most beautiful beaches

‘You are not a puddle or a pond, but some kind of fucking ocean, with riptides and swells and undertows, but also the most amazing beautiful beaches, and surf, surf, surf, always the lovely surf
—  Charon

Maracas bay. North Coast. Trinidad and Tobago.

Maracas Bay is one of Trinidad’s most famous beaches. A deep bay protects this palm-fringed strip of golden sand, one of the most beautiful beaches close to the city. From Port of Spain, the scenic drive through mountainous rainforest provides breathtaking views of lush peninsulas jutting into the sea. Food vendors and showers are available by the beach and once the weather is nice and sunny, one will surely enjoy a day at the bay.


All stories contain explicit language and sexual content.

all of the lights
He was trouble.
Everyone had warned you, everyone had told you to avoid him like the plague. You knew that you should have known better, that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on someone like him – but you were in far too deep now for any sort of logical thinking.

yes (all of the lights - pt 2)
The apartment wasn’t exactly ideal: it had a leaky tap in the bathroom and a kitchen window that would only open if you pushed on the frame a certain way, but none of that mattered to you – you would live anywhere as long as Michael was there with you.
He worked three jobs to pay the rent: the morning shift in a coffee shop, afternoons in a record store downtown and most nights in a dive bar a few blocks away. You wanted to help, you had begged him to  even let you get a part time job on the weekends, you wanted to take some of the pressure off him. But he was determined that you graduated, you only had three weeks left of school and he was adamant that he could support you until you finished; he wasn’t going to let you sacrifice your education – you had already made enough sacrifices to be with him.

the day after tomorrow
“We need to be quick,” Michael mumbled into your mouth.
You nodded as he pushed your body down onto the backseat. The first time you had had sex in his car you had wound up a mess of tangled, twisted limbs - but you’d done it so many times now that you were practically experts at fitting your bodies into the confined space.
Everything about this situation was a mess, you weren’t under any illusion that it could possibly be anything else. You didn’t want to be this person - you didn’t want to be the girl who was fucking a married man. You really didn’t know how it had gotten to this stage, how you had become so consumed by him that you were willing to simply forget that he had a wife waiting for him at home. It was pathetic and you knew it; you knew that he would never actually follow through on his constant promises to leave her, you knew that he just said it because he knew that’s what you wanted to hear. He would never be yours, she had all of him; but you were so desperately in love with him at this point that you were willing to take any little piece of him he was prepared to give you.

the day after tomorrow - ii
For nearly 2 years Michael had been promising you that he would leave her, that you would ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after. Maybe you were a fool, but you believed him when he said that he loved you – it was just that he loved her swell.
You knew that the fact that you were pregnant wouldn’t change anything. You had tried to prepare yourself for the moment when he would inevitably be forced to choose – and even though you knew that he would choose her, you could have never prepared yourself for how it felt when he actually did.
“I can’t… I can’t have a baby Y/N. We can’t have a baby.”

the way she moves
Of course Michael was jealous. She’d begged him to take her dancing, and then spent the whole night draped over every guy who had paid her any kind of attention. But that’s just what she did; Michael had  come to expect nothing less.
She leaned over and smashed her mouth against his, grabbing his hair as she kissed him with such force that it took his breath away. “Don’t be a dick Mikey, I’m just having fun.”

let her go
“Y/N,” he said, almost in a whisper.
“Hi Calum,” you said, grasping the handle of your suitcase so tight that your knuckles were starting to turn white.
A look of total disbelief took over his face. “What…” he said. “What are you doing here?”
“I just- I just wanted to know that you were-” you said. “I just needed to see you.”
Without thinking Calum stepped out into the hall and almost collapsed onto you, clinging to your body as though his life depended on it.“I can’t believe you’re here,” he whispered.
“I’m here Cal,” you said, dropping your case and wrapping your arms around him. “I’m right here.”

happy new year
“You want one?” he asked, holding his open cigarette packet out to you.
“Sure,” you said, pulling out one of the cigarettes and placing it between your teeth.
“Here,” he said, flicking his lighter and holding it out towards you.
You leant over and let the flame light the cigarette between your lips, inhaling the tobacco before blowing smoke from your mouth. “Thanks.”
“This view is pretty amazing, isn’t it?” Calum said, before lighting his own cigarette.
“Yeah,” you said, looking out at the view in front of you: the ocean was so calm and the perfectly white sand was illuminated by the moon in the star-filled night sky.
You both sat in silence, finishing your cigarettes and just staring out at the beach. You felt like you were in a movie, things like this didn’t happen in real life – you don’t just meet exceptionally charming, handsome strangers when you’re on holiday with your parents – and yet here you were; sitting on the most beautiful beach in the world with the most beautiful man you’d ever seen.

bring him home
“Oh my God Calum,” you cried, throwing yourself into his arms, causing him to drop the cloth kit bag he was carrying.
“Hi baby,” he said, wrapping his arms tightly around and softly kissing the top of your head as you as you buried your face into the rough wool of his tunic, desperate to hear the sound of his beating heart.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” you asked, holding onto him so tightly that your knuckles were starting to turn white.
“I wanted it to be a surprise.”
“Your parents have gone to town for the night,” you said, lifting your head. “They won’t be back until the morning.”
“Well then I’ll see them in the morning,” Calum replied. “The only person I really want to see is standing right here.”

video games
“I have an idea.”
“Sounds promising,” Calum said, running his tongue over one of the dark purple marks he had left on your neck earlier that night.
“It’s kind of a going away present.”
“Go on.”
“We should record ourselves.”

in your atmosphere
You swallowed hard. You’d known Luke for years: along with Michael and Calum he’d spent a vast amount of time at your house, making far too much noise, taking up far too much space and eating far too much food. You liked him, he always been nothing but nice to you, but you’d always just seen him as one of your brother’s friends – nothing more.
But standing in that hallway you suddenly felt like you were seeing him for the first time. Had he gotten taller since you saw him last? Had his eyes always been that blue? Had he always looked that good with stubble?

young volcanoes
Luke Hemmings was an asshole.
He was easily the most arrogant, pretentious, self-centered dickhead you had ever met. Everything about him annoyed you: his smug grin, his stupid lip piercing, his ability to give you the most mind-blowing orgasms you had ever experienced.

history lessons
“Y/N,” Luke moaned into your mouth. “Wait. Wait a minute.”
You pulled away from him and sat back. “What’s wrong?”
“It’s just that…” Luke began, looking down to where his hands were still gripping your sides. “I… it’s just that, well. I…”
“Yeah?” he glanced back up at you. He looked embarrassed, as though he couldn’t quite bring himself to say the words he wanted to say.
So you said them for him.
“Have you done this before?”

sleeping with the light on
You hadn’t even realized that you’d fallen asleep. Last thing you could remember was laying in your empty bed as you aimlessly watched some movie that you’d come across whilst flicking through the channels for what felt like the hundredth time that night. It was the warmth of Ashton’s body and the soft movement of his lips on your shoulder that roused you from your somewhat peaceful slumber.

You were already regretting the words you had let slip out of your lips.“You’re joking right?” Ashton asked. “You have to be joking.”
You couldn’t read his tone; and if he was about to start mocking you, you really weren’t in the mood.“Just forget I said anything,” you said. You attempted to clamber to your feet; but before you even really had the chance to move, Ashton grabbed your wrist.
“Ash,” you said, trying to sound as stern as possible.
“I said forget it.”
He held your gaze for a moment, before his face broke into a grin. “Seriously Y/N, where the hell have you been finding the guys you’ve been fucking?”
You thumped him on the arm. “Ashton!”
“What?” he laughed. “I just want to know where my best friend has been picking up these losers that haven’t been able to make her cum.”

1. love me goodbye (ashton irwin/ofc)
2. a.m. (michael clifford/ofc)
3. i want to write you a song (luke lemmings/ofc)

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eighteen year old, brown hair brown eyes, 5'10 australian gal who's obsessed with music & discovering new music and reading god i love reading. i live in wa so we could road trip to one of the most beautiful beaches ive ever been to down south and snorkel and picnic and just sit on the beach listening to good music and watching the sunset cause god im in love with the sunsets and sunrises. also i have an aussie accent how can you say no!!!

ok yes please where do I sign up to date this beautiful individual??? This sounds like the most wonderful date, gah I wish I was there right now! You an aussie, me a brit, we’d be the power couple of cute accents ;)


Speedpainting of Rosa, cuz her beach outfit is one of a kind. I aint fond of her in general, I think she’s a pain in the ass, but damnnnnnnn gurl

If the Voltron characters were Olympians:

Lance would be Apollo, the god of the sun, prophecy, music and poetry. Lance is Cuban, and Cuba is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so it would make sense that Lance spent a lot of time outside in the sun (Apollo is also the god of light) and we know Lance enjoys music because we saw him using headphones while he was sleeping. Apollo is openly bisexual, and excels at archery (we saw that Lance had good aim when he shot Sendak).

Keith is Hades, god of the Underworld. Often isolated from the other gods, Hades watches over those who have passed into the next life. After being kicked out of the garrison, Keith was separated from society and lived alone in the desert, just like how Hades was forced to live alone. Hades is also the god of hidden wealth, and I think this fits Keith since he discovered the drawings of the blue lion out in the desert, because he was “drawn to it”.

Shiro is Zeus, leader of the Olympians and god of the skies. Zeus is known for being able to control lightning and being the eldest god, similar to how Shiro is the eldest paladin. Zeus is also known for taking an interest in humans and wanting to help them when they find themselves in trouble, would could be related to Shiro’s kindhearted nature.

Pidge is Artemis, goddess of the hunt and young maidens. Pidge is “hunting” for her family and the fact that she is a girl will not limit her in any way. Artemis is known for protecting animals and Pidge seemed to connect with the mice on the ship pretty well. Also, Artemis is Apollo’s twin sister, and they both are known for having a sibling rivalry and getting along when the time calls for it. This could be related to Pidge and Lance teasing each other and working together.

Allura is Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy during battle. Calm and in control, Athena follows what she believes to be the best course of action with her comrades following her lead. Allura leads the paladins into battle and helps them to train and plan their battle strategies, just like Athena would help Greek generals command their armies. Athena is also know for her ferocity and reason, two traits that Allura displays throughout the series as she is forced to make difficult decisions.

Coran is Hermes, messenger of the gods. Hermes informs the other gods of what is happening as well as watches over travelers and the sick. Coran welcomes the paladins after the initial confusion surrounding their meeting is cleared up and he offers them food and shelter, as well as places the paladins in cryopods when they need to be healed.

Hunk is Hephaestus because the Greek god of the forges was always building, inventing, learning and experimenting. Hephaestus is a master craftsman and is also the god of fire. Similar to Hephaestus, Hunk is constantly tinkering with technology and building new devices, such as the Geiger counter he made. I believe Hunk also repaired the yellow lion when he and Lance first retrieved it, if I am not mistaken. Hunk’s keen intellect concerning technology definitely places him under the wing of Hephaestus.

Narnia Preference: First Date


Caspian took you out to the top of a large hill to star gaze. He’d brought warm drinks and wrapped a blanket around the two of you. Caspian pointed out all the constellations and told you the Narnian tales he learned from Doctor Cornelius.

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Narnia had the most beautiful sunrises, and the beaches of Cair Paravel have the best view of them. Peter was an early riser and you stayed up so late that you both were the only people awake at the earliest hours of the day. Therefore, Peter thought asking you to watch the sunrise with him was a perfect idea for a first date.

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Susan wanted to keep it simple and nice, so she had the kitchen staff prepare tea, savones, scones, and pastries for the two of you. She picked what she thought was the best spot in the royal gardens and invited you to have tea with her.

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Since you came to Narnia you had stayed in Cair Paravel with the Pevensie siblings, but Edmund could see that you began to grow restless inside the castles stone walls. He asked you to go riding with him and see the lands around Cair Paravel. 

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Lucy knew you wanted to explore out side of Cair Paravel, so she had the kitchen staff pack you both a picnic basket and asked you to spend the day with her. The two of you walked deep into the forest until you came upon spot with a beautiful view, perfect for a picnic.

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happy new year

a/n - happy new year! after seeing the boys’ pictures from bali i got inspired to write this one - enjoy!

calum hood & y/n
word count - 4522
warnings - sexual content language

You didn’t even really want to be going on this vacation.

Not that you weren’t grateful to your parents for paying for you to tag along on their trip – you knew that you needed to get away for a while, that a change of scenery would do you good – you just didn’t exactly relish the thought of spending 10 days with only your mum and dad for company.

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9 Hidden Greek Islands

1. Simi

Famous amongst yachters and international jet-setters, the little island of Symi is a luxury destination in Greece near the popular island of Rhodes. Most of it’s beautiful beaches are only accessible by private boat, so rest assured that you’re able escape mainstream tourism.

2. Kythera

Kythera is the mythological birthplace of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and it’s no wonder. You cannot help but falling on love with this beautiful island. It has everything the quiet seeking traveller can expect - shopping, caves, beaches museums, churches and more!

3. Paxoi

This small, quiet Ionian Island is a giant olive grove surrounded by crystal-clear blue waters. What better way to escape the crowds?

4. Kastelorizo

Beautiful and colourful, preserved stone house with wooden balconies face an exquisite waterfront near the coast of Turkey. Kastelorizo is simply breathtaking.

5. Patmos

Steeped in mystery and history, the island of Patmos is most famous for the writings of the Christian Saint, John the Baptist, who visioned and wrote The Book of Revelations in the Bible. It’s filled with beautiful white-washed churches which are simply beautiful to explore.

6. Ikaria

A Greek island where time stands still - literally! The residents of this island have the highest life expectancy in the world. Ikaria is famous for it’s traditional village parties that allow you to experience authentic Greek cuisine, dance and drink.

7. Anafi

If you want to disappear off the grid and have your heart set on a quite holiday retreat, there is no better island than Anafi. Expect top quality, fine-sand beaches with no one in sight for miles.

8. Elafonisos

Elafonisos boasts one of the best beaches in Greece, bejewelled with powder-white sand and crystal clear emerald waters. Just a short trip off mainland Greece, Elafonisos is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourists.

9. Folegandros

If you’re trying to rekindle the memories of how sweet and simple life can be, make sure you visit the high-spined island of Folegandros. The best thing to do in Folegandros is not do. Simply, be.  

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my names rosie im an eighteen year old girl,im 5'10. i have brown eyes to match my long brown curly hair. im obsessed with music like i love discovering new music and reading god i love reading. i live in australia so we could road trip to one of the most beautiful beaches ive ever been to down south and snorkel and picnic and just sit on the beach listening to good music and watching the sunset cause god im in love with the sunsets and sunrises. also i have an aussie accent how can you say no!

Brown eyes and an Australian accent??? Can we start dating rn?