most beautiful piece ever

What she says: I’m fine. 

What she means: The final battle between Azula and Zuko may be simultaneously the most beautiful piece of animation ever made and the most beautiful fight choreography ever produced, in addition to which the soundtrack for the battle is so spine-tinglingly good that it deserves an award all to its own and I know it’s like eight years down the line but seriously people should still be talking about it why aren’t we making more media for youth which is this high in quality? 

Many, many thanks to @may12324 for creating another true work of art that managed to take my breath away and make me cry. This character means the world to me & to see her come alive makes me happier than any words could ever say.

Trump says he was eating a “beautiful” piece of cake when he decided to bomb Syria

  • Donald Trump was sitting at dinner in his Mar-a-Lago home, eating “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen” when he decided to send 59 Tomahawk missiles raining down on a Syrian airbase last Thursday.

  • In an interview with Fox Business Network, Trump described the scene that unfolded when he informed visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping that he had just launched a retaliatory attack against Syrian government forces. Read more. (4/12/2017 1:01 PM)


The Court of Dreams (4/?) / Cassian

First Cassian and Azriel appeared in the doorway. The High Lord’s general and Shadowsinger – and the most powerful Illyrians in history.

“Can he beat you?” – “Hand-to-hand combat? Yes. He’d have to earn it for a change, but he’d win. Cassian is the best warrior I’ve encountered in any court, any land. He leads my armies because of it.

“I’ve witnessed Cassian rip apart opponents and then puke his guts up once the carnage stopped, sometimes even mourn them.”

“I saw Cassian trudging through the mud (…) bastards are given nothing: they find their own shelter, own food. If they survive and get picked to be in a war-band, they’ll be bottom-ranking forever, but recieve their own tents and supplies. But until then he’d stay in the cold.” – “Those mountains,” Azriel added, his face hard as ice,” offer some of the harschest conditions you can imagine.”

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This piece of Cassian-meta is the most beautiful thing ever written. Thank you @highfaelucien, my dear Third, for blessing the world with this.

Love Conquers All (On Sherlock Season 4)

I’m currently re-watching Season 4, simply just to indulge myself, and mainly because I personally loved it. I thought I was done expressing everything I have to say about the matter in this post, but there has been an unending sh*t-storm still looming over S4 that has gone beyond what I had expected. Not to mention that things I’ve seen on Twitter earlier regarding the so-called Norbury movement.

I am not dismissing the fact that this season had its flaws, but there’s a significant meaning to it all that some people are dismissing because they’ve been blinded by their own illusions that I would want to highlight. For someone who had cried over and mulled over these episodes more than the past 3 seasons, this season gave my love for existentialism a baseline that tugged at the heart – the very reason why I wanted to talk about it.

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Just a brief explanation, existentialism is the belief that life has no meaning in general. To quote Moriarty, “Staying alive… So boring, isn’t it? It’s just… staying.” However, what I like about it is the idea that society or any other factor is not responsible for giving life it’s meaning – it is solely up to the individual to discover it on their own.

With that said, I think this is why this season resonated with me so much, and I find the chaos in some parts of the fandom frustrating, especially to the point that the writers are being attacked for this. So as usual, I have to say something about it. Because instead of writing articles for work, I’m thinking about Sherlock.

Anyway, I’m just gonna go ahead with my point.

The Six Thatchers : Horrors Of The Past

This may be my least favourite among the three, but the message of this episode is clearly simple: we all have horrors that will come and haunt us in the future – and how we face it all comes down to the path we choose. 

We live hundreds, and even thousands of roles throughout our lives. And we all have our past; things that we regret, hate, cringe at, miss, still believe in, etc. But whatever that past might be, what I got from TST is that you can never run from your past as it catches up to you, but it is one facet of your life does not completely define you.

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Death has been played with through the past seasons that it seemed all too mundane to us now, in terms of the context of the show. But S4 is here to correct this notion in Mary’s persona. With Mary saying that Mary Watson was the only life worth living, it showed that we get to choose which part of our lives we live out the most.

Same with John and his ‘cheating’. To be fair, I’m pissed at the fact that this was completely out of character. But when the series culminated, I understood why they have to do it. We saw what we wanted to see in these characters as they were presented to us – John was supposedly honourable, kind, and courageous, but what is this? Who is this new John? 

This is where I head to my next point. 

The Lying Detective : Being Alive And Human

This episode made me cry buckets, to be honest. And it is because this is all about changing what you know about these characters and seeing them all in a different light. 

Here we see a Sherlock not led by the mind but the heart, a John who was weak against temptation, a cheater, someone who looked jealous from having the spotlight all on the detective – it showed that no one is ultimately good and that someone’s facade is not who they entirely are. It shows that everyone has their ups and downs because that’s what humanity is about. It illustrated that everyone was capable of being angry, desperate, conceited, weak, lonely, alone, etc. It highlighted how these characters are broken – especially Sherlock – and how redemption can mean so much more to a person. 

We all have our flaws, our downfalls, our agonies; but who are we really, at our most vulnerable? And who are the people willing to believe in us even if we’ve shown them our true, and sometimes, faded colours?

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“Taking your own life. Interesting expression, taking it from who? Once it’s over, it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everyone else. Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it.”

This is a plea. That shutting down and ending your life is and should never be the answer. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of dialogue I have ever heard, and it’s a very upfront message about warranting a value on your own life. And for people to threaten the writers of the show that they are the ones who caused the lives that are put in the line or the self-harm that will happen due to their distaste for TFP is devastating to me.

And yes, there have been people tweeting Mark and BBC that they are and will be responsible for these lives, which is just unfair.

The Final Problem : On Love And Redemption

I’ve seen people questioning why Benedict said ‘love conquers all’ in one interview before the season aired. There has also been statements that this season will be ‘groundbreaking’, which others failed to see why, leading to the claims that the showrunners are queerbaiting.

Now, every single show, every single actor, not just in Sherlock, but basically everywhere, is being put in the microscope because they need to identify with something, and that they need to represent a cause — which I get! I advocate for this! But, just when the world is being careful about mixing up their characters or when they are inserting a gay character just because now, society is demanding them to, Sherlock had already presented that years before (note that some TV shows only became more open to having gay characters around late 2014, early 2015-ish onwards because people are becoming more vocal about it as inspired by those bold enough to make a first move, e.g. Glee). 

Here, we have an openly gay character (which is still another topic of debate but I stand by it when I say Irene used the term gay loosely), had openly gay actors play brilliant and unstereotypical roles, and for God’s sake, Mark Gatiss is a gay man who is behind this brilliant show, and  that’s the very reason they passed it off as normal. They didn’t do it in a way that we always have to be reminded that the character is gay, that there has to be a sex scene just to prove that they’re gay… it’s just there – again, as one facet of the characters. Sex, as something that has been explicitly expressed in the show, isn’t the only thing that defines a character or their relationships with someone else, and I appreciated that. They had a story to tell – the story of these characters as a whole and not just one side of them. 

And personally, I did see why they made their claims as indicated by my chosen title. When this season ended, Sherlock who claimed to have never been attuned to his emotions, had his eyes open and had embraced that he was also human, flawed, and is capable to love IN ALL FORMS. 

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He learned to value his life because of what happened to Mary, he had admitted that he also succumbs to his impulses with Irene Adler (texting or beyond that, depends on what you want to believe), he fully realised that he would never ever want to hurt and make Molly feel like she’s being used by him because she’s his friend, he was able to extend a more human side of himself to John more than he did before, he finally understood and accepted Mycroft’s intentions and actions which I think mended their relationship significantly (this one hits me to the core so much), and lastly, he discovered that if he was left in the air in isolation, he might have ended up like Eurus, which is why he never wanted to make her feel alone again. 

To me, it is groundbreaking because it left that cliche of someone running off into the sunset in the end and it’s all butterflies and rainbows. They wrapped it up with the characters still broken, but living through it day by day because someone chose to love, accept, and help them heal despite their flaws. 

It is what it is, they keep on saying, because that’s how life is. It can be unbearable and it can most certainly be shit, but in the end, whether you ship Johnlock, Adlock, Sherlolly, Sheriarty, Mollstrade, Mystrade, etc., if we all let love – self-love, romantic love, familial love, platonic love – all kinds of love in our lives, it will help us conquer all, within and beyond this show. 

One Piece 856

1) One of the most beautiful chapters I ever read in One Piece.

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2)  Before Jimbei words…

The sadness in Nami’s face has made me cry:

3) Vinsmokes are disgusting and sexists. I hope Nami puts her Perfect Clima Tact in their anus. 

4) Luffy is the most clever, kind and beautiful main character I ever read in the shonen manga whole history, and I love him so much, so much.

5) The way Sanji thinks in his nakama brokes my heart again.

5) Sanji’s tears are poison for me, but the way in wich he is absolutely hopeless, kills me.


In One Piece, the slaps of love are the best:


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The Ride Home (with the Passionate Sanvers Kiss --> Smut we all deserve)

Alex drives her and she promises her once, twice, three times, four, that she’ll be waiting right outside.

That no matter what Emily says, no matter what feelings it brings up, Maggie will have a woman who loves her unconditionally – no judgment, no shaming – to take her home.

Maggie shakes and Maggie very nearly starts crying again, but she puts on her cop face, her impenetrable face, and Alex kisses her hand and watches her stride out of the car, watches her call after her ex.

“Emily. Hey. I… I’m sorry, I don’t mean to keep bumping into you like this, I just – “

“Listen, Maggie, if you’re here to tell me off for telling your girlfriend the truth, I don’t want to – “

“No, that’s not it, that’s not… Emily, I never… I never apologized. Not really, not enough. I apologized for… for myself, to make myself feel less guilty, less at fault. And then you said some things – which I totally don’t blame you for – and I… it made me feel justified in what I did, so I stopped trying. And I shouldn’t have. Stopped trying. I mean, I should have respected your space and all that, sure, but I… I’m just trying to say that you never deserved the hell I put you through, and you didn’t do anything wrong to cause it, it was me, it was all and only me, and I know I can’t do anything to make it right but – “

“Maggie, stop. Just… stop. Look, I’ve moved on. And clearly, so have you. I… you’re right. You’re right. You did a lot of damage. I loved you, I wanted to spend my life with you, I…”

Maggie looks down and tries not to feel, tries not to hate herself, tries not to… But Emily’s talking again, and she looks back up to listen to her like she deserves to be listened to.

“You shouldn’t have cheated. You know that. We don’t need to rehash that. It’s been too many years to… but look. You deserve to be happy. Of course you do. You made a mistake, you… but clearly, you’ve changed. You found yourself a great girl, you really have. And it looks like you treat her well.”

“I do.”

“Good. Do that. Don’t do to her what you did to me. That’s how you make it up to me, okay?”


Maggie’s voice is small, but Emily’s smiling, because that’s the Maggie she wants to remember; the girl who loves hard and fights hard and plays hard and hurts hard. 

She turns and she looks out the window to wear Alex is waiting, leaning on the hood of the car, and Alex puts up a hand and offers a small smile and waves.

“She’s great,” Emily says, because who else goes to defend her girlfriend, finds out she cheated on her ex and lied about it, and then drives her to make amends?

“I know,” Maggie says, because she really, really does.

“You’re lucky to have her.”

And then, “It’s good seeing you,” because really, oddly, it is. They hug and it’s brief because if it’s any longer it’ll burn, but Emily gives a soft wave to Alex as Maggie walks away, because she hopes she doesn’t need luck, she hopes she just needs Maggie.

Which is exactly what Alex needs.

All Alex needs.

All she needs when she asks how it went and Maggie thanks her, and tells her that Emily said she was lucky to have her, but god, god, god, it’s the other way around.

She grabs the lapel of Maggie’s jacket and she pulls and Maggie’s lips are soft and warm and perfect and Alex keeps hold of Maggie’s jacket even after they pull back, and Maggie reads the look in Alex’s eyes.

Reads the needs, reads the want. Reads the excitement, the desire.

“Let’s go,” she says, and heads back into the car, because she knows what comes next, and god, does she want it.

Alex smiles and practically hugs herself, because it’s called being happy, Danvers, and she’s getting used to it, kind of, but she thinks she may never get fully used to the feeling of being smiled at by Maggie Sawyer, of being kissed by Maggie Sawyer, of being…. god… loved…. by Maggie Sawyer.

So she smiles and she practically squeals and she follows Maggie into the car.

“Thank you, Alex,” Maggie says without preamble, and Alex strokes her hair and shakes her head.


“Kiss me again?”


She leans across the car and she kisses her soft and she kisses her slow and she kisses her like she’s falling and Maggie is the only one who can catch her, because god, she is.

Maggie opens her lips and sighs into the kiss and reaches over to tangle her hands in Alex’s hair and Alex lets out a soft moan and god, does Maggie taste incredible.

“Home?” Alex asks, because she might not be fully briefed in lesbian cultural norms, but she’s reasonably certain it would be rude to have sex in the car right outside one of your ex’s hotels after making amends with said ex.

And she’s reasonably certain that if Maggie keeps touching her like that – touching her like she’s the only thing that exists in the world – that’s exactly what they’ll wind up doing.

So they settle for holding hands as Maggie drives with her other, their fingers interlaced, neither of them speaking, but both of them glancing at each other, both of them with small smiles and barely suppressed giggles because somehow, somehow, somehow, they found each other and somehow, somehow, somehow, they’re each other’s healing.

They’re barely through the door before Maggie has Alex’s jacket off, before she’s kissing her way down Alex’s jawline, but Alex hums and Maggie stops immediately, eyes concerned and hands up and off Alex’s body in surrender.

“I’m sorry, I thought you wanted – “

“I do, Maggie. I want you. But I want… I want to focus on you. I want to make you feel special. I want to make love to you, I want… I want to worship you, Maggie. Will you let me? If you want?”

“Alex, I don’t deserve – “

“Maggie. Let me show you what you deserve. If you want.”

Throat too tight with love, with gratitude, with disbelief that someone can love her like this, that someone can look at like this, that Alex Danvers can love her like this, that Alex Danvers can look at her like this, Maggie just nods.

And Alex smiles, and Alex does the last thing Maggie expects her to do: she walks away.

Before Maggie can panic, Alex takes her hand and kisses each knuckle.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she promises, and she sets about the apartment, turning on soft jazz and lighting candles and humming to herself.

“Pour yourself a drink, babe,” she offers, but Maggie declines, because she doesn’t want Alex to have to taste the alcohol on her lips. Alex notices, and her heart expands so much she thinks her chest might burst.

“Make yourself comfortable,” she whispers as she crosses behind her to light the candles on the kitchen island, and Maggie fights off tears, fights off weeping, because how can she possibly deserve this?

Candles lit and music on, Alex offers Maggie her hand.

“Let me show you what you deserve, Maggie.”

A stream of violent images – things Maggie deserves – flash unbidden through her mind. She shakes them off, forces herself to focus on those eyes, that soft smile, those perfect lips, that gentle touch.

And she lets Alex Danvers show her exactly what she thinks she deserves.

She thinks she deserves to be carried to bed while being kissed gentle, kissed passionate, kissed perfect. Kissed soft but hard, somehow at the same time, while being held, being carried, being surrounded, like she weighs nothing, like she’s nothing of the burden she’s always believed herself to be.

She thinks she deserves to be stripped naked slowly, being told how beautiful she is with every new inch of skin revealed, being told how perfectly the candlelight plays off of her skin, how it’s like the most beautiful piece of art she’s ever seen, but better.

“Nerd,” she whispers, and Alex just chuckles as she shucks off her own clothes.

“Your nerd.”

And Maggie can’t disagree, doesn’t want to, because Alex is kissing each of her toes and her shins and her knees, concentrating on the old soccer scars, and she’s pausing and waiting for permission before proceeding up her bare thighs, and Maggie grants it because god, Alex, Alex, Alex, and Alex asks if she wants this again before spreading her curls open with her thumb and index finger and closing her lips around Maggie’s clit, and Maggie can do nothing but whimper, can do nothing but gasp, can do nothing but scream, because this worshiping is what Alex Danvers thinks she deserves, and god, no one’s ever told her she deserves to be quite this cherished before.

Because Alex’s eyes are glued to her face, even as her tongue slips inside her, even as her tongue revels in how soaked she is for her. Alex’s eyes are glued to her face, making sure she’s good, making sure she wants everything Alex is doing, and the look in her eyes is nothing if not reverent.

Nothing if not the most moving, most sexy thing Maggie has ever seen.

Until, that is, Alex reaches up and brings one of Maggie’s nipples between her fingers, and that image? Alex, tongue between her legs, watching her face intently, lovingly, hotly, with her fingers teasing her hardened nipple?

She has no idea what she’s done to deserve Alex Danvers, but god is she grateful she has her.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth, babe?” Alex pulls back to ask, and Maggie tosses her head back and screams in response, and Alex grins and takes that, accurately, as a fuck yes.

She works her tongue over her clit and she asks with her eyes if Maggie wants her fingers inside her, and Maggie begs and Alex complies and fills her up, deeper, harder, deeper, harder, because Maggie keeps begging for more and Alex keeps providing, and when she cums pulsing around Alex’s fingers and streaming wetness around Alex’s palm, around her tongue, Alex moans in delight, in ecstasy, in perfection.

“I love you, Maggie,” she whispers, her voice thick with Maggie’s cum in her mouth, and Maggie has never heard anything so perfect.

“Do you want more?” Alex asks as she wipes her mouth and nose and chin on her shoulder and kisses a trail up and down Maggie’s inner thighs.

“Do you… want to give me more?”

Alex grins and crawls up Maggie’s body so she can kiss her lips, so she can feel their bodies touch everywhere.

“When are you going to get it, Maggie? I always want to give you more. Because that’s always what you deserve.”

“That sounds fake, but… please.”

Alex chuckles and Maggie giggles and Alex shifts and asks with her eyes and Maggie nods and grabs at Alex’s ass and begs please, please, yes Alex, please.

So Alex slips one leg between Maggie’s and shifts back, shifts close, so her own wetness can slip onto Maggie’s, and they both moan and scream and writhe and grasp at each other’s skin with the heat, the overwhelming heat, of their bodies pressed together.

“Too much?” Alex makes sure, and Maggie shakes her head.

“Please don’t stop,” she begs, and Alex doesn’t.

She grinds her hips down slow and firm and careful and perfect, her clit on Maggie’s in perfect rhythm, with perfect pressure, with perfect timing. It’s something that’s taken them hours of giggling and practicing and yelping and toppling over, but now that they’ve gotten their own bodies, their own needs, each other’s bodies, each other’s needs, it’s automatic, and it’s absolute ecstasy.

Maggie grabs at Alex’s ass and pulls her down deeper, closer, harder, and Alex moans as the slick heat of Maggie’s clit under hers, the firm grasp of Maggie’s hands on her naked body, the desperate writhing of Maggie’s torso, the needy whimpering of Alex’s name from her lips, tosses her over the edge, and when she arches back and moans Maggie’s name, it’s the most beautiful thing Maggie’s ever seen, and she thinks that maybe, just maybe, if this woman – this ruthless, stubborn, guarded, passionate, badass, blows-up-buildings-while-she’s-still-inside-them woman – trusts her enough to let her watch her cum like that, to let her watch her unravel like that, to watch her vulnerable and undone and open like that?

Then maybe she might just deserve her love after all.

Enjoltaire relationship would include

Enjoltaire relationship would include

  • Knowing it was the right thing from the very first kiss
  • Because even though so many around think it’s wrong
  • It’s so fucking right.
  • Feeling so comfortable in the others company.
  • Knowing they don’t have to pretend to be anyone else

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  • Talking about each other non-stop to other friends and not even realising it.
  • Knowing the other like the back of their hand.
  • Enjolras boosting Grantaires confidence when he feels insecure.
  • Grantaire putting a smile on Enjolras’ face when he’s feeling drained.
  • Being there for each other when it feels as though everything’s crumbling down.

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  • Grantaire messing with Enjolras’ hair while he’s sleeping with his head on Grantaires lap.
  • Grantaire staying up with Enjolras when he refuses to sleep
  • And being there when he can hardly keep his eyes open.
  • Waking up in each other’s arms feeling the luckiest they have ever been.
  • Grantaire’s favourite thing about Enjolras being how much passion he has.

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  • Enjolras’ favourite thing about Grantaire being that sparkle in his eyes as he comes up with another brilliant creative idea.
  • Grantaires least favourite thing about Enjolras being when he doubts himself
  • Because R believes that Enj can do anything.
  • Enjolras’ least favourite thing about Grantaire would be the way that he doesn’t
  • feel confident with his art or even in his own skin a lot of the time.
  • Because to Enj, Grantaire is the most beautiful piece of art he has ever seen.

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  • Everything about him drives him wild.
  • Being so in love with each other
  • Always managing to make the other laugh or smile.
  • Being there to dry the other’s tears.

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  • Grantaires heart breaking into a million pieces as he see’s guns pointed at his loved one
  • And instead of running he pushes through the guards and takes his boyfriend’s hand.
  • Enjolras can’t seem to concentrate on the guns anymore, the only think filling his mind was ‘How did I get so lucky?’
  • Raising their heads high because they’re going to fall together, as one.
  • Fingers laced together
  • The taste of all their previous kisses still lingering on their lips.
  • The feeling of the others hands running through their hair still present.
  • And how dying next to the other would be a pleasure.

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So I recently hit 500 followers and this is crazy, I started this blog a few months ago and the support I have received has been amazing, I love you all. I have met some pretty incredible people in this short time who I love with all my heart.

Before I get into the follow forever I’d like to just express my love for a few people (everyone should go follow them cause they are all wonderful and lovely and I honestly have no idea why they follow me):

@catharinaloss ♥ JO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE! Even though you can be problematic I still love you (yes even I am calling you problematic now, you crossed a line by putting milk in before the cereal). You always manage to cheer me up and put up with me in my varying moods and for that, I am so grateful. You are amazing, you bring people together and make so many people happy (even if we don’t always show it ;) ). You manage to put a smile on my face each and every day, you’re a lil ball of sunshine and ilysm. You are just so wonderful and lovely and thoughtful and kind and funny and talented and I am so glad I met married you.

@alexanderglghtwood   ♥ Eli, where do I even start? You know I love you so much honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Have I told you how much I love watching you narrate your life to me over Snapchat? It’s my favourite thing, and I still love your voice okay. I just opened a Snapchat from you and I just need to remind you of how much I love your hair cause omg it’s amazing and I’m still not over it. I love reading your fics so much, even though you always manage to kill me with them. I always love our conversations, it feels weird if I haven’t talked to you in a few hours I can’t even find the words I want cause you are just so incredible and lovely and funny and I just can’t do you justice.

@magnificentbane  ♥ Meg, our friendship began when I decided to scream at you about my malec headcanons, isn’t that beautiful. We were talking for hours I didn’t even realise how long it had been, then you introduced me to Jo and for that, I will forever be grateful. Can you believe that our first conversation led to so many group chats lmao. I love reading your writing, you’re so talented and more people need to read your work. You’re such a fun person to talk to, you and your blog are perfect and ilysm <3

@thirstyalec  ♥ Dani, the love of my life, the most beautiful goddess to ever live I love you to pieces. I don’t even remember how we became friends… I think it was me just coming into your inbox and calling you out on your icon addiction lmao. Have I mentioned how proud I am that you have managed to keep your icon for this long, cause I am. Your posts are always amazing, you brighten my life and I’m so glad I met you. You are honestly one of my all time favourite people, seeing you on my dash makes me so happy you are amazing ilysm.

@softshumjr  ♥ Marta, killing you with Harry is my favourite pastime, you are my go to for quality Harry content. You are one of my favourite people, I still can’t believe you follow my ass. (The fact you have an ‘abi tag’ still has me dying okay ilysm.) Your tags always give me life, I like how I even know they are your tags before I see your url. Your posts are always amazing, seeing you on my dash makes me smile, you are an actual ray of sunshine and I feel so blessed to have you as a mutual. <3<3

Now onto the follow forever:  faves in italics, mutuals bolded

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The Get Down is honestly the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen in my entire life. Like I’m not even trying to be funny or exaggerant I’m being for real right now. I haven’t been so emotionally invested in a story for awhile and never to this extent. It’s transcending and iconic and I’ve spent the last twenty minutes sitting in the darkness of my room crying about it. I can’t believe The Get Down isn’t more hyped or recognized for its glory and I just hope this story continues because it’s the only one that DESERVES to.

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Idk if you've done this one before, but could I request headcannons of RFA + V in a typical coffee shop au situation where MC is the super cute barista and they're the customers that just keep coming back because they're crushing hard? Its fine if you already have, I just wasn't sure~

i live for this holyyy…also i added saeran bc the emo boi is my love 


-omg tho, like he’d just show up in his fancy ass suit, and sit down with a computer to work, and like everyone would be like???? wtf???

-will 100% sue every god dang rude customer

-also takes his coffee black

-honestly is very blunt??

-i mean it takes a while for him to build up the courage to ask you out but when he does he’ll just walk up to the counter and be like

-“i’d like to go out with you, please consider my request, before you answer, i’ll be waiting”

-ya and then one day you come to work and half the fckn shop is filled with gifts like?? pls chill omfg??

-zen will do anything to sabotage him tho like

-on his way to the counter

-nyooom there comes zen ordering yet another god damn pumpkin spice latte


-at this point his instagram is just filled with selfies of him at the cafe

-when he became a regular so did 30 others girls

-flirting at all times. like he’ll hang out at the counter and try and talk flirt with you in between customers

-your co-workers are obv starry eyed, and so will take on your work to allow him to flirt with you

-brings huuuge bouquets in all the time, chocolate, so many gifts

-invites you out every single day, man

-pays sooo close attention to every little thing you say like

-will probably fckn serenade you.


-half of why she keeps coming back is bc she not only has a crush on you, but also on the cafe

-will ask questions about everything while complimenting your great service

-like what gives her away is her cute blushy cheeks

-it would take her such a long time to cinfess her true feelings

-she’ll start out by ask8ng you to be her friend, and maybe to go to the theathre together?

-after a couple of weeks of that, it’ll just k8nda slip out???

-also comes there bc zen comes there a lot, probs feel guilty for ‘stealing his crushes affections’

-ofc zen is a total babe and super supportive


-bby probs stopped by with that coffee club he was apart of for a couple of weeks

-and boom, you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen, and that smile was what knocked him out.

-it takes him forever to order due to him being a lil anxious blushy stuttering mess

-which doesent escape sevens nose, he’ll tease him about ut relentlessy, poor boi

-quiet cute crushy boi, he’ll just dreamily stare at you like wow that person is real

-super happy puppy when you engage in conversation with him



-straight up sits in a corner and destroys peoples lifes from there

-which also makes it easier for him, bc if someone traces him, they still wont knpw who tf he is

-prankster, will make up the absolute weirdest orders, to strectch out his time with you

-it’s all jokes and laughs, but if ya look a little closer you just might catch the fondness in his eyes

-teases everyone and has nicknames for everyone as well

-zen is ‘pretti boi’

-yoosung is 'eagle 2’ 😂

-jumin is obv if i had to pick a dude cat mom

-jaehee is 'boss ass bitch’

-v is 'dat boi`

-and his bro is obv 'emo’


-takes a photo of you before even introducing himself

-profusely apologizes right after, while slipping in a comment about how you’re art and the most beautiful piece he has ever seen

-and then proceeds to ask you out for dinner to make it up to you

-will invite you on natury dates at all times, and will take lots of pictures of you


-was dragged along by seven obv.

-stopped complaining as soon as he saw you tho

-which does not go unnoticed by seven

-seven teasing him and pushing him in your direction as well as making terrible cringey emo love jokes

-saeran regrets all of his life choices

-when he does get your number he has no idea how to text you

-prefers talking face to face, because he can see your reactions

3 | Tomorrow




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The loud sounds of city traffic pulled you into consciousness, your head was pounding with presumably a hangover headache as you rolled over on the cotton white sheets to check the time on your phone.

09.51 AM

Good job Jungkook had given you the day off.

Looking over to the chipped wood dresser your heart fluttered in your chest, before shattering into a thousand pieces again, causing you to gasp for air as you walked towards it. How could a single tiny black box have you feeling so horrible? Opening it up your eyes welled up with heartbroken tears, last night you’d told him that you’d think about it, and since then thinking was all you could do.
A few months ago Taehyung’s grandmothers ring was all you could ever want, it was the most beautiful piece of jewellery you’d ever seen. But now it was nothing but a reminder of what he’d done, did he think a ring would make you forget about the betrayal you felt?

Suddenly three loud knocks on the front door startled you, thinking quickly you shoved the ring box into a drawer before answering the door. Belle was always forgetting something on her way out to work.

“What did you leave this time?” You snorted as you opened the door, shock enveloping your entire body when you caught a glimpse of the man in front of you.

“Which rooms yours?” Jungkook asked, his naked biceps tightening and hardening as he picked up an impossible number of boxes from the floor.

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The Right One Pt. 1

Jackson Wang X Reader

Looking through the mirror of the antique vanity even you had to admit that you looked amazing. The hairdresser and makeup artist had both done their jobs well. You’re dress wasn’t slacking either. The corset top with it’s pearl beaded design pushing everything in and up, and the lace sleeves that covered your arms for a hint of modesty. As beautiful as you were and as you felt it didn’t matter, none of this mattered to you. Everyone would tell you how beautiful you were, they would mean it too, despite the unhappiness in your eyes.

The door to the private room creaked open and you looked up from your frown to the unexpected guest.  

“Jackson?” You said impossibly quiet, “What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“Your father may not like me, but you’re sister is still a fan.” He smiled softly, “You look…so beautiful.”

“You have to leave. I don’t want you to see me like this.” Your eyes filled with tears, it hurt so much to see him in front of you, “If my father finds you here…”

“Come with me.” He said stepping forward, wrapping his hands around your wrists. “It’s not too late, we’ll run away, wherever you want. Just, please, don’t do this.”

“Jackson, please,” your lips trembled, “this is already so hard”

“You don’t love him, you love me.” panic set in his voice. “This is crazy. Your father can’t control your life like this.”

“I won’t let him hurt you anymore.” you whispered, a tear rolling down your perfectly made face.

“Not having you is the worst pain.” Jackson said collecting the tear on the pad of his thumb. “Anything else I can handle, but not this.”  

“Please, just let me do this for you.” several more tears slipped from your eyes. “Please, just go.”

He nodded, knowing very well by now when you were decided on something. He kissed the tears from your cheeks. “One last kiss? Please, can I have at least that?”

You nodded and he tilted his head. His lips felt like home. They were soft, warm, and so familiar. Everything about him fit you, it had the moment you met him. His personality complemented yours. His arms fit around you like a seat belt and they were just as safe. And his lips, his lips fit yours like a matching puzzle piece and together they created the most beautiful picture you’d ever witnessed.

You kept your eyes closed when the kiss ended. You kept them closed as he said goodbye and you stuttered out your own goodbye with trembling lips. You kept your eyes closed as you listened to the door close with a click. You’d keep them closed until all of this was over.

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Give Me What I Know Is Mine (Part 1)

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean, Nick (OMC)
Word count: 1126
Warnings: A little witchcraft, a little fluff. And smut. Shameless smut. (To be specific,  the following kinks are highlighted: bondage, blindfolds, pain play, breast play. Don’t play in the rain if you don’t have proper protection, kiddies! Also, safe, sane, and consensual play is awesome.)
Challenge:  This was written for @mamaredd123 and @atc74‘s Fabulous 300 Challenge. Apologies for the late entry, but thank you so much for your patience!

A/N: Hello hello! So my prompts for this challenge were “a talisman”, the emotion of Lust, and Queen’s “I Want It All”. I’m fascinated with dream catchers, which are shamanic talismans within Native American culture. Yes, they’re known for catching bad dreams…but what if they were woven with additional intent? That idea is what inspired what you’re about to read. Hope you enjoy it.

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