most beautiful girl i've ever seen


Word Count: 1156

Genre: Yandere!Jin

|| Kim Seokjin; a simple man with simple wants. Only to get what he wants, he has to kill off all competition. She’s the most beautiful girl he had ever encountered, but what happens when crazy meets crazy?

Jimin Ver. | Tae Ver. | Jin Ver.

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Jin’s eyes fixated on the way Y/N curved her lips into the softest smile he had ever seen. Everything about her was so perfect, so flawless, that he had to keep it all to himself. Her beauty would belong to him sooner or later no matter what it took. After all, Jin already had another man’s blood and flesh under his fingernails. Watching her from afar had become his favourite past time. Y/N sometimes went to the most peculiar places; last week she went to a man’s house, and that man was stuck six-feet under somewhere in Jin’s backyard. She never visited him again.

Kim Seokjin was a simple man, with simple wants, and all he wanted was to hide away under his covers with Y/N, their limbs entangling and their bodies sleeping for just five more minutes. Lazy good morning kisses, the sweet smell of her hair in the morning, her low groggy voice that would somehow be cute and endearing; he wanted it all.

As she entered her house safely, Jin closed his blinds and laid back down on his messy bed; he had been tossing and turning lately, but he had no idea why. He figured it was because Y/N was haunting his dreams, but he wouldn’t remember in the morning. Staring at the ceiling, Jin’s hands fly in front of him as his eyes examine his dirty fingernails. Blood, flesh, hair; these were the remnants of the man Jin had to get rid of that day. It was a shame that Hoseok had to come in the way of Jin’s wrath.

He was my closest friend, Jin thought, picking at his hands. Jin wasn’t sure if Hoseok was really a friend, but he was pretty darn close. His eyes softened at the thought of Hoseok as he felt remorse wash over him. Y/N really was poison to Jin. He had no idea why he became like this, but he felt desperate to win Y/N’s affection.

She’ll be mine.

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@depplungs: “I don’t even know where to begin. Uumm, I’ll have to post some now, some later. There’s so much to say! First off, I gave the girls next to me a piece of paper and pen, so they had something for him to sign. When he got to them, he said he liked my pen and he wanted to steal it. 😄 When he came to my brother and I, he put his hand out for me to shake it, but my hands were full, so I stuck my pen in my mouth and shook his hand. Then I took my pen out of my mouth and he went to replace it with his finger! He said he thought I was going to bite his finger!! 😂 I noticed he was writing messages to the girls beside me, not just a signature, and I was like omg! Ajkslfjdb!!! I had a Johnny Depp book with me, so I told him my name. And he wrote me a message!!! 😍 He was asking me, letter by letter, how to spell my name. 😍 He wrote so carefully. His writing is beautiful, I’ve always loved it! And now I have a message and my name in his handwriting!!! 😍💙 And yes! He wrote with the pen I just had in my mouth! 😜 And then I asked for a photo, he smiled at first, and then started mumbling gibberish in my ear! 😂 I started laughing and turned to look at him and he was looking at me, his face was so close!!! 😍 And then he was like “What? What’s so funny?” You are, Johnny Dearest. 💙 I’ll post more tomorrow. 💙 { #johnnydepp #captainjacksparrow #jacksparrow #potc5 #goldcoast }”