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The Signs as Love Quotes

(check your Venus)


“You are still my favourite yet most painful story to tell.”


“In the end we won’t remember the most beautiful face and body. We’ll remember the most beautiful soul.”


“Just remember when you’re ignoring her, you’re teaching her to live without you.”


“My parents warned me about the drugs in the streets but never the ones with with hazel eyes and a heartbeat.”


“True love isn’t about finding someone who never lies. It’s about finding someone who honestly means something to you. It’s when you see someone and you fall head over heels over them and they take over your mind for that very instant and never leave. Perfect love isn’t about having a partner with no flaws, it’s about accepting their flaws and looking beyond their imperfections.”


“People leave you out in the cold and get mad when you learn how to get warm by yourself.”


“I love talking to you, … even if I have nothing to say.”


“When I die don’t you dare come to my grave and tell me you love me because those words were the only thing I would have needed to stay.”


“She didn’t need to be fixed, just loved.”


“Everything you love will one day kill you, whether it’s cigarettes, or drugs, or the boy with brown eyes, they all kill you in the end.”


“I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked in love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate & destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do things we’d choose anyway & I choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you & I’d choose you.”


“We live in a world full of broken hearts and judgmental hypocrites.”

Nobody will ever be able to achieve greater beauty than you.
—  Poets Love Her
Because everyone should love themselves, and they shouldn’t strive for perfection.
—  Harry Styles, after a brief pause when asked why the boobs on his mermaid tattoo were saggy. He could’ve been glib. He could’ve laughed. He could’ve just said, “I don’t know.” But he paused. And he thought. And he said this. And this is why he is so, so special.

Ivar x plus size!reader

Holy shit he is so hot, I would give anything to be Y/N

You were headed towards the main hall, playing with the strings of your corset. You had to have it made specifically for you – the other corsets did not fit you without completely blocking your ability to breathe. You brush an annoying strand of hair out of your face, smirking when a boy trips over himself, too caught up in staring at you. “Are you ok?” You chuckled, your smile softening as you peered over at the boy. His cheeks reddened, and he stumbled back on his feet, awkwardly brushing off the dust from his clothes. “Yes, yes, I’m alright Lady Y/N, nothing to worry about.”

Your eyebrow quickly went up at the mention of your name, looking at the boy with confusion. You haven’t spoken to him previously, and Kattegat wasn’t exactly the smallest village. His eyes widened with realization and his cheeks only darkened further. “No, no, please don’t misunderstand milady, it is only that .. uh, Prince Ivar speaks very uhm, often of you.”

Your eyes lit up immediately at the comment, twinkling with mischief. “Is that so?” Your sultry voice made the boy even more uncomfortable, as he quickly excused himself and headed off in the opposite direction. You couldn’t help but wear your smirk all the way to the main hall. You couldn’t help but love the way your dresses made boys stop and stare.

Upon your entrance, you immediately received the bright smile of Aslaug, who had initially been critical of you but  grew to love your confident and assertive manner, as well as several glares thrown your way.

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Suho imitating Hwan Hee’s pose in her movie. (Looking like a fish on land lol??) ❤

  • Friend: mercy is so gorgeous oh my god
  • Friend: I love widowmaker she's so beautiful
  • Friend: and Sombra-
  • Me: hm yes.
  • Me: but consider
  • Me: junk-
  • Friend: shut the fuck up or I'll kill you in real life
How B.A.P Sounds in Bed


Yongguk is going to want you to be more vocal than him. To react to his deep complements and comments and he’ll want you to tell him how’s he doing too. The reassurance will be so fucking sexy to him. Yongguk is by default (and blessing) deep toned. So whatever he says in bed will be low and it will drive you crazy. Yongguk won’t over do it though. He’ll mostly be honey groans and deep moans, especially when you’re giving him head. When he speaks (lord bless you) it’ll be in whispers. Against your neck or stomach. Compliments and just pure (not pure) body worship.


Himchan has no problems being vocal in bed. He’d love to dirty talk to you while he teases your body. Imagine (!) you’re on the bed and he’s letting his fingers trace over your body while he comments on your rocking hips and indulging on the things he wants to do with you, for you, to you. Himchan would be okay with just being himself with you, so you’ll hear many of his beautiful groans and grunts. His hand will be flat on your stomach as he rocks into you. The feeling of you making him groan, he might say something like “Ah, Y/N. You feel so good. Just for me.” To cover up his moans a bit because he’d rather see and hear you. 


Daehyun lives to praise you while you two are having sex. He’ll tell you how good you’re doing or how absolutely amazing you feel. “Damn, you feel so good, baby.” Or “Ah, Y/N.” just all breathy. When he’s not talking he’ll either want you to praise him back while he looks into your eyes or splatters kisses, literally wherever he can get his thick lips. Or, and hold on; he’ll be moaning. The most beautiful, body rocking moans that make you moan with just the simple thought of them. And Daehyun will moan right in your ear, he won’t care. Just because he wants, no, needs you to hear how good you’re making him feel. 


Youngjae wants the reassurance that comes in your moans and screams for him. Your sound is his praise and he craves each of them, needs them even. Youngjae will go harder, faster, stronger for your loud sounds that award him the title: God of Sex. There is honestly nothing Youngjae won’t do to get your sounds just the way he wants them. He’ll try his best to keep his own sounds at a low to hear you but that won’t always work. His hums and grunts will still be in your ears but he’ll want you to be louder than them. Honestly Youngjaes shaky moans he releases when he enters or pulls out of you are the best things in the world. If you’re loud enough he smile sweetly after you’re both done and praise you for each sound you made.


Jongups sounds will be at the same volume throughout your sex-capades. He’ll love that moment when you get loud towards the end, signaling to him that you’re close. His heavy breathing and groans will be steady, in line with his hips motion. Jongup will have no problems controlling his sounds and movements but when he lets go and you get to hear some of his deliciously sweet moans. You’ll be hooked, doing anything to hear one of them again. They’re the best sounds to make you feel properly praised and cause your whole body to shudder. Jongups sounds will haunt your wet dreams and bless your daydreams. 


Two words. Heavy. Breathing. Junhong loves to hear you out of breath. He’ll pull you onto his length and bring his head closer to your face to hear you gasp and then pant at his size. His head will fall to your chest as he continues to move, listening to every sound and breath you take. Junhong will also be a loud breather with a few hisses and hums. Every now and then you’ll get a grunt that will knock on your sexuality. He loves to hide his sounds in your chest, neck, thighs, anywhere!  At the end when you’re both laying in bed, holding each other. That’s when Junhong will be vocal. Asking about your day or telling you about his.

Kim Seokjin

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