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This is Rudy Rodríguez’s art deco inspired custom 1940 Mercury. Every custom touch, and job done to the car was to give it the appearance and look that it was designed in the late 1930’s. This is a beautiful ride, and is one of my most favorite cars ever customized. I have heard these types of customs referred to as Deco Sleds.  Images courtesy of Rod & Custom Magazine.

“This is your car? It is the most beautiful car I have ever seen.” You exclaimed running your hands gently across the hood of the impala. 

“How many cars have you seen Y/N?” Sam asked, clearly amused with your reaction. 

You shrugged. “This one is the first one I’ve seen seen. I usually worked as a paper pusher in heaven. They never sent me down before so I had to just go off of stories. But this one must certainly be the most beautiful. It is sleek and black and radiates the sense of home.” 

Dean smiled proudly. “Baby is something special, ain’t she? Hop in.” 

“You mean I get to sit in this car? Wow. I am nervous, but excited. Are car trips scary?” You blinked innocently at the boys whose smiles grew even wider. 

“You really didn’t get out much did you? Don’t worry, car trips are mostly not scary. And this will be a short one. Castiel asked us to pick you up and drop you off at our bunker.” Sam reached out and opened the back door for you. 

“Bunker? What is that?” You asked as the three of you got into the car.

“It is like a home. Tons of books and beds and stuff. More importantly, there is fridge full of good stuff and I am making burgers tonight.” 

“Baby, books, beds, burgers! You know I think I might like it here on Earth more than I thought.” 

The Winchesters chuckled as Dean started the car and drove off towards home. 

The Car

It was shiny.  It was black and sleek and powerful.  It was also old and kind of ugly, but it was the most beautiful car he’d ever seen.  It was a 1967 hardtop four-door Chevrolet Impala that his father had bought him for his sixteenth birthday.  His mother had pitched a fit because it didn’t have two-point seatbelts or air bags, but his father had argued that an old American car was a tank and would rip through the newest Japanese 1991 models.  Besides, he’d only be able to drive it to school and maybe to run an errand or two for his parents.  His mother still wasn’t happy, but she didn’t take the keys away from him.

After a few weeks, he realized why his mother hadn’t taken the keys away: she basically wouldn’t let him drive it anywhere.  It got to the point that he would drive Sam and his friends around the neighborhood just so that he could drive it at all.

It was kind of fun having Sam and three friends in the back and taking that hairpin curve at the back of the neighborhood where the houses were still wooden frames, watching them crush against each other like a carnival ride.  Except when Castiel was in the car.  He drove a little safer then.  He even let him ride up front sometimes, which was something he rarely allowed Sam to do.

One afternoon after Dean dropped Sam and his friends off in front of the house so they could go do whatever it was seventh graders did, Castiel hesitated before shutting the passenger side door.  Dean raised an eyebrow at him.

“Do you not want to go with them?  Are they giving you shit for being a year younger?”

Castiel shook his head.  “No.  I just wanted to ask you if you’d be willing to drive me somewhere sometime.”

“Uh…yeah.  Sure.  Just give it a little while.  My mom is still freaked out about me driving this car.  She barely let’s me out of the cul-de-sac.”

Castiel smiled.  “She just loves you.”

“Yeah, well.  I’ve gotta put Baby up, so you better catch up with Sam.”

“Okay.  Thank you for the ride, Dean.”

Dean laughed to himself.  “Yeah, anytime.”

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Mercedes 190SL 

Ruined by a previous owners need for a radio. At least that’s what the current owner is telling us. Don’t worry we’ll find out who’s really responsible during the uprising when we throw them up against the wall. 

On a personal note, this is one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing in person. And the 190 is smaller than I thought it would be.

Photography by: Adam James

Silent CARtography