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Have you ever made a friend obsessed with omegaverse? Because, I need to make a friend obsessed with it, I can't sink in this ship alone.. do You know what to do to accomplish my mission?

All of my friends who are like, in fandoms, already know the trope, so no, I haven’t made them obsessed with it. I’m not even obsessed with it

Just like…tell them that you found this really great blog called omegaverse-headcanons who has literally the best omegaverse headcanons ever and is run by the sexiest, most badass girl you’ve ever seen and they should totally check it out

I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m not sexy or badass. Maybe just send loads of omegaverse fics their way that include their OTP?

Moana is the best Disney movie I have ever seen because… 1) the cgi was out of this world 2) the storyline was beautiful 3) Pua the pig (I NEEDED MORE OF HIM) 4) Moana is the coolest most badass independent Disney girl/princess to ever exist 5) the fabulous crab and his SONG 6) Moana’s grandma is a SAINT 7) Disney actually hired real Polynesian people to play their characters??? Like keep it up please!!! 8) the music was beautiful and funny and cute 9) realistic body sizes!!!! 10) FEMINISM 11) Maui was a male character that actually showed emotion 12) not a single white person was in the movie 13) Moana didn’t have a love interest!!! That is all and I am officially Moana TRASH


Okay, so I don’t know if anyone’s said this, but as much as I have problems with how Bleach ended, I am so in love with the idea of Renji, Rukia, Ichika and Byakuya being a family. Like honestly, can you imagine the perfection?!

1) That girl has the most badass family ever, two captains and a lieutenant.
2) Imagine how fucking powerful she is going to be
3) Also, she’s going to be the cutest, snarkiest kid ever
4) Renji probably living in the Kuchiki manor now
5) Rukia and Ichika being so fucking much by both Renji and Byakuya
6) Ichika finding all of Yachiru’s secret corridors and driving Byakuya insane -except not really because he would totally adore her-
8) An Abarai as the next Kuchiki clan leader?
10) I mean I know the Kuchiki elders would protest about Renji and Ichika’s presence in the clan but don’t tell me UNCLE BYAKUYA WOULDN’T WRECK THEIR SHIT FOR HIS PERFECT NIECE AND HIS BELOVED LIEUTENANT JUST AS HE’S DONE IT BEFORE WITH HISANA AND RUKIA
11) Family time???!! FAMILY TIME!


my opinion of watching the game live

sonnett: the most underrated player ever….like seriously, watching her live and seeing how she run down balls and sends them towards fowards …she deserves someone better than jill ellis!!!! 

tobin: most badass girl ever! the camera might not have shown this on tv but she was still in pain throughout the game…when the ball is not nearby, she is stretching and rubbing her knee….the ref pissed me off for not giving her a chance to pk and that yellow!? …you know who deserves one? the one who was an faking injury?

kling: why in the world is her position on the nt team not being questioned?! watching her on tv already pisses me off ….seeing it in person? even worse! she can’t even defend or run down a fuckin ball!

allie: great work but needs to learn to pass to other players other than tobin…like more chemistry with other player on thorns is needed…but other than that….awesome!

mewis: underrated af too

amandine henry: awesome reading of the game! great player!!!!

horan: 1-word….GREAT!

sorry 4 the darkness but here I am, stepping on Scarlett (one of the amazing performers) now, scarlett is laying on a bed of nails - no, they are not dull nails, they are actually sharp as hell. whothefuckislulu called me on stage for me to stand on her - i swear these are the most badass girls ever i fuckin love you guys ♡