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The Jocks Reaction To Jeff Atkins’ Baby Sister

Request: Omfg could you do a hc where Jeff has a baby sister (like age 2 or 3) and Justin, Zach, Monty and Alex’s reactions to meeting her because she’s so small and cute and Monty would act all annoyed by her but once they all left the room he would be super sweet to her and they would tease him about it and just ughhhh soooo cuuuute.


A/N: This was the most adorable request ever, thank you.


Warnings: Cuteness overload.


The Jocks Reaction To Jeff Atkins’ Baby Sister…

So Alex is actually really good with kids. The second he walks in the little girl adores him, and the feeling is absolutely mutual. While the other boys (Zach excluded) would have no idea what to do with her, Alex knows all the right games and movies to talk about. She also might have a mild obsession with his hair, and she won’t stop touching it and trying to ask Alex questions about it. The same goes for his septum piercing, which she totally doesn’t understand (like Jeff’s ear piercings) but loves the hell out of. Alex would just think she’s the cutest thing ever, and though he’d probably be cursing the sticky fingers all over him, he’d just have to forgive her.


He would think she was the cutest thing in the world. Justin would absolutely just want to cradle her all the time, but he forgets that at her age, all she wants to do if run off and play. He’d always be trying to pull her away from the toys and just hold her in his arms, and they’d probably have a fight for dominance over whether she stays with him or not. Justin never wins. She’s always yelling at him and hitting him gently, but it’s a game then, and he’ll pout and she’ll come running right back feeling guilty. It never fails to make Justin smile like an idiot, and he wishes he had a little sister of his own.


He would be the most in love with her of them all, but he would never admit that. Monty is amazing with kids, and her smile would just melt his heart. He’d totally be the one to sing all the hits of the week with her. He’d also be super good at doing her hair in so many different styles, and helping her put on some of her dress up stuff. Monty would also be super overprotective, not wanting her to climb anything or stand on anything. He wouldn’t like to share her either, he’d get jealous if he ever thought he wasn’t her favourite. Monty would literally give his life to protect that little girl.


After growing up with his little sister he’s a pro at taking care of kids. He’s much more of a Dad figure though, and doesn’t hesitate to tell her off of he has too. They have fun too though, Zach is someone she likes to climb all over, and he has to give her piggy back rides and crawl around acting like her horse, which he of course is used too. Zach doesn’t mind it though. When she puts her little hand on his cheek and smiles at him he sees so much of Jeff, and he knows that she’s going to grow up to be the kindest, most beautiful girl in the world. He honestly feels honoured to know her and watch her grow up to be a woman who will probably change the world.

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When We Touched

The five times the Beast had human contact for the first time in years, and the one time where for the first time in years he had contact with another human as a human himself. Based mostly off the 2017 movie. 
Available on (if you have an account, it would mean so much to me if you’d leave a review! This is my first fic on there and tbh I’m pretty nervous about it) 

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-it would likely have been an arranged marriage and then when you first met he would fall for you head over heals

-he would immediately be protective over you, even before your actual wedding

-like only he can dance with you

-and kiss your hand

-and take you for chaperoned walks

-and have chaperoned dinners with you

-and buy you expensive jewelry and other things (like a horse, he would definitely buy you a horse)

-yeah he would fall in love with your smile on the spot

-and once you were actually married? he would be so doting and loving and caring

-you would be together 24/7

-he would give you everything you ever wanted

-like a horse

-and a beautiful carriage

-and more horses

-i dont know i just feel he’d want to get you this beautiful horse and just see you smile and be happy and love your horse and just yes

-dat chest

-he would be 100% faithful

-everyone would know how in love with you he is

-he would love to dance with you

-like you two would be known as the most romantic and in love couple who just dances and is completely in your own world together

-he would love watching you get dressed and would often surprise you with a new piece of jewelry to match and would insist on putting it on you himself

-he would just be so happy just being with you

-worrying about him if he had to go into battle

-sex sex sex sex sex

-he would be the type to kiss you by grabbing each side of your face

-he’s so warm!!! like in the winter you just cuddle next to him and he’s a human heater

-i just love him


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Summer Stock

Summary: It’s the final day of the Gold family’s visit to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Belle doesn’t want to leave the corn maze.
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,300
A/N: My contribution to @rumbellesummervacation and my 50th Rumbelle fic! Yay! Enjoy the fluff, campers. Thanks to @magnoliatattoo for reading it over and @rowofstars for being awesome.

{On AO3}

“Isn’t this fun?” Belle asked cheerfully, blowing a curly tendril of hair out of her eyes.

His wife beamed like the sun, and Rumplestiltskin smothered a frustrated sigh. She was glowing with excitement and a fine sheen of sweat as she led him through the five-acre corn maze at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Ronks, Pennsylvania, located deep in the heart of the Amish countryside.

“Fun,” he agreed with a curt nod, angling his way through the rows of corn. Belle was having such a good time he didn’t have the heart to disagree, but two-year-old Gideon was a sweaty weight on his back, their sturdy toddler growing heavier with each step in the backpack baby carrier. The two-hour mark had come and gone and his three-hundred-year-old back was whining in complaint. Why were they wandering through a damn field, anyway? Fields were for working, not gallivanting, but after making Belle wait so long to see the world, he was loathe to spoil even an ounce of her enjoyment. He glanced at his watch and trudged onward.

Beneath their feet, the hard-packed dirt was strewn with hay and corn husks and a dusty smell mingled in the humid air. They wove through the twisting rows of corn, pulling random stalks to the side in tight spots. Before long, they came to another fork in the long, arduous path.

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Broken Crown

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

RequestsHello :) could you maybe do a Jon Snow imagine where y/n is the Queen of the 7 Kingdoms instead of Cersei and she goes North to Winterfell because she heard about the White Walkers coming and she wants to stop them. & there she meets the Starks. Jon already knows who he really is and y/n and him fall for each other so they marry. & when they are back in Queens Landing Daenerys comes & she wants to attack but because the King is related to her she is fine with an agreement?

A/N: I loved this request so I dropped everything and started writing it. I promise that eventually, everyone’s requests will be done at some point. You just have to be very patient. In the meantime, you can read the rest of my stories here

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They called her the Black Queen; a queen with death in her bones and ghosts who haunted the towns she traveled through. How she took the throne from Cersei Lannister had become a secret only those in the Great Hall that night could answer and they held their tongue whenever they were asked. People started to whisper about her in the brothels and taverns around the city. 

“I hear she is related to the Great Bastard Shiera Seastar, her great-granddaughter or something like that”.

“Did you know she practices the dark arts and bathes in the blood of young maidens to retain her beauty and youth? It is said that she poured wildfire down the Mad Queen Cersei’s throat while shouting a spell that would curse her to the Seven Hells”. 

“Well I heard she is the daughter of the lady Ashara Dayne and Brandon Stark. A babe who was pronounced dead at child birth for protection against the Mad King Aerys”. 

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. She’s not their daughter nor is she a great-granddaughter; she is the native love goddess of Lys. The naked woman on the Lysene coins”. 

“I don’t care who she is, as long as she is a better Queen than our last”.

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Scary story time. This is La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman. She is a Hispanic urban legend. It’s one of my favorites. The story goes like this..

Long years ago in a humble little village there lived a fine looking girl named Maria Some say she was the most beautiful girl in the world! And because she was so beautiful, Maria thought she was better than everyone else.

As Maria grew older, her beauty increased And her pride in her beauty grew too When she was a young woman, she would not even look at the young men from her village. They weren’t good enough for her! “When I marry,” Maria would say, “I will marry the most handsome man in the world.”

And then one day, into Maria’s village rode a man who seemed to be just the one she had been talking about. He was a dashing young ranchero, the son of a wealthy rancher from the southern plains. He could ride like a Comanche! In fact, if he owned a horse, and it grew tame, he would give it away and go rope a wild horse from the plains. He thought it wasn’t manly to ride a horse if it wasn’t half wild.

He was handsome! And he could play the guitar and sing beautifully. Maria made up her mind-that was, the man for her! She knew just the tricks to win his attention.

If the ranchero spoke when they met on the pathway, she would turn her head away. When he came to her house in the evening to play his guitar and serenade her, she wouldn’t even come to the window. She refused all his costly gifts. The young man fell for her tricks. “That haughty girl, Maria, Maria! ” he said to himself. “I know I can win her heart. I swear I’ll marry that girl.”

And so everything turned out as Maria planned. Before long, she and the ranchero became engaged and soon they were married. At first, things were fine. They had two children and they seemed to be a happy family together. But after a few years, the ranchero went back to the wild life of the prairies. He would leave town and be gone for months at a time. And when he returned home, it was only to visit his children. He seemed to care nothing for the beautiful Maria. He even talked of setting Maria aside and marrying a woman of his own wealthy class.

As proud as Maria was, of course she became very angry with the ranchero. She also began to feel anger toward her children, because he paid attention to them, but just ignored her.

One evening, as Maria was strolling with her two children on the shady pathway near the river, the ranchero came by in a carriage. An elegant lady sat on the seat beside him. He stopped and spoke to his children, but he didn’t even look at Maria. He whipped the horses on up the street.

When she saw that, a terrible rage filled Maria, and it all turned against her children. And although it is sad to tell, the story says that in her anger Maria seized her two children and threw them into the river! But as they disappeared down the stream, she realized what she had done! She ran down the bank of the river, reaching out her arms to them. But they were long gone.

The next morning, a traveler brought word to the villagers that a beautiful woman lay dead on the bank of the river. That is where they found Maria, and they laid her to rest where she had fallen.

But the first night Maria was in the grave, the villagers heard the sound of crying down by the river. It was not the wind, it was La Llorona crying. “Where are my children?” And they saw a woman walking up and down the bank of the river, dressed in a long white robe, the way they had dressed Maria for burial. On many a dark night they saw her walk the river bank and cry for her children. And so they no longer spoke of her as Maria. They called her La Llorona, the weeping woman. And by that name she is known to this day. Children are warned not to go out in the dark, for, La Llorona might snatch them and never return them.

EXO’s Lotto MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the video from the official SMTown Youtube channel. And thank you to my sister Laney who contributed to this.

A Monster prequel? This video definitely has similar vibes to Monster. The set, filming techniques, and certain visual parallels do seem to connect the two–especially since this video ends with them getting arrested and Monster begins with them in prison. I do think it’s very possible that this is supposed to be an explanation for how they landed themselves in prison, but I’m not entirely convinced. Why? Monster was about them working together to escape, and Lotto seems to feature them fighting against one another. 

A Trojan War, Of Sorts: For those of you who need to brush up on your mythology, the Trojan War was fought between the Greeks and the Trojans over the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen. Helen was married to the Greek king Menelaus, but was captured by the Trojan prince Paris (some versions of the myth say she fell in love with him) and taken into the walled city of Troy. The war was fought to win Helen back, ultimately won when the Greeks tricked the Trojans with the trojan horse. 

I don’t think that this video is supposed to be a retelling of the myth, per se, more like it plays on the same type of story line. Two sides fighting over a woman. In this case, we have Exo split into two gangs. One I will call the home team, comprised of Baekhyun, Xiumin, Kai, and Chen. They operate this gambling ring. They capture a girl valued by a rival criminal group–Chanyeol, Suho, Sehun, and Lay. Chanyeol’s group infiltrates the gambling operation in order to save the girl. I believe that in this story line, D.O. is functioning as a sort of “trojan horse,” or double agent. He “joins” the home team while assisting Chanyeol. 

The video begins with a shot of this girl running from something, which is later revealed to be a wolf. The video starts with her because she is the single most important factor in this video. She’s the instigator–and in the end, she’s the only one walking free. Throughout the video (though not always), scenes where she’s present will be shot in black and white. But the black and white scenes are not seen anywhere else except when she is present. This again confirms her importance. 

As well, here she appears very innocent. She wears white, a color typically associated with purity. She also appears vulnerable, as she’s running from a wolf. She seems an innocent victim, which will change by the end of the video. 

After a brief flash of a cockfight, we see D.O. standing directly in the line of sight of a cracked door. This raises my suspicion for a few reasons. First, it’s only a cracked door. It seems as if the person opening the door is peeking in, trying to observe but not be discovered. Second, D.O. is making direct eye contact with the camera–which can be a substitute for the person peeking in. And he doesn’t look alarmed. He shrugs, communicating. He’s making contact with someone outside of this operation. This is one of the reasons I’ve pegged D.O. as a double agent. 

Our first glimpse at the debauchery of this underground ring is a cockfight. A cockfight is basically where two roosters fight to the death while the viewers place bets. I want to highlight three things: the cockfight, the gamblers, and Baekhyun.

The cockfight communicates two things. First, that these are cruel and greedy people and that this is a bad place. It helps to establish the tone of this sort of operation. Second, the cockfight taps into a certain tension also present between these two rival groups. They too are struggling against one another, aiming to destroy the other. 

Baekhyun is just watching, he’s not placing bets. He runs this part of the ring. He’s there to experience it, to see himself making a profit, to watch the grit and the cruelty of the bet. This reveals much about his character. As well, Baekhyun is not wearing a mask where the “customers” are. None of Exo is. While the others have to protect their identities and reputations, they have nothing to hide. They have no life apart from crime that they have to protect. It’s like they believe themselves too powerful to be caught. 

The guests appear to be wearing mostly white, all wearing metallic masks. (Did this remind anyone else of the ghoul restaurant from Tokyo Ghoul?) These guests are rich, with money to waste. Their clothing is nice. They come from luxury. Contrast this to the world of grime they’ve come to. They wear white, as if in faux innocence. Their luxury and their money are their disguise, as they assume purity despite the grime they choose to associate with. Exo wears dark colors or black. They do not assume innocence. They do not pretend, while their patrons do. 

Another fascinating thing about this video is that usually you introduce the protagonist first, so you root for them. But aside from the group dance shot and the short flash of D.O., we see the bad guys first. We get a good look inside the devil’s den before we meet Chanyeol and the others coming as saviors. It sort of makes you root for them, even though they’re in the wrong. But then I guess it only goes deeper, since Chanyeol and his group are criminals, too. It’s not exactly who’s good and who’s bad, it’s who’s worse? And they all fall in the end, anyway. 

This is another suspicious thing about D.O.’s character. While others give the air of running the operation (Baekhyun watches the cockfight, Kai smirks at the head of the table), D.O. looks wide-eyed, mystified. It looks as if he’s gambled for the first time. It looks like he’s new to this, as if he’s just joined up with them. The camera spins as well, making it seem more fantastical. If he has just joined, it would make sense if he was sent by Chanyeol to help him infiltrate the gambling ring. 

Here the girl is revealed to be running from a wolf, but just one. This wolf represents the underground ring that captures her. I will further explain this late in the post. 

Here is a shot of the poker chips and money. They’ve used an altered American $100 bill, which makes sense as American currency is most iconically linked to greed and gambling. As well, Benjamin Franklin has been replaced with the image of a skull. (It looks like there are images on the chips, as well, but they’re a little too small for me to make out.) The inclusion of the skull could either signify that this is dirty money, or that money itself brings destruction. 

D.O. has his back against the cockfight cage. Continuing with the assumption that the two roosters symbolize the two sides of the conflict, D.O. is caught between them. He’s a double agent, linked to both sides. It’s only a matter of deciding which to pick. He’s betting on which side will come up on top.

I also wanted to call attention to the fact that there’s PVC strips around the cage area. Why? To limit blood splatter. (Also, Baekhyun looks cute.) Just again reinforcing that this is not at all a wholesome setting. 

After being chased by a wolf, she collapses. A wolf approaches from each side, as if while she was being chased by one wolf, she was running toward another. While she was being pursued by Baekhyun and the others, she was running toward Chanyeol’s side.  

This is the second inclusion of animals as a metaphor for the opposing sides, highlighting the violence and raw animal aggression of this struggle. 

After she collapses, someone picks her up. From the next scene, where she’s tied up, we know that she was picked up by the gambling ring. 

This is one of those black and white scenes. She looks otherworldly. Lights shine from above. She’s suspended in the air. Her skirt reaches the floor, making her body appear larger than a normal human being. More than anything, this reminds me of the image of a sacrifice. She appears otherworldly and vital but she’s helpless. She’s been put on display. She’s a prize, almost teasing Chanyeol’s side. 

We see Chanyeol immediately after the shot of the girl. They’re linked. 

Chanyeol, Suho, and Sehun are in the car, driving toward enemy territory where they’ll rescue her. 

They come prepared for a fight. 

D.O. sits on top of the cage, video camera in hand as he films everything. If he were truly a part of this operation, why would he be filming their illegal activity? No, he’s filming evidence. This is the tape that Chanyeol has at the end of the video.

Once they enter, all the customers flee. They sense a fight. I also think that it’s important that D.O. is the first person they see when they enter.

When the customers try to flee, Lay and Sehun shut them in.

As chaos breaks out, Kai and a chauffeur get into an ostentatious car. This is another display of arrogance. Kai fully expects to make a get away in this obvious, expensive car driven by a masked chauffeur. 

However, Chanyeol leaps onto the hood of the car, prohibiting his getaway, mocking him.

At first, Baekhyun sat on top of the cage where the cockfights were going on, though it’s filled instead with their patrons. This showed how he was playing them as he profited from their bets. However, in the second shot, he’s the one in the cage. The tables have turned and now he’s trapped by his own business. 

Chanyeol’s gang has not come only to rescue the girl. Lay and Sehun trapped the customers. Suho in a remarkably Dark Knight-esque fashion, burns all of their dirty money. They came not just to save but to destroy, not just take back what’s theirs, but to raze the city. It’s about sending a message, right?

This is probably what I think to be the most confusing part of the video. There are fake trees all leaned against each other, with a ladder leaned against that. A man is tied to some part of this with a bag over his head, and there’s a flare nestled in the ropes that bind his feet. I think that this man is Kai’s chauffeur? Maybe the whole image is meant to emulate a pyre? If you guys have any ideas, feel free to message me. 

I think the flare most definitely indicates distress, as Kai has been caught. 

Eventually, SWAT shows up to interrupt the conflict. Chen has his feet up on table and a wine glass in his hand. He even seems to smirk. He seems wholly undisturbed by Chanyeol’s gang, by the SWAT team. Like Baekhyun, like Kai, he’s come to think himself impervious. That notion will crumble. 

With the arrival of the SWAT team, both sides seem to join together against the authorities. i think this perspective is interesting, because it appears to be shot from outside the door, as if you’re running away while this is happening.

Just as Baekhyun is trapped by his own business, Chen places blame with their operation. He destroys the table. His illusions have crumbled, he sees the end is near, and he lashes out in anger.

Others fight and are surrounded.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol’s first priority is that he gets her out. 

She’s conscious when they were running away, but unconscious here. Being that Chanyeol is just about to be arrested, I think that she is pretending to be unconscious in an effort to appear a victim. 

Where before she seemed just a pawn passed between two aggressors, here she reveals her true colors as she takes the tape of evidence from Chanyeol. If the officers were to find the tape on Chanyeol, they might assume he was complicit in this particular gambling ring. If she hands the tape in, it’s evidence she found–evidence against their rivals. She helps him. 

As soon as the tape is in her hand, she goes back to playing the victim. She’s consoled by SWAT and escorted away. At this point, we can assume she’s the only one left free. In all of this she’s been presumed innocent, but in the last minute we see she’s complicit. Though they’re all captured, there’s more evidence against Baekhyun and the others. She gives Chanyeol’s side the advantage. She is the most important piece. Every other member went down but they got her out and that’s all that matters.

Now the question I ask is, is it really Chanyeol’s side? Or is it hers? For all we know, she leads the rival side. She could be a criminal in her own right, still dressed in white. 

Blood and Water

Pairing: Mauatoa

Rated: T

“Ow!” Maui hissed.

“Well stop moving! This wouldn’t be so difficult if you would just sit still!” Tamatoa snapped.

The two huffed in aggravation at each other. Maui stared out the large bay window as Tamatoa continued to clean the wound on his cheek, his dark eyes staring at the trees as they lifted their branches smoothly up and down along with the breeze. Tamatoa’s hazel eyes roamed from the cut on Maui’s cheek to the bruise swelling his nose and lip.

“You shouldn’t have fought them,” Tamatoa said.

“They shouldn’t have called you that word,” Maui replied curtly.

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What do horses eat? In the real world, horses mostly graze on grass, but will also eat pretty much anything that catches their eye.

I know that the foods most commonly given to horses as treats are apples and carrots, and that horses are known to sometimes eat fermented apples (which can intoxicate them) or acorns (which can fatally poison them) off of the ground. I also seem to recall (from the book Black Beauty?) that horses like sugar cubes.

It’s chow time! For the record, you can’t actually feed your horse like this; I tried, as it made for nice framing with the item in the center of the image with its name clearly displayed, but as it turns out your horse will only eat things from your hands or from ground it can walk on.

Anyway, I tried giving Toolie all of the materials that Link can eat. She ate the Swift Carrot, Endura Carrot, and apple, but nothing else interested her. I had saved before testing, and reloaded after every test, so it wasn’t a matter of her being full. I’m a little disappointed; I fully expected her to eat the sugar, wheat, and maybe radishes. The giant hunks of raw red meat, not so much.

As I was finishing up (without much to show for my efforts), I realized… hey, if horses will eat apples off of the ground, then what about baked apples?

Confirmed! Horses don’t have a visible life bar, so there’s no way to know whether these heal more HP than normal apples… or is there? Am I going to have to test horse health at some point? Oh god.

MOVING RIGHT ALONG, it occurred to me that it would be possible to test whether roasting gives horses added benefits by using an Endura Carrot, as the stamina boost it gives DOES have a visible indicator. Is it even possible to roast carrots, though? I’ve somehow never thought to try…

Nice! Man, that makes me hungry. Well, let’s get to testing! I don’t even know if a horse will eat a cooked carrot, but we’ll find out shortly.

Toolie has a base stamina of three, which is much more visible at night.

The Endura Carrot gave her an additional three stamina! I don’t use horses a lot, so I actually don’t know whether it always give three, if it doubles their stamina, or what. I know that the maximum stamina is normally five… Let me go check out my other horses real quick.

Buttercup here has a base stamina of five, and also got three additional spurs.

Onox, meanwhile, has zero stamina… or “–” stamina, though I think that just means the giant horse is unable to be spurred. Even after eating five Endura Carrots, he refused to be spurred on.

Back in Hateno, it looks like Toolie’s interested in the roasted carrot! If a food they’re willing to eat is on the ground nearby, they’ll walk up and eat it; if they don’t want to eat it, they’ll remain completely stationary.

…aaaand it appears that cooking the carrot didn’t affect the stamina it gives. Oh well, now we know. It might still heal more hearts, but I’m probably going to have to experiment with horse health to test that out. If you found this interesting, you might also want to check out my other Zelda experiments.

Malanya, the God of Horses, is going to be very angry with me…

The Soul Riders

So because I haven’t seen it on my dash yet and because @stormiesquall wondered if someone could translate it, here are the info pages from the Swedish Jorvik Gazette, translated to English to the best of my ability

Lisa Peterson & Starshine
“Music calms/comforts me.”

Lisa Peterson
As a child, Lisa rode as she shared the interest for horses with her mother, but fell off and got hurt badly, making her too scared to continue. When her mother died, her father decided to move to Jorvik to work at Dark Core’s oil rigs, and so, Lisa followed and ended up at Jorvik’s school. The great interest in horses was revived when Lisa met Starshine, and now they’re one in the fight against the dark powers.
  Lisa is, also, a skilled musician and does well with most string instruments - everything from guitar to harp.

Starshine is Lisa’s loyal companion. Starshine was born in the wild, but was unfortunately separated from his herd as a foal and was taken care of by Herman at the Jorvik Stable. He has lived there ever since, and that’s where he met Lisa. While Lisa is away traveling, Starshine always stays in the Jorvik stables, where he eagerly awaits her return. Starshine is one of the fastest horses on/in Jorvik, and very few horses can keep up with this powerful horse.

Anne von Blyssen & Concorde
“I’m the best!”

Anne von Blyssen
She’s aristocratic in her demeanour and is experienced as snobbish, uppish and vain by others. She cares a lot about her appearance and likes posing for the camera, as she once really wanted to be a model. Anne comes from one of Jorvik’s richest families and has grown up like a princess. She has very high thoughts of herself and doesn’t always realise that she needs to be more humble.
   She’s known as one of Jorvik’s most skilled dressage riders and has competed globally with Concorde, even after she discovered the magical bond between them.
   Anne strives to be the best in the world both at dressage and show jumping.

Anne’s horse Concorde is similar to his rider in terms of demeanour, and can sometimes think very highly of himself. While Anne sometimes can realise that she’s a bit too snobbish, Concorde is stubborn like nothing else and stands proudly by being the handsomest, most cared for and best raised horse not only on Jorvik, but in all of existence. His beautiful pattern of movement makes him the perfect dressage horse and in later years, he has also competed in show jumping.

Alex Cloudmill & Tin-Can
“The truth is my main weapon!”

Alex Cloudmill
Alex is a tough girl from the suburbs. The Cloudmill family has unfortunately always been poor, and Alex has had to work hard during her childhood in the concrete outside of Jorvik City. Her little brother James often gets into trouble, and Alex helps him when needed. Alex is a helpful and enterprising girl who’s not afraid of conflict.
   Alex is a true fighter in soul and heart. Truth, loyalty, family and friendship are her catchwords. She has good reasoning skills, and is a good leader, even if she’d rather not shoulder the leader role in a group. But she has a good judgement and people listen to her.

Tin-Can is alike his owner Alex - he’s unafraid, forward-thinking and never says no to an adventure. He thrives in the woods, especially during a fast gallop over logs and rocks. Tin-Can is the toughest of the Soul Rider’s horses, and like Alex, he’s a born leader. He is the smallest of the four horses, but size means nothing!

Linda Chandler & Meteor
“Knowledge is power.”

Linda Chandler
Linda is known as a bookworm and she loves both reading and knowledge. Her love for books has more than once made people label her as a little bit special, but that’s nothing she cares about. She is always open to changes and new people. She is naturally curious, which can easily get her into trouble, but her thirst for more knowledge helps her move forward all the time. Before she discovered her magic gifts, her great goal was to become a jumping rider, and she has competed in show jumping together with Meteor.
   Linda studies to learn as much as possible about almost everything. She is first and foremost interested in culture and history. If any questions about history are posed, Lina is the first person to turn to.

Meteor is the oldest of the Soul Rider’s horses, and just like Linda, he possesses a lot of knowledge. Despite his great wisdom, he’s easily distracted - his greatest interest in life is food, and he rarely thinks of anything else. It’s a miracle that his belly isn’t rounder! Together with Linda, he has competed a lot in show jumping, with great success.

SEE WHAT I SEE (Chris Motionless Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely @ndolphin552 :3}

A/N-Just take a moment to stare at this beautiful creature ✨

“Fat bitch….”

“Fucking ugly cunt….”

“How did an ugly dog like her win Chris’ heart?! I’ll never understand what the hell he sees in her!!”

“I don’t know how Chris could handle all that blubber…I bet he doesn’t even fuck her at all I mean who would?!”

“Fatass looks like a whale that’s pregnant with twins!”

“He keeps saying she’s beautiful….but like from where?!”

These hurtful comments…they would flood into your social media day and night.
It didn’t matter whether it was on twitter, instagram, or facebook, you saw nothing but ugly and harsh things being said about you ALL the time, there was no avoiding the cruel words that millions of people around the world typed. All because of one reason and one reason only…you are the girlfriend of your famous rock star boyfriend Chris Cerulli, a.k.a Chris Motionless.
Ever since the day he made your relationship with him public in an interview fans got really jealous and full of hate towards you without even taking the time to get to know you and see how much you made your boyfriend happy and how much of a sweet person you are.

The harsh words would be even more brutal on your snapchat, you had lost count of how many snapchat accounts you had to delete because somehow, even though those past accounts were private people still got to see your stories with Chris or just you alone.
And for some stupid reason they felt like they needed to give you their opinion by snapchatting you pics with middle fingers, or stupid comments or even videos telling you how much they hate you and how you don’t deserve to be with someone like Chris because you’re too ugly, stupid, and fat.

After a while of standing all the hate, you decided to not have a snapchat account what’s so ever anymore. Because after all, how you spent time with your man was not anybody’s business.
Plus you couldn’t handle the stress of reading nothing but unnecessary bullshit anymore.
You sighed heavily and shut your laptop, tosssing it aside.
You ran your fingers through your soft hair, you just couldn’t believe how people actually took the time to just be bitches towards one individual.

You stood up from your bed and looked in the mirror to observe your body shape.
You always read more than anything that you are “fat” so you were already beginning to question your weight, which was honestly not bad at all.
“Oh God….I am fat…” You whispered as your fingers gripped your stomach and jiggled it up and down.
“I have to lose weight somehow..that will get them to back off a little…right?” You murmured.
Suddenly you heard your cell phone vibrate like crazy, you sighed heavily once again before walking over to unplug your phone off the charger.

“What the fuck are you saying about me now?….” You muttered.
You tapped on the instagram app and immediately you had hundreds and hundreds of likes and comments from a selfie you posted not even five minutes ago.
You braced yourself for what you were about to read, even though you have read more than enough today.
But you figured you were going to see everything anyway so what the hell.
Your eyes widend at the insults, now all of the sudden fans of motionless in white are calling you horse face.
You saw nothing but those two awful words the more you went through the comments.
Of course there were a few fans that actually stood up for you, telling those mean assholes to leave you alone and that you’re beautiful, and most importantly for you not to listen to the haters.
A smile tugged on the corners on your lips at first to see that there was still some nice people in the world, but one comment in particular really hit home for you…

“This bitch is better off dead….”

Your mouth dropped wide open, even more when you saw that there more and more comments just like that one.
“Why the hell?…” You gasped, tears you didn’t even know you were holding in were already streaming down your soft cheeks.
Your hand came up and covered your shocked mouth as you shook your head, you thought these people were fucked up before but this…all these “You should kill yourself because nobody likes you..” comments..that was way too far, they really crossed the line and took it to a whole new level.
Your phone slipped out of your sweaty palms and fell, slamming on the hard wood floor.
You didn’t even care if your screen cracked or something, all you could think about were those words, those heartless, cold blooded words that you couldn’t just simply unsee.

Your feet backed up until your back was against the cold wall.
Slowly you slid down until your bum hit the ground.
You rested your elbows on top of your knees, while your head went on and rested on your hands, covering your pretty face.
Your manicured nails tugged on the roots of your soft hair as more tears just freely made their way down your face.
Your dark eye makeup looking messy now, which you had to wipe off roughly with your palms.
“I don’t get it…..” You whispered, your heart beating badly against your ribs, slowly cracking and shattering into a million pieces.

A few sobs escaped your glossed lips, as hard as you tried to stay strong, as much as you tried to show people that you are a likable, sweet, and loving female, people are always going to hate.
There was no convincing them otherwise, there was no changing their minds about you.
You will never understand why you’re automatically this hideous, stupid as fuck, bitchy person just because you are dating “their husband”
“Why do they hate me?….they want me to die…” You cried harder, worse than a three year old.

You just let it all out, all the emotional pain you were bottling up inside this whole time.
Chris was the only reason why you stood all this online bullying, you never even mentioned any of it to him at all because you were afraid that he would go on twitter or something and say some angry things to his fans, well, his so called fans.
And it would all just lead back to more hatred towards you.
“I didn’t do anything wrong for them to be feeling this way about me…” You screamed in your mind, sadness slowly replacing itself with anger and frustration inside of you.

You stayed in the same position, not moving for anything, you just allowed the salty water mixed with black eyeshadow to flow down your face and drown your sorrows.
You cried so hard that you even began to have trouble breathing because of all the mucus that was building up inside your nose and comming out of your nostrils.
You took some time to wipe off your face with some makeup wipes that were sitting on your night stand, but your broken heart just kept forcing you to allow your feelings to escape.
There was no stopping you.
You laid your head back down into your arms, but moments later into your sadness you gasped loudly when you felt a pair of loving arms wrap around you, holding you tightly against their body.

Slowly you looked up and saw Chris resting his head on top of yours. His hand rubbing your back up and down gently.
You became a bit surprised to see him home already, usually he didn’t come home until around midnight.
This deeply dissapointed you, you really wished more than anything in the world that he wasn’t seeing you like this.
Esepcially because he was going to force you to explain to him why you’re crying so badly, even though you really don’t want to tell him.
“Oh God…” You said, completely embarassed and a little afraid by your shakey voice.
“(Y/N)….” He softly cooed, gripping you even tighter than before.
You couldn’t help it, you wrapped your arms around him as well and burried your head in his chest.
“Shhhh….it’s okay, I’m here now it’s okay.” He sweetly whispered to you, causing your heart to race at the butterflies you felt forming in your tummy.

“Take a moment to breathe and we can talk about this okay?”
It was a struggle, it took you a few minutes but you were finally able to calm yourself down and lean away from your boyfriend’s terrific smelling body.
You wiped away the drops from your now swollen and pink eyes before looking up at him.
Chris’ hands came up and gently grabbed your face, leaning in to press his lips lovingly against your forehead.
It felt so good whenever his lucious lips kissed your skin.
His thumbs wiped away a few remaining tears and lifted your chin up so you could look into his beautiful eyes.

“You think you can talk to me now beautiful?” He questioned with a loving stare.
You couldn’t help but smile, how could not whenever your eyes looked at that adorable face?
You slowly nodded your head in response and placed your small hand on top of his, holding it close to you, not allowing him to take it away.
He interwined your fingers together and nodded, “Okay, (Y/N)….what happend? You have absolutely no idea how much my it broke my heart to come home and see my girl smiling like usual.”
His words touched your soul, you are so lucky to be together with such an amazing man, but being with an amazing man like him came with a terrible price to pay.
One that he didn’t even have a clue about. It was kind of shocking that he didn’t know actually.

You took the deepest breath of your life before managing to speak without choking.
“I don’t really know how to tell you…” You began, your eyes looking back down on the floor.
“It doesn’t matter how you tell me as long as you tell me.” Chris assured you.
You nodded once again.
“Your fans…” Was all you were able to say.
You looked back up for a moment and saw his perfect eyebrows raise up in suspicion.
“What about my fans?” He pressed.
“They have been…nothing but rude to me ever since they found out about our relationship, you know what? Rude isn’t even the right word to describe them…” You explained.
“What have they been saying to you?”

“They call me ugly, fat, their new nickname for me now is horse face apparently. I mean all of that was bad enough already esepcially because they tell me all that everyday and it made me feel all shitty about my myself…but now they’re telling me….” You trailed off, you couldn’t even get yourself to finish the sentence.
Unfortunately you were interrupted by another huge lump forming in your throat.
Chris felt completely crushed to see your tears making their presence on your beauty again.
He wiped them all off, and gripped your hands.
“What baby?….”
“They….they’re telling me that I’m better off dead…” You sobbed.
“Oh my God.” Chris said feeling super outraged, he thought his fans were supportive, kind, friendly, but he was so wrong, and now he felt highly dissapointed in all of them.

He pulled you into his arms one more time.
His lips giving you sweet kisses on your forehead as he rocked you back and fourth.
“I am so so so sorry (Y/N), I honestly had no idea they were being such assholes to you. Howcome you never told me?”
“Because, I didn’t want you to tell them
off. That would make them feel like shit because they look up to you so much.” You replied.
“Wow, and you still put their feelings before you own…” He tells you, amazed at your kind heart.
Chris shook his head, because you are such a sweetheart and everyone is too blind by their hatred to see it.
He leaned away and looked into your puffy eyes.
“Look at me honey.”
You hesitated but looked at him anyway.
“Don’t listen to them, I know it’s hard especially when they are being so fucked up as to tell you to die, but at the end of the day it’s just pure jealousy.”

“You really think so?” You questioned with a raised brow.
“Yes, believe me, jealousy can do some crazy shit to people. It’s why my fans are saying all these cruel things to you, simply because you’re taken by me. But you know what? Fuck their words, my true fans are happy for both me and you and respect you and are supportive, sweet, and caring. The mean comments about you are not true.”
You didn’t agree with the last part, in fact you shook your head at it, making Chris furrow his brows.
“I don’t agree…they’re actually pretty much right about my looks…”
“What?!” He exclaimed.
“Chris! Look at me! I’m not exactly the prettiest flower in the garden! And I am fat! I need to lose weight!” You yelled in return.
He just stayed quiet, his expression not impressed at all by what you just said.
All he did was shake his head and stand up from the floor.
He then extended his hand to you, waiting patiently for you to take it.
“Come with me.” He simply commanded.

This really confused you, where on Earth was he planning to take you at this moment?
You decided to stop questioning his action and took his hand anyway.
He helped you up and took you to the huge body mirror inside your walk in closet.
He stood you in front of it and he decided to stand behind you, his arms wrapped around your waist as his head rested on your shoulder.
“Why am I standing here?…” You sighed.
“Because, you need to see how you really look like.”
“I am seeing, and I’m seeing everything I just told you…” You say.
“Wrong and you know it (Y/N).” He scolded.
“No! Babe look at yourself…really look at yourself…you see fat and ugly, I see thick in all the right places…I see perfection…I see beautiful…I see an angel disguised as a human….I see a girl who came straight out of my dreams and into my life…I see a girl whose features and more especially lips that I just I can’t enough of….I see a girl that I absolutely love waking up next to every morning because I get to see that gorgeous face smiling at me…making me tell myself how blessed I am to have such a goddess by my side…someone that I’m not worthy of calling my future wife…I see a girl who makes it impossible for me to keep my hands to myself…to keep my arms from holding….to let go of….I see a girl who’s beauty always hypnotizes me to make sweet love to her….your beauty is beyond compare…don’t you see that…don’t you what I see (Y/N)?….Please tell me you do…”

The emotion you were feeling now was indescribable but it was beyond incredible. You were left speechless, everything he just said, you felt it in your heart, in your soul.
That’s how you knew he really meant them and wasn’t saying them just to make you feel better.
You had even forgotten about all those hateful comments about you.
Chris is right, you shouldn’t listen to them, at the end of the day their words don’t mean shit, but his words mean the world.
Your hand came up and caressed his face while your fingers played with his long black hair.
“Yes…I do see what you see….thank you sweetheart…I’m really the lucky one here….” You whispered with now tears of happiness.
You turned your body around to face him, you felt more confident than ever about yourself now thanks to your amazing man.
You cupped his face and pulled it down to kiss his tastey lips.
You deepend the kiss immediately, your body wanting to badly to for his to connect with it.
As you leaned away you stared deeply into his orbs and whispered…
“I love you so much….”
“I love you more (Y/N)…” He also whispered.
You pecked him once more and then went down to his neck to arouse him a little before saying…
“Make love to me Chris…”

He smiled happily at you and immediately lifted you up, carrying you bridal style as he walked over to the bed.
He gently layed you down and hovered over you, you went ahead and took off his shirt.
God he smelled so bomb to you, it only made you want him more.
His body pressed up against yours as your top half was now as bare as his.
Both sets of nipples rubbing up against each other in pleasure.
He leaned down and began to suck on your neck, right on your sweet spot.
“Aaahh…” You moaned, your fingers digging into the soft skin on his back while your hand gripped his lucious black hair, tugging over and over as he kept replacing his lips with his tongue.
“Mmmm….baby you smell so good…” He moaned as he kept kissing your tender skin on your shoulder and breasts which he was gripping.
You giggled and let him keep doing his good work on your heated up.
Your legs automatically opened up by themselves without you even realising it.
You could feel your vagina pulsing, your hole opening up from how horny you were getting. Your walls were also beginning to get super moist as you felt his bulge rub up against you.

Both of your bodies were getting sweaty, you couldn’t take him teasing you any longer, you wanted him, you wanted his huge, veiny, penis to penetrate your warm, wet pussy and goes balls deep inside of you until you cummed like you’ve never cummed before.
You roughly but playfully pushed him away removed of his clothes, as he did with you.
Even with your bodies now fully exposed Chris still decided to be evil with you and tease you a little more, although he really wanted more than anything to be inside of you and have you moisten up his shaft with your juices already.
Your breathing elevated itself, your breath getting hotter and hotter, he was being so cruel not humping you, but you were about to make him pay.

You didn’t know how the hell you had the strength but you managed to push him down on the mattress with your wet, naked body now on top of his.
“You asshole…” You breathlessly tell him with your lip being sucked in between your teeth.
He didn’t say a word, all he did was smirk making him look ten times sexier.
He knew damn well what that seductive smirk did to you.
“I told you to make love to me….but it looks like it’s going to be the other way around…” You said with an evil smile.
“Have it your way baby…” Chris answered, placing his hands on your waist to hold you in place.
Of course he liked it when you fucked him and took charge, but he really does prefer it the other way around. But not tonight, tonight you were going to show him who’s boss.

You reached down below you and grabbed his erect dick, you could feel the veins and the heat pulsing through him from his hot and large ballsack.
You rubbed it up and down a little, he closed his eyes and put his head back as he felt the extreme pleasure of himself getting tugged by the woman he loves with all his heart.
An orgasm escaped you, just feeling that area of his made your hormones go crazier than ever.
The next thing you knew, you made it slide right into sex hole.
Slowly it deeper and deeper and deeper, your mouth dropping wide open with your eyes shutting at the feeling of pure ecstacy.
You both were going crazy with moaning and orgasms as you went up and down and in circles, riding it faster and faster, making the mattress squeak and bang against the wall loudly as your juices were now dripping down his shaft just like he loved,
“AWW!!! FUCK!!!” You screamed, managing for it go even deeper, your sugar walls gripping it tightly in place.

After a while you began to slow down, taking it nice and easy now as you felt him shoot up inside you, causing you both to finally reach your climaxes.
Chris grabbed you and gently laid your exhausted body down.
You tried desperately to catch your breath, tonight sure was different than the rest of the times the two of you did each other.
It felt a lot more special, probably because Chris made you feel a lot more special.
After finally breathing normally again you two faced each other and smiled.
“Come here angel.” Said Chris, opening his tatted arms which you happily went into.
“Thank you for loving me the way you did just now.” He whispered.
You laughed a little and pecked his collarbone, “Well you make love to me all the time, I have to do the work sometimes too right?” You asked.
He nodded and held you, stroking your sweaty hair and humming your lullabye until you turned sleepy.

Just as you were about to do so your eyes opened again to hear your phone still blowing up with notifications.
Chris gave you a look which caught your attention, “You’re not going to see those stupid comments are you?”
You looked back at your phone then at him again, you grinned brightly while shaking your head.
“Naaaah they could say what they like, I honestly don’t care.”
Laughter escaped from him, it was music to your ears.
He pecked your forehead and felt proud to say…

“That’s my girl.”

(Hope you enjoyed! 😊)

to @thepurplewarlock who asked for Diana and Gwyn on a date! Hope you’ll like! Is also the first time I ever wrote Gwyn and Diana, so I’m really sorry if they’re too ooc.

“You didn’t asked Mark or Kieran for dating ideas did you? ‘Cause if you did, I may have to rethink my agreement.” Diana said, in a very serious way, so the Hunter could see she was not kidding.

“I did not.” Gwyn reassured her, looking really concerned about the possibility of the woman refusing to accompany him. “I wouldn’t dare, my lady. I did as you told me, and choose a nice restaurant.”

Diana still looked a little suspicious. “A mundane one, right? Nothing to… Faerish?” She wasn’t even sure if that was an actual world, but she wasn’t looking forward to eating suspicious meat from God knows what creature.

“It is in fact a mundane one. The pretty lady from Kieran and Mark’s hearts guaranteed it was the best choice.“

“Cristina?” Diana’s face suddenly lit up. “In this case, I think we can go.”

Gwyn opened up a huge smile, and escorted her till a motorcycle, that was probably in reality his faerie horse. “My lady, let I say that you’re always beautiful, but tonight you’re even more beautiful then the most gorgeous of all the Faerie sights we see from the sky while flying in the Hunt.”

Diana couldn’t help but blush a little, still getting used to all that faerie straight forwardness. “You’re quite beautiful yourself.” She admitted, letting him help her get on the moto more to make him happy then from really needing the help.

The ride was amazing. She could understand why Mark and even Kieran now seemed to miss it so much, even though they we’re actually riding on the street. It was even more memorable to do it on the sky, for sure.

The restaurant was really nice, and she made a mental note to thank Cristina for the tip latter. And if some of the other costumers looked to then in a strange way, she didn’t notice. She was too busy listening in a great joy to Gwyn describe all the most wonderful views he had passed by in the last centuries.

She laughted when the man mishandled the pizza, covering himself on tomato sauce, and didn’t care at all from the looks this gotten them. She helped him clean up with the napkins, and he thanked her with a kiss on her hand, and she blushed again.

They we’re actually having so much fun she didn’t even notice the time passing by, and when they rode back to the institute, she was almost sad.

“I have a really great time today. Thank you.” She said, satisfied to see the man didn’t made any effort to hide his contentment.

“I haven’t been this happy in centuries. I hope we can do it again soon?” He looked almost like a hopeful little puppy, and she smiled and give him a kiss on the cheek, that made him speechless.

“Yes, Gwyn Ap Nudd, I think you conquered yourself a second date.“

rorysummersblog-deactivated2017  asked:

Top five Hannigram moments? Haven't watched the show yet but I know their ship name and now that I'm done school I can watch it now!

omg thank you for the question spam what a blessing

Going to make these silly vague to be spoiler lite

  • Hannibal cradles Will’s head and calls him a beautiful butterfly over a cowering man who has crawled out of a horse. Bonus: Will later leaving an elaborate note at Hannibal’s childhood home saying he’s ready to be a beautiful butterfly.
  • Hannibal and Will meet up in an Italian art gallery, and despite having full intents to kill each other, can’t get those lovestruck looks off their faces and stop saying stupid romantic things
  • Will does the grocery shopping and it’s the best night of Hannibal’s life
  • Will fantasizes about murdering Hannibal with the most tender intense eyes. Wait, Will fantasizes about his better world. Wait, Will fantasizes about waking up in Hannibal’s office. Wait, Will fantasizes about - you get the idea.
  • Will gets cheeky with Cordell; Hannibal’s eyes says he’s in love with Will, Will’s eyes say he’s well aware

And yessss watch the shit out of Hannibal

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Sebastian, Alois, Agni, and Claude's reactions to their S/O being an equestrian and spending 95% of their time at their stable?

I know nothing about horses etc. but I hope this came out okay(//・ω・//)

It took me like forever.

Sebastian was fascinated by your unusual hobby, the way you could get along with those wonderful animals and how self confident you were to trust them so much by letting your life depend on them. Even though you both were perfectly aware of your abilities, he couldn’t help but quietly observe you from time to time when you were out for a ride, only to make sure that you will come back without even a single bruise. Humans were so fragile, after all, and even a plain twig could scratch your soft skin, not to mention falling down from a horse if he accidentally got nervous. It was almost his duty to keep an eye on you and possibly appear by your side whenever something bad was happening. Soon, he realized that you didn’t need his help nor accompany and slowly came to realization that he was starting to feel jealous about the amount of time you were spending in the stable.

Such a trouble, indeed, he thought when standing in front of your favourite horse, staring at him eye on eye and wondering how this creature could become mose interesting than him. Eventually, he just put a gloved hand on its head and stroked it delicately, looking at his own reflection in its round, black eyes. There wasn’t any other way but to accept his rival, especially since everytime when you were around him, the demon could feel how bright and warm your aura was becoming then.


It was stupid and, och, so boring. Alois was sitting on the wooden bench and staring at you with an unamused look, praying that you would end combing that animal’s mane fast so he could finally make you play with him. Or at least find literally any other activity to do together, which wouldn’t make him want to fall asleep. Unfortunately for him, you didn’t seem to want to end that quickly and realizing that, he just layed back with mouth agaped and a martyrological moan escaped his lips.

That was until you offered him a ride to the nearby meadow. Alois immediatelly seemed a little bit more excited than he wanted to, but after few ‘I don’t know’-s and ‘What will I get for that’-s he agreed only if you promised that you won’t let him fall. That was why couple of minutes later you were both sitting on the horse’s back, Alois’ chest almost glued to your body and arms holding around you tightly. He needed some time to adjust to the highness and then started seeing more than just the doubt to your skills.

When you reached the path running through the beautiful meadow showered with tiny, colourful flowers, you noticed that Alois wasn’t actually paying attention to the scenery anymore, instead of that hugging to you and enyoing your presence more than anything in the whole world.


Agni knew how to ride a horses better than many may wonder, that was why he almost bursted out crying when you offered him a little journey together. It was one of those pleasant, quiet evenings when you could both share some time in a light of a sundown with an accompany of rhythmical clacking of the hoofs on the ground. Most of the time Agni was the one to initiate the conversation and you didn’t mind, seeing him so happy and excited about your ride that he seemed to forget about acting serious and responsible in your presence.

It was a nice variety to have around someone who could speak with him as with another casual human, not the owner of magnificent hand of god, not the servant either. Of course, devoting all his life to his current master was still considered as the best decision of his life, however, that was the day when he reminded himself that he is also capable of feeling something different, something more…

Looking at your face, enlightened with a rays of dying sun, he admited how beautiful you were, not only on the sufrace but beheath, too. Smiling to himself, he pulled the reins so the horse would come closer to yours and then, with a fast racing heart, he bended and placed a soft kiss on your cheek only to rush his mount and make it trot in front of you. Hearing you calling after him and trying to catch him up, Agni took a deep breathe and promised himself that the next time, he will be the one to offer you a ride.


At first Claude didn’t seem to care at all. It wasn’t his business, after all, and you could do whatever you wanted with your free time. Paying no attention, he was focusing on his own duties, wondering when there will be a time when one of your favourite four-legged friends will bite you or something similiar which could scare you and abandon that unlady-like passion of yours.

His hopes disappeared in a single moment when he was bandaging your slightly bruised hand while listening to how careless you were to not notice that the horse was in a really bad mood and needed some peace and silence. Adjusting the glasses he sighed and let go of your arm, clearly noticing the smile that appeared on your features. After thanking him, you rushed back to the stable to check how was the horse’s condition, leaving him alone in an empty bathroom where he sat for a couple of minutes. His mind was occupied by different thoughts, floating through his brain in a speed of light, giving him many ideas but no solution. He couldn’t just forbid you the rides, he knew human’s nature well too much to know that you would only start to avoid him and still do what you wanted, only when he wasn’t looking. The second, more suitable option was to start sharing that hobby with you but there was one, quite significant detail.

How would you react seeing that horses, for some reason simply couldn’t calmly stand his demonic presence?


George Harrison during a press conference, 14 February 1979 (photo © AP Photo/Brich); two custom-made pieces created by Heyoka Merrifield for George, courtesy

“I dedicate Painted Earth Temple to my friend and medicine brother George Harrison, for he joined the world of spirit as the last few chapters were being written. George was a calm center in the hurricane of misplaced archetypal mythic images with which our society seems to resonate. Living in this most difficult environment, he was able to find peace while striving to walk in balance and embracing life as a quest for spiritual understanding. Although our paths on this quest differed, our hearts understood that the path is really only one.
As I write this dedication, an eagle flies past my window toward the mountains, disappearing into the west. In the ancient Earth traditions, this is seen as a gift from the Sacred Powers and it tells me that my friend is close by. May his spirit always soar with the eagles.” - Heyoka Merrifield

“When I met Heyoka Merrifield in 1975, I was taken by his art and jewelry. The pieces he has made for me have become part of my life and travel with me wherever I go, especially the miniature shrine to Lord Ganesha. Not a gem nor precious metal passes through Heyoka’s hands that is not instilled with a spirit of its own in the process of being transformed into a work of art and beauty.” - George Harrison, The Book of Shrines

Two notable pieces were created for George by Heyoka (who moved to a Northwest Indian reservation from California to explore his Native American heritage): a Dark Horse necklace, and a Ganesha Shrine:

“George Harrison was one of my greatest joys to make custom pieces for. The Dark Horse pulls the Hindu deity Siva’s chariot, which is the logo for George’s records. On the reverse side are symbols of the major religions of the world.” -

“[The Ganesha Shrine made for George] counts among one of the most wonderful creations in my career as an artist. During his morning ceremony, at the altar in his home, George liked to burn incense and meditate, even though he spent a large part of his life traveling the world. He asked me to make a small Ganesha Shrine to be his ceremonial altar while journeying away from home.
For many years, I had been making sacred ceremonial artwork. However, this shrine took my creations into another dimension. George gave me a mantra honoring Ganesha to sing as I worked on his shrine. He also told me some of Ganesha’s stories, like how Lord Brahma gave him the honor to be first archetype to worship as we enter a temple. ‘The different gods were arguing about who should be the first to worship and Lord Brahma told them to race around the Universe to determine the winner. The gods jumped on their chariots and cosmic flying beings. Ganesha watched them leave and then climbed on his cosmic vehicle, which was a rat. He then walked around Lord Brahma and won the race, so becoming the first to be worshipped.’
Finishing the ivory carving of Ganesha, and before starting on his small silver home, I was holding him in my hand. For several years, I had been doing a Native American ceremony over my artwork to ‘wake them up’ and call Spirit into them. As I held Ganesha, I realized that he was already awake from my creative process that had preceded my customary ceremony.
I have often felt the life force in various sacred statues and paintings of archetypal powers. Also, I’ve felt how replicas of the same powers could feel lifeless. The Ganesha Shrine caused me to realize that I had touched my dream to be an artist that could also help to bring the spirit of our archetypal helpers into sacred art.
[…] With the making of George’s Ganesha Shrine, I realized that I had become an artist in the ancient tradition of the Paleolithic caves, as well as all the great temples, pyramids and cathedrals of the world. The sacred stories of all our ancestors, through the sacred art they created, became my passion as I incorporated these wonderful traditions into my life. Delving deeper into these ancient traditions, I came to know that the archetypes in our sacred stories are not outside of us. They are the inner energies that show us our life’s purpose and how to relate to our communities. The sacred art sculptures, paintings and songs were there to help us through our life’s passages, adventures and challenges. That is why the stories and mythologies are similar all over the world. […] All ancient and sacred archetypes are part of us and we are part of them because, truly, we are all one.” - The Book of Shrines by Heyoka Merrifield

Ship 09.

Can you please ship me love? I’m 5'4 with long fawn/blonde hair and green eyes. I love sports, specifically soccer, football, and gymnastics. I absolutely love helping people and making sure they’re happy. Animals are my most favorite creatures in the whole world. I’m competitive, driven, and caring. Oh and I ride horses and play soccer. I also like trying new things and trying to get over fears of heights and such. ♥️

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Jack was astonished by the view. He was leaned in the door frame of the stable, watching you caressing the big beautiful brown horse you just rode. You looked amazing with that certain glance you had, that amusement you only had after doing something you loved, being surrounded by animals or doing an activity and being satisfy with your performance.

“Hey, boy. How are you?” You asked with a smile, then you gave Jack a side look when you had no answer. “Won’t you say something, Maynard?”

Jack was surprised. “Oh, you were talking to me? I thought you were talking with the horse.”

“Nah, I know he’s okay.” You winked. “Come closer, Jack. Unless you want to watch me all day.”

“It wouldn’t be a bad thing.” He smirked, although he started walking towards you.

You gave a weak laugh, you weren’t use to being so in love with someone.

Jack approached his hand to the animal, following your moves and caressing it as well. It was your turn to smile to the scene you were seeing.

“Found out that starring people is interesting, huh?” Jack teased by noticing that you even stopped to press attention to.the horse because of him.

“Not people, silly. Just you.”

Jack laughed, turning to you and taking you by the waist.

“Good to know I’m the only one, Y/N.” He told you.

“Of course you are.” You stayed in the tip of your toes. “Is there anyone else that could be?”

Jack pretended to think about it. “Don’t think so, no.”

You laughed. “My boyfriend is so cocky.”

“Well, am I?” He raised an eyebrow. “Should I be worried, Y/N?”

You smiled to him, he knew what you would say.

“Never.” You gave him a soft kiss. “Should I?”

His blue eyes looked right into your green ones, his cheeks lift because of the smile Jack had in his face.