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Samwell's Most Beautiful: HAUS EDITION
  • Jack: Actively avoids reporters. Wears loose sweatpants for the entire month leading up to publication, an intrepid young journalist still gets a picture of him squirting himself in the face with his water bottle, sweatpants riding REAL low. Top ten material right here
  • Bitty: Said he didn't care about the Swallow, so everyone assumed he wouldn't be in it. When the magazine comes out, Bitty is nowhere to be seen, but #100 is a photo of a perfectly baked pie. Suspicious.
  • Shitty: Runs naked out on the Haus lawn every time he sees a reporter (or an innocent photography student) oiled up and ready for his close up. The reporter retreats 9 times out of 10, but not before commenting on the strange pull he feels towards that mustache...just barely makes the list.
  • Ransom: Freshmen weren't even supposed to be in the running until one dedicated intern saw his friend request pop up on Facebook his first year...those cheekbones...those eyes...that smoking goddamn personality of his...Ransom is the undisputed king of the Samwell Most Beautiful List for two years. He has ascended to Godhood. Your fave could never.
  • Holster: Hasn't ever made the list. He's tried everything, washing cars shirtless, doing push-ups on the lawn, wearing soft sweaters in the winter and flirting very nonthreateningly with all the girls. Holster barges into the Samwell Swallow's office senior year with a photo of his rippling abs and demands to know why he's never been on the list. The editor looks him up and down, shrugs, and says "sorry; we have a no glasses policy". Holster may or may not scream.
  • Lardo: [REDACTED]
  • Dex: Only makes the list because he tutors the editor of the Samwell Swallow. He made a bet with Nursey freshman year that he would make the Most Beautiful list, Nursey says "that'd be chill bro" which Dex thinks means "haha that's not gonna happen" and which Nursey meant to mean "that'd be chill bro". Dex slams the magazine on Nursey's bed, Nursey looks at it and goes "babe, did they crop out your ears?" They did. They had too.
  • Chowder: Doesn't really care about making the list, but is constantly campaigning for Caitlin to be #1. When the list comes out, he charges into the Swallow's office and goes "#23????????? Are you BLIND??????" And the lil intern goes "No!!! Mr. Chow, you're #22" and that's when Caitlin appears wearing a t-shirt that says "#22 in the Swallow, #1 in my heart". Chowder loves his girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nursey: Usurps Ransom's crown his sophomore year without even trying. His photo in the Swallow is him sitting on the quad, looking perfectly fall aesthetic, surrounded by autumn leaves. Nursey wears a green SnapBack and a soft looking grey scarf. The picture was taken in March; no one can explain the leaves to this very day.

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I got an idea~ You know that Cybertronian kiss is putting your forehead against each other? Okay that is true. But that is not our way of kissing. now imagine the confusion when one tries the other human's forehead that do they have a fever. Or maybe the human does that with a bot. Imagine the adorable confusion and reactions~ Unintentionally they kiss but the human doesn't know it <3


I love the idea of a human like bumping foreheads with a bot thinking it’s just an affection thing or it happens on accident and they’re like “boy I sure hope I don’t get a concussion from this”, but then find out like 2 days later they may as well have shoved their tongue down the bot’s throat so uhhhhhhh you know what

Top 10 MTMTE/LL characters to get visibly flustered over head bumps from their human crush

  1. Tailgate
  2. Rung
  3. Nautica
  4. Thunderclash
  5. Riptide
  6. Fort Max
  7. Fulcrum
  8. Pipes
  9. Swerve
  10. Krok

Top 10 MTMTE/LL characters to ramp up the charm cause they thought you were being extremely forward since you kinda sorta made out with them on accident just now

  1. Bluestreak
  2. Getaway
  3. Skids
  4. Whirl
  5. Tarn
  6. Misfire
  7. Drift
  8. Roller
  9. Hound
  10. Blaster

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Sam acted quick and correct on his feet, when he answered that “I would say most gifted, talented, powerful actually...but I think it’s probably sexiest woman.” I think the fact that he said Sexiest is very telling that he is sexually attracted to her. I think a woman can be beautiful, but a man may not be sexually attracted to her. She may not be his physical type or something about her just doesn’t flip his switch. But when a man thinks you’re the sexiest woman alive, he wants you! ❤️❤️❤️

I don’t think there was any question whether or not he was sexually attracted to her, anon

HOWEVER. I will say. I actually love how Cait was so adamant that it wasn’t the sexiest list but the most beautiful list. Not that she isn’t sexy (I mean jesus) but I think it speaks a lot to who she is that she’d rather be called beautiful. At least for me, beautiful has a lot more meaning behind it than sexy. Anyway, maybe I’m reading too much into it but, considering all the stuff that’s happened in Hollywood this week, I’m here for women making sure they are portrayed as more than just sexy and I think Cait would be too. 


Sexism still exists and recently when I went to America to have some talks for Rebel Park I felt they didn’t get me. I’m sure they’re thinking, ‘Oh, she’s an actress so what does she know about being a producer’, but then I start talking about our plans and they realise I have a brain. I think there’s a pre-judgment just because I have boobs.

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You did a most beautiful one piece girls list, can you do the same for most handsome guys??? (btw I loved your choices with the girls)

Ok this is HELLA old Imma apologize right away for a taking so long and b that I’m doing a top 14 list, rather than top 10 list because they’re much more male characters

Once again all just my opinion on most attractive guys on One Piece, here we go:

Top 14 most handsome OP men:

14. Monkey D. Luffy

oh yeah Luffy is absolutely a very pretty guy

13. Izo

I love men who could kick my ass in heels and lipstick

12. Cavendish

His beauty wasn’t supposed to be seen as a joke, he really is gorgeous

11. Wiper

He’s really really good looking and badass and tattooed. I’m sold and his new hairstyle is sick as fuck

10. X Drake

Love my 8 feet tall Dinosaur, the anime sometimes fucks him up but I think this particular shot is even sweeter than some manga panels

9. Donquixote Doflamingo

Everybody is secretly attracted to the garbage bird and it’s always gonna stay that way

8. Young!Monkey D. Garp

The amount of money I’d pay to touch his arms and face and abs…and other things

7. Dracule Mihawk

Zoro’s adoptive Daddy is handsome and he knows it, allso huge bonus that he’s pretty much one of the very very very few OP men who know how to dress well the others being Sabo, Kuzan and Sakazuki

6. Donquixote Rocinante

He’s even more handsome than his brother and if anyone is hesitant to acknowledge his beauty because of his hidious Make-up than please take a look at Cora-san here

Holy fucking shit *drools*

5. Shanks

He’d probably be higher up in this list if he shaved his legs, anyways he’s really gorgeous

4. Portgas D. Ace

No doubt Ace is a handsome fella

3. Sanji

My Nr 1 favorite character and such a handsome dude, I feel like people forget how attractive Sanji actually is because he always makes a fool out of himself and is also always the butt of the joke but honestly he’s called Mr Prince and Pretty Boy for reasons

2. Coby

Saw my man after his training and I already was like, holy hell he got pretty…and now after the timeskip…jesus christ you did a good job toei. Coby is sooo fine while he still rocks his pink hair, the flower bandana and the stupid glasses.

1. Sabo

And here is the Nr 1 most attractive OP man, sorry guys if you expected someone else but Sabo is very very handsome and even tho I know for a fact that Oda sexed him up and made him attractive for money and fanservice I am happy he did it. 

Somebody with maybe photography knowledge or something, go and write a fic about Jack’s resigned teacher, talking to the rest of the staff about this student in her class who only does assignments on his boyfriend.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, and he’s definitely inspired, but I know how many freckles this kid has on his nose. It’s getting awkward.”

THEN she finds out they are not dating.

“I don’t understand how he doesn’t see it! Literally. It’s right there, printed and staring him in the face and everything.”

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S E A  W I T C H

“she mixes potions in tide pools, wears dresses made of sand, divinations whispered from seashells, she is just as controlled by the moon as the tide in which she lives in. attempt to seek her out and all you will find is sea foam and a storm in her wake.”

(a convenient 8tracks playlist of my favourite dreamy pagan, magical, and oceanic tunes)

[ tracklist ]

The Lotus Eaters - Wendy Rule  |  Heartbeat - Gazelle Twin   |  Moonchild - King Crimson  |  Mississippi Song - Rising Appalachia  |  Into the Woods - Cilla Jane  |  The Heretic Heart - Catherine Madsen with the Greater Lansing Spinsters Guild  |  La Femme De La Mer - Wendy Rule  |  Chimacum Rain - Linda Perhacs  |  Swoon - Rising Appalachia  |  La La La Song - American Horror Story Coven  |  Hairy Trees - Goldfrapp  |  Unicorne - Faun   |  Icarus - White Hinterland  |  Against the Sky - Vashti Bunyan  |  O Deep Woods - Solanaceae  |  Bya Bya - Solveig Slettahjell  |  The Curse - Agnes Obel  |  Song of Exile - Cover by Karliene Reynolds  |  Blue Caravan - Vienna Teng  |  Never Let Me Go - Gazelle Twin  |  The Violet Hour - The Civil Wars  |  Come Away to the Water -  Glen Hansard

l i s t e n  h e r e


Queer Sam Week: Day 6; AU

Sastiel bookstore AU

Panromantic & asexual!Sam has a huge crush on the owner of his favorite bookstore, Castiel. However, besides his shy nature, he’s also afraid of asking his crush out on date because his last dates didn’t go well after he’d be honest about his sexuality. It takes a long time, but by the time he managed to stutter out the asking, Castiel was already smitten with the tall, blushing, handsome regular custumer with those irresistible dimples.

I know yall like to think that Jack doesn’t like the attention, but that boy a Leo and if you asked him what his favorite part of Samwell was he would say it was playing on the team, but really it was all the times he made it onto the most beautiful list in the Swallow and he definitely has them saved in a meticulous scrap book that he looks at when he’s feeling down.

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So Danai is included in People ' s most beautiful list , yay!

So she is, anon, yay!

Thanks for the heads up, I was actually feeling legit angry that she wasn’t on it, lol. She’s included in the beauty at every age section for 39. They used a small photo from the Eclipsed premiere in San Francisco. So nothing other than her name and age and an old photo, but I’m still glad they included her. 


RHCP - Under The Bridge
Rock in Rio 2012