds,one is the arrow the other is the red target point,have the grace of old school swing dancers,the most beautiful song players,one is the ocean the other is the wind

CANCER-CAPRICORN:The most wonderful parents,the stoic couple that will survive every battle,one is the timeless wooden box and the other is the haunted treasure,fairies with star sparks in their hair,the sweet scent of old perfume bottles in their palms,give the best kisses

LEO-AQUARIUS:The Gods drinking ambrosia on the white clouds,always wear nice fabrics that fit well,one is the candle light and one is the butterfly orbiting around it,have and impressive old book collection,feel at home on old wooden stages that crack under their feet,the stars that attract us towards them

VIRGO-PISCES:The glamorous rebel pair that don’t care about your opinion,one is the crystal glass the other is the cold pink champagne inside it,their skin makes them look like sculptures in moonlight,can almost physically music notes at concerts,put daisies in each other’s hair,the embodiment of the lovely new year’s kiss

Au where ransom is a falconer, tentatively making this part of the bakery au

“You’ve always insisted that the Falconers were the best looking team in the NHL, haven’t you, Tater?” Casey asked, camera and microphone to Taters face. “If I ask who the most handsome guy on the team is can I trust you not to point to yourself?”

Its a puff piece, just something cute to put up on Falcs tv. Tater laughs and places a hand on Casey’s head; she doesnt mind it and he likes messing up her silky locks.

“Of course Im most handsome!”

“Well you know, today TMZ released a list of 20 most beautiful hockey players and can you guess who was number 3?”

“Me?” Tater asked, laughing.

“Better luck next time, it was Jack!”

Tater raised an eyebrow. “Jack? Who else is on list?”

“No one on the team, Im afraid.”

Tater looked into the camera seriously. “What meaning is this? How come list so wrong? HEY ZIMMBONI COME OVER HERE. Actually lets go to Zimmboni, he still in Nate’s office.”

Tater led the crew down to the nutritionists office, where Jack was taking notes.

“Hey Zimmboni, you know you number three most beautiful hockey player?”

Jack looked at the camera. “Uh. Thanks for voting for me.”

“No!” Tater stated. “You pretty handsome but you know who is most handsome?”

“You?” Jack guessed.

“Ransom most handsome, why everyone sleeping with him?” Tater said. (“Sleeping on him,” jack corrected).

“Who’s sleeping with me again?” Ransom walked by at the moment, and found himself pulled into a side arm hug by Tater.

“Look at this man!” Tater boomed. “Has super cheekbones and super lips! Most handsome man! And he super smart too!”

Ransom blushed, caught between Tater, Jack, and the camera crew.

“Haha, can’t fight against that Zimmerass though, am I right?” He said.

Casey giggled. “I think Jack has that covered.”

Tater shook his head. “We not talk about ass, why you two so crass about this? I talk about face, look at Ransom being beautiful!”

Ransom blushed. “Well I can’t say I’m ugly, I’m alright.”

“Who make top twenty beautiful list in TMZ?” Tater asked. “Why they not include Justin Oluransi? He can be movie star!”

“Haha, thanks Tater,” Ransom said, staring at Tater in adoration. It wasn’t caught on camera, as the crew was focused on Jack’s amused reaction.

The interview went on, and Jack was left alone to take notes while Ransom left to head to his conditioning session.

He smiled and a pep entered his steps as he remembered the way Tater slung his arm around his shoulder and declared him the most gorgeous man on earth, and definitely in the NHL.

Hamilton High School Sports AU

-Alexander is a volley ball and track person.
-it helps him take out aggression by hitting the ball smack down onto the other team’s floor.
-running helps him push himself which he loves .
-John Laurens is a swimmer and baseball player.
-amazing at batting, not so good in the field.
-Lafayette is a cheerleader (for Hercules only).
-he’s so freaking cheerful all the time Jesus Christ the other cheerleaders are angry at how peppy he is.
-he smiles during arguements with the others and laughs when the other cheer teams insult him.
-Hercules walks up like “you talking bullcrap about my cheetleader?”
-they back off immediately.
-Thomas Jefferson is in track and basketball.
-Hamilton and Jefferson run against each other and then get super hot and sweaty afterwards.
-they fight over the court because practice times get mixed up.
-Alex spikes the ball at Thomas.
-Thomas chucks the basketball at them when they’ve been going back and forth with no mistakes.
-or he puts the volley ball somewhere really high up.
-Hercules is in field events and football
-eliza is a volley ball gal and damn she is so good at saving the ball from hitting the floor.
-her and hammy exchange tips and practice together on weekends.
-Thomas gets jealous and tries to learn how to play once.
-he got caught by Alex and was made fun of it for the rest of eternity.
-Angelica would SO be a basketball player like damn.
-she would school all the boys including Thomas.
-Aaron Burr does track but he never does sprinting because he prefers to pace himself and is always slow and it pisses Alexander off SO. F#CKING. MUCH.
-George Washingmachine is the ref for almost everything. Super fair and nice as well.
-King George is the other ref and is a huge d!ck. Super unfair. Nobody likes him.
-Lafayette wanted to do almost all the sports but Washingmachine had to tell him to tone it down because he was just such a cinnamon roll and didn’t realize he would break down from stress and exhaustion.
-James dabbles in some field events but mostly doesn’t do a lot because of his asthma.
-An amazing tutor for people that want to do sports and excersize tho.
- “Just breath and relax.”
- holds a yoga class outside of school. Aaron, Eliza, and Thomas all attend.
-Maria is the best and most beautiful softball player this world has ever seen and damn right she dabbles in hockey and swimming.
-she and John talk about swimming techniques all the time.
-she also teaches Lafayette how to play hockey without falling or looking like a doof.
-Hercules secretly watches and giggles when his bf makes a shot in and cheers about it for the next 2 minutes.
-Hamilton gets excited after his school wins the track regionals or something
-he kisses Thomas like a lot and then quickly runs away but Thomas catches up
- “we should win more often, I could use more of that hamilton~”
- they all go to the gym together or get ice cream together and talk about cheat days, Washingmachine and how nice he is, King George and how much of an @ss he is, and Charles Lee who is a stubborn piece of crap.

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‘dream daddy’ is surprisingly good. i was not expecting to feel feelings and legit be interested in the story but here we are

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Can you draw the leading player in that trench coat outfit thing she's wearing after "With You" because ๐Ÿ˜

“Pippin, it is time for a change.”

♠ “It shall be done.”
Ace in Prince Kael’thas inspired regalia.


BTS music player headers

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1(화양연화 pt.1)

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i hate to brag about my team but we have the most united squad and the most beautiful players and the cutest kids and the most ucls and the greatest manager and we’re the best team in the world but i hate to brag about my team

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Draw the leading player as a cat :p

She’s my absolute favourite cat breed, the Turkish Angora. They’re gorgeous, they never run out of energy, they’re good with strangers, and also they’re gorgeous.

Still haven’t listened to great comet but here is a blonde violin playing fucker for @actualsquip


Ok, real talk tho. Have you ever watched a piano player play. Like really play. They get all into it and their body moves with a music. With every high note they sit a little taller and with every low note, their entire body dips down. You can just see the passion as they play, it just radiates off of them. And then the way their hands move across the keys, it’s beautiful. Both left and right hands just glide off of each black and white key making it seem like they’re dancing a dance that only they can pull off. Each finger effortlessly moves with confidence that you didn’t know was possible. I dunno, just something about piano players… they make music come alive.

Let’s talk about:

Nohebi Academy (and why its existence is pretty important)

So I’m pretty sure that the people who’ve caught up with the manga know who Nohebi is! For those who don’t, however, I think you can skip this post because it’s a pretty big manga spoiler!

Moving on–When I first heard about Nohebi and all this jazz about Cats vs Snakes, I was pretty pumped! Furudate is gave us a new team to know and love, and other than Nohebi having characteristics similar to the Harry Potter-verse’s Slytherin house, the team was just absolutely beautiful. Look at them. Akama is so adorable, Kuguri is already in my top 5 most beautiful players, Hiroo is Futakuchi and Kuroo’s gorgeous love child, and Daishou has bomb ass hair. 

Then… We saw them play.

I think it’s safe to say that you either really love them and their filth or hate them enough to send their guts to the deepest hell. 

Haikyuu!! is pretty popular for having no antagonistic/villainous team. Sure, we have Ushijima who stepped all over Hinata and is arrogant and prideful, Oikawa who is obnoxious, childish and spiteful, and even Terushima who is ill-mannered and boisterous, but were they really presented antagonistically? Furudate showed us Ushijima being a good captain and persevering with his team. Oikawa is childish but an extremely hard worker and loves his members dearly. Even Terushima was shown to be a good captain and player! So why was Nohebi/Daishou introduced? Why was this team presented as pure, mean antagonists? For those who are angry at Furudate for Nohebi even existing, I think that this post can explain why I think it was necessary for Furudate to put them in.

1. It’s real af

There are actually people like this in real life and in games: intense trash talkers, biased referees, and judgmental people who criticize appearances. Furudate was trying to inject a “slice of life” aspect into his universe, because tbh, not all volleyball teams in the world play as cleanly as the teams we’ve come to know. Although we haven’t been told anything about Nohebi’s backstory, the way they play (which is filthy… Kuroo was 150% right) says a lot about them. 

Furudate actually presents some legitimate and pressing volleyball issues in this fight. The biased refereeing thing is actually common, as well as the “intentional” injuring of other players. (Look at that smile. Oh gosh–you just know Daishou is being plastic af about his so-called ‘apology’.)


Furudate is really fond of foils omg. However, this foil is different from his other popular ones (Noya and Asahi; Hinata and Kageyama/Tsukki; Karasuno and Nekoma). Nohebi is the foil team of the rest of the volleyball teams in his universe.

Nohebi may be as cool and calculating as Seijoh, but not clean, organized and tame in their execution.

Nohebi is as excellent in receiving as Nekoma, but is nowhere near the flexibility and cleanliness in their plays. Plus, their trash talk is a team effort that targets the insecurities of the players, in comparison to Kuroo’s tame taunts about beanpoles and pains in the ass.

Nohebi is as team-oriented and optimistic as Karasuno, but is definitely incomparable to our lovely crow team. 

So it’s like a foil, but not really a foil. It might be Furudate’s way of saying: “The other teams could’ve played like this, but they choose not to.”

Nohebi makes us aware of the absolutely wonderful sportsmanship we’ve taken for granted in the other matches. He made us get used to all these clean plays that we’re shocked to see that there are other filthier and slimier ways of playing, which are personified in Nohebi.

3. It makes us adore Nekoma, tbh

I’m not sure if there are people who don’t like Nekoma or finds them sketchy af, but I’m sure that after meeting Nohebi, they’ll definitely love everything about Nekoma now. Nekoma puts a prime on their amazing connection, their clean playstyle, and especially the fact that their means of winning doesn’t involve hurting the other teams, kissing up to referees, and SLAMMING BALLS INTO FACES. My children (ಗ ‸ ಗ ).




Nohebi’s exstence is important bc: It’s REAL AF (Furudate is giving us a glimpse of people irl); it presents real vball issues; it puts an emphasis on real sportsmanship; Nekoma is pure af dont touch them and LOVE THE CATS LOVE THEM SO HARD

also I still kinda REALLY love nohebi ok

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lmao because of this bby pens, upset sid and dumb geno thing your ask page is one of my most visited websites when i type in n in the search bar hahahaha also like the Russian Knitting Circle (all the russians) being torn between supporting Geno in this dumb time and supporting Sid cause he's Sid so they're just like.... only solution,,,, we must flirt. like all of the russians turn in to Ovi an flirt with Sid lmao

can you imagine like 5+ Russians converging onto Sid at a bar and the baby pens can’t bat them away fast enough, so you end up with a bunch of men offering to buy Sid drinks and Ovi putting his hand on the small of Sid’s back for far too long as he crows out, loud enough for Geno to hear, “Sid is most beautiful hockey player in NHL! Anyone would be lucky to have him,” as all the Russians nod in agreement and Geno tries to not kill everyone with his glare. 

Ovi: ANYWAYS Sidney if you feel lonely, my room number is 205–
Geno: He doesn’t need your room number.


The most beautiful players of World Cup 2014. (x)

Kyrie Eleison Part 1

@promsien started yelling at me about this and i got excited and started yelling too so its now in fic form with more to come :3

Notes: Michael Mithra is promโ€™s human!cw name with Mithra meaning hidden friend // Kyrie Eleison means Lord have mercy // and the piece cw plays in the fic sounds like this but slower and more dramatic

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Pairings: Clockwork/Vlad Masters

Rating: Teen *shrug*

Warnings: none really, though it will get emotionally intense later

Summary: Father Masters is a priest with many secrets. He comes to find that after hiring a new organist for his church, one with all-knowing eyes and a charming smile, heโ€™s going to have even more secrets to keep.

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