most beautiful creature ever


Sexism still exists and recently when I went to America to have some talks for Rebel Park I felt they didn’t get me. I’m sure they’re thinking, ‘Oh, she’s an actress so what does she know about being a producer’, but then I start talking about our plans and they realise I have a brain. I think there’s a pre-judgment just because I have boobs.



• When he misses you and can’t seem to stop sending you pictures to remind you.

•Surprising him backstage at a concert and him turning into the most smiley boyfriend ever.

• Visiting an animal shelter and him taking pictures with ever single puppy.

•On a date in the city, picking up food from a convenience store so he doesn’t waste any of your date time.

• Surprising you at work with a bouquet of flowers and a card that says everything he’s been meaning to say but won’t.

•Him taking pictures of you ever moment he gets because he thinks you’re the most beautiful creature to ever grace this earth.

i met you under the rainbow, on a rainy day.
you were wearing a yellow coat, like a tulipan in the middle of winter and you smiled at me one of those smiles that rip your heart apart. i wanted to tell you that you were the most beautiful creature i have ever seen but how do you speak to a goddess?
—  giulswrites
Emergency Assistance please!

All right guys, things are really bad here IRL. We will not be able to the the 575 USD rent this month, which is due December 5th. There is no where to go from here other than the street when winter is hitting hard. There is the Electric bill which is 190 USD on average, and the gas bill for heating which is 80-90 USD roughly. This is saying NOTHING of my medical bills…

We have no way of fixing this, no lines sent out for employment has hooked back, nothing has been sent back, called back, and places we visited to follow up on have said we’re not interested. We are about to become homeless, and my only source of income is barely there, but it is online type things. Unfortunately I can’t keep up these days very well.

We have a 17 year old cat, Penelope that is the most loving creature you’ll ever meet. She is this beautiful long hair Calico that will lay on you all day, purr without end, and her meows are all the same monotonus meow. If we loose this house, we will have to put down this old and perfectly healthy cat and I do NOT want that to happen. We will have to get rid of everything just to try and survive. This poor cat does not deserve that, my Sunbro does not deserve that.

Look I know I am not the best at writing these, and those i have didn’t get much response. But things are dire and down too the wire now… I’m giving tumblr a shot. You’ve saved my cat Diablo Gato before, so I hold hope in you.

Any donations or anything can help us keep our home, keep us grounded.

Our paypal is:

Please, anything is helpful.

Even if you can’t help one way, just a reblog to get the word out would be helpful.

Dating Audrey Jensen Would Include...

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  • Hand holding
  • Coming up with many theories
  • Thinking that she is lying to you
  • Accusing her of being the killer
  • “I am not the killer, Y/N! Stop saying that!”
  • “Yes, but you could be their accomplice!”
  • “BABE!”
  • Fighting about that a lot
  • You and Noah basically being in love and Audrey being jealous
  • Actually spending most of your time with Noah
  • Him being the third wheel during movie nights 
  • “I don’t know why I even come because I know every time that you both will just be sucking each other’s faces!”
  • Everyone’s mom catching you two making out
  • Her being dominant
  • Hating when she becomes shady
  • Her always sneaking in kisses 
  • “ Did you know that you’re the most beautiful creature to ever walk this earth?”
  • Audrey trying to be really smooth when flirting with you
  • Usually, Audrey is all confident but you make her weak in the knees
  • “Y/N, y-you look actually so great today! I mean like you look great everyday! I just think you’re really pretty…”
  • Her smirk turning you on
  • Everyone in the gang shipping you two
  • Noah almost telling you that Audrey likes you
  • “Hey, so, Audrey think you’re really cu-”
  • “NOAH! NO! STOP!”
  • “You think I’m cute, Aud?”
  • Her being so nervous around you
  • Awkwardly shopping for sex toys
  • “We could just order all this online…”
  • “That sounds like a better idea. Thanks…”
  • Her constantly pinning you down on the bed
  • Riding her face a lot
  • Emma always walking in
  • Noah always walking in
  • Everyone always disrupts you two
  • Loving when she yells because she gets all riled up
  • Audrey actually not letting you go anywhere alone
  • Audrey convincing Piper to let you live
  • “Piper… please… she’s my everything… I love her…”
  • Her always sneaking away from you when you hangout
  • “Babe… stay please…?”
  • Her not listening until you start to undress
  • “Babe…turn around…”
  •  Her staring at your bare chest
  • Sometimes very kinky sex
  • But sometimes really sweet sex
  • ‘I want to protect you and I’m scared that you are going to die or get hurt’ sex
  • Her constantly being worried about you
  • Taking care of eachother
  • “I love you” is something always said at least once everyday
  • Being completely lost without each other
A short moment of appreciation for Pedri Nanezgani

Just look at him and tell me that he isn’t the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen in your life. I could talk about his look for ages.

That character design, that detail, that little tuft of hair peeking out from behind his cracked skull mask, those cheekbones, those graceful horns, that necklace of multi-eyed bird skulls, those claws, those bony fingers,


I love Pedri Nanezgani more than words could possibly describe and if I could, I’d mail Michelle an entire bakery full of top-class cake for creating him. He’s perfect. Simply perfect.

This has been a moment of appreciation for Pedri Nanezgani. Thank you for your attention. You may return to doing whatever you were doing before you read this post.

she is venus. she is the most beautiful creature you’ll ever know. when you first see her, you’ll stare at her for a few minutes, wondering how someone can be so alluring. she jumps from lover to lover like a child playing hopscotch. you’ll ask her to meet up and she’ll agree, excited for a new romantic adventure. but once you get involved, you can’t get out. when it comes to girls like her, it’s either fun or it’s forever. and if she falls for you, consider yourself lucky. she falls in lust with too many, but in love with only a few. when she invites you to her house, you’ll find her art studio in the middle of her living room, and at once you’ll be in awe at her talent. when you stand there, admiring her paintings, enjoy it. you’ll soon discover how good she is at her other talent - breaking hearts just like yours.

ruler of taurus and libra, goddess of love and beauty // sjf

planet series iii

Newt scamander x reader

You had been travelling with Newt for the past two years now and you couldn’t be happier. You loved the beasts but most of all you loved him. Not that you’re ever gonna tell him. You were way to shy for that.
You had just come home from a girls night with Tina and Queenie. When you couldn’t find Newt in their appartment you went into his case. He was sitting next to Frank on a rock, you were about to go to him but stopped when you heard your name. “How am I ever going to tell y/n I love her Frank? It’ll probably ruin our friendship, she would never go for someone like me. I’ll never be good enough for her. She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid eyes on and when she smiles at me it’s like a thousend occamies are flying around in my stomach.” Frank made a small noise and softly bumped Newt with his head. “But I can’t keep it a secret any longer. You know what Queenie said, if I don’t tell her she will. What am I gonna do Frank?” “You know you could just tell her how you feel.” You said. Newt turned around so fast, you could’ve sworn you heard a few bones crack. “Y/n w-what are… I-I was just-” you interrupted him by crashing your lips on his. The kiss was sweet and passionate, it was better than you ever imagined. Your hand were tangled in his hair, while his hands were placed on your waist as if you might break if he touched you. You pulled away and rested your head on his shoulder. “I love you too, darling.” You softly whispered in his ear.

- I have a thing for people called Newt. Well I just have a thing for fictional guys in general.

You breathe..

And it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed. That a creature like you exists in my world.

—  Nicole Torres //excerpt