most beautiful mountain

Mount Taranaki is without a doubt the most beautiful mountain I have seen. We took a trip to find it just a couple of days ago, it was a long drive but definitely worth it. We took the Mangorei Track to Pouakai Tarns. The path was stunning as it winds up and up through the enchanted forest. Just follow the boardwalk to Pouakai hut and head left towards the tarns ten minutes from there. There is a water tank at the hut where you are able to refill and even stay for fifteen dollars a night. We arrived for sunset, had a picnic and watched the mountain as the clouds circled and danced around the summit. If you walk back in the dark keep an eye out for the glowworms!


Bruce Wayne Marriage HCs

Requested by @nerdgurlbenerdy 

Request: “Hello friend, good luck with this blog. I was wondering if you could do a set Bruce Wayne marriage headcannons if possible. Thank you very much.”

Author’s Note: ok first request. I think I got a little bit carried away, but I hope you like them! (Also I’m an insecure piece of trash so feedback would be great, thanks).

- A Wayne wedding is a lavish affair, to say the least.

- No matter how you met him, you can bet there’s gonna be a lot of food, a lot of people, a whole lotta everything.

- Alfred ensures that only the best is permitted at your wedding, no exceptions.

- If this is before Bruce has adopted everyone, Alfred’s gonna need a pay raise. The man’s taken care of everything. Best caterers in the state. Most beautiful wedding dress available. Mountains upon mountains of expensive food and jewelry.

- If this is with all the adopted children, HOO BOY GET READY

- They will all become like super involved with this

- Finding a reception place? Dick’s got you covered.

- Food? Jason will actually fight everyone else.

- Making the customized invitations himself? Tim. Boy’s got talent.

- Decorations? Damian. And Drake’s invitations are garbage–shut up Demon Spawn!

- Barbara’s preparing the list of who will come and who can’t. Needless to say the rogues are off the list.

- Cassandra has the perfect dress in mind, and she is very tenacious.

- Stephanie has your makeup covered, don’t worry! Just a few more touches (or a lot, since she’s Steph after all).

- Alfred delivers the traditional Wayne pearls the night before the actual marriage, and probably sheds a tear or two. Bruce is getting married!

- It’s the big day and oh wOW they did a great job.

- Everything is in place, your best friends are there and also your favorite family members. 

- After you and Bruce exchange vows, there’s a loud sob. (It was Dick).

- The whole affair can basically be summed up in three words: Best. Wedding. Ever.

These mountains are always bathed in the most beautiful light.

Olympic Mountains, Sequim, WA.

Photography -  and can also be viewed on instagram @haleywillner     Thanks for viewing ! 


Tumblr Community, If i ever needed your support it would be right now!

Native hawaiians are PEACEFULLY protesting the building of yet ANOTHER telescope on the summit of one of Hawaii’s most sacred and beautiful mountains. Our connection to the land is strong and we will do as much as we can to protect it and keep it as close to the way that nature intended it to be.

“A $1.4 billion project to erect a 30 meter telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea has been faced by 300 plus protesters against the project. 12 people were arrested on Tuesday including Hawaii pro surfer Dustin Barca.”


Please, even if you do not sympathize with native hawaiian beliefs, at least show your respect to the lands that have provided us with so much. Again, this is a movement rooted in love, and I hope this community can help us in our endeavors. I urge you to look into this, please, save a culture. 


Mt.Fuji by takay
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Most beautiful ,famous and highest mountain in Japan.